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[It’s quite wide.] (Liera)

Muttered Liera while looking at the enormous clearing around the gate connected to Kiroa. No, calling it a ‘clearing’ was an understatement. It was overwhelmingly large, to the point where building a park or two was feasible.

Although this place was once reserved for the rich in Gangnam, with several apartment building complexes, it had received substantial damage, firstly with the generation of the dungeon gate, and secondly due to the connection with Kiroa. What had cost more than its weight in gold became worthless, and it all came into Yu IlHan’s hands.

[So you’re going to build your house here…] (Liera)

“Take your time to look over these.”

Yu IlHan unfurled tens of bundled up blueprints, including the cross-section and the floor plans of what could only be described as a truly enormous mansion. The intricate designs and attention to detail gave off the impression that a renowned architect had crafted it.

Cold beads of sweat formed on Ericia’s forehead as she glanced through the blueprints.

“Master, these were all made by you?”

“Yeah. I studied it a little when I had time before.”

Yu IlHan proceeded to take out an enormous whiteboard and stuck all the papers on it. Following which he distributed the materials along with specific details and descriptions about the parts they had to handle in building.

“Well, then.”

The elves and Ericia had dumbfounded looks on their faces, while Yumir was hyped up for no reason. Yu IlHan confirmed with the three angels sitting on his head.

“How long do we have until the 2nd Great Cataclysm, again?”

[By Earth standards, around one month. That’s almost one year since the first.] (Liera)

[So it’s been a year already. Although, it’s actually much longer than that since we used the Hourglass of Eternity.] (Erta)

Yu IlHan even activated the Hourglass of Eternity while making the building materials for his house. He was drowned in the thought of building his fortress of a house before the 2nd Great Cataclysm, no matter the cost!

“We have one month. If you master the manuals I gave you, then there will be no problems. We only need to – solidify the foundations, construct the parts on top of it, and mana craft it!”

[You’re planning to make the entire mansion into a single artifact!?] (Erta)

1,800 3rd class magic stones, 1 4th class magic stone to serve as the core. He had prepared everything long ago.

That mansion was no different from the crystallization of Yu IlHan’s countless experiences from making equipments, learning magic language with his Language skill, and handling various materials that he plundered from monsters!

“We won’t build it right in front of the gate. First, we’ll build a large fence with the gate as the center, and make a training ground to gather the forces of Kiroa just in case we need it. And I’m going to build the house around here, and make a wall that covers much more than that like this…….”

Yu IlHan’s mansion building lecture continued on for 20 minutes. His subordinates had a hard time keeping up in order to save that information in their heads.

“Your Majesty?”

The most loyal and wisest elf, thief Phiria, asked in a careful tone.

“What if something goes wrong in the middle of building? Like doing things in wrong order, or getting the position wrong……”

“I’m going to fix minor mistakes with mana crafting so it’s alright. You only need to work hard.”

There was no way out! They could only accept their fate (as slaves)!

He designed the mansion rather humbly with 500 pyong (1600m^2) for each floor for a total of 3 floors. Of course, it was a little lonely to build just the main building, so he also planned to build a smaller multi-purpose shed on the side, and a dormitory for the wolfkin when they came out.

[‘Humble’, yeah right!] (Erta)

“I’m not going to mind much about the rear garden since the wolfkin would trample on it whenever they come, but instead, I’m going to build a magnificent swimming pool.”

[Swimming pools are good!] (Liera)

Cheered Liera. She was already simulating on what swimwear to put on in order to seduce Yu IlHan. Meanwhile, Spiera spoke with a slightly bitter face.

[I thought you didn’t like petty decorative aesthetics… what you did in that precious time was some child’s play like this……] (Spiera)

[Humans have dreams. Although we forget from time to time, Yu IlHan is still a lower existence. In fact, it’s not so bad to have a side like this. A little bit is alright…] (Erta)

However, what Yu IlHan was doing now couldn’t be called ‘a little’ no matter who looked at it!

[I get that you want to build a sturdy and cool house. But this is still a little too much!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan, who was still in the state of being hyped up, ignored her and continued speaking.

“I’ve finished the structure of the mansion, so I’ll go on to the next stage.”

“There’s still something left!?”

The bravest, but at the same time, most ignorant of the elves, warrior Mirey, shouted in shock. Her brain had already reached the limit!

“Yes, there’s the most important thing left.”

However, Yu IlHan mercilessly nodded as he spoke. However, what he spoke next was in a slightly different direction to what Mirey was imagining.

“What I’ve discussed up till now is the facade of the mansion that can be seen from the outside, and from now, I’m going to talk about the detailed options after the fortress ification.”

[…….fortress?] (Liera)

“Yes, fortress.”

Yu IlHan’s eyes shined.

“This mansion shall become the strongest fortress on Earth. Although it’s still impossible right now. I’m ultimately aiming for it to fly and hunt monsters!”

[So your dream was not a lowly mansion but a mobile fortress!?] (Erta)

“That’s it!”

Even the swimming pool on the front garden was a facility that reflected his plan to use as a weapon by using the functions on his armor. How frightening!

[This is not architecture…..] (Liera)

Liera, who finally realized the truth, muttered in a dark voice while Yu IlHan was explaining the various weapons and traps here and there in the mansion, all while humming.

[It’s just an enormous-sized blacksmithing!] (Liera)

[At the same time, it’s also mana crafting.] (Erta)

After all people here were enlightened on Yu IlHan’s true intentions, Yu IlHan solidified the foundations on where the mansion would go, after piling up the enormous amount of materials.

Normally, this was a huge-scale construction work that was simply out of the question for the realm of a private construction. But with IlHan’s inhuman strength and the inventory’s remote collection function, there was nothing impossible in this world.

“Now we lay out the floor.”

The construction work that looked like it would take several months at least, progressed according to Yu IlHan’s finger movements, akin to a conductor partaking in an orchestral concert.

The subordinates realized that there was no way out of this construction for them. Now, they could only hop onto this big wave that Yu IlHan had made!

“Good, let’s begin.”



Like that Yu IlHan and co started the absurd construction of the fortress. This was about constructing a fortress with blacksmithing and mana-crafting as the foundation, One that couldn’t be seen even in worlds that had went through the 3rd Great Cataclysm!


After various clans, conglomerates and even countries perished after offending Yu IlHan, the rage of the people cooled off a little and the situation calmed down as well.

Although some fanatics were claiming that they should destroy the existing countries and build new ones, now that the 2nd Great Cataclysm was imminent, there was no time to make new countries and solidify their foundations.

The various governments who witnessed firsthand the consequences of slandering Susanoo, were worried for their respective futures, shifting away from conventional politics and pouring all their resources into preparing for the 2nd Great Cataclysm.

Many shelters were constructed with whatever little new materials they had, while clans and the military took care of security around the densely populated areas, and they were told of the various locations where dungeons would emerge in the future and they relocated the various populated districts.

Meanwhile, Vanguard lowered the prices of standard-tier equipments and allowed many to arm themselves. It even started selling self-defense artifacts that could be used by people with no power, propelling its already high status to another level altogether.

“The president of Vanguard was that famous Deathgod, right?”

“So Susanoo really was Korean.”

“His real name was revealed. He’s called Yu IlHan apparently.”

“That’s quite a name.”

The governments of many countries wished to meet Yu IlHan. The Kang family wanted to prevent all of their attempts beforehand, but it was now beyond what they could handle. Above all, the Battle of Competition that allowed him to bring back a large number of advanced Traps of Destruction, was the largest factor.

Starting with Japan, the second most delusional character after Kang Chan, believed that Yu IlHan was their own, America, China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada…… numerous countries sent love-calls to him. For some of the countries that lost most of their power after the Great Cataclysm, the leaders even came to Korea themselves!

However, all of them failed to achieve their purpose; Yu IlHan had surrounded his land with enormous walls (feat. Dragon bones) prior to the construction. Phones off were the basics.

As such, the people set Yu IlHan’s family as their next target, but this was also impossible. Yu IlHan’s father, Yu YongHan, was working at Vanguard, and his mother Kim YeSeul, did not let anyone into the house other than Yu YongHan!

It wasn’t that none of them tried ‘slightly’ forceful methods, but all of these people ran away after experiencing ‘slightly’ near-death experiences. The people finally found out that Yu IlHan’s mother was a person of tremendous ability as well.

“Just what does this family do!”

“Ugh, I knew he wasn’t of ordinary birth, but even so……!”

Yu IlHan already gave the solution to humanity, known as Vanguard. He had nothing else to give out to the ones who weren’t satisfied and wanted more. As such, he did not reply at all.

With the challengers all gone, Kang Chan became more delusional again, and the mysticism of the Deathgod Yu IlHan rose by the day.

[See, he isn’t a human.]

[Don’t you think he’s an angel that’s acting as a hero?]

[The moment the great changes arrives on Earth, the hero that protected humanity since the ancient times, opens his eyes again……!]

At this rate, urban legends about him would be made. This meant that humanity relied on him and had their hopes in him that much. If Yu IlHan didn’t restrain his actions, then this wouldn’t have ended there. Perhaps the religion ‘Uniquism’ may have been created. 1

“……Things are like this outside……”

Kang MiRae finished explaining and looked at the scenery with the almost finished mansion in the backdrop, when her eyes colored in inexplicable emotions.

Liera’s figure, holding up a heavy piece of ceiling while flapping the two pairs of wings in the middle of the construction site, was particularly impressive.

“Mr. IlHan, you were creating a mansion here…….”

“Hey! It’s tilting! …… Sorry? What did you say?”

Yu IlHan, who was both the director-on-site and the number one construction worker, asked after turning his head to Kang MiRae.

“Mr. IlHaaan, marry me! I also want to live here Kuhk!”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Although it was ‘nothing’ by Kang MiRae standards, to Na YuNa, who was being sleeper-choked by her, it was a very big matter.

However, as he believed in the friendship between Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he continuted to shout towards the working subordinates.

“It’s just a little more! We need to finish it before the 2nd Great Cataclysm arrives!”

The subordinates shouted back with vitality, and just when Yu IlHan was about to go back to work. Green text continuously popped up on his retina, even though he didn’t do anything.

[Subordinate, Kiera Monkey, absorbs a portion of the records of the world ‘Niurad’.]

[Record of Worlds 100/100]

[You have acquired the title ‘The frog that leaped out of the well’. You are able to return to your birth world no matter which world you are in. By consuming mana, you are able to bring others as well, there is a cooldown time of one week after using it.]

[IlHan, what is it…..?] (Liera)

[Yu IlHan?] (Erta)

“Mr. IlHan?”

“…..Oh, it’s nothing.”

While confirming the new and amazing title info, he thought about what absurd situations he would be forced into in the near future now that he acquired such a revolutionary power. He let out a deep sigh.

2 weeks after that, the 2nd Great Cataclysm arrived on Earth.

However, the problem was that something else that never happened in other worlds, was beginning to unravel on Earth.

Author’s notes

Sleeper choke is a really dangerous technique. Kind readers shouldn’t try it!

It’s not the evolution of the Language skill, but the title. Evolution is still far away

Like IlHan, Earth is all ‘my way’ too. They really do get along together well, living 1000 years together!