Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 129: I Invade – 5

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Not long after that, Yu IlHan arrived in Venezuela. The city under the blue sky was bustling with people, and he could hear noisy chattering as well as people bargaining at shops.

He had come here in his dropout period, but ironically, it was even more strange now that he could feel life here.

“How can it be like this.”

[Oh my god. That fruit vendor, the housewife that’s purchasing goods from him, and even the vendor across the street …… They’re almost all 2nd classes.] (Liera)

[Did they carry out an investigation before invading? It’s as if they’re performing a country-wide play.] (Spiera)

There were definitely people that did not disguise themselves using human skins in Venezuela. They were probably the usual tourists. However, they were joyfully buying apples from a 2nd class fruit vendor without the slightest bit of suspicion. Meaning that they did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Yu IlHan felt frightened while looking at that scene. His imagination had turned into half-reality. They were trying to assimilate into Earth!”

[How about language? What are they doing about language?] (Liera)

[Artifacts, it’s artifacts. How could this be…… They didn’t plan this out for just one or two days……!] (Spiera)

So such a thing was about to happen to China as well… If he couldn’t prevent that, then what would have happened… He felt a frightening shiver all over his body.

The problem was that Venezuela was now in their hands. He couldn’t even fathom how much their plans had progressed.

If there was one good thing, it was that they invaded an archipelago in the Atlantic. If they had devoured the entire South American continent, there wouldn’t be a need to invade those small islands.

Yu ilHan thought about what he had to do in order to stop this invasion. Just how could he kill these people who devoured an entire country……

…when he realized one thing.

“Wait, I can differentiate them?”

[Not because their average level is higher than the tourists?] (Liera)

“No, it’s not for such a simple reason. There are many high leveled tourists as well. I can somehow do it…… aha.”

Just as he was conversing with Liera, he succeeded in finding the answer.

“It’s because I’ve acquired their records through killing thousands of them.”

It was like that when killing dragonkin and dragons as well. Since he had killed so many of them, at some point, he knew what kind of dragon used what kind of power or what kind of weaknesses they had.

It was the same right now. Since he had killed so many of a specific world’s residents continuously, he became to understand their characteristics and now could differentiate them; as if determining a type of a monster, or determining prey.

Even if they were using a special disguise that did not use magic, they could not deceive the Akashic Record.

“So, its like that…”

Yu IlHan smiled. Now that things became like this, all the moments of hesitation were meaningless. He was the one who was going to wipe them out anyway, so it would be enough for only he himself to be able to differentiate them!

To think wiping out the invaders in the archipelago would bring such results… He thought about this from the past, but he always seemed to have quite the luck at appropriate moments.

Moreover, they asked for this as well. From now, they’ll compensate for their arrogance in deceiving the people of Earth.

[I didn’t realize that it was possible to differentiate them with the Akashic Record.] (Spiera)

[Well, we did think that they were all the same humans. And there’s not much opportunity to kill thousands of humans at once…… Oh! I don’t mean you’re bad, IlHan!] (Liera)

“It’s alright, I know.”

Yu IlHan decided to not be ruled by the extremely ambiguous concept of good and evil. He just resolved to protect himself, to be true to his heart, and resolutely trudge on the path he had set his sights on. That was also the reason he could endure a millennium of solitude.

As such, even if what he was about to do now may look very evil, Yu IlHan wouldn’t mind it so much.



“What the hell is this?”

“Run….. Kahk!”

When people started dying, the market naturally fell into chaos. Everyone moved around in panic to protect themselves, and the panic of the tourists were even more.

“Wh, what the hell is this?”

“I remember this. Susanoo also used something like……”

“Fuck, the people are all dying!”

Many people escaped the place, but no one on Earth was faster than Yu IlHan. Moving around busily, he bestowed death upon all the other-worlders within his range.

“Save me!”


When nothing else worked, they tried to mix in with the tourist group, but it was all useless. Yu IlHan’s spears killed them in pinpoint.

It took less than 0.1 seconds from the time a dragon bone spear appeared in the air to the time it killed the enemy. If they weren’t at least mid-level 3rd class, they wouldn’t even be able to react properly. 1


At that point, they realized that something was wrong. Since they were found out before they proceeded onto the next stage, disguising themselves was now meaningless.

“Clean these up first!”

“Report to the higher-ups!”

As if this was all promised beforehand, they took out weapons they hid in one part of their bodies and tried to kill the tourists.

They were quite vicious, as they were trying to erase any evidence even when they were under attack. Perhaps, they hid themselves exactly in order to do that.

“Of course, Yu IlHan had predicted that already.”



Although it was difficult for him to read all movements of all people in this wide area, most of it was resolved when he threw spears to whoever he saw.

Moreover, at this point, some of the tourists started noticing some things, so they tried to not move towards the residents.

“Fuck, just how can this be……!”

“Find the enemy! If rumors spread before we finish working, then it will be the end!”

All the survivors moved around busily. Some to find the enemy, some to report above, and some to escape this sudden calamity.

And one, to kill all these fuckers.

[Over a thousand died within 1 minute.] (Liera)

[It seems it isn’t a single country that is involved in this. Unless they are a great empire that has power over an entire world, this is impossible.] (Spiera)

“Let’s start moving now.”

It took two hours for Yu IlHan to clean up the capital. As he had moved while decimating the other worlders in one spot, they couldn’t even communicate with others, and were doing their duties in their own place. For Yu IlHan, this was very thankful.

He poured spears, killed the people, and collected them inside his inventory before moving. As if hammering away to make equipment, he repeated those movements.

That figure was akin to a machine rather than a human. This kind of unaesthetic and inhumane massacre was very bone-chilling.

Even Spiera, who did not care about what Yu IlHan was thinking, and only cared about Yu IlHan’s ability, became slightly uncomfortable. However, Yu IlHan did not show any change in expression and repeated his actions.

Meanwhile, the surviving people, of Earth, were trying to upload things to their SNS while escaping the tragedy caused by Yu IlHan, but unfortunately, internet was down over all of Venezuela. There was no way the SNS was working.

“It’s not working dammit! It’s an important news about Susanoo massacring the people of Venezuela!”

“Shit, I need to tell this to the people of Earth!”

Really, they should just escape underground in the time they have time to do that, but these people really were hopeless. Looking at them, Spiera nodded seriously.

[I knew SNS was a waste of life.] (Spiera)

[Hah! Good for them.] (Liera)

“Hey, something collectively happened to you angels right? I won’t laugh so please say it?”

The angels shut their mouths. Yu IlHan also gave up and continued ‘cleaning’.


[You! Earthling! It was you!]

Whether it was monsters or humans, ‘thoughts’ weren’t left behind that often, but as Yu IlHan had killed so many, he acquired quite a lot of ‘thoughts’.

As Yu IlHan was planning to kill all the other worlders that came to Earth, he didn’t mind them that much, but after not being able to find their roots even though he had wiped out many cities of Venezuela, he stopped for a little.

“I should interrogate some people first.”

The place Yu IlHan was in currently, was the largest state of Venezuela, Bolívar. He had killed almost all the other-worlders in cities he passed by until now.

If he could not find any path connecting to another world in Venezuela, he had to go over to Guyana, Brazil, or Columbia, but really, he didn’t want to imagine such a situation.

Not only would it mean that damage had spread that far, the possibility of them surviving would become higher as well.

As such, now he needed to go to a specific place.

[Interrogate? How are you going to interrogate?] (Liera)

[Is it the power of a deathgod? I don’t think you’re a deathgod that rules and controls souls, though?] (Spiera)

Oh, so there were such deathgods as well, huh. Well, it should rather be said that a violent deathgod that burns lifeforce to make a flame was rare. Although he did learn Soul enchant from Reta Kar’iha’s mutated soul, but it was just that.

“So you do not know yet. Skills are only the crystallization of human abilities.”

[Of course we know that. Even though I look like this I lived several times lo…… [emailxa0protected]#$%] (Liera)

Liera covered her own mouth after blabbering on as if natural. However, just as Yu IlHan was about to pretend that nothing had happened, Spiera said a rather cruel line.

[Several times? Don’t you mean, tens of times?] (Spiera)

[It’s not, IT’S NOT! It really isn’t!] (Liera)

Not minding about the super-mini war between angels, Yu IlHan did his own stuff.

[We have nothing to tell you!]

[We are just a portion. The great plan is already proceeding so someone like you will not be able to stop it!]

He did not mind about whatever the thoughts said. Yu IlHan alone wouldn’t be able to do anything to them anyway. As such, he took out Eight-tailed dragon spear from his inventory and ordered.



“It’s meal time. First, let’s eat them all and leave 20 behind.”


Such was the beginning of soul interrogation.

[Don’t you think you should call that ‘preying’?] (Liera)

[So thoughts have their own world. That’s deep……] (Liera)

Some of the thoughts that came with the lifeforce had some tenacity. They, were all eaten by Orochi, and seeing that, the remainder ‘shook’ in ‘fear’ of a second death even though they were just fragments of souls, and spat out information.

Yu IlHan, with his experience of gathering important information from numerous text, picked out all related information and completed a small fragment of truth.

“So the world you came from is Ferata.”

[Ttttttttthat is so!]

With those words, Yu IlHan glanced at Liera and Spiera. The two nodded. They must be thinking about the angels working in Ferata. Of course, as they were not in contact with any angel on Earth right now, punishments would come later.

“From the time the people of Earth went over to Ferata, this was planned by the great empire Ferata Ma Kadra, and became possible after the Army of Brilliant Light contacted them.”

[Y, yeees!]

“You were careful since you could open only one gate, and focused on Venezuela and its nearby islands first since you had to take root before the people focused on Abandoned Worlds were freed.”

[Th, that is so! It has only been 3 days since the plan began operations on Earth. We have not secured any further territories than Venezuela…….! If the 2nd class knights successfully place themselves, then the 1st class soldiers would come over and will take the skins of the countries beyond Venezuela. That was the plan!]

As if asking Siri, answer was immediate. Yu IlHan laughed with a ‘fuu’ and confirmed with them for one last time.

“So, where is the dungeon located?”

[The location that will not be found out by anyone, at the same time being placed in a convenient place to acquire Venezuela and its nearby islands…… it’s an underground dungeon located in the deep Atlantic.]

Looking at Spiera, Yu IlHan smirked.

“See my future prediction?”

[…….This human is starting to get annoying……] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan invested two more hours to decimate all hidden Ferateans hiding in Venezuela and looked through all the small countries nearby, but he really couldn’t find any more of them.

Although he moved as fast as possible, Venezuela was doomed with the exception of extremely small places. Yu IlHan couldn’t save them. As such, he had to prevent the worse-case scenario.

Although he didn’t know what kind of communication methods they used to the HQ, since hours had passed since their massacre, HQ would probably send reinforcements or do something of that sort.

Nothing good would come out of them knowing that Yu IlHan had massacred them all. He had to move right now.

Well, then. This was the start.

Now was the time to wipe out their base.

Author’s notes

The power of the Akashic Record!

Angels are afraid of the SNS

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Siri is the personal secretary program developed by Apple. I also have it on my IPad, but I never used it before……

Mass spear throws using remote collection is mostly used when cleaning out minor mobs. Although he can use it when facing higher levelled enemies, but that’s just for support.

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