Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 156: If I Open It, It’s The Gate To Hell – 4

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A world that was different from any other world Yu IlHan knew of. Such was the world within the gate in front of him.

The sky was dyed a deep red, the lands were black and strange trees that reminded him of Baobab trees were everywhere. The creepy mana flowing out of the gate was absurdly thick and murky and suffocated him.

If there was hell, wouldn’t it be like that? – thought Yu IlHan while taking a step back.

“……And? What is this, angels?”

[A gate.] (Liera)

[It’s a gate…….] (Spiera)

“That’s different from what I’ve heard!”

Shouted Yu IlHan. He could not comprehend this phenomenon.

He could accept that he could not finish off the vortex due to the lack of his ability. He also learned a lesson that he could not destroy it without the firepower of his fortress.

That was fine, but why did a gate that connected to a world which looked like something was ‘definitely’ going to happen in it, suddenly get generated?

“There is no world I’m connected to though.”

[Yeah, that’s for sure. Even the worlds you’ve been to cannot be said to be ‘connected’ to you.] (Liera)

That was also the reason why Yu IlHan attacked the gate without holding back. If it was any other people on Earth, a gate would form before the vortex was destroyed, but if it was Yu IlHan, there would be no gate!

Or so he thought and was relieved, but he was suddenly presented with this situation.

“What the heck is that? From the level of mana emitted from it, it’s nowhere near any world I’ve been to until now.”

[Eheh. You’re so bad, asking me when you know that I don’t know the answer *tehee*.] (Liera)

“Yeah right!”

Yu IlHan stared at the unfamiliar world beyond the gate and pondered on what to do, before retreating with a sigh.

“Looks like I’ll have to stay here for the next 24 hours.”

[Are you not going in? If it was your personality, I thought you’d be interested to experience it firsthand.] (Spiera)

Correct. In fact, Yu IlHan wanted to try going into the world beyond the gate.

However, in the current circumstance, that was beyond reckless.

“If it was any other place, I’d try, but right now, I have too little information. Moreover, even if I go in, this gate would be sustained until the mana runs out, right? Even if I’m alright, if a 4th class suddenly pops out then the situation would turn complex, if it’s a person from another world, it would be even more so.”

He couldn’t enter the gate, nor could he ignore it and go home as it was emitting a creepy aura. As such, the only option Yu IlHan could choose was to stay and guard until the gate closes.

He stepped on poop while trying to level up.


[KyaoooO! Kyahaaaaak!]

However, as time passed, it didn’t seem like it was such a bad thing. It seemed like the gate he had generated was very attractive, and the nearby monsters were all gathering towards it like the time with Bittersweet Persona!

[To think there’s still so many monsters in the vicinity….] (Liera)

[It seems like even the monsters that crawled deep into the sea are coming. I guess this could be called a misfortune followed by a fortune.] (Spiera)

“Spiera, could you please go look up the definition of ‘fortune’ in the dictionary.”

Replying as if grumbling, Yu IlHan took out the Eight-tailed dragon spear. Since he had nothing to do anyway, this was a good thing. He could practice the Great cosmos-severing spear while he killed monsters.

“Well, then. Should I warm up a little?”

Yu IlHan took out a Breath from his pocket and sucked on it before charging into battle.

With this, the preparations were perfect. What he had to mind about right now, was to deploy Transcendent Regeneration whenever necessary, to relieve fatigue, and be careful not to get drunk on Breath. Just these two things.

[You look slightly happy, tell me that’s a mistake?] (Liera)

[I’ll watch over the gate. Rampage around as you wish.] (Spiera)

“I’ll leave it to you, Spiera!”

Yu IlHan charged towards the monster horde. As if answering him, the monsters cried and met him head on.

24 hours passed from then.

Slashing the monsters like mad, Yu IlHan succeeded in achieving level 160. However, as he had expected, there were no 4th classes among the ones he fought.

“It really is quite suspicious……”

Collecting useful monster materials and magic stones while flying around, he muttered after checking that there were no more monsters.

[I think we’ve seen more than 30 monsters over level 190, although, it’s strange that there are no 4th classes…….] (Liera)

[4th classes are like that. You should also know the difference a single level brings.] (Spiera)

“Yes, I do. However, it’s because I do and because this is natural that I feel like someone’s telling me ‘this is how it should be’.”

Of course, nothing would change even if he knew. What could he do about them when they didn’t appear no matter how hard he searched?

Yu IlHan turned his body while grumbling. He resolved to get strong enough to clear anything and everything that he met with.

[Looks like the gate is about to close.] (Liera)

Said Liera. The gate that was emitting creepy mana for 24 hours, but was obediently starting to shrink. Yu IlHan, who was afraid of higher existences appearing, was relieved to see that.

“That’s true. Then let’s go home and have a nice sl…..Ugh!?”

[Kyak.] (Liera)

[Hm!?] (Spiera)

Just as he thought that this was just a small incident, he instinctively forced Liera and Spiera into his arms before jumping back as quickly as he could.

Immediately after that, the mana forming the gate was compressed to a singularity before exploding!

It was a horrible explosion, incomparable to the one 24 hours ago, but Yu IlHan was safe as he had jumped high into the air.

“Do the gates always close like this?”

[There’s no way it would.] (Liera)

[Really, we can’t let our guard down.] (Spiera)

Spiera quickly turned mini-mode and crawled onto Yu IlHan’s head, but Liera clung onto Yu IlHan as if saying ‘lets go back like this.’

However, Yu IlHan mercilessly shook her off!

[Why!] (Liera)

“A monster!”

Curtly replied Yu IlHan before raising his spear.

Liera finally turned her eyes on the ground, and she was met with a mana cloud that formed from the vortex explosion absorbing all the monster corpses scattered around.

[Wao!] (Liera)

[It’s fortunate that we’ve recovered the strong ones’ corpses and magic stones. Well, if we knew things would come to this, we’d have collected everything……] (Spiera)

“I’m afraid that I might get caught up in it if I go down right now.”

That, was a scene too similar to the birth of the Orochi. A naturally occurring gate controlled the mana flow until one point, before changing the mana instantly with an explosion and gathering that changed mana to cause something similar to an Overflow!

“The other gates didn’t react like this, right!”

[If they did, we would know already. Rather than a problem with the gate, it’s likely to be a problem with the world it connected to!] (Liera)

Liera also realized that the situation was serious, and turned mini-mode before getting on top of Yu IlHan’s head.

Meanwhile, Spiera bitterly laughed while looking at the monster corpses being dissolved into the murky black current of mana.

[Rejoice, Yu IlHan. It looks like the 4th class you want to meet so much is here.] (Spiera)

“I didn’t want to meet one like this……!”

Yu IlHan aimed for the center of the black mana current while gripping on the spear hard. He was ready to instantly pierce the monster upon its birth!

Eventually, the monster that was born after sucking everything nearby, showed itself. It was a giant-type bipedal monster.


A huge muscular body, tinted in black with blood-red lines scattered all over like scribbles was already bad to look at, but the surface of the skin endlessly vibrated, causing ripples along its body; topped off by the hundreds of strands of tentacles from its back!

This was a monster that looked like it was born after mixing all sorts of bad elements in this world.

“That looks exactly like…….”

[I remember that! It looks like the monsters in the perverted anime that IlHan stores on his computer!] (Liera)


To think she brought out the treasures permanently sealed in his heart? Wait, before that, she checked the contents!?!!

[Kill it quickly, Yu IlHan. I’m afraid it might actually do the things that appear in that anime when it meets other humans.] (Spiera)

“You also know about it!?”

The monster inflicted severe mental damage on Yu IlHan upon appearance! Yu IlHan glared at the monster while blood laced tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Ugh, I cannot forgive you!”

[Nice shift of blame there!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan brought up the power of Superhuman strength as much as possible, and threw his spear with all his shame and rage, and an extra purple flame+Blaze+Eternal Flame+Dragonic blood combo.

The moment the spear left his hand, he added an extra element of weight of all his inventory, full of monster corpses!

[Critical Hit!]


The moment the spear landed, ‘it’ cried a horrifying shriek. The power in the spear was truly enormous, and embedded itself deep inside its body after being pierced like tofu even though it was tens of meters tall.

Moreover, the strong flames on the Eight-tailed dragon spear was burning it from the inside, so there was no need to mention the pain it was feeling!

[Kihik, Kuhaaaaak!]

Not only was there the additional attack increase due to this being a surprise attack, there was also the additional fire attribute damage on Blaze, purple flame, and all sorts of other fire.

To top it off, wasn’t Yu IlHan now an expert of level 160? This was an attack that had all of his abilities inside it, so it wouldn’t be strange even if a 4th class died instantly.

And precisely because of that, it was shocking that it had endured that strike.

“Couldn’t it have been easier…”


The monster glared at Yu IlHan in the air with the Eight-tailed dragon spear still in its body. The single scarlet eye, and the ripped mouth added on to it’s disgusting-ness.

[Hiik! It’s looking here! IlHan, save me!] (Liera)

[Hurry up, Yu IlHan. I do not want to look at that disgusting thing anymore.] (Spiera)

“Uoooooh!” (T/N: This is MC)

The lines that added on to Yu IlHan’s sense of embarrassment instantly brought up Yu IlHan’s reaction time to the extremes! He poured out dragon bone spears from his inventory and dived vertically down.

The rain of bone spears from the sky with each of them weighing several thousand tons. However, the monster didn’t even think about dodging, and just received it head on, but what was shocking that none of the raining bone spears could pierce its body and just reflected back out!


[Oh my god. Look at its skin. It’s reflecting the spears by vibrating at insane speeds at the moment of impact!] (Liera)

“That sounds like it’d get sued!”

It raised one of its hands amidst the raining bone spears, and at that moment, a strong energy shockwave was emitted from the tip of the hand. It was probably the same vibration-type ability like the thing happening on its skin!



However, as Yu IlHan had expected it to counter attack, he turned in the air to let his wings face the front with shocking movements, releasing a mana shockwave. The two shockwaves that met with equal power caused a massive sound and a grand explosion!

Immediately after that, Yu IlHan went through the explosion and charged towards it.


“I shall tell you……!”

It was unknown when he took it out, but right now, Yu IlHan’s two hands were holding onto the thunderhammer. Although all the bone spears were reflected off, the Eight-tailed dragon spear he had thrown at the beginning was still inside its body. This was why he was trying this.

Yes, Orochi’s bones were also included in the range of the thunderhammer’s resonance. Perhaps it was because the Orochi was actually a dragon, or perhaps it was because the resonance on the thunderhammer included all types of dragonkin bones as well.

It could bounce back an object on its skin by vibrating it? He’d welcome that. The vibration it created in order to protect itself would shatter its body completely!

“This, is what it means to kill something!”

[I knew you’d say that!] (Liera)

The moment he neared the head of the monster with a hole due to the Eight-tailed dragon spear, Yu IlHan increased the size of the thunderhammer and struck down!


The moment it was met with the hammer, it emitted an overwhelming vibration on its head. The moment the vibration was transferred to the hammer, Yu IlHan transferred all of the weight of his inventory onto the hammer and jumped back to avoid any damage on his body!


[Critical Hit!]

At that moment, it tried to shoot a tentacle towards the escaping Yu IlHan, when it was forced to kneel down due to the absurd vibration in the Eight-tailed dragon spear in its body.

[Guhak, Kyahaaaaaaah……!]

It looks like it wasn’t able to endure an internal vibration. Its entire body seem to shake, before the strands of tentacles approaching Yu IlHan could no longer endure the vibration and shattered!



While the Orochi cried in victory, it collapsed on the ground powerlessly unlike the force that appeared with it. It was a perfect self-destruction.

That was its end. Had it appeared anywhere else on Earth, it would have caused an apocalypse, but unluckily for it, Yu IlHan was the first to meet it and the monster died without even being able to bring out its abilities properly.

[??????????? experience.]

[??????????? Lv ??? ??????????]

“Ah, yeah. I saw that coming.”

Yu IlHan chased the messages full of question marks with a shake of his head, and recollected the Eight-tailed dragon spear, thunderhammer, and the dragon bones scattered around, before putting the horrifying monster’s body into his inventory.

He planned to dismantle this when Spiera and Liera weren’t here, if possible.

“Sheesh, that scared me. If I didn’t start off with a surprise attack, that would have been hard.”

[That monster’s name…… yes. Let’s call it ‘Perverted Vibration Demon’.] (Liera)

[That’s surprisingly a direct name. It would really scare me if it appeared in my dream.] (Spiera)

“So that’s that done, let’s go home!”

[Auu, IlHan’s last vibration attack was awesome.] (liera)

“Stop it. My sanity points are already close to zero!”

Although this was a minor mob that came and went like the wind, it seems like the mental damage it left on Yu IlHan wouldn’t be recovered anytime soon.

Author’s notes

This is what it means to kill something : A famous line from the protagonist of Type-MOON’s Tsukihime, Tohno Shiki. And the highest-tier Kotodama that dies with its heart shattered due to the chuunibyou-ness (that’s a lie)

(T/N: Sorry, don’t know this)

Life points is already zero : A suitable line to say to the merciless one that attacks even after the opponent kneels in defeat.

(T/N:Berserker Soul in Yu-Gi-Oh apparently, again, don’t know this stuff)(T/N-2: click this for more info)

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