Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 104: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 5

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“Who is that? She gives out an overwhelming pressure even while sleeping.”

“Look at those wings. It’s Heaven’s Army.”

“The ones that abandoned us.”

“Honestly, I can’t bring myself to like them.”

“Shut up, you all.”


Unlike Erta who meticulously hid her presence even while on Yu IlHan’s head, the person sleeping on the bed was blatantly exuding her presence, that even the elves could notice her existence.

Yu IlHan found the situation too absurd, and so, he checked her face from the side two or three times.

“…….It’s her alright.”

Although she became prettier than what he remembered, she was definitely the other contractor angel, Lita. Above all, the sub class given to him, Angel’s Partner, was telling him that she was definitely his contractor.

This person, is Lita.

The person in question was sleeping like this even though she made someone worry so much? As he had planned, he should punish……


……. couldn’t do that, so Yu IlHan tapped on the end of the wings, making them contract into the shoulder blades (although, there was only one pair of wings before), before turning her body upright and covered her body with the blanket.

“…….It’s the first time I see His Majesty with such gentle eyes.”

“Is it His Majesty’s lover? To think he’d seduce a higher existence, he really is His Eternal Majesty.”

“Jirl, His Majesty is a solo. He must be. So shut up.”

Now that she was in a comfortable position, Lita’s creased expression relaxed.

Even Yu IlHan’s facial tension relaxed after thinking that this figure looked more like a next door noona (PR: Noona = elder sister in korean), rather than a higher existence.

Anyway, he felt that it was fortunate that Lita was well, turning his head around, he saw four elves staring at him.

“What, why?”

“It’s nothing.”

The four elves who looked a little like they swallowed poop, simultaneously denied reality and shook their heads. Yu IlHan snorted before exiting the room and closing the door, before explaining to the elves.

“Although it’s no big secret, I’m in some form of contract with the angels and there will be a lot of cases where I move with them. There was also the angels’ help while driving out dragonkin from Dareu, so I want you to forget your grievances with them, at least to the ones around me.”

“If it’s Your Majesty’s order, then we abide.”

“You aren’t dating her, right? Right?”

“Don’t put salt on someone’s wounds like that.”

Yu IlHan first explained to the elves about the items in the apartment. Of course, they did not comprehend modern lifestyle, but he just skipped the details and said ‘it’s an artifact so do as I say’, which they obediently accepted.

“The two women should use this room, and the two men should use this room. Although there’s no bed at the moment, I ordered it so it will arrive soon. Of course, if you want to date one another then I have every intention to give you a separate room. That’s it. Questions?”

The archer, Paté, abruptly raised his hand. He, was a beauty (male) with white skin and wavy blond hair that looked like it could harbor the morning dew.

“I’m for Your Majesty all the way!”

“I didn’t want to hear that from a male. Next.”

Now, the thief, Phiria, spoke in a small but firm voice. She had a slightly short stature, but her short black hair and her cold eyes gave out overwhelming charm.

“I want to train with Your Majesty!”

“Later. Next.”

“That’s it, sir!”

There’s nothing they’re curious about even though they came to another world? Yu ilHan, who remembered that the first elves he had met had some intelligence, despaired at the fact that there’s no other interest for the elves other than himself and battle, but it was too late by then.

Yes, it was all fine if they were satisfied with it. Since he brought them here to Earth, it would be good if he made them stronger. Thinking that, Yu IlHan decided to wash up first.

However, just as he threw his clothes, there was something else he thought of.

‘To think of it, those guys don’t even have any clothes.’

Although, that wasn’t the only thing he should be worried about.

The most important issue was their appearances. Since they couldn’t be with Yu IlHan 24/7, there would come a time where they would have to act alone, but as long as they were elves, it was a problem about how to hide those ears.

“I should have asked Erta for some artifacts to hide their ears too.”

[I knew you’d need that, so I brought some artifacts that have both translation function and body part transformation function. No lower existence should be able to see through them.]

Yu IlHan turned around just as he was about to take off his pants. It was, as expected, Erta who was there.

[You saw, right?]

“I did, did you see too?”

[I did.]

Exchanging words, they both sighed. Yu IlHan put some hot water on the tub and immersed himself, and Erta transformed into palm-size, and sat on one corner of the tub.

[The war is over for now. We don’t know when the Wall of Chaos may open again, but they did say that we’re past the critical point.]

“That’s why Lita’s here.”

[It’s Liera now, not Lita. She was promoted.]

So angels change their names upon promoting. While Yu IlHan was feeling a strange sentiment, Erta tapped on the water in the tub and continued.

[Her achievements were great. Although she was reckless from the beginning, she seemed to disappear mid-way, and appeared after pulling out the roots of a portion of Destruction Demon Army inside the Wall of Chaos. And that was the finale. Even Spiera, who was involved in her promotion, was shocked, they say.]

“That’s some frightening achievements.”

Yu IlHan shouldn’t be at fault for thinking up of a monster rather than an angel.

[Although the time is quite coincidental, it has only been 5 hours since the war of the Wall of Chaos had ended. Liera didn’t report to anyone and came straight here after the Wall of Chaos closed. Even if it’s you, you shouldn’t not know what her actions mean, right?]

“I can’t not know.”

Yu IlHan laughed bitterly before replying.

“She should be very tired. Lita, no, Liera knows that my bed is the best bed in the world, custom ordered from my calculations and pre-investigation as a master of resting.

Erta was never more frustrated than now about how she couldn’t use her powers as a higher existence on Earth. If she could just beat him up!

However, she couldn’t say everything, so she could only…

[……Yes. So, look after her a lot.]

…say that.

Yu IlHan exited his bathtub after finishing his refreshing bath time after a long while. He then put on some new clothes, and threw the four elves (after separating them to male and female), who were standing there absent-mindedly even though he had assigned them rooms.

After that, he bought a ton of underwear and clothes from a nearby shop, and distributed them the earring shaped artifacts he got from Erta.

“Ooh, these clothes are so comfortable.”

“The underwear are too small, Your Majesty. Both my chest and my hips are tight…….”

“Then go buy them yourself later.”

The elves now were no different from Earthlings after they wore clothes of Earth and wore the earring artifact, other than how they were too pretty.

It was funny since they looked so off, but now, there was no way the police or the military would stop them. Although, the scouts from the model industry, or idol office producers may do that!

Good, now, the urgent fire was put out. There were still mountain loads of things to do, but there was something else he had to do before he started working hard again.

“Well, then. You guys have a rest too.”

“What about Your Majesty?”

“I’m going to sleep.”

“Then we’ll sleep with you!”

“You sleep by yourselves.”

Firmly declaring that, Yu IlHan returned to his room and snuggled next to Liera, who was sleeping in the proper position right now. He thought of the time when Liera slept next to him before she was dragged into the Wall of Chaos.

[You’re going to sleep next to her?]

“It’s not like I can wake her. It’s also not like she minds either, from what I saw last time.”

She doesn’t mind so he’s safe! – if Liera heard that, she wouldn’t know whether to smile or cry. With such a comment, Yu IlHan closed his eyes. Erta found that absurd and retorted.

[Yes, do that…… It will be the best reward for her.]


Erta spoke that out loud, intending Yu IlHan to hear it, but the person himself fell asleep in 1.5 seconds and didn’t hear it.


Momentarily, Erta even doubted whether Yu IlHan did that on purpose even while knowing about how the two girls felt towards him, but seeing a human and a higher angel having a good sleep, she became sleepy, and she also slept next to Yu IlHan’s head.

The first one to wake up was Erta. Well, it was her who had the least fatigue, so it was natural.

‘Although I did give out energy to Yu IlHan due to the Angel’s Support skill, but I didn’t use the final method until the end. Although, it’s more correct to say that there was no situation that arose which required me to.’

There was no need to overuse the Angel’s Support skill as an active skill while fighting the other dragons, and Teraka was an opponent he couldn’t win against by any means. Whatever Yu IlHan experienced, there was no ‘middle level’.

Erta thought of the moment they met with the dragon Teraka. It was close even thinking about it now. Really, it was a miracle that it was a higher existence, and that Lecidna received its ‘shell’.

‘We’ll raise the child well.’

Dragons were horrifying and annoying to have as enemies, but the dragons acting on the humans’ side were several times more reassuring. Thinking of the egg that should still be in Yu IlHan’s Cross Bag, Erta nodded her head.

‘Now that I think about it, the rewards aren’t given out yet.’

Yu IlHan would be surprised when he receives the rewards. Erta thought of such a scene and giggled to herself, when she found that there was a thin and long spear next to the bed.


A very sharp spearhead, and the spear body that was made from unknown metal, definitely showed that it was a high ranked artifact. However, it wasn’t Yu IlHan’s work. It lacked a certain elaborateness to have been made by Yu IlHan.

Moreover, what was that thick pink aura around the spear? It wasn’t normal mana, nor was it an attribute force made with a special magic stone, so that is…….


The moment Erta’s hand touched the spear, a flawless hand extended from the bed grabbed onto the spear. The owner of the hand, Liera, glared at Erta with scary eyes.

[Don’t touch it.] (Liera)

[Liera…… I already saw it.] (Erta)

[Dang.] (Liera)

Erta sighed while looking at Liera who turned her head while flinching, and shouted.

[How can you receive a recorded god’s blessing even though you’re an Envoy of God!!] (Erta)

[But I was about to die, I couldn’t help it!]

Liera shouted shamelessly without making excuses. Before, her eyes were brown with a tint of purple, but now that she received a blessing of a god, her eyes were giving out unrealistic red light, like rubies.

Erta asked, her expression was also a little red.

[Aren’t you embarrassed?] (Erta)

[What’s there to be embarrassed about? I’m proud.] (Liera)

So angels become so frightening when in love… Erta just laughed in dumbfoundedness and confirmed the information of the spear.

[Apocalyptic-ally Beautiful Steel spear Blessed by the god of love]1

[Rank – Epic]

[Attack Power – 7,500]

[Options – All options are applied as long as the love is kept

1. All abilities increase by 40%

2. Creates a huge shockwave by consuming mana every critical hit.

3. Will not receive critical hits as long as the user is grabbing the spear, and dodge rate increases by extreme amounts

4. All abilities increase additionally by 30% in battles to protect the beloved]

[User restrictions – The one blessed by the god of love]

[A tattered sword kept as the proof of love evolved from the blessing of a god, and became a spear. It evolves according to the growth of the user’s love.]2

Yes. Liera could escape the crisis thanks to receiving the blessing of the god of love in the crisis of death!

[*Screams*!] (Erta)

Erta puked out blood. She felt her hands and feet getting the shivers just by reading the abilities of the artifact! It was a splendid hand crusher from the name to the description!

Looking at such Erta, Liera embraced the spear and spoke proudly.

[It’s the sword that IlHan made for the first time. Although, it’s a spear now.] (Liera)

[You hid such things in secret!? It sure has amazing power to attack a person’s heart just by reading the information on it.] (Erta)

[There’s no such function though……]

While the angels were chatting, Yu IlHan woke up due to the blinding green text that appeared on his retina.

[You have achieved one of the conditions to be blessed by the god of smithing. You will receive the blessing once you fulfill another condition.]


Just what did he do to fulfill something! Yu IlHan who woke up from sleep, could find the mini sized Erta floating in the air, and Liera who was hugging a spear that was giving out overwhelming force.

[Oh.] (Liera)

Her eyes widened when she looked at Yu IlHan who woke up with a shout, but she eventually put on a bright smile like a blooming flower and spoke.

[IlHan, I’m back.] (Liera)

「“Welcome back”」


Yu IlHan laughed faintly and replied when Liera said that.

“Yeah. Let me have a look at that spear.”

This was Yu IlHan’s best attempt to resist since he felt that something might end if he said ‘Welcome back’.

Author’s notes

The elf imperial bodyguards have hit max on loyalty. It’s loyalty until the end. Probably

Is it just Liera that Erta saw?

The elves bodies developed unilaterally thanks to eating meat.

In Japan, there’s an ending type called ‘Tadaima-Okaeri’ ending.

After the fight with the last boss, when the main character goes back to his homeland with his exhausted body, the heroine who waited for him all that time, will receive him. Main character finally feels that everything is over! His ‘I’m back!’ (Tadaima) and her ‘Welcome back’ (Okaeri) would end the series. It’s a type of cliché

Translator’s notes

I’ll differentiate ‘God’ and ‘god’ (former being Heaven’s ‘God’, and the latter being recorded ‘god’)

Wait, did I say that before?

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