Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 965 - Complete Annihilation!

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Chapter 965: Complete Annihilation!

“Senior Brother, watch out?”

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect scoffed internally when he heard Hang Qiuyu’s warning.

Relying on the advantage of his Destiny Dharmic Weapon and the might of his sect’s sword art, he had already blocked all 45 lotus seeds. The few talismans that he tore apart were unnecessary – what was there to be careful about?

The moment he thought of that, his expression changed!

Something was not right!

Although the 45 lotus seeds were cut down, they shone with a green glow that penetrated his sword qi barrier and the defense of his talisman, surging into his consciousness!

The lotus seeds were Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons.

Although the sword light talisman could block the main body of the lotus seeds, it could not block the killing power of the spirit consciousness attack released by them!

By the time the Void Reversion of Sword Sect noticed it, it was already too late.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

45 rays of light surged into his consciousness and pierced through his Essence Spirit like a volley of arrows!


His sword fell and the talismans dissipated.

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect’s eyes were unfocused and there were no wounds on his body. However, there was no life within him and he collapsed to the ground.

This was a killing move that targeted the Essence Spirit!

Although he looked uninjured on the surface, his Essence Spirit was gone and he was dead!

Many Sword Sect cultivators were shocked when they saw the Void Reversion fall and retreated with pale faces.

Only Hang Qiuyu stood at the front with a conflicted expression and sighed deeply.

In some ways, he was lucky.

He had witnessed Su Zimo’s methods before.

Therefore, he was fearful and would not try to challenge that person again.

However, many people had not seen it before.

Therefore, many people wanted to kill the monster incarnate.

However, none of them had seen how many corpses were piled beneath the feet of this monster incarnate!

Which of those corpses were not paragons when they were alive?

None of them would ever be able to experience that suffocating fear if they had not exchanged blows with him personally!

Hang Qiuyu no longer wanted to experience it.

He sighed and put away the corpse of the Void Reversion.

The only thing he could do was not take revenge but return to the sect and bury it properly.

That was all.

On the battlefield.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

With two Void Reversions dead, Su Zimo’s Dviadhi Dao Fire had already arrived before the Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall!

He hesitated for a moment.

When he saw that Su Zimo had conjured his Dao fire and attacked him, his first reaction was disdain.

Although he was afraid of Su Zimo’s physique and was afraid of melee combat, he was not afraid of other methods of combat!

After all, the difference between their Essence Spirits was a major cultivation realm and Dharmic powers was multiple times – there was no way to make up for that difference.

Therefore, he conjured a Dharmic art and was prepared to retaliate with Hellfire.

However, right after, he saw two Void Reversions of Chaos Essence Sect and Sword Sect perish!

That shocked him and he almost turned to flee.

Before long, he calmed down.

The two Void Reversions of Chaos Essence Sect and Sword Sect died mainly because of the power of the Creation Green Lotus.

But now, he had no reason to fear this fire Dharmic art!

Furthermore, he had already conjured his Dharmic art in front of everyone. If he were to turn and flee, he would definitely become a laughing stock!

At that thought, he made the worst decision of his life.

It was also his final decision!

“How dare you show off your insignificant skills!”

The Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall sneered and conjured a ball of Hellfire with both hands. It emitted a sinister and cold aura and charged towards the incoming Dao Fire!

There was no intense collision as expected.


Almost instantly, his Hellfire extinguished as though it had encountered a terrifying power!

After Su Zimo’s two Essence Spirits fused, his Essence Spirit was no weaker than any Void Reversion or even stronger!

The Dao fire of the Buddhist monasteries alone was enough to suppress the Hellfire.

Furthermore, it was a Dviadhi Dao Fire that was fused together with the immortal and Buddhist Daos!

It was almost a complete suppression!


In the widened eyes of the Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall, the dual-colored Dao fire pushed through everything and engulfed him in flames!


A hysterical shriek sounded from the flames.

After a few breaths, there was no sound.

The flames gradually extinguished and dust fell.

That might be the only trace left behind by the Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall.

The power of the Dviadhi Dao Fire was so terrifying that it burned a Void Reversion into ashes!

In the blink of an eye, three out of the five Void Reversions were dead!

The entire process was so short that Su Zimo had already arrived before Dao Being Chi Gai and the Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect. The moment he attacked, the two of them were enveloped!

The two of them were about to join forces to hold out for a moment when they realized that three Void Reversions were already dead!

That scene shocked both of them!

Before they attacked, they were already certain that they could not fight Su Zimo in close combat.

Right now, the two of them were merely inches away from Su Zimo – that was equivalent to half a step into the gates of hell!


The Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect roared and prepared to fight to the death.

Su Zimo turned his head slightly and stared at him. Suddenly, his right eye turned white and emitted a faint glow – it was extremely strange!

The Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect suddenly felt his heart skip a beat!

Before he could react, a blinding beam of light shot out from Su Zimo’s right eye and entered his head with a scorching aura!

All his energy was focused on defending against Su Zimo’s melee attacks – he did not expect such a change.


The Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect’s head was penetrated by the blazing beam and his Essence Spirit was destroyed – he couldn’t have been anymore dead!

Another person was killed by the Illumination Dragon Eye!

In the blink of an eye, Dao Being Chi Gai was the only one left!

When he sensed Su Zimo’s palm descending from above and knew that even the Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect who was beside him was dead, he was scared out of his wits!

Even if he had 500 kilograms of strength, he could not muster a single bit of it at the moment.

Dao Being Chi Gai’s mind went blank, leaving only a strong desire to survive. His eyes were filled with horror as he shouted instinctively.

“Perfected Lord, please spare me!”

Against Su Zimo, he was scared out of his wits!


The palm that seemed like it could destroy the world suddenly stopped!

It hovered above his head motionlessly!

When the cultivators saw that, they felt an unimaginable shock!

This was a Void Reversion of Zephyr Thunder Palace!

To think that he would end up begging for mercy under the palm of a Nascent Soul!

Su Zimo looked at that person quietly with an indifferent expression and curled his lips slightly, asking in a mocking manner, “Spare you?”

Dao Being Chi Gai’s face was pale as he nodded repeatedly.

His lips quivered when he sensed the killing intent Su Zimo emanated and the bloodline that seemed as though it originated from the primordial era; he could no longer speak.

“It’s too late.”

Su Zimo sighed and slapped down!


Dao Being Chi Gai’s expression froze and his eyes widened. Streaks of blood appeared on his face!

His head was smashed by that palm!

His Essence Spirit was shattered and he died on the spot!

In the blink of an eye, all five Void Reversions were killed without exception!