Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 119: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 3

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With a deadpan face, Spiera started explaining about the skill, ‘Great Cosmos-severing Spear’.

[Great Cosmos-severing Spear is an advanced skill that I developed according to my personality and characteristics. You should have already learnt an advanced skill that is fit for you, so it will be very difficult to learn my skill as well. You could say that you’ve just fulfilled the bare minimum requirement.] (Spiera)

“I know that much. So how much do I need to train?”

[At least 4 hours a day, for two hundred years.] (Spiera)


Yu IlHan hated himself for thinking ‘that’s not much’ for a moment. Right now, time was flowing normally on Earth!

“What’s the difference between that and mastering other weapons? I’d rather focus on my way of the spear instead.”

[This is also a form of training in the spear. Whatever forms of the spear you have learnt, you can train this alongside it.] (Spiera)

Though, his heart did waver hearing that!

“But if it’s that much, Earth may as well be past the 6th Great Cataclysm.”

[Past 5th Great Cataclysm is already a higher world, IlHan. That’s at the level where the Heaven’s Army or the Destruction Demon Army reside in. With your power alone, you can’t make Earth like that even if you die, so don’t worry! Even if it’s possible, Earth will be destroyed before that!] (Liera)

“That’s sooo consoling, Liera. Thanks!”

[Ehehehe.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan and Liera exchanged smiles. Immediately after though, Liera’s forehead was bruised with a smack from Yu IlHan.

[Damn, you’ve grown.] (Liera)

“Thanks to who.”

Yu IlHan just poured some Breath for her to drink and asked while looking at Spiera.

“Oh right, can I even live that much longer?”

[If it’s you, you should have a lifespan that’s way beyond ordinary humans. It’s also because of the evolution of your body after acquiring 3rd class…… but just with the ‘Unflowing time’ you’ve experienced alone on Earth, your body should have been changed to something akin to a long-living race like those of elves.] (Spiera)

“That’s something I heard for the first time?”

When Yu IlHan turned his face to look at Liera drinking, she turned her head away and spoke as if making an excuse.

[I was going to make you a higher existence anyway…… It’s nothing important anyway…..] (Liera)


He was sure from the fact that Liera avoided his gaze.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t think of the reasons. In the miraculous time he used to evolve and develop while his cells didn’t age, and at the point he had acquired tremendous power disallowed for a human at level 1, he had realized that his physical body was no longer normal.

[However, if it’s just that, I wouldn’t have even suggested it to you.] (Spiera)

“You’re talking about the Hourglass of Eternity, right?’

[Indeed.] (Spiera)

Spiera seriously nodded, but even if she did, there was a piece meat in her mouth anyway, so she didn’t look serious at all.

[*Om…nom…nom…* If you focus on training using the hourglass of eternity, you should be able to shorten the time you take to acquire the skill. I’m expecting somewhere around 30 years.] (Spiera)

[IlHan should be faster though.] (Liera)

Retorted Liera, but Spiera only snorted.

[I’m not looking down on Yu IlHan’s potential. Liera, you should know how difficult it is for one to learn an advanced skill when you have already learnt one of your own.] (Spiera)

[Hmph.] (Liera)

Liera turned her head away. Spiera also didn’t say anything. She only looked at Yu IlHan.

He pondered for a moment, but eventually nodded.

“Yes, this should be a good opportunity. I did think I should train in the spear a little more.”

He used Spear of Untraceable Trajectory splendidly until now. However, the skill level was still below 20, and he was feeling a little unsatisfied as well.

On top of that, he now couldn’t acquire any experience from the majority of the monsters, so he was thinking about polishing his spear, and coincidentally, Spiera’s suggestion came in. If that was related to the spear, then he had no reason to refuse.

[Then let’s start immediately. It should serve as after-meal exercise.] (Spiera)

“No, before that.”

Eating the last piece of meat, Yu IlHan declared with a serious face.

“Let me finish making some weapons first.

A few days passed after that. Fortunately, no connection with another world had occurred yet.

Vanguard’s homepage had been renewed for the first time in 3 months. Selling higher quality weapons again! Also, the standard weapons increased in quality! Everyone who needed weapons rejoiced passionately after seeing that.

The next day of store opening attracted a huge crowd, and only his father, who was newly appointed as the shopkeeper of Vanguard’s store no.1, suffered a lot.

Standard weapons were changed as soon as the stocked up items were sold out, and the higher weapons was planned to be sold 2 weeks later. The qualifications were simple: all clans that participated in the Dungeon Break in Korea, were given tickets.

[There are too many clans insulting you saying they didn’t hear of anything like that?] (Erta)

“They’re all lying so don’t mind them.”

Kang MiRae requested cooperation to many clans by using all of her connections. At least to all the clans that had the physical and financial power to obtain the higher weapons this time.

“And it was them who decided not to come. Do they think I’m some idiot?”

Yu IlHan snorted and put up the second notice. It wasn’t only the clans that cooperated with this incident.

Like the proud ‘strong friends’ of Korea, Suppression, there was at least one government-operated ability user faction in each country. In the case of America, there were 3!

But last night, Kang MiRae used some method or another to deploy tens of different national forces of tens of different countries to hunt around in Seoul and pulled out the roots of the wolfkin belonging to the Destruction Demon Army. She really did have monstrous connections.

And Yu IlHan, who thought about increasing the number of forces on the scale of Suppression, thought that this was a good opportunity to arm the ability users of foreign countries as well.

He had an overflowing amount of materials anyway. If he saved them, they were nothing more than putting some more weight into his inventory. So, he didn’t hold back.

[But this, did you consult with her?] (Erta)

“No, I’m going to do so now.”


Koreans wouldn’t welcome this for sure. They should have been thinking that Vanguard was giving special treatment to Lightning God and Suppression.

Even though the time was of great crisis where the fate of Earth was on the line, people were selfish and wanted all the rewards for their clans and themselves. This was the thought process Yu IlHan hated the most.

[Look at those comments man.] (Liera)

[I see you’re at the center of attention of all people of Earth.] (Spiera)

“Dad is amazing.”

Liera, Spiera, and Yumir were all checking the comments with their noses almost about to hit the monitor. Yumir was a dragon so his eyesight wouldn’t really get worse, but since he was worried anyway, he pulled him and took him in his arm.

“Miss Kang MiRae has a wide vision. If there are any variables, then it’s the possibility that the higher ups of Korea will not look at me in a good light….. but it will be fine if I just say I’ll go off to another country if I don’t feel it’s good here, so things should work out.”

Yu IlHan had nothing to fear in this world. He had solved everything with his own power from the very beginning! No matter how many changes occured in his surroundings, he himself would not change. Although, it was questionable if that could be called a good thing or not.

[You alone are supporting this twisted Earth.] (Spiera)

Looking at Yu IlHan’s back while he was sending a message to Kang MiRae, Spiera muttered. She was really impressed right now.

Of course, Erta knew that Yu IlHan was strengthening the other people since he didn’t want to suffer alone, but she decided to stay quiet for the time being. Spiera will know soon anyway.

[Then when are you planning to activate the barrier?]

“In 4 days, it will be a month since I’ve last used the barrier. At that time, the elves should also be finished dismantling. I’ll probably activate the barrier then.”

Having finished talking, Yu IlHan put away the wolf materials that the elves dismantled with a wave of his hand, and took out a new cadaver.

Dragonkin corpses had long since been dismantled, and right now, they were dismantling 2nd and 3rd class monsters! The elves had reached the state of thoughtless tranquility as they dismantled.

In this ‘harsh training environment’, their skill proficiency was rising rapidly. Perhaps, it was an influence of the Rule skill. Perhaps, he may be able to let them handle 4th class beings in the future too!

[Then it should be fine to commence training for real at that time.] (Spiera)

“Dad, me too! I want to train!”

“Yes, yes. I’ll teach you a whole lot.”

Without having him to talk about it, Yu IlHan let Liera and Erta take care of Yumir as they cleaned around nearby dungeons to level him up.

Of course, the speed couldn’t be compared to the few nights before when he levelled up by killing 3rd classes, and so, his level was only just above 60, but it was a good opportunity to raise skill levels like concealment, and middle-tier wind magic, along with many others.

Now, he was required to avoid simple monster hunting, and needed to train on a deeper level. Skills didn’t only increase just by using; they rose by the experience of using them along with enlightenment and training to acquire those insights! Like what Yu IlHan did in the thousand years!

It would be impossible to make his son suffer for a thousand years, but just by solidifying his foundations using the two months in the barrier, he would be at a level that would not be embarrassing for a dragon to have. No, in fact, he was already beyond that now.

He couldn’t let the elves play around either. He wanted to strengthen them to the point where they could beat up the clan masters in the Front Line Alliance with room to spare. Although they could already do that, he wanted to strengthen them to be able to beat them up with more leisure!

Of course, the most important one was himself. He was planning not only to use up all the piled up materials to make equipment, but also to train in his spear techniques along with the learning the Great Cosmos-severing Spear.

To prepare for the past few days, he supported the elves in dismantling, and refined his physical combat, sword, blunt weapon, and whip movements.

Spiera tried her best to hide her shocked face each time Yu IlHan wielded each weapon, but she couldn’t hide from Yu IlHan who had gained the dao into looking at other people’s expressions.

“I didn’t live long for nothing.”

[You’re long beyond what could be explained by ‘time’. Perhaps 29 years are enough instead of 30.] (Spiera)

Such conversation was repeated for the past few days, and now it came down to 25. Yu IlHan’s aim was to decrease that into 10 after he came out of the barrier.

At that moment, his phone rung. Yu IlHan let go of Mir and pressed the call button. Although Mir still clung onto his chest, that was of no problem.

“It’s Yu IlHan.”

[This is Kang MiRae.]

He hated himself for saying that despite knowing who the opponent is. He was only thankful that Kang MiRae answered him.

Having finished greeting, she naturally continued speaking.

[I’ve checked the Vanguard homepage. You’ve made a big decision.]

“They were all those I was planning to do anyway. Although it’s quite strange to say this is a good opportunity, I could also have an easier time selecting targets to sell my weapons thanks to you gathering the people this time.”

Kang MiRae was silent for a moment. She probably predicted the reason Yu IlHan opened Vanguard, Perhaps, her estimations had turned into confirmation right now.

[Mr. Yu IlHan really wants to just…… protect Earth.]

“No, I only don’t want to suffer alone. I should have told you last time.”


Yu IlHan replied honestly since he didn’t want to get himself into a useless misunderstanding, but that only resulted in Kang MiRae bursting out into laughter. Kang MiRae became silent as if she couldn’t believe it even though she had laughed, but eventually refined her voice and replied.

[Thank you. Even if Mr. Yu IlHan requests anything in compensation for the weapons, our cooperative relationship will only solidify more.]

“I’m happy to hear that I’m able to help. I thought the higher ups of Korea who only know about themselves would feel unsatisfied.”

[……And so.]

“And so?”

Kang MiRae’s voice trembled. The feeling that she was forced to this was quite strong.

[If it’s alright with you, would you be able to free up some time?]

“I will. There’s some information I want to exchange, and there are things I should tell you about.”

[No, it’s not that……]

Spoke Kang MiRae. Yu IlHan solidified after hearing that.

[My father…… wants to meet you, Mr. Yu IlHan.]

Author’s notes

200 years looks like nothing to him since he already lived for a thousand.

Will Kang MiRae’s father come out intact and not Yu IlHan’s nerves?

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