Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 128: I Invade – 4

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“Huh? Hey, look up…….!”


It was already too late when they noticed. Even wolfkin, who boasted superior agility and reflexes among 3rd classes couldn’t react, how would a weak 2nd class block Yu IlHan’s spear throw?

From the moment Yu IlHan stepped forward, it took exactly 2 seconds for the situation to be cleaned up. Dragon bone spears weighing several hundred tons were dropped from above and crushed their heads, so there was no way mere 2nd class beings would be able to endure that.

“There are no survivors eh.”

[They should have gathered them after killing them all.] (Liera)

[It hasn’t even been 2 hours since their deaths. That means that their plan is underway right now. So we’ve managed to avoid the worst case scenario thanks to your intuition.] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan put all the corpses, including the victims and the culprits, into his inventory. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to bury them, but he decided to do it all at once after he sorted the situation out as it was quite urgent right now.

[IlHan. Are you alright?] (Liera)

“I’m alright. ……..I really am.”

[IlHan……] (Liera)

It wasn’t like he had moved in the first place in order to save the people of Earth. It was even funny how the people of Earth were praising him. He himself thought that the premise of duty or justice was just a load of bullshit.

The future of mankind, the protection of Earth, and other things were all meaningless and annoying things to him. If he himself, his parents, Liera and Erta, the elves, Mir, and… ok, Ericia, Kang MiRae, and Spiera, were alright, he couldn’t care less about the other people.

The reason he killed all the guys that were dangerous to Earth was also for himself as well. What was it to him if Destruction Demon Army decided to massacre ten billion people in some other universe and not Earth?

It was a problem since they were rampaging on Earth, where he lived. Until now, Yu IlHan never thought of killing his enemies as just cleaning up the trash in his yard.

But yes, right now, he felt disgusted. Not because of the fact that the dead were the people of Earth, or the people of another world, but at seeing a human skinning another human.

Monsters indeed do cannibalize, but that was not for that single entity, but for the entire race as a whole. However, what were these people doing? Aren’t they literally worse than monsters?

‘Can we really call ourselves the race that develops the world? We’re pulling forward our own destruction.’

Perhaps some might retort, saying, that in their own world’s point of view, they are the only ‘humans’, and the reason they invaded Earth, and the reason they killed and skinned the humans of Earth, was in order to make that exact ‘mankind’ prosper; and it wasn’t, in any way, moving their own destruction schedule forward.

To these people, Yu IlHan would say this:

I’ll destroy you myself.

“Let’s hurry up a little.”

Yu IlHan was quietly, and deeply enraged, as he resolved himsel. before saying just that to the angels as he left; like he had said, he sped up a little.

[You’re going even faster than before!] (Liera)

[Hmm…… You really are quite good] (Spiera)

Sucking on a cheerpack containing Breath, he deployed Superhuman strength, and leaped forward so strongly that his leg muscles were almost ripping apart. The power of Transcendent Regeneration was solely focused on his legs, and recovered the damaged muscles the moment they ripped apart.

It looked like he was at full speed on the sea last time, but it also seemed like it wasn’t. If he wanted to be faster, he could still go faster.

Just with the will to run faster, he threw his body and heart into it. He left the angels to look at the surrounding to find any enemy, and he focused on running quickly.

[I can’t that a 3rd class can reach this level of speed.] (Spiera)

[If you stay with IlHan for a while, then you might experience quite a lot of things like that.] (Liera)

As they were on a small island in an entire archipelago, there weren’t that many people living in it, and as if they knew about that, there were very few invaders as well. However. Yu IlHan found two more groups belonging to the enemy, and found a group of preserved corpses on a ship.

Yu IlHan confirmed that there were no survivors among the people, killed the living invaders, and put them all inside his inventory.

It was good that he was done with processing the dragonkin from Dareu and the wolves from Kiroa continent. If he couldn’t store all those bodies because of that, then he might have been a little annoyed.

[Would all islands around here be like this?] (Liera)

[If we were even the slight bit late, then it might have been at a point of no return.] (Spiera)

If one wore another person’s skin using alchemy, then there would be no signs on the outside, and since it was not a transformation through magic, it couldn’t be found out using mana detection. It would be easy to get found out if there were any acquaintances, but what if all those acquaintances were killed and someone else took their places? It would be a perfect crime.

What if the invaders conquered an entire country like this and hid themselves in that country while the ability users of Earth were fighting against Abandoned Worlds? What if they did not stop there and proliferated throughout the entire world?

Even if he found out that there were enemies in their midst then, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. That was because they wouldn’t know who was from Earth and who was from another world. Moreover, if the 2nd Great Cataclysm occurs at that time, they wouldn’t be in a position to find the hidden other worlders.

In fact, he couldn’t be so optimistic right now as well. It seemed that the invasion was currently progressing, but Yu IlHan did not know where the invasion had begun.

As such, what he could do was to clean up the scene of crime as soon as possible, and trace out the people who had already disguised themselves of their identity and kill them.

Tracing out the people who already put their heart into hiding themselves? If it was someone else, it might have been impossible, but for Yu IlHan, it was possible. He had the concealment that could hide himself from a higher existence if he willed it!

Yu IlHan hurried. Wishing that he wasn’t too late; wishing, that he could turn this all back.

[IlHan, I can feel it here! This group is quite big…….?] (Liera)

[Hundreds of 2nd classes, and there’s a single 3rd class as well. Can you sense them?] (Spiera)

“I can feel them.”

As he had expected, most of the island countries near South America were destroyed. If there were islands which had traces of incineration from burning the remains after skinning the corpses, there were some that were undergoing their plans like he had seen for the first time.

The place Yu IlHan stopped right now was also one of them. In a slightly wide dead angle zone between the buildings, an armored person that looked like the captain of a knight order, were leading hundreds of his subordinates into doing that disgusting work.

“Captain, do we have to be so careful?”

“We could just fight them head on. The people that came over to our world from Earth were weaklings too, weren’t they? They only laughed at us since we couldn’t harm them.”

“Who told you to move your mouths and not your hands?”

“It can’t be helped since it’s orders from above. We don’t have much time, so hurry up!”

It seemed that they had their own reasons. So that was it, Yu IlHan lightly nodded and waved his hand. five spears appeared above the 3rd class captain’s head and fell straight down towards his helmet before destroying his entire body.

[You have earned 14,039,384 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 134 Chromano Il Pedra.]

“C, captain!?”

“S, stop working! All of you stop working! The captain died in an ambush!”

Chaos ensued on the venue. This was the environment that Yu IlHan liked the most. He mercilessly poured spears down and killed them.

Against them, he didn’t want to use any other methods either. WIth just his ability he had researched into in order to kill many enemies fast, he wanted to make them die in vain.

So that no one will know who killed them; so that they became so without achieving anything.

In just 30 minutes, Yu IlHan went through over 10 islands and killed 7 3rd classes and 2,900 2nd classes. It looked like nothing since Yu IlHan and Earth were abnormal, but in fact, this number would be an entire battalion in other worlds.

“However, this should only be the beginning.”

At least in islands around here, there were no more traces of invaders. His heart ached at the fact that the islands became uninhabited since all the residents were killed, but unless some other army invaded, he would never come back here again.

If you ask, had they been decimated? The answer is no. Not only there was no person that looked responsible for this incident among the ones he killed, he had not found a gate connecting to another world either.

Since a connection was established with another world, it was clear that a traitor in Heaven’s Army was behind this, but he couldn’t find a single angel feather.

What that meant was very simple. This place is not the first place they appeared. The roots he had to pull out was in some other place; in a place nearby here.

Yu IlHan predicted that place to be Venezuela – it was the closest country to the archipelago. Ironically, what was the mid-stop if he went by the plane, had become the final destination.

Liera asked in a careful voice.

[What if it’s not Venezuela?] (Liera)


Saying as if he didn’t want to think about such a scenario, Yu IlHan threw a dragon bone shield that would become his foot hold, into the air.

“I will have to sweep through the entire South American continent.”


When the ability users heard of another connection with an Abandoned World not long after the crisis of Kiroa, they became frightened. It was in New York City! And just outside the city at that!

The first one to find out about the dungeon was the clan master of ‘Burning Soul’ clan that belonged to the Front Line Alliance. As one of the ability users that was assigned a Guardian Angel to, he was a relatively good person that tried to help others.

Moreover, as he had the previous experience of defending against the wolves in Korea in cooperation with the Lightning God clan, he knew very well how annoying it was for a connection with an Abandoned World to appear.

“Shit, why is it in New York of all places…”

“It’s as if they knew that there would be a lot of damage if an Abandoned World was connected to this place. Fuck……!”

As Yu IlHan had predicted, the people of Earth all focused their attention on New York. ‘All’ ability users confident in their ability headed to New York; if New York fell, then damage wouldn’t stop with just America.

It was very different from the time an Abandoned World appeared in Gangnam of Korea. Whether it was the attention of the ability users, the military. or the media and other people of Earth.

Not only was the Korean incident only known just before the gate had exploded, Susanoo had quickly ended the incident, but this time, there was only some time left until the gate exploded.

The situation that occurred due to that, ironically, was similar to a festival. It was as if it was an Olympic or the World Cup, with many people gathering and cheering.

“Foolish people.”

The clan master of Metal Knights, Michael Smithson, found it absurd that many people were setting up shops and causing uproars even though there wasn’t much time until the gate would open.

“I think they’re planning to run away to other worlds if the gate opens.”

“Miss Malatesta…… If that was possible for anyone, then there would be no humans done in by monsters on this Earth.”

“Perhaps they are driving out their fear of monsters by causing uproars like this. Or, perhaps they want to watch us defending New York and defeating the enemies. Oh, you wanna eat?”

“Hmph, I’ll gladly take it.”

Looking at Michael Smithson biting on the hotdog that she gave him, the clan master of the Magia clan, Carina Malatesta, laughed. She found it cute that he accepted it.

Behind them, a Korean person approached, it was a member of the Lightning God clan.

“Have you been well, Mister Smithson, MIss Malatesta. Our clan master wishes to see you.”

“The Lightning God clan? Miss Kang?”

Michael Smithson’s expression brightened. Meanwhile, Carina Malatesta titled her head.

“Us two together? What would we two have in common? Is it about the battle? Let’s go then.”

“I do not know exactly. As I have an recognition-reduction artifact, we shall now move while avoiding the gazes of the people.”

“Avoid the people”?

It wasn’t just them. Clan masters belonging to the Front Line Alliance, and those among them that did not have Guardian angels, were called by Kang MiRae.

She gathered them unbeknownst to anyone, even including Na YuNa, who sacrificed her brother to hang out with her.

Above her shoulders, mini-sized Erta was floating. She had already hidden herself such that only Kang MiRae can see her.

“So everyone’s here.”

Her eyes glistened. Meanwhile, the clan masters that were still confused, requested for an explanation.

“Clan master of the Lightning God clan, I believe there is some time until the Dungeon Break. If you mean for us to go inside the dungeon and attack ourselves, then I refuse.”

“Don’t worry. I do not have any intentions of doing that in a country that is not mine. I only called everyone here because I have something to talk about to all of you.”

Kang MiRae scanned the surroundings and gave a sign to Erta. Erta nodded her head and cast her magic. It was a high-class barrier so that no one would be able to recognize anything that happened within.

Confirming that the magic had been completely activated, Kang MiRae said in a firm voice.

“Susanoo won’t be able to participate in this fight. He has other important matters to do.”

That was enough for all clan masters gathered there to despair. However, before anyone asked why, she added on.

“Instead, a force under Susanoo decided to help us out, and we also have received special support from Vanguard. The reason I’ve called you all here is for that. I think there’s too much for just my clan to use it alone.”

“I’m curious of a lot of things about what you just said, but let me ask this first.”

Takagaki Asuha of the Magic Dragon clan, asked. She had eyes as if she was about to fight against a dragon.

“Can we win with that?”


Answered Kang MiRae confidently.

“Even if there are thrice as many as enemies of that of Kiroa, we would be able to defend against them. As such, please listen to me carefully from now on. I have a reason to have called ‘only’ everyone here.”

19 hours passed before the Dungeon Break occurred.

The largest scale battle of Earth, that raised the already-inflated value of Vanguard into the skies, and paved a path towards the heavens for a few chosen clans, had begun.

Author’s notes

As there is no IlHan, I’m planning to keep the battle of Abandoned World vs Earth quite short.

Would IlHan be able to root out the source? Well, it would be the end if he couldn’t so, he’d probably do well.

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