Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 130: I Invade – 6

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The resistance ability is quite different from the definition of ‘resistance’ in the dictionary – thought Yu IlHan as he charged through the sea.

[Ahahahaha, this is more fun than running through the sky!] (Liera)

[Liera, you really don’t change wherever you go.] (Spiera)

The armor Yu IlHan made, Chilly Blizzard tyrant’s Mixed bone Fullplate armor, had relatively simple functions, perhaps due to the objective he had in mind when creating it. 90% increase in water attribute resistance, 50% increase in water attribute attack power, and controlling ice created from water.

Yu IlHan had decided that the ice manipulation option was OP after seeing the Legend tag attached to this armor. However, it wasn’t. The most OP option was the 90% increase in water attribute resistance.

Like how high fire attribute resistance made him resistant to catching fire, when water attribute resistance was heightened, unimaginable things became possible.

Simply said, it became possible for him to breathe underwater, and he could move his limbs around easily without being affected by water pressure or resistance.

Moreover, he could even stay still without going down, and even shoot upwards if he willed it. Movement was very free. Adding leap and re-leap onto this, his speed couldn’t be called just ‘fast’.

[Run oppa run! Yay!] (Liera)

“How am I your oppa.”

However, it was true that Yu IlHan felt better since he was rushing through the clear seas after hearing the sound of screams and death and smelling burnt corpses and blood.

If the Great Cataclysm hadn’t happened, would Yu IlHan be able to appreciate this scenery with the help of a single set of armor? No, no way.

Not only that, he wouldn’t have been able to run in the skies, nor would he have met Liera, Erta, and Mir.

He wished for such good things to happen in the future. As such, for now.

[IlHan?] (Liera)

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Stopping thinking, Yu IlHan made a foothold by freezing ice underneath his feet and leapt by kicking off. This was the reason he could re-leap fast underwater. He could leap anytime he wanted to.

“There might be guys coming out of the dungeon right now. Please inspect the surroundings.”

[I can see some underwater monsters. Well, they sure are higher leveled than those on the land. Although, they should be getting entrapped by the dungeons soon.] (Liera)

[However, there shouldn’t have been a dungeon around here.] (Spiera)

[Yeah, I got no such reports either.] (Liera)

So they differed to Erta in such places, though he. If Erta was at a level where she had to look for information on dungeons she wanted, Liera and Spiera were clearly above and receive reports on all dungeons on Earth without the need to ask! Well, in fact, it was a rare for higher angels like them to contract with Yu IlHan as his guardian angel.

Although, nothing changed the fact that they were useless luggage.

As proof,

“Then is that thing over there not a dungeon but a black hole?”

[Dammit.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan abruptly stopped while charging through faster than a torpedo.

In the deepest part, right nearby a deep-sea trench, he found a swirling black current.

[So there really was one. Even though oceanic dungeons should be under strict supervision as sea monsters are harder to manage than land ones……!] (Spiera)

“Hah! It’s so ‘strict’, yeah, I know.”

He’d rather believe in what the Destruction Demon Army was saying rather than believe in those belonging to Heaven. Ignoring the grumbling Liera and Spiera, Yu IlHan approached the gate.

Coincidentally, the gate suddenly shined and spat out tens of people at that moment. They were all wearing transparent, spherical helmets and looked like astronauts.

[We will be going to Brazil. According to the information from the Alliance, they are predicting that it won’t take a lot of time to block Lepido since the human’s side is strong, so we need to move faster than planned.]

[Yes sir!]

[Follow the captain!]

Their voices sounded weird because of the helmet, but summing things up, it seemed that’s how they communicated. It also seemed that they did not know that the ones on land were already wiped out.

[Or that they don’t have any method of communication in the first place.] (Liera)

[Or that they could not confirm since it wasn’t the time for regular communication.] (Spiera)

Whatever the reason, it was a good thing that they did not know of his existence. Yu IlHan saw that more number of enemies were coming out from the gate and waited for all of them to come out. Although hundreds had already come out, the gate was still spitting out more.

“Since we’re in water, it will be hard to use my remote collection divine attack.”

[Yes, it seems so…… wait, divine attack?] (Liera)

“It’s a technical term, otherwise known as spamming.”

With that single ability, he could solve whatever problems he encountered, and defeat the enemy while he was at full health, but the disadvantage was that he would receive insults from the opponent player since it wasn’t considered good manners. To Yu IlHan, remote collection was like that.

Of course, in this situation, he couldn’t use that divine attack, but he had coincidentally prepared a massacre inclined weapon that could be use under the sea.

Yu IlHan held his spear on one hand, and froze some ice around him and rotated them. Perhaps due to them being of the water attribute, the ice bullets were spinning naturally in the water.

They were smaller than bullets used in pistols, but were harder and sharper, and even faster than them. This was enough – thought he as he moved forwards slowly.

The number of bullets around Yu IlHan continued to increase. As it did not require any mana to sustain and control them once he made them into ice, he was making a constant amount so that his mana recovery speed equalled his consumption speed, but even then, he could generate them rapidly.

Hundreds of ice bullets surrounded Yu IlHan, akin to the arrangement of the stars in the milky way.

An end came to the what seemed like endless dispatches from the gate. It was a battalion numbering thousands. The strongest one among them looked to be around the late levels of 3rd class, and also had the shiniest armor among them.

However, he also looked like an idiot for wearing the same helmet as everyone else.

[Squad 14 ready!]

[Same for squad 15!]

[Good, let’s show our power as the proud extermination battalion of Kadra Empire!]

“In the next world, yeah.”

Yu IlHan retorted to the commander’s words as he swung his spear. The Eight-tailed dragon spear that drew a clean trajectory in the sea as if it was in the air, smashed apart the commander’s helmet and embedded itself deep into his body, and the Blaze of Untraceable trajectory severed his neck cleanly and followed the spear like a shadow.

That, was an absurd technique. Before the first trajectory ended, the second followed and fused to become a single one! What looked closer to magic than martial arts was an attack that deceived not only Yu IlHan himself, but the world around him as well.

Yu IlHan’s concealment did not wear off, and the victim did not even know how he met death as he died in vain.

[You have earned 62,013,553 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 178 Jiëis Il Turodra.]


[Th, the commander, he!]

Watching the head of the commander floating up in the water, the army fell into an uncontrollable uproar. The squad captains right beneath the commander tried to lead them, but their necks were severed one by one as well and more chaos ensued.

[Someone’s here! Shit, someone that’s not a monster!]

[Don’t tell me the plan…..!]

Some dispersed their mana to find the culprit, and some raised their swords and shields in order to defend, while some, showed some clever movement in this chaos.

They were trying to move back to the gate at a relatively fast speed considering that they were underwater.

[Critical Hit!]

However, right at the moment they were about to go inside the gate. a cloud of ice bullets that filled the sea made them into beehives. Tens died in an instant, and twice as many died in the next.


[Whah….. Ice!?]

In the first place, the reason Yu IlHan had made the ice bullets was in order to not let any of them escape. So there was no way he’d let any of them return through the gate!

[A, avoid them! It’s magic!]

[Just where the hell is the mage…… shit! Find him!]

“Look for me all your life.”

The ice bullets made by Yu IlHan’s power was very strong in itself, and as it was enhanced by the 50% increase in water attribute attack, normal 2nd classes died in a single strike. Of course, the power would be a lot less than the rain of spears, but that could be compensated for with quantity!



Unless he took off his armor, Yu IlHan could be called the ruler of the seas. Perhaps a dragon that can manipulate ice and water could do this?

Hundreds, and thousands of ice bullets did not lose their power after killing the enemies and proceeded to kill even more. Enemies that were routed were easier to kill than the still ones. Yu IlHan manipulated the bullets while thinking that he was a master sniper, but in fact, he looked more like a conductor that lead the ice bullets.

[Don’t get frightened by magic at this level! We can just slash them apart after seeing their trajectories!]

However, there were always some that had zero sense in reading the mood. He should have just waited for his turn to come, but these slightly higher levelled ones swam forward as if they were the ones who could break through this situation.

They kicked aside the corpses of their subordinates or colleagues that were killed by the bullet rain, and acted as if they were slashing apart the bullets. Of course, Yu IlHan didn’t send any bullets to those that looked like he couldn’t kill in one go.

Instead, he ended them himself.

[You have earned 3,985,301 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 101 Kut’sach Yi Zeta.]

“That’s one strange name.”

The most important thing in keeping the deathgod skill active was keeping the concealment. He had to kill enemies in a single attack in order for his concealment to not wear off.

As he was aware of this fact, Yu IlHan sent the ice bullets to only the weaker ones while he himself executed the higher levelled knights that have acquired 3rd class while moving around fast in the water using leap and re-leap.

[I don’t know who you are and where you are from, but our Kadra empire shall……!]

“Yes, yes. Thanks for the death flag.”

It didn’t even take two minutes for the tens of 3rd class beings within the thousands of people that exited the gate to die. Meanwhile, the ice bullets kept moving around, and everyone that exited the gate was killed within 20 minutes.

Confirming the deaths of the enemies again and again, Yu IlHan proceeded inside the gate. Of course, as this was a deep sea dungeon, it was still a underwater inside the dungeon.

Inside, he could see fish shaped monsters from time to time, but it seemed like there weren’t many since they were wiped out by the Kadra empire. Well, that wasn’t that important to Yu IlHan anyway. It wasn’t like he had come here to hunt monsters.

“Although that huge tuna-like monster really tugs my mind, let’s eat him later.”

Yu IlHan moved at absurd speeds even inside the dungeon using leap and re-leap, but even that ended not long after. Yu IlHan’s speed was too fast and he found it already;

with ‘it’ referring to the gate connecting to Ferata.

[IlHan, from here, you have a choice.] (Liera)

Just as he was about to enter the gate without hesitation, Liera spoke.

[You’ve killed all the people that went through the gate, haven’t you? So now, if we just close the gate, there will be no further dangers for the moment.] (Liera)

“That’s not enough. That world already has an experience of being connected with Earth. If I was weak, then I would stop at this point, but not now. They can make and go through the gate again at any time.”

[However, beyond this gate, is an entire world. And those that are breathing, and will be exclusive towards an outsider like you.] (Liera)

It seemed Liera was worried about him. He had the confidence to survive against anyone and any group. It would be a little frightening if he met a higher existence, but at that point, wouldn’t the Angel’s support skill activate?

Of course, there was one thing he was worried about. There was one sure-fire method that could exile him from Earth if he went through this gate. 1

It was also the reason why Yu IlHan brought two angels here.

“Spiera, please.”

[Leave it to me.] (Spiera)

Spiera escaped his grasp and expanded to her original size. Her figure holding a pure-white spear on her hand looked very handsome.

[None shall pass this gate until you come back.] (Spiera)

“I’ll leave it to you.”

[Oh, I can’t stop a lower existence from passing the gate though.] (Spiera)

“Thanks for lowering my expectations instantly. Although, it should be enough stopping the traitors.”

He exchanged a short glance with Spiera and turned around. In front of his eyes was a swirling gate.

[IlHan. Are you really going to go] (Liera)

“Don’t worry. It will be over soon.”

Yu IlHan smiled as he set foot inside the gate.

“I will end it soon.”

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