Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 892 - Prolonged Homesickness

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Chapter 892: Prolonged Homesickness

The more Dao Lord Extreme Fire thought about what Su Zimo said, the more excited he was.

Samadhi referred to the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos!

This was a different level; a different perspective… This was boldness!

In truth, it was understandable how Su Zimo could come to that conclusion and comprehension level at the Nascent Soul realm.

In the past, nobody, Dao Lord Extreme Fire included, had any doubts or made any changes towards the explanation of Samadhi because all of them merely focused on cultivating a single Dao.

However, Su Zimo’s situation was unique – he was already cultivating the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos before he became a Nascent Soul!

After he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, his spirit refinement was also supported by two heaven-grade cultivation techniques of the immortal and Buddhist Daos.

Furthermore, he had also been cultivating the demonic Dao the entire time.

That was the reason why he could attain this level of perspective!

This was something that nobody in the past dared to even imagine!

More importantly, for a hundred years, Su Zimo had been researching many ancient books and cultivation techniques with great effort because he wanted to establish a Dao. As such, his comprehension level was far beyond the Nascent Soul realm!

That was the reason why he could speak of something so groundbreaking!

He was also the only one who could say something as such!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire could not help but say, “If your method works, the Samadhi Dao Fire won’t even be the endpoint!”

“You cultivate the demonic Dao and possess the Divine Phoenix Bone as well. If you’re able to condense the demonic Dao Fire and fuse it together, that will become the unprecedented Caturadhi[1] Dao Fire!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was extremely worked up and seemed like he was unable to contain his excitement.

Su Zimo seemed to be in deep thought and murmured to himself, “Caturadhi Dao Fire… might not be the endpoint either.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s mouth fell agape slightly – he was in so much shock that he was no longer able to speak.

Caturadhi was not the endpoint?

What other groundbreaking thought was in the mind of this lad?

This was the first time that Dao Lord Extreme Fire realized he was unable to read Su Zimo completely.

Su Zimo wanted to establish a Dao.

This was something that Dao Lord Extreme Fire knew well.

He had witnessed all the effort Su Zimo put in the entire time.

He admired Su Zimo’s persistence.

However, he did not agree with Su Zimo entirely in his heart.

That was because Dao Lord Extreme Fire knew that establishing a Dao so that all mortals could cultivate and become incredible…

Was something even more difficult than ascending the heavens to become an immortal!

It was completely unrealistic for Su Zimo to achieve it singlehandedly.

But today, Dao Lord Extreme Fire realized that he was wrong.

He seemed to be able to see an unprecedented glorious era exuding from Su Zimo’s figure!

It was a great era that everyone could cultivate and alter their fates even if they did not possess spirit roots!

Everyone was incredible and could not trample on others!

It was the true rise of the human race!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire lamented to himself internally, ‘I’m lucky to be able to live till this era. I hope to be able to witness the arrival of that glorious era personally!’

For the period of time thereafter, Dao Lord Extreme Fire merely focused on imparting techniques; the time he spent clarifying doubts had lessened.

That was because he knew that Su Zimo would possess his own unique understanding of many Dharmic Daos.

He hoped that Su Zimo would be able to create his own Dao.

He believed firmly in that hope!

Another month passed before Su Zimo truly left the territory of the demon region.

The Thousand Demon Valley was extremely vast. Even though Su Zimo did not rest and journeyed relentlessly on foot, it took him two whole months before he got out.

However, the Thousand Demon Valley was only a part of the Middle Continent. It was easy to imagine how vast and boundless the Middle Continent was.

Su Zimo had never been to the Middle Continent and knew nothing about its geography.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was the one who took out a map of the Middle Continent and handed it to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo carried Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s storage bag with him the entire time.

However, he could never open it because Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s spirit consciousness imprint was on it.

Later on, when Su Zimo knew that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was still alive, he naturally returned the storage bag completely untouched to the latter.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “This map was from 5,000 years ago. However, I reckon that the locations of some major sects and factions should not have changed much.”


Su Zimo nodded as he gazed at the map on his palm and sent his spirit consciousness into it.

Unlike previously, this map did not seem large on the surface. However, as long as one sent their spirit consciousness within, their perspective would open up in a vast manner.

Any name that was called out mentally would cause the corresponding region to light up – it was extremely mysterious.

A moment later, when Dao Lord Extreme Fire saw Su Zimo’s silence, he thought that the latter was worried about his kin and said, “There’s no hurry to return to Hundred Refinement Sect right away, how about we head over to Elixir Yang Sect and take a look first?”

Xiaoning was a cultivator of Elixir Yang Sect. When they bid farewell at Myriad Phenomenon City, she said that she wanted to return to the North Region to pay their elder brother, Su Hong, a visit.

She should have returned to Elixir Yang Sect now that it was a hundred years later.

Su Zimo shook his head. “There’s no need for that. Since we’ve already arrived in the Middle Continent, there’s no rush to meet with them. We should head to Hundred Refinement Sect first.”

The four unorthodox groups were located in the Middle Continent and were not far from one another.

Be it Xiaoning or old friends from Ethereal Peak such as Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou, it was convenient to visit them all.

Su Zimo was not worried about Xiaoning with Night Spirit by her side.

His only worry was for Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others.

Di Yin once declared that he not only wanted to kill Su Zimo, but also everyone close to the latter.

That was precisely the reason why Su Zimo decided to kill Di Yin and engaged in a life and death battle with the latter.

Unfortunately, the eventual arrival of the Rakshasa and God race allowed Di Yin to escape.

Di Yin had a vengeful nature and would definitely harbor a grudge – it was possible for him to resort to any means.

“I wonder how you’re doing now that a hundred years have passed,”

Su Zimo muttered under his breath with a cold glint in his eyes.

Di Yin was blessed with fortune and possessed frightening talent. He had also inherited the legacy of the Human Emperor and created the unprecedented Chaos Green Lotus that was a mark in history.

Throughout his cultivation path, he had only lost to a single opponent – Su Zimo.

Su Zimo believed that even with the defeat, Di Yin was not going to relegate into depression and vanish into the common crowd.

Up till now, even with the Rakshasa and God race included, Di Yin was an unprecedented strong foe in Su Zimo’s life!

That was precisely the reason why Su Zimo knew very well that Ji Chengtian, Little Fatty and the others were definitely no match for Di Yin.

Su Zimo decided that he would head towards Elixir Yang Sect after he escorted Dao Lord Extreme Fire back to Hundred Refinement Sect.

At that thought, he took a mental note of the location of Hundred Refinement Sect and continued speeding forward after putting away the map.

After he left the Thousand Demon Valley, he traveled for another three days and nights before there was a hint of human activity.

Everywhere he looked, there were small villages with smoke spiraling from kitchen chimneys.

In fact, Su Zimo had a surreal feeling as though he was out of the world.

After speeding for another half a day, a city could be seen in the front. There were carriages, horses, flying swords and cultivators everywhere in a bustling manner.

It was no wonder why the Middle Continent was the most advanced region in the cultivation world. The fact that such a flourishing scene could be seen right at the borders was truly rare.

After he left the Thousand Demon Valley, Su Zimo had already changed back to his black hair and green robes. He altered his appearance as well and was now a burly man.

Of course, Su Zimo rode with the wind at an extremely fast speed. For many cultivators on the ground, he was only a streak of light that couldn’t be seen clearly.

Su Zimo’s stamina was robust and no matter how far he traveled, all he needed was a full night’s rest to recover completely.

Another three months passed and he was finally close to arriving at the location of Hundred Refinement Sect.

During this period of time, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had quietened down instead.

Su Zimo knew that it was a complex feeling; it was a sense of uneasiness that stemmed from prolonged homesickness, worried that something bad might have happened.

After all, 5,000 years had passed and it was a long time. Nobody knew how Hundred Refinement Sect was right now and if Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s old friends were doing well.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s ears twitched and he vaguely heard the sound of weapons clashing; there were heated voices mixed within!

[1] [Annotation text missing]