Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 124: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 8

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Although it was a little off to say that ‘time passed quickly’, the two months inside the barrier seemed like it was shortening faster the busier Yu IlHan and co moved around.

They felt like it was just ‘yesterday’ when they said it was going to be a boring 2 months of closed-door training, but now, only 75 hours, a little more than 3 days, were left.

The elves marvelously suffered to raise all sorts of their skill levels and trained their basic combat abilities to a deeper level, and Ericia strengthened herself additionally with wolf meat. Especially Ericia, as she reached level 98, she was the highest level amongst Yu IlHan’s subordinates.

However, if level decided everything, then Yu IlHan wouldn’t have been able to roam around Dareu while bringing ruin to everything. Of course, even Ericia couldn’t win against Yumir. It was the same with the elves too even though they were equipped with legend ranked equipments.

Yumir, who perhaps inherited a little too much of his father’s talent, raised his skill levels the fastest, with the highest being concealment at level 70.

Since none of Yu IlHan’s subordinates could find him if he decided to conceal himself properly, when sparring, they’d try to catch him before he went into concealment but end up missing him and be KO’ed with a wind bullet to their backs. That was the same when all of them fought together against him.

“Even if it’s the Imperial Prince, we can’t lose so easily like this.”

“We need to hit him somehow before the barrier dispels.”

“However, even if we break his concealment, it’s still hard for us to win against him in close combat……”

“Wind magic is scary too. Dragons’ chantless casting is so OP.”

As seen, perhaps due to his father, or perhaps Lecidna had talent for physical combat, but Yumir’s close combat was also very fast.

As weaponry like the spear and the sword were meaningless once he reverted back into dragon form, he focused on physical combat, but as a result of his ‘focus’, Physical Combat has reached level 60 in the two months.

Physical Combat level 60 might sound like it’s quite low, but if you consider how Mirey, who trained in the sword and physical combat for hundreds of years in Dareu, had Physical Combat skill at level 50, it was very high. Of course, it could be hard to simply compare because she focused more on the sword.

[Mir is the best.] (Liera)

“Noona’s the best too!”

[Owwwww, so cute.] (Liera)

Liera, who received a critical damage to her heart due to Yumir’s ambush attack, just hugged him and rolled on the ground. Erta was a little jealous thinking that they looked like a mother and son playing around, but eventually decided to not mind about it so much; she monopolized him when it was magic training session anyway.

[Are all dragons like this? He’s exceptional even in regards to wielding mana. I’m even thinking it was a miracle that Yu IlHan massacred them all.] (Erta)

[He’s Mir’s dad after all.] (Liera)

Checking Yumir’s current state, who had been reborn in the past two months to become a fighting power that didn’t lack in any part, the angels were only dumbfounded.

On the outside, he was just a seven year-old kid, who was as cute as an angel, but the contents were a monster that could fell a normal 3rd class monster with ease.

Yumir didn’t only go through technical development. He really arduously cannibalized on his kin and raised his stats permanently along with his levels. Levels didn’t increase that much, but his stats did so every so often, so it was even more of a profit.

However, to the 4 elves and the wolfkin princess who intended to support their lord, it was very insulting for them to lose against his son.

“3rd class. If we just earn 3rd class, then we maybe able to win against the young master.”

“But what is the Imperial Prince also undergoes 3rd class advancement?”

“That’s why we want to finish our class advancement missions fast and win against the young master even once before he advanced to his third class.”

Ericia ate wolf meat again and again. She wanted to grow until she was able to undergo 3rd class advancement missions until the barrier was dissolved.

“We can’t lag behind.”

“If I want to receive His Majesty’s love, I need to be at least the strongest among the subordinates.”

“Paté, please restrain yourself.”

On the other side, the elves could neither raise their stats with wolf or dragon meat, nor could they raise their levels, so their sense of crisis was the highest, and desperately put in their efforts into getting stronger. From how it made them rise to new heights, it wasn’t such a bad thing.

And Yu IlHan of course influenced his subordinates’ growths. To be exact, it was his Rule skill. The more his subordinates thought that they wanted to get stronger for Yu IlHan, the effect of the Rule skill also expanded.

Yu IlHan thought that Ericia wouldn’t follow Yu IlHan from the bottom of her heart, but it wasn’t like that either.

Not only dragons, but the majority of the monsters worshipped power, so it was natural that Ericia was smitten with Yu IlHan’s abilities, and the fact that Yu IlHan gave her all the wolfkin meat also served to bring out her loyalty towards him.

Ericia was now bound to Yu IlHan for her life anyway. It was unknown before she was subordinated, but now he even respected her and gave her things, what good would it do for her to hate him?

Of course, she also had some expectations to be given an amazing artifact like the elves if she appealed her loyalty while serving him.

No, it wasn’t just ‘some’ expectations. Her master made legend ranked equipments like nothing so perhaps she would get one too!

Like that, Yu IlHan succeeded in receiving her loyalty without him knowing. Of course, whether or not Ericia’s expectations were fulfilled was up to whether Yu IlHan felt like it or not.

Well then. What the ‘served’ being was doing right now, was of course, making artifacts. Not those that would be released through Vanguard, but for himself.

He also had made plenty of large scale install-style weapons to be used in large battles too. It was now time to make things for himself.

“Hmm, Let’s make some weapons, and since my current armor is of the fire attribute, let’s make one of the water attirbute, yes. If it’s possible, I want to be able to move around freely in the water.”

Humming, Yu IlHan spun around the hammer on his left hand.

Well, of course, it was fun to make items to sell, but the most enjoyable moment was none other than when making stuff for himself!

Above all, whether it was the standard-tier weapons, or the specialized ones, he could not use 4th class materials. Not only was it bothersome once an annoying user restrictions popped up, Yu IlHan didn’t want to give them what he had to use for himself either.

However, now that he was thinking about making things for himself using 4th class materials, he was feeling hyped. He really was a pervert.

Spiera couldn’t hold it and ended up interrupting him.

[Isn’t your spear and your armor already splendid?] (Spiera)

To be exact, it was already above her own artifacts. Even though it was just made from lower world materials!

However, Yu IlHan firmly shook his head and spoke.

“Look at my spear for example. The attack power is so high so I can use it anywhere, but against non-dragons, it isn’t even worthy to be called ‘epic’ ranked. I can’t rely on this forever. Well, of course, it would be the best if I make a weapon that fits all situations……”

However, just as he was about to continue, something flashed in Yu IlHan’s head again. It was not different from a blueprint that added more flesh to his imaginations before.

The inspiration was so sudden, and the next moment, it tried to leave. However, he would absolutely not let it go this time!

Yu IlHan urgently took out a piece of paper and spread it on the anvil and drew the scene in his head.

From another’s view, they would call it a Hollywood overaction, but as he was as focused as the first time he watched porn, he didn’t even now how he looked right now.

And Spiera, who watched him from beginning to end, knew too well what Yu IlHan was drawing.

[Is this…… Don’t tell me it’s a magic formation?] (Spiera)

Drawings and symbols, and ‘language’ that even Spiera, who lived for quite a long time in Heaven’s Army, could barely understand. Moreover, this ‘language’ looked quite familiar, it was definitely……

[The Trap of Destruction. Oh my word…] (Spiera)

The decisive reason why Heaven’s Army could manage so many worlds, the prison that attracted and entrapped monsters. The ancient language of magic that was used in creating Traps of Destruction that had the power to create Dungeons, was being filled with on Yu IlHan’s blueprint right now!

[Liera! Erta!] (Spiera)

In fear of interrupting Yu IlHan’s work, Spiera shouted to Liera and Erta through the whisper function in angel’s ring. The angels, who were in the middle of ‘helping’ their trainees with digestion, tilted their heads at their superior’s call even though they were only 20 meters apart, but still headed towards her anyway.

[I need to make them suffer a little more.] (Liera)

[What is it? We’re in the same place so why is there a need to… call……] (Erta)

Erta was the first to notice Yu IlHan’s performance. She realized that Yu IlHan was having an out-of-session art time, and after realizing what he was drawing on there, she looked closely in disbelief.

[How does Yu IlHan…?] (Erta)

[I wanted to ask you that. Did you teach it to him?] (Spiera)

Erta ended up smiling in futility when she heard Spiera’s question.

[You should know better than me that I’m not at a level where I can teach this to others.] (Erta)

[I wonder if he learned it while creating the Traps of Destruction.] (Erta)

[That’s not enough. There’s no way he could understand the meaning behind that language so much with just that.] (Spiera)

Spiera firmly shook her head. Continuing, her sharp gaze was directed to Liera, but she had her jaws agape in joy looking at Yu IlHan’s work. Spiera came to a conclusion quickly.

[It’s not this idiot either, then…] (Spiera)

[Of course, she’s an idiot. As such, if Yu IlHan learned the language of Heaven, then it……] (Erta)

…is self learned, or so Erta was about to reply when she realized something. There was a skill amongst the numerous maxed out skills in Yu IlHan’s posession, that could influence this situation.

[Language skill……] (Erta)

[What did you say just now?] (Spiera)

[Language skill. His Language skill is level max.] (Erta)

Spiera became speechless. What could she do when it was the Language skill that reached the extreme level? She had never even seen such beings before!

She eventually ended up watching Yu IlHan’s blueprint design along with Erta and Liera. There was nothing else she could do!

An unknown amount of time passed, and Yu IlHan put down his pen.

However, what he said with his mouth was neither exclamation towards himself nor any satisfaction.


It was disappointment.

“It’s not enough.”

[Hatred?] (Liera)

“No, magic stones.”

[Ouch.] (Liera)

He smacked on Liera’s forehead after seriously replying to her joke. Then, he said some unbelievable things.

“I need the magic stone of a higher existence. At least 5th class. It looks like I need to eventually fight them.”

[You really are cocky, thinking you want to fight higher existences for supplying materials……] (Erta)

“But not now. So I can’t make this now.”

Yu IlHan rolled up the blueprint and threw it inside his inventory. He decided to feel satisfied with just being able to leave behind his inspirations on paper permanently. Now, he had no choice but to make things with whatever materials he had

“One whip, one hammer, and one armor. I think that should be enough.”

Why was it not a spear? It was because his progress on Great Cosmos-severing Spear he was learning under Spiera was halted nowadays.

Was it because he succeeded in putting the power of the sword into the spear? He trained while thinking that he wanted to imbue the power of a whip or a blunt weapon into the spear, but it was Yu IlHan being greedy for too much. Although it was becoming faster and sharper, it was just that.

Of course, Spiera was already plenty shocked at his current progress, but Yu IlHan wasn’t so satisfied. That was why he was creating a weapon that was not a spear.

Although his weapon mastery was already at max level, there would be some insights if he fought an expert with that weapon. He wished that that insight would add onto acquiring the Great Cosmos-severing Spear.

He felt that the strategy to focus on the spear was gone at this point, but he couldn’t help it as this was also to learn an advanced spear technique, or so he excused himself.

His intentions behind creating weapons was very clear.

Now that he could not set an objective like ‘I’m going to fight against such and such monster’, or ‘I’m going to have to fight under such and such environment’, he could only make an all-rounder weapon that could be used under any conditions.

Mana crafting was the same. Rather than emphasizing on a certain objective, he created an environment to bring out the best of the magic stone’s capabilities. He couldn’t make any more ‘specialized’ weapons like the Eight-tailed dragon spear that did not do its ‘rank value’ under some conditions.

[Insantely Passionate Spiked Black dragon whip was completed.]

[Destruction-calling Titan’s Resonance Thunderhammer was completed.]

The results were splendid. Both the whip and the hammer were completed into legend ranks, and as Yu IlHan wished, they were good weapons that were near perfection onits own. Above all, he was satisfied that there was an unexpected blow.

Of course, the one he was more satisfied with was the hammer.

“Good, hammers are all about ringing.”

[Are you going on a solo-raid or something?]

A gigantic hammer that was purely made from Karrows’ dragon bones. The hammer had a special option attached that Yu IlHan didn’t intend for, and he felt that it was appeared after considering his achievements in the process of mana crafting.

“Now that it came to this, let’s polish the dragon bone throwing spears, and shields too.”

[You really make a lot out of dragon bones.] (Erta)

“I used so much, but I still have around 200 dragons worth of materials.”

Yu IlHan polished thousands of throwing spears along with shields and other support-type equipments he made for fighting dragons, before going into making the armor.

He pursued universality for his weapons, but armor was a different story.

Wasn’t Yu IlHan’s current armor, ‘Iron-armored fire dragon’s Biting Dark python Fullplate armor’, endure almost all environments due to its overwhelming defense stats and high fire attriubute resistance, which was came in handy in most battlefields?

As such, Yu IlHan wanted to make an armor that covered his current one’s weaknesses. Yes, like what he muttered last time, he wanted to make an armor for an underwater battle!

[*Groan*, this human really is……] (Spiera)

[Rejoice, Spiera. You will feel that strange feeling a lot more from now on!] (Erta)

[That surprisingly does not make me happy at all!] (Spiera)

On the blackish-red thin armor that Yu IlHan created while investing dragon bones and all the bones of the demon wolf, Quesad, Yu IlHan thought of the snowy plains while undergoing mana crafting with the magic stone that Quesad dropped. It was the record he had the most in relation to water.

The rest was bringing out the suitable options for underwater battles out of this record. That was Yu IlHan’s specialty.

[Chilly Blizzard tyrant’s Mixed bone Fullplate armor was completed.]

And his mana crafting succeeded in bearing fruit.

[Chilly Blizzard tyrant’s Mixed bone Fullplate armor]

[Rank – Legend]

[Defense – 7,300]

[Durability – 11,500/11,500]

[Options –

1. 90% increase in water attribute resistance.

1. 50% increase in water attribute attack power.

3. Becomes able to create ice by using water and mana. This ice can be freely controlled, and the hardness increases according to the amount of mana and water consumed.]

[User restrictions – Dragon Slayer]

[An attribute-specialized armor that was born from a smith that wields the power of miracles. It is an armor that reflects the crafter’s will to survive under any extreme conditions.]


And quite a lot, in a direction that Yu IlHan didn’t intend for.

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You’re weak. Why? You lack [hatred] : Line used to awaken one’s little brother. Effect amplifies in situation that the little brother hates the older brother. (T/N: Naruto (to be exact, Itachi) ref)

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