Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 161: I am the Center of the World – 3

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Until now, dimensional travel was a privilege for people of Earth. Although they could only move to worlds they were connected with, but despite that, they had gained many things by using the ability to shift between worlds, and the people of other worlds couldn’t hide their envy while watching them.

But now, a path was open to them. If there was anyone on Earth, that was connected to their world and had a level around 90, they could open a path that connects other worlds to Earth!

Of course, no matter how fast the people of Earth developed, there weren’t many that had surpassed 90 levels, and could be said that the restrictions were quite tight, but despite that, over 10 worlds were connected with Earth.

If anyone and everyone came over to Earth, then the people of Earth would have a hard time managing them, so the ones with high social status in that world, and those among them who had close connections with the person that opened the gate, had priority in coming over to Earth.

Mostly, they were high class nobles, who also acted as an ambassador for big countries along with their knights, and sometimes, even the leader him/herself, Naturally, this was because the prospects of vanguard were attractive enough for them to undertake the risks. Of course, it could also be said that they looked down on Earth a little.

“Do we have to attach the name tags to our clothes?”

“Please compromise a little for us since this law was created in order to decrease the chaos that will occur due to people of many worlds gathering on Earth……”

“Hmm…… Very well. Instead, let’s go to this place called Vanguard quickly.”

Controlling the people of other worlds was going relatively smoothly. Well, this was no wonder, because the fame of Vanguard had long since spread to other worlds. Countless people wanted Vanguard, and the countries that had to maintain the gate, had to guide them to Korea while crying tears of blood.

While Gangnam became the center of all worlds like that, Yu IlHan, who had exited the barrier, launched the new brand, Angel Tear, on the 12th floor of the building in which Vanguard was located in.

“Huh? That design looks similar to Vanguard’s……”

“It says the president is Yu IlHan! A new brand on top of a gear brand?”

“Don’t tell me…..!”

Of course, this a brand that was unexpected for everyone on Earth, except one. The most luxurious brand that only accepts magic stones and rare metals as currency! The main products were: Fyyrita tea leaves, various cookies, and a fruit immersed in honey from various worlds.

“It should be a different person, right?”

“It should be some idiot who’s trying to hop on Vanguard’s, fame, no?”

“I just said their president is the same person!”

The ones who disliked Vanguard already started pouring out insults when they found out the brand made by Vanguard’s president, only handled mere desserts and were tremendously expensive as well, but the ones who had bought their products once, couldn’t possibly insult them.

[How can such a taste be even possible?]

[I cried the moment I took a bite. Expensive? This is absurdly cheap dammit.]

[For the first time in my life, did I feel that it’s fortunate that I’m alive. Anyone with me to go hunt 3rd class monsters to take another bite?]

Despite the fact that not anyone could eat it easily due to the transcendent prices, the taste was incredibly exceptional, and rumors about it spread it quickly. Naturally, they went into the ears of the people of other worlds who had visited Earth.

They, who were touring around Earth while insulting Vanguard for not announcing any kind of schedule, quickly came to Gangnam, and was met with a product that was more valuable than any other thing on Earth.

“Oh my god.”

“This was produced on Earth?”

And their reactions to the products of Angel Tear was even more exaggerated than the people of Earth. That was because, they were living in a world that created all sorts of luxurious desserts made of all sorts of luxurious delicacies in worlds that had lived for hundreds and thousands of years after the Great Cataclysm.

And precisely because of that, they knew how incredible these snacks, fruits and tea, were.

“I want to make him the palace chef.”

“Ah, the fruit desserts I’ve eaten until now are all trash.”

“Dammit, I’m lacking money. I should probably go back first and bring back some jewels.”

“We need to procure all the inventory that’s out right now. For the next 30 years, this cookie will be the mark of the emperor of high society!”

The reactions of the people of other worlds, to the products of Angel Tear, was literally explosive. Even though there were some that weren’t that interested in weapons, they couldn’t pass Angel Tear by.

“Aah…… how can a human make such a treasure?”

“If he has such technique, I can safely trust in Vanguard too.”

“The fact that gates to other worlds opened on Earth was not a blessing for Earth. It was a blessing from God that let people of other worlds taste the tears of angels!” 1

The desserts by Angel Tear was on top of every kind of luxurious food, and it became even more famous because Vanguard’s president had personally created the brand.

Since everything was sold out the moment they were put on display, commotions arose between customers, and there was even an auction.

“That sells well……”

Muttered Yu IlHan while watching the pile of 3rd class magic stones and various precious metals from other worlds.

Next to him, Kang MiRae, who had come to see Yu IlHan’s face, in excuse that she had to watch over the situation on the brand, got all excited, unlike the usual her.

“Didn’t I say so? Mr. IlHan is amazing! From now on, people of many worlds will pay attention to your fingertips. I guarantee it.”

[Why is ‘she’ getting excited, when it’s IlHan who’s doing the production?] (Liera)

[Don’t you think it’s similar to how ‘you’ get excited whenever Yu IlHan does something amazing?] (Erta)

[Great. So I first need to kill you and that woman, right?] (Liera)

While making some new items using the materials that newly arrived, Yu IlHan prepared for the auction leisurely.

Kang MiRae handed him the materials containing the list of people of other worlds who came to Earth, as well as the outline of the people in power in that world, and even the standard of weapons they preferred, at the same time, erecting plans to raise prices to the maximum by fanning competition. The higher the bid is in the first auction, the higher Vanguard’s influence will be!

At that time, the trade center also started to take shape. That was because Kang MiRae had brought in all the power of her family after realizing that more and more worlds were being connected to Earth.

The people of other worlds, who came to Gangnam for Vanguard and Angel Tear, had no choice but to register in the trade center. Many worlds lowering their heads in front of a single brand, could only be said to be a miracle.

Like that, one and a half month after Earth had met its 2nd Great Cataclysm, everything was prepared, and communications with other worlds started out for real.

“Fireta’s items look very peculiar.”

“Are all weapons of Merere like this? Aha, so there are a lot of large-scale monsters.”

Those wanting trade, those who protected them, those who watched, all of these people turned the city upside down. Of course, their average capabilities were high as well, so all monsters that were born in Gangnam, as well as the entire Seoul, were obliterated the moment they appeared.

Well, that was if it was possible to catch them before they all ran off towards Bittersweet Persona.

“Just what is this flow of mana? Does Earth have some different kind of Trap of Destruction that attracts monsters?”

“Seeing as how dungeons are operating like normal, it’s not an Overflow or a Dungeon Break. That’s strange. Such a strange world.”

Earth itself was nothing strange. Although civilization on Earth had quite a lot of differences to the other worlds, there were plenty of worlds that had developed in a way similar to Earth.

What they found special was the grand mansion Bittersweet Persona, that attracted monsters, Vanguard, which handled weapons that were unheard of, as well as Angel Tear, which handled unprecedentedly exquisite desserts. In other words, everything related to Yu IlHan.

The people of Earth found it curious as to how a being like Yu IlHan could be born on Earth, and could not believe that such advanced weapons could be produced on Earth, when only 1 year had passed since the 1st Great Cataclysm.

“So the first auction starts in 3 days.”

“Just the mass-supplied weapons are like this. What kind of things would appear in the auction……”

In the end, the people who came from other worlds, all waited for the auction that would be opened in 3 days. This was a large scale event that the representatives of 17 worlds would participate in!

Yu IlHan, as a loner, who would never be bothered to move himself if something was out of line with his interests, wanted to take care of everything on the 14th floor of the Vanguard building, but to produce maximum visual effects, the auction was held in the central plaza of the Gangnam trade center.

“If you want to decrease the bothersome stuff as much as possible, you need to show off once, in an especially grand manner. Not to mention the other worlds, you need to give a proper performance to the people of Earth as well. Instigating the pride of the buyers, you can spread the value of Vanguard far and wide, and prevent any incompetent trash from scheming.”

Kang MiRae’s words sounded merciless, but Yu IlHan could only agree. There were two legend ranked items among the equipment introduced this time.

Excluding the items Yu IlHan had privately made for Kang MiRae, there were no legend-ranked items branded under Vanguard. The symbolism of this auction, where the first legend-ranked item would be introduced, could be said to be very significant.

The people would realize how much power Vanguard had, and would have no choice but to accept that the communications with other worlds would have to be centered in Gangnam.

To be exact, they would pretend that they were alright with it even when they were not, in order to not get on bad terms with Vanguard. This was one of the things Yu IlHan hated the most, and it seems like Kang MiRae’s biggest worry was this as well.

“You will probably become the target of admiration and jealousy for everyone on Earth, as well as those from other worlds…… Although everyone would be laughing on the outside, the dark emotions behind their laugh are frightening.”

Whether it was admiration or jealousy, this would be the first time Yu IlHan would receive so much attention from so many people. He felt suffocated just by thinking about it. However, compared to Yu IlHan thinking about it relatively lightly, Kang MiRae’s expression was a little dark.

“Regardless of how proactively you’ve toiled in order to protect your precious ones, there will be a lot of people who would hate you and resent you just because you are a great person with many capabilities. You will face many such abominable emotions in the future….. and I’m worried that you may be hurt at that time.”

Somehow, it didn’t seem like she was talking about someone else. Perhaps it was one of her past experiences. She probably had a lot of occasions meeting such emotions until now.

She was smart, pretty, and there was no need to mention her background. And now, even her magic was exceptional. She would have been the center of attention wherever she went, and that attention wouldn’t always be positive.


“It’s alright.”

Yu IlHan didn’t take Kang MiRae’s worries seriously. He always had a trump card that he could use.

“Alright? What do you mean.”

“I only made Vanguard and Angel Tear to protect Earth. It’s not like I have any emotional attachment to it. If things come down to it, I can just leave them behind and…… huh.”

Just as he was about to answer that all of their schemes would become useless once he disappeared using Concealment, Kang MiRae suddenly grabbed Yu IlHan’s hand.


However, she came to herself and let go of his wrist, her cheeks reddened almost instantaneously. Just as Yu IlHan was feeling a little off with his new experience of ‘having his wrist grabbed by a woman’, Kang MiRae made an excuse with a tiny voice.

“I’m sorry. I subconsciously did it because I felt like your figure was blurring……”

[She read the signs of a skill……? That’s an absurd talent. If not for Yu IlHan, she should be the strongest of humanity.] (Spiera)

[Hey, she’s seducing IlHan, isn’t she!] (Liera)

Why would Kang MiRae seduce him? It’s not like she lacked anything. Yu IlHan ignored Liera, who sounded like she was being picky her little brother’s girlfriend-to-be, and shrugged at Kang MiRae.

“I’m not disappearing. Well, not for quite a while, anyway.”

“You must not disappear. I’ll take care of all the incompetent maggots that try to crawl up, so don’t you ever disappear.”

“I got it already.”

Kang MiRae said something frightening due to her emotions not having been calmed down yet, and Yu IlHan replied nonchalantly. Kang MiRae’s affection was progressing smoothly, and Yu IlHan’s denseness was reaching a godly level, just like before.

Progress wouldn’t always necessarily be in a positive way either.

[And Liera’s rage is about to pierce the heavens!] 2

[Shut up!]

3 days later, the auction started. Absurd amounts of people gathered to obtain absurdly powerful items, which in turn received the attention of an even larger audience of people!

Someone said that this was the signal for Earth becoming the center of all worlds, but some thought that this was a birth of a disaster.

Of course, to Yu IlHan, who couldn’t care less about what other people thought, it was a day for replenishing his metalworking materials, a day where he would rob almost all the other worlds of them.

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Yu IlHan’s metalworking repertoire would increase yet again!

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1. To early readers, so it turns out that it’s not Angel TIER but Angel TEAR, hope Koukouseidesu fixes it. Damn homonyms

2. Lit. ‘Just before ‘tengen toppa’!’