Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 151: I Make My Own Home – 5

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“We’re done, yaaay!”



“This nightmare is finally over!”


The mansion construction had finally ended, leading to a scene not too unlike Korea’s independence after years under the Japanese regime.

Not to mention the main building, everything that Yu IlHan designed – the dorms for wolfkin, swimming pool up front, garden, and the rear training grounds were all completed in their respective locations. Even the interior construction was perfect!

[That’s a pity, we’d have made it in time for the 2nd Great Cataclysm if we finished just 3 hours earlier.] (Liera)

Liera muttered while looking at the outwardly spectacular mansion.

Yes, Earth had already met its 2nd Great Cataclysm. Mana within the atmosphere increased explosively, violent waves surged across the seven seas, and even more violent shocks split apart the lands. The changes that occurred every single moment as the skies continuously transitioned in color, were a proof that the Cataclysm had once again befallen Earth.

Mana had just begun its natural generation when Earth had experienced the 1st Great Cataclysm, while plants and animals evolved. These were just relatively minute changes.

However, the 2nd Great Cataclysm could only be described as Earth casting off its shell and acquiring a newly metamorphosed body. It was a phenomenon that occurred as mana evolved every object in this world.

As such, it was best to hide somewhere wide and safe until Earth had finished its shedding. Nowhere could be designated as completely safe, due to the uncertainties like when and where the grounds would suddenly sprout upwards or split apart.

Of course, there was a better alternative for the people of Earth – going to other worlds!

The ones that were awaiting the Great Cataclysm, and those without any physical ability, left for other worlds as soon as they saw signs of change. They should probably come back after a few days.

Meanwhile, the situation was a little different for the clans that fought against monsters on the front lines.

The implication of explosive increases in the mana concentration was expectedly, more monsters, and there was no way the Traps of Destruction made by angels would be able to handle all of them!

As such, they were preparing even more arduously than before the Great Cataclysm, rushing off to wherever the saturation of mana was the highest and subjugating the monsters there as quickly as possible. If something went wrong, mana would overlap itself several times and give birth to an unimaginably powerful boss monster.

[Just the 1st Great Cataclysm was hectic enough for Earth, and now it’s the second…… so don’t you think that it will be similar to other worlds after their 3rd Great Cataclysms? In fact, the mana concentration is only a little below that of worlds after the 3rd Great Cataclysm.] (Erta)

Erta said in a careful voice, as she had experienced the hectic times on Earth after the 1st Great Cataclysm, together with Yu IlHan. Spiera also nodded with a bitter smile.

[If you think like that, it’s no wonder the transcender factions are eyeing Earth. Perhaps Earth will be reborn as a higher world some day.] (Spiera)

[……Then there will be a vicious invasion.] (Erta)

[The people of Earth would all die at that time.] (Liera)

The three angels voiced their worries in succession. Their gazes were all focused on one person as well, whose identity was none other than Yu IlHan.

[IlHan should be the key right?] (Liera)

[Why do you think I’m teaching him the Great cosmos-severing spear?] (Spiera)

[But what he’s doing now is…..] (Erta)

The human Blazing Reaper, Yu IlHan, who shouldered the responsibility of the fate of Earth, was currently in the process of checking the distribution of magic stones over the mansion.

“Since the 2nd Great Cataclysm happened, mana crafting will become easier huh.”

[My dear IlHan? Won’t you go hunting monsters with this noona?] (Liera)

“This is an important moment, so don’t interrupt me.”

[Yes, sir.] (Liera)

After checking, Yu IlHan moved his steps to the central study of the mansion. Everyone that helped in the construction followed him.

[Will it really work?] (Liera)

[It’s been a long time since I’ve observed mana crafting of such scale too.] (Erta)

[It looks like he’s starting.] (Spiera)

After taking a deep breath, he took out a 4th class magic stone into his hands. Then, he closed his eyes.

‘I only need to do what I planned to.’

All magic stones were placed in their correct places. If they fulfilled their roles well, then it would be possible for the mansion to be completed as an impenetrable fortress. Of course, he was planning to upgrade it into a mobile fortress later.

‘Good, let’s start.’

When Yu IlHan commenced mana crafting, light shot out from the magic stone. Although this scene was very normal around Yu IlHan, what came next was beyond everyone’s imagination.

As if resonating with the magic stone, the desk in the study started emitting light, before diffusing into the floor, creeping up the pillars and coloring the ceilings, and branching out into various places within the mansion and the surrounding land as well!

[This is a frightening mana storm. There was no way the magic stone Yu IlHan used would bring out such effects though……!] (Erta)

[That simply means that IlHan uses mana more efficiently than you, Erta, right?] (Liera)

[……I, it’s because this is a combination of blacksmithing and mana crafting!] (Erta)

The light did not die down and burned continuously. In that process, the 3rd class magic stones installed in various parts of the land melted down to give special properties to various items exactly as Yu IlHan had planned for.

Following that, the magic language circuit etched on all items in the territory resonated and amplified that power!

[It’s uselessly spectacular!] (Liera)

“It reminds me of the day when the magic formation of the ancient elves shook the entire continent…”

“His Majesty is enveloped by the light!”

“He won’t ascend to the skies like this…… right?”

Of course, that light did not continue on forever. When the 4th class magic stone in Yu IlHan’s hand completely melted down and fused with the mansion, the light covering the mansion and the territory finally died down.

Although there was still faint light glowing in various parts of the mansion, unless someone imbued mana, they would soon dissipate into the atmosphere. The mana crafting was successful.

At that moment, green text covered Yu IlHan’s retina.

[Bittersweet Persona was completed.]

[Bittersweet Persona]

[Rank – Chaos]

[Durability – 5,312,500]

[User restriction – Yu IlHan. Possible to transfer ownership to beings with Language skill level Max.]

[Options –

1. Recovers durability by absorbing the mana and life energy from the destroyer.

2. Automatically attacks everyone that enters without the master’s permission.

3. Grows by absorbing the records of opponents.]

[A battle fortress disguised as a grand mansion. All items inside can be used as weapons, and the system that attacks enemies from long range is at the peak of mana engineering. The battle fortress would grow as it experiences more battles. If there is a disadvantage, it is that it is impossible to completely hide its mana due to the absurd functionality, and may attract nearby monsters with high probability.]

Chaos? Just as Yu IlHan tilted his head at the completely new ranking, a blinding explosion of light occurred with Yu IlHan as the center. The light was a strange mixture of black and red.

“What is it now!”

“Don’t tell me this light is…..!”

“Evolving? Dad is evolving!?” (Mir)

Unlike before when the light of the magic stone covered everyone including Yu IlHan, now, Yu IlHan himself was emitting light from his body.

While everyone was panicking in this strange phenomenon, the sole being that already experienced this had her mouth open in shock. Yes, it was none other than Liera!

[Huh? IlHan’s state is as if……?] (Liera)

“Dad is evolving after all?” (Mir)

It was that moment when text that numbered even more than when he created the Bittersweet Persona, had appeared.

[You have fulfilled one of the conditions in order to acquire the blessing of the god of blacksmithing. All conditions were fulfilled.]

[You have received the blessing of the god of blacksmithing! Resistance and attack power increases by 20% when fighting against or wielding all weapons, and fire attribute resistance and attack power also increases by 20%.]

[You succeed the record of the god of blacksmithing. You are now able to make artifacts above Chaos rank.]

The light dissipated. Yumir, who was looking forward to his dad’s evolution, tilted his head when he found that Yu IlHan didn’t look that much different from before, but the angels didn’t get deceived.

“Uuuugh…… my head aches so much.”

[I knew it.] (Liera)

Like how Liera’s eyes had developed a tinge of red after receiving the blessing of the god of love, Yu IlHan’s body had also received minute changes in the process of succeeding the record of the god of blacksmithing. To be specific, a part of his hair became ash-colored.

Also known as highlights. This was a small, unnoticeable change if someone did not touch his hair in purpose, as expected of Yu IlHan.

“I think I just felt a malicious intent, ooooouch.”

[You’re overthinking it.] (Liera)

[Yu IlHan, you’ve just received the blessing of the god of blacksmithing, right? With this, there’s already two human beings who received the blessing of gods on Earth.] (Erta)

The angels were expressing their joy, surprise or confusion in various ways, but Yu IlHan was in no situation to respond. New information flooded his head and made him chaotic.

Informations on items or types of artifacts that blacksmiths of various worlds had created, their creation methods, tools, experiences and memory, and various materials oe metalworking of metals that made up the world. Yu IlHan felt like his brain was exploding, and collapsed while supporting himself from the sides.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?”


His subordinates hurriedly held onto him. Mir also cast whatever healing magic he could, but the headache did not settle. It would only become better once all knowledge took root in Yu IlHan’s head.

[I don’t think he’s in any state to go monster hunting.] (Liera)

[It looks like the influence of the blessing of the god. Liera, you have experience, do something about it!] (Erta)

[Ah, okay.] (Liera)

Liera seriously nodded and flew towards Yu IlHan before grabbing him.

[I’m sorry I urged you to go hunt monsters, IlHan. Leave the rest to the others and let us go have a nice sleep. You’ll be better after a long rest.] (Liera)

[I told you to do something about his headache, not to fulfill your own desires!] (Erta)

The mini-3rd war had began on the side, but Yu IlHan didn’t mind at all. Instead, even while grabbing his aching head, he stood up from that place.

While his subordinates were looking at him with worried eyes, Yu IlHan opened his mouth after a short breath.

“Let’s prepare for battle.”

[You want to hunt monsters in that state? No, you should rest here with me!] (Liera)

[Now I really admire your unbending spirit!] (Erta)

“Let’s talk later. Ugh.”

He pushed aside the angels and sat on the soft chair in front of the desk. At that moment, the monitor installed on the desk turned on and showed the outside. it was the perfect security system that watched over both the inside and the vicinity around his land!

In that same monitor, it could be seen that there were thousands of monsters charging towards them. Even though it was just after the 2nd Great Cataclysm, the horde was too large. Moreover, there were plenty of 3rd class beings among them! If left alone, they would destroy a city within moments.

“They’re in a hurry as if they’ve found a treasure. What amazing morale.”

“Just what is this thing that they want and where is it…… we need to chase them!”

“No, you don’t need to.”

Yu IlHan decisively cut off Phiria and Paté’s conversation. With one of his hand still on his head, he pointed towards the monitor. The rest turned their eyes on it, and realized that the thousands of monsters were rushing towards Yu IlHan’s land.

“What is…….?”

Muttered Ericia in confusion. Yu IlHan replied with a cute smile.

“The treasure they’re looking for is here.”


“You don’t need to chase them, so kill them as soon as they come here. For a period of time, more monsters will be drawn here.”

Everyone understood Yu Ilhan’s words. To think back, whether it was the light from the mana crafting, or the faint fragrance of high-class mana that still leaked from various places, both of them did feel quite attractive.

Of course, if they lost to that temptation, they would become a Breaker! 1




While the group had lost their words, only Paté shouted with a smile.

“Now you’ve even made a cutting-edge monster attraction system! As expected of Your Majesty!”

“Cut the flattery and go fight.”


Like that, on the day the 2nd Great Cataclysm arrived on Earth, the grand and spectacular mansion defense started autonomously as if to celebrate Yu IlHan receiving the blessing of the god of blacksmithing.

They didn’t even know what the other people of Earth were currently facing!

Author’s notes

The item ranks order is – Normal < Rare < Unique < Legend < Epic < Chaos < ??? < God. Even if I explained differently before, this is the correct one!

Congratulations! Yu IlHan has evolved to ‘The one blessed by the god of blacksmithing’ Yu IlHan!

So he finally received a god’s blessing. That was a long road, although, there’s still a long way to go! Go forward Yu IlHan!

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