Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 115: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 7

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[You have earned 12,019,283 experience.]

[You have earned 7,985,102 experience.]

[You have…….]

Chaos was ensuing on the battlefield. Even now, hundreds of wolves, regardless of their affiliation, died every second. The time it took for hundreds of dead wolves to become thousands, and thousands to become tens of thousands was a matter of moments.

“Ah, Aaaaaah”

“Quesad, even Quesad is dead. We cannot kill him!”

The wolf corpses immediately went into Yu IlHan’s inventory upon death, so all that remained on the white, snowy plains were footprints and traces of blood. Yu IlHan used the snowy plains as the canvas, dragon bone spears as the brush, and blood of the wolves as ink to paint a masterpiece of devastation.

“Ah goddammit. The headache…”

[You really have an exceptional sense of spatial recognition. I think you’d do well with magic too.] (Erta)

“This is enough. Gate of B-”1

[Stop right there!] (Erta)

As he had begun with killing the low levelled ones, it was a difficult task to find any more 2nd class wolves. As such, he had to change tactics, and what he came up with was to throw more than one spear at those he couldn’t kill with a single strike!

Doing that, his killing speed decreased but his concealment would not wear off, and since his concealment would not wear off, the skill, Deathgod, was kept active. It was killing two birds with one stone. (P/R: Seems more like two birds with four stones though…)

Just as Yu IlHan was growing in regards to the application of inventory in actual combat, the 4th class wolves who bore witness to the disaster that rained upon their kin, fell deep into despair and became enraged.

“Flemir! If you hadn’t killed Ikedka, we could have ripped apart that damned human!”

“You are no longer a wolfkin. Even if you kill that human, it does not mean victory for the wolfkin. Also……”

Flemir could not find any target to vent his rage so he clenched his teeth while facing against the DD-wolves who were growling at him.

He had watched as Quesad, the strongest wolfkin in Kiroa, being easily put to death by a human. Despite the fact that it was only possible because his ally, Kiana, had seriously injured it with her life as the tradeoff, Flemir did not believe that he could have killed Quesad even under the same conditions.

No, he would have become incapacitated with the first kick. Also, the spear strike that preceded Quesad’s final moments… honestly, he wasn’t even able to see it properly.

That human, had power at a level unbelievable for a human. It was hard for him to believe that this guy was from the same ‘human race’ that once lived in Kiroa.

‘Dragon’s father……. He does have the qualifications.’

Flemir just closed his eyes. He already knew what went wrong for everything to become like this.

Requesting an alliance with the humans on Earth? Trying to deceive him?

No. From the moment they tried to use Earth in order to save themselves, this ending was set in stone.

What could I do? What do I need to do? Is the princess safe? Perhaps the other humans are killing all the black wolves like that human? Will I be able to survive this predicament?

Countless questions flashed through his head and despair creeped into his heart. Meanwhile, an extremely small noise could be heard right next to him.


Turning his head, he witnessed a scene where the neck of one of the surviving DD-wolves being slashed, and its corpse pitifully falling onto the ground. The figure of the human disaster was also there. He couldn’t kill it instantly due to there being no critical hit this time.

Although, that wolf died immediately after he dealt a few more strikes using his Spear of Untraceable Trajectory!

[You have earned 820,224,008 experience.]


With that, there are only 2 more 4th classes left – Yu IlHan muttered to himself and retracted his spear when the wolf-man next to Flemir, ran while howling like a madman.

“Don’t you dare!”


Noticing its movement, Yu IlHan quickly threw his spear, but as if having predicted it, that guy transformed into wolf form from the humanoid form and the spear missed.

[So they have methods to turn back into wolves!] (Erta)

“You must be sooo happy to have acquired new knowledge, huh!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Yu IlHan threw his spear again. It did hit its target, but it was nowhere near enough to give a fatal wound, and the wolf did not even think about fighting back and disappeared into the gate with a spear stuck on its ass.

“What the hell? Is that guy really a 4th class?”

[It’s also the first time I’ve seen such a shameless 4th class…….] (Erta)

Yu IlHan thought about chasing it, but thinking back to what he messaged the Empress before, he shook his head. If she used his giant spears, she would have plenty of chances to kill that wolf. Moreover, since he put a spear on its hind, she wouldn’t miss that either.

Moreover, it was time for mankind to experience and overcome 4th classes. Yu IlHan couldn’t protect them forever! Only when humanity suffered as a whole did Yu IlHan’s humanity strengthening project have a meaning!

“And so.”

While Yu IlHan killed the wolves that were throwing themselves into the gate and collecting his spears, he talked to Flemir.

“Why aren’t you following it? You have a reason to, no?”

Even though his current multi-tasking had a tremendous impact on his brain, his facial expression was cold and firm any ripples.

As he had experience reading several books at once in order to read them faster, perhaps that ‘training’ might have helped him out.

[Such an idiotic method of training……] (Erta)

“I said don’t read my mind.”

Just as Erta and Yu IlHan’s leisurely banter was about to continue, Flemir opened his mouth.

“So, you knew after all?”

A word containing a sense of futility without any emotions. Yu IlHan naturally nodded his head. More than a hundred wolves died yet again.

“Do you think I have udon noodles for my brain?”

“…….I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be. I can just kill them all.”

Flicking his hand again, a baptism of dragon bones fell once again. Since the remaining monsters were only the elites , the monsters that were killed due to the vertically falling spears were only around 1/10. In other words, tens out of hundreds died every round.


Having calculated the delay of his control and the actual results from his inventory through using remote collection continuously, Yu IlHan now bundled tens of spears in sets of smaller but quicker barrages.


Even the monsters that avoided the fist strike could not continuously dodge the shower of spears that were falling on them as if having read their movement trajectories. The 3rd class wolves that finally learned the trick to dodging all fairly met their deaths yet again. Now, there were less than 20 thousand wolves remaining even after counting every single wolf.

[Aah, that horrifying skill is being developed further.] (Erta)

Regardless of Erta’s despair, Yu IlHan’s spear rain did not end. Monsters continued dying with no end in sight.

Yu IlHan’s concealment had long since worn off, but the monsters did not even attack him. They could only helplessly fling their bodies towards the gate in order to survive.

They were all the same regardless of black or red. True unity was achieved. Yu IlHan didn’t care about that though. He only decided to believe in the humans that should be fighting beyond the gate.

Meanwhile, a delightful message popped up on his retina.

[You have become level 140. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]


Feeling his strength, agility, health and magic increasing, Yu IlHan was delighted.

He really did feel frustrated. He wiped out wolves on the scale of hundreds of thousands that fought with their destiny of their world on the line, but he only leveled up thrice! Of course, unlike Dareu, the majority were weak, and he did that within a single day, but even so!

However, just as Yu IlHan was about to raise his hand after leaving his joy aside, Flemir prostrated himself on the ground.2

“Please forgive us!”

“Don’t wanna.”

“I cannot let the wolfkin go extinct like this, please!”

“Don’t wanna.”

Wasn’t this too different from the dragons he allied with, and the elves who served him as their emperor? In the first place, these guys had made the humans go extinct of their own will, even though the Destruction Demon Army had been pulling the strings.

And regardless of where they belonged to, they thought of Earth as their prey. Double the sin. Execution.

Above all, decisively,

“Why the hell should I believe you?”


“There is a method!”

Someone other than Flemir shouted. Hearing the clear female voice, Yu IlHan tilted his head while turning it, and could see a black-haired woman who stood there.

Furry black wolf ears could be seen on the head, and despite the leather and metal armor, the glamorous body line couldn’t be hidden. Especially around the chest area which was tightened by the sturdy metal armor and looked stuffy as hell.

“P, princess!? How!”

“I came here myself, Flemir.”


From how Flemir, who was horrible at acting, was calling her princess with a panicked expression, it seemed this girlie was indeed the wolfkin princess. From how she said that she came here herself, it seemed also true that she had gone over to Earth, and came back here to Kiroa.

However…… Yu IlHan had some questions.

“There were only wolves on the other side other than Flemir, though?”

“Among the wolfkin, those who have received the baptism of the moon can freely change between their humanoid and wolven forms. I am one of them.”

The princess answered, and Yu IlHan acknowledged his mistake. He was mistaken since only the 4th class ones had humanoid forms, but it seemed it wasn’t like that.

It wasn’t that only 4th classes could change to humanoid forms, but the correct answer should be something along the lines of ‘there is a higher chance of becoming a 4th class after gaining the ability to transform into humanoid form through the baptism of the moon’.

“So, why did you come over knowing that it’s more dangerous here?”

“I have predicted one thing after seeing that both wolfkin and those tempted by the Destruction Demon Army, were charging out in fear from the gate from the other side. Moreover, I could be sure after seeing Melod…….the poor wolf that was tempted by the Destruction Demon Army, coming out of the gate as if trying to run away from something; that you were enraged, and decided to destroy the wolfkin.”

Perhaps due to being royalty, it seemed her head was quite a bit better than Flemir’s. And so, she came back to Kiroa, when she was supposed to be hiding on Earth, since she saw that the wolfkin were about to go extinct, and she had wanted to prevent that.

For a royalty, she had quite a good sense of responsibility. Although, there were less than a third of the wolfkin left.

“There are more royalties, no?”

“None. I’m the only survivor.”


Yu IlHan raised his hand. At that moment, Flemir desperately lowered his head while shouting.

“Please let the princess go! I will do anything!”

“No, it’s fine. I don’t need any of you.”

“How about all of the wolfkin! Rule over the surviving wolfkin!”

This time, the shout was from the princess. Such a kind heart for her people. Yu IlHan laughed again.

“I can’t believe you, and I don’t need you guys either.”

“I will make you be able to believe us! And there will definitely come a day where you will need our help!”

As if retorting, Yu IlHan flicked his fingers after hearing the princess’s confident words.

Hundreds of dragon bone spears rained once again, but this time, only towards the red wolves.


Seeing that scene, the princess sighed in relief. However, Yu IlHan flicked his fingers again and asked her.

“And? How will you make me believe you?”

The princess answered,

“I’ve overheard the elves talking; that you have the skill ‘Rule’.”

Why are you guys talking about that! – Yu IlHan swore at the elves, when the princess declared confidently.

“If you rule over my life using the skill, then all wolfkin will have no choice but to obey you!”

Listening to her words, Yu IlHan thought.

Huh? I think I’ve seen this scenario somewhere before.

Author’s notes

Aaaand, the meaning of the title is revealed.

IlHan’s battling methods will change in the future as well since he will make new weapons according to the enemy! Wait, isn’t this the first time he attacked by pouring out spears from his inventory!?

At this point, some of you may have noticed the bait this author has scattered at the very beginning of the story. Perhaps some of you who may have re-read the whole thing recently have realized. Well, it’s a childish joke though!

This novel is not an R-18 novel. Just saying this just in case someone will say something in the comments!

Translator’s notes

I believe ‘Cheer pack’ is a company name… They make ‘drinking pouches’.

I’m keeping ‘wolfkin’ cuz the original word uses the same format as ‘dragonkin’.

I didn’t know that ‘gate of babylon’ meant until people told me in discord… and I guess…. MC’s cleaning weapon is indeed similar… but… He can only attack vertically down, so it technically isn’t the same.

Translator: Chamber

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