Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 939 - Killing with a Sword

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Chapter 939: Killing with a Sword

“Fellow Daoist, where are you from?”

Leng Rou looked at Su Zimo who was not far away and tried her best to suppress her excitement as she asked softly.

“North Region.”

Su Zimo turned around and smiled at Leng Rou.

When she heard that, Leng Rou no longer had any doubts!

If his name and title as a Weapon Refinement Master and even his background from the North Region were coincidences, there was one thing that could not be a coincidence.

The person before them had stood up for them at their most helpless moment and bore all the pressure for them!

This was the sort of boldness possessed only by that person!

Little Fatty turned to Ji Chengtian excitedly as well.

Ji Chengtian nodded subtly.

Shi Jian was the only one who did not fully understand. He scratched his head as though he was conflicted about something.

Leng Rou smiled.

It was a smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

Many cultivators were mesmerized by the smile on Leng Rou’s face.

Leng Rou had an indifferent personality and was cold as ice. Ever since she appeared, she had never spoken to anyone else, let alone revealed such a smile.

If Leng Rou was said to be like a cold mountain that was devoid of human emotions…

That smile was like a snow lotus blooming on the ice mountain. It was crystal clear and untainted, stunning everyone!

“To think that Fairy Leng Rou would smile at him! Heavens, my goddess!”

“Was Fairy Leng Rou moved instantly by a single connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon?”

“I don’t believe it. Fairy Leng Rou must be making use of that person! That person is already on the brink of death and he doesn’t even know it. Fufu.”

Ye Tiancheng looked at the smile on Leng Rou’s face with hatred and jealousy in his eyes. The killing intent in his heart had almost reached its peak!

‘I’m going to make that woman suffer a fate worse than death!’

He howled with a maddened rage internally.

Sensing the wrath of Ye Tiancheng, the nine wyrms that were sprawled on the ground rose one after another and the steel reins on their bodies rattled!


The nine wyrms glared at Su Zimo murderously and let out an earthshaking roar!

Air currents surged and gravel flew!

Many cultivators nearby felt the ground quake in a deafening manner and their minds trembled uncontrollably.

When the nine wyrms were truly enraged, many cultivators realized that the largest wyrm in the middle was a mid-level fiend demon!

It was equivalent to a Void Reversion!

A pure-blooded ferocious beast that was a major cultivation realm higher than Ye Tiancheng and was being controlled by it – how terrifying was Ye Tiancheng’s true strength?

“Ye Tiancheng might not even have to do anything. Those nine beasts alone are enough to sweep through everything!”

Many cultivators were secretly horrified.

Against the threat of the nine wyrms, Su Zimo’s expression did not change and he sat on the chair in a relaxed manner. He even casually picked up the teacup beside him and lowered his head to drink tea!

Without any warning, one of the nine maids beside Ye Tiancheng suddenly moved!

It was Ye Qi who had just killed someone in the Mystic Courtyard earlier on!

Ye Qi’s gaze was cold. With a flash, she arrived beside Su Zimo at an extremely fast speed with a murderous intent.

Her sleeves shook gently.

A dagger appeared and slashed towards Su Zimo’s neck!

The entire process happened in the blink of an eye!

Her timing and angle were perfect!

Su Zimo was drinking tea and was distracted.

Furthermore, it was difficult for him to detect Ye Qi’s approach from his angle!

This assassination method was not inferior to Hidden Death Sect!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

Nobody expected that someone would dare to kill another person with three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master present!

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned.

Others might not be able to react, but given her cultivation and methods, she could naturally suppress the impending conflict if she wanted to.

However, she chose to remain silent.

This Mo Ling from Hundred Refinement Sect who had appeared out of nowhere was truly annoying.

Without any reputation, he wanted to become Dao partners with her proudest disciple with a mere connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon?

What a joke! He was out of his mind!

In this era, Chaos Essence Sect’s fortune was heaven-defying and two paragons appeared out of nowhere, shocking both past and present!

If she could get Leng Rou to become Dao companions with Ye Tiancheng, Dao Lord Lan Yue believed that this would be a perfect outcome for Thousand Crane Sect.

If Thousand Crane Sect could obtain the protection of Chaos Essence Sect, they would be able to extend their longevity by another 10,000 years at least.

Right now, chaos had already broken out in Tianhuang Mainland.

If the four unorthodox groups did not have powerful super sects such as the immortal and Buddhist sects to protect them, they might be destroyed and replaced!

The current situation of Hundred Refinement Sect was the best example!

Dao Lord Lan Yue believed that she had made the right choice – everything she did was for the sect!

However, she had never considered Leng Rou’s feelings.

Leng Rou was her proudest disciple!

Everything had to be under her control.

She would not allow anything to go wrong!

If Ye Qi could cripple Mo Ling cleanly, it would save her a lot of trouble without having to step in personally.

Naturally, Mo Ling would be reduced to a joke.

Dao Lord Lan Yue was expressionless and pondered for a moment without making any moves.

Everything changed instantly within the courtyard!

Under countless shocked gazes, Ye Qi had already arrived before Su Zimo!

However, Su Zimo was still sitting on the chair with a teacup in his left hand. He was drinking tea with his head lowered, as though he did not notice or react at all!

“He’s finished!”

“Fufu, the tallest tree in the forest will be destroyed by the wind. This man doesn’t know what’s good for him. He deserves to die here!”

“Since Dao Lord Lan Yue hasn’t made a move, it’s clear that she’s tacitly agreeing to this.”

Ye Qi’s eyes shone coldly with a ferocious expression.

She knew that Mo Ling was a dead man!

Many Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators were shocked and their reactions were a tad slower!

Even Dao Being Yu Ding’s expression changed and his pupils constricted. He could only shout, “How dare you!”

Even when the dagger was about to make contact with Su Zimo’s neck, he did not even raise his head. Instead, he drank his tea and reached out with his right hand, casually pulling out the Startling Dharmic Sword beside him.


The sword quivered and the Startling Dharmic Sword shone with a blinding light in Su Zimo’s hands. In a flash, it collided with the dagger!

Cling! Clang!

A series of metallic clashing sounds could be heard!

Blood flashed!

In her line of sight, Su Zimo waved his hand and slashed. Ripples appeared on the sword and the dagger in her hands was instantly minced into pieces and shot back!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The distance between the two of them was too close.

The fragments of the dagger melted into Ye Qi’s face and her Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

Ye Qi charged forward swiftly, but her retreat was even swifter!


By the time Ye Qi landed heavily on the ground and rolled to Ye Tiancheng’s feet, she was already a mangled corpse with a disfigured face!

At that moment, Su Zimo finally finished his tea and raised his head, putting down his teacup slowly.

Dao Being Yu Ding’s ‘How dare you!’ had just sounded completely.

While drinking tea, Su Zimo killed someone with his sword!

Everything happened fast but ended even faster!

In the blink of an eye, the dust had settled.

Ye Qi was dead!