Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 127: I Invade – 3

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South America, on the ‘sea’ to the Atlantic ocean, Yu IlHan was currently grumbling.

“If I find a traitor this time, give me a flying vehicle that’s super strong and awesome.”

[We don’t build anything like that, since all of us angels can fly.] (Liera)

“Ugh! You really aren’t helping.”

The countries that Yu IlHan saw the need to go to were mostly island countries in South America. These countries were so small that their survival wasn’t even of interest after the Great Cataclysm.

It would be fortunate if there was any news of their downfall, and there were numerous countries that disappeared without a sound. Yu IlHan also wouldn’t have known if it was not for the information given by Kang MiRae.

At first, Yu IlHan was planning to conceal himself and take the plane, but he gave up after finding out that it took over 25 hours to Venezuela of South America even if he took the fastest train.

He had to give up meeting the beauties of Venezuela as well. And here, he was all looking forward to it since he saw beautiful women on magazines but not in person during his dropout period. Dammit!

[Good for you!] (Liera)

“Do all angels have mind-reading skills?”

And so, the method Yu IlHan chose was, as seen on the top, the ‘sea’. By ‘sea’ it didn’t mean refer to any ships or boats. They were even slower than planes.

Amazingly, Yu IlHan was currently running on top of water like the experts from wuxia novels. How? It was the combination of Superhuman strength and Leap skills, along with the remote collection function of his inventory to call out footholds… well, shields.

The process was very simple. First, he’d leap off the ground with all his power, and shoot through the air by using all the number of re-leaps available to him. Gaining speed through multiple re-leaps was easy with some practice.

Then, when he slowed down, he would transfer the weight of his inventory on himself to fall down towards the sea, and call out any kind of shield lying around in his inventory below him when he could see the sea surface, and use the shield as foothold to leap again, and the process repeats itself.

Like this, he could run an infinitely long distance without falling onto the sea. And at a speed that would leave Son*c behind in the dust!

The most important thing in this process was to collect the shield into his inventory. Although he looked a little off, in terms of speed, he was moving at 6 thousand kilometers per hour.

If a tuna suddenly flew up from the sea, then it would immediately disintegrate due to the collision with Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan was somehow looking forward to fresh tuna sushi while running at 6 thousand kilometers per hour, but unluckily nothing like that happened.

“But aren’t I a little too uncool? There.”

[You could just raise Mir and ride him.] (Liera)

“Rather than waiting for Mir’s 4th class, it might be faster for humanity to invent hoverboards that run with magic stones. No……”

Just as he was replying, lightning struck inside his head.

“No, I can just make it myself!”

[I shouldn’t have said that.] (Liera)

“How could I not think of that? Dammit, if I refer to the design I made last time, then I think I can make a vehicle……!”

However, it was too late to create something like that. Above all, as he was in the middle of the ocean, it was no environment to hammer on metals.

Then, it would be better to create a design by gathering the ideas in his head. Even while running on (strictly speaking, a little above) the sea at thousands of kilometers per hour, he took out a piece of paper from his inventory.

Well, rather than ‘paper’ it was closer to a piece of cloth, and it was a failed piece of cloth armor he made to wear underneath the leather armor, as it had no practical use. Anyway, it wouldn’t lose out in terms of strength of a canvas. Although, he didn’t want to compete with anything in that regard.

What he first of was what he mentioned just now: the hoverboard. The vehicle that lets a person fly through the skies.

However, thinking about it now, there was no meaning in making it into a vehicle. Not only was it inconvenient, it was inefficient as well.

“Vehicles have too much waste. I already have the leap skill, so to maximize it I should…….”

[So you’re making something like a paraglider.] (Liera)

“However, this is much more smart and powerful.”

After a few pieces of cloth were dumped into the sea, what appeared on Yu IlHan’s blueprint was a pair of wings made with metallic feathers. A beautiful pair of wings made of thousands of blades carved out delicately.

And on top of that, lines of text that even Liera and Spiera could not understand were being written. At first, they thought it was the language of Heaven, but it was actually a mixture of ancient elven language, and dragon tongue. This was a piece of art that only Yu IlHan could create as he had Language skill at max level.

Spiera exclaimed while seeing the metallic feathered wings, and the exquisite characters that decorated those wings.

[Truly beautiful. So you had talent in art too?]

“Yeah. I liked art. It was the time I could do things alone. Although I was alone all the time, only art represented the time that everyone else was alone as well. I had to fill the canvas without feeling lonely.”

Having unintentionally stepped on a landmine, Spiera didn’t know what to do. Looking at Liera who wanted to retort that the wings looked more aesthetic than pragmatic, but she refrained from doing so in fear of provoking Yu IlHan’s negative feelings.

Above all.

[But what are you going to do about the robe if you are going to attach this on your back? ……Huh?] (Liera)

With those words, Liera checked on the robe on Yu IlHan’s armor when she realized something. The scaly daggers attached onto the robe couldn’t be seen anymore.

[What about the blade lightning storm……?] (Liera)

“Actually, I tried it once, but the lightning storm’s power was too strong and the daggers couldn’t endure it……”

As such, Yu IlHan had no choice but to let go of his dream of blade lightning storm. And he hadn’t even used it once in battle! This was the greatest failure of his blacksmithing career.

“And so I decided to give new life to the daggers. Right now, Erta should be in the middle of delivering it.”

There were two options on the daggers. The option to shoot out when receiving shock, and the option to come back to the original place. In fact, there was no better ammo to use in shooting weapons.

Yu IlHan made quite a few portable weapons that could maximize the efficiency of those two options. Rather than being a decoration on the robe, it would be better if they were used in monster extermination.

Since it could let an ordinary human kill a 3rd class monster, the effect would be large. Yu IlHan was curious about what those Destruction Demon soldiers’ expressions would be when they encounter such a weapon.

“Moreover, if Miss MiRae’s magic comes into play, this. kekeke.”

[IlHan is making a cool expression again.] (Liera)

[I can see an island there. Although, it shouldn’t be one of the countries that met their downfall.] (Spiera)

As he had ran in a straight line from Seoul to the Atlantic while ignoring land or sea, he could find an island near his destination in just 3 hours.

An archipelago in the Atlantic that could be called a group of small countries.

Among those, only a few were reported to be ruined. However, the people had abandoned the archipelago long before that, and now, they weren’t even of interest.

Everyone knew that small scale islands would become dangerous as they learnt it while in other worlds, and the people with the luxury and money to move to other places had already left for large scale cities in escape of danger.

As such, the people remaining on the numerous islands had neither power nor courage to fight against the monsters, and they couldn’t leave their habitats either as they had insufficient wealth.

People did not care even if monsters appeared on these islands, whether the monsters ate the people, or whether a dungeon break occurred and monsters conquered the islands.

Even though they had no intentions of saving them in the first place, people called them ‘sacrifices’ that occurred inevitably in the process of Earth advancing to a new stage. Although, Yu IlHan himself couldn’t say anything since he did not think of them when he had acted.

And exactly because the environment was like this, it was the perfect place to hide from the view of the world and scheme things. Thinking about it, even if everyone’s gazes were gathered on Abandoned Worlds, no one would be able to do anything in the middle of New York.


Now was the time of the showdown. It was time to confirm whether his gut feeling was right or wrong. If he was wrong, then he would collapse in shock. Well, only after he rescued his son and his subordinates.

Yu IlHan raised his head and looked towards the front. It wasn’t only his muscle power that surpassed a human’s, his eyesight was as well. He could still examine the scenery of the island even though he was tens of kilometers away.

However, there was nothing on the coast of the island. No people, no animals, no monsters.

Although it looked peaceful on the outside, it was even more strange because of that. That was because traces of human civilization was still there. What that meant was that…

“Don’t you think I should buy lottery?”

[I didn’t think we’d meet them so soon……] (Liera)

…Yu IlHan hit the jackpot on the first try.

Feeling relieved for his predictions being right, and felt enraged at the fact that something annoying was happening on Earth, also, he was feeling worried about his subordinates that left to battle with Abandoned Worlds, all at once, Yu IlHan summoned a shield and kicked off it.

He strengthened his leg muscles with Superhuman Strength, he strengthened it further using mana, and using a total of four leaps and re-leaps, he produced an absolute speed, albeit momentarily.

“Be careful not to slip out of my embrace.”

[Yeah, I’ll grab onto you forever!] (Liera)

“Forever’s too long.”

Before smashing his head into the beach, he called out a shield in mid air and changed directions. As he couldn’t use a metal detector in a place with nothing, he decided to scan the entire island.

[You might be faster than flying.] (Liera)

“I can fly!”1

On the day of the parting, he was flown back to korea with God’s power, but now he was flying with his own ability. Of course, strictly speaking, it wasn’t really flying!

[Found it.] (Spiera)

The first one to speak was Spiera.

[It’s human presence. Tens of 2nd classes. They might be people of Earth but……] (Spiera)

[There shouldn’t be any need for a 2nd class person of Earth to stay here right now. IlHan, I also found them. This way.] (Liera)

The moment Yu IlHan heard the report from the two angels, Yu IlHan urgently stopped and landed on the ground.

He lightly kicked off the ground and ran towards the direction they were pointing to. He could finally feel something as well.

People, presences of many people. He could hear some voices, and they weren’t talking in any language of Earth, but Yu IlHan could understand them.

What that proved was that they weren’t people of Earth. Max level Language skill helped out in trivial situations like this as well.

“Can we really gain and advantage with this method? I’m instead worried since everything worked out so well until now.”

“Those damned angels don’t lie at least. The commander is waiting so let’s finish this off quick.”

Counting people, there were exactly 29 2nd class humans wearing armor that were doing something. Yu IlHan understood after closing in on them, what they were doing…


And since the scene was very absurd, he ended up laughing.

“So the corpses of all those that died were here.”

[That’s material gathering for alchemy. In other words, for a special transformation technique that does not get found out with magic detection…….] (Liera)

Liera closed her mouth just as she was about to continue. What Yu IlHan wanted wasn’t explanation.

“Damn, it got ripped again.”

“And here I told you to raise your dismantling skills. I won’t care if you get a deduction in salary.”

They were in the middle of of stripping the skin of people. Humans, were skinning other humans, using the skill, Dismantling.

He couldn’t comprehend, nor did he want to. Even if he did, his actions wouldn’t change.

The deathgod stepped forward with light in his eyes.

Death, fell upon them.

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I heard Jun Ji-hyun would farm if she was in Venezuela. Is it true….? (T/N: I think this is something like there are too many beautiful women in Venezuela so Korean celebs would have to work as farmers, or smth…)

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There should be more opportunities to talk about alchemy later on… (T/N: As far as I’ve read, I don’t remember any alchemy…)

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