Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 890 - Departure, Return

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Chapter 890: Departure, Return

A long silence later, Su Zimo finally spoke, “I’m going to return to the cultivation world alone this time round. None of you are to follow me,”

Right as monkey, the spirit tiger and everyone else wanted to speak, Su Zimo waved it off and interrupted. “Listen to me first.”

“Apart from visiting old friends, I’ve got an important matter to attend to in the cultivation world. It’s inconvenient for me to reveal my identity or travel with you guys.”

No matter what, Su Zimo’s identity was still way too sensitive.

Hundred Refinement Sect was within the Middle Continent.

The Middle Continent was a great region where the culture of cultivation was the most advanced in Tianhuang Mainland. There were countless sects and experts.

Xiaoning was in Elixir Yang Sect, Leng Rou was in Thousand Crane Sect and the four unorthodox groups were in the Middle Continent as well.

Su Zimo had deep feuds with Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace and both of them were in the Middle Continent too.

Super sects had strong foundations and many ears and eyes.

Su Zimo did not mind being targeted by those super sects if he had returned to the Middle Continent alone. However, it would be too late for regrets if Dao Lord Extreme Fire was implicated.

Therefore, it was inconvenient for him to expose his identity before Dao Lord Extreme Fire was escorted back to Hundred Refinement Sect safely.

The battle in Myriad Phenomenon City shocked the entire cultivation world and it was no secret that he was sworn siblings with monkey and the others.

If he traveled with monkey and the others, their presence would be obvious. If they were spotted, it would be easy to expose his identity even if he altered his appearance.

“Master, I’ll follow you,”

Solitary Cloud said, “The human cultivators out there have never seen me before. I can help to ensure your safety when I’m by your side too.”

“It’s fine,”

Su Zimo shook his head. “I’m a little worried about things here after I leave. You can help to hold the fort by staying behind.”

Monkey and the others were still low-level fiend demons and it was inevitable that others would harbor designs on their positions as Territorial Lords.

Although they had the backing of Ape Chatter Ridge’s Overlord, there was no guarantee that there won’t be a lunatic attempting anything crazy.

After all, Howling Moon Mountain’s territory had expanded rapidly for a hundred years and many demons were killed – it was only normal for them to have foes.

Solitary Cloud’s eyes dimmed with a hint of disappointment.

He agreed to be Su Zimo’s mount wholeheartedly, wanting to grow with the latter and eventually evolve into a True Dragon.

But now, with Su Zimo’s departure, his cultivation was going to be bottlenecked once again.

Su Zimo noticed Solitary Cloud’s expression and said after a brief silence, “Once monkey and the others break through to become mid-level fiend demons and are able to solidify their positions as Territorial Lords, you can come and look for me at that time if you still wish to do so.”

Actually, Su Zimo’s decision was also an option for Solitary Cloud to leave if the latter wanted to.

After all, he was not really a Dragon.

Although Solitary Cloud put down his dignity to follow Su Zimo, there was no guarantee that he would be able to evolve into a True Dragon.

Solitary Cloud could understand what Su Zimo was implying and fell into deep thoughts.

Finally, Su Zimo rose after leaving a few more reminders. “I’ll be leaving now, there’s no need to send me off.”

Although he finished his sentence, he stood motionlessly on the spot, as though he was waiting for something.

A moment later, there was still no activity.

Su Zimo smiled exasperatedly and caressed the tiny head tucked in his robes in front of his chest gently. “How long more are you going to pretend to be asleep? You’re still not coming out?”


Little Fox harrumphed dejectedly and shrugged her head, glaring at Su Zimo begrudgingly. “Young Master, just let me follow youuu. I guarantee that no one will recognize me in this form!”

“No can do, come out,”

Su Zimo smiled and shook his head; his tone was resolute.

Filled with disappointment, Little Fox crawled out from Su Zimo’s robes reluctantly and moved extremely slowly bit by bit.

Su Zimo blinked and said, “Hurry and come out. I’ve got a gift for you.”

“What is it?”

Knowing that she was unable to make Su Zimo stay, Little Fox was sad and asked absentmindedly.

Su Zimo tapped his storage bag and a beast hide appeared on his palm.

The beast hide was rolled up and it looked old. It was incomplete with fur on its surface.

“What’s this?”

Unable to contain her curiosity, Little Fox closed in and reached out to touch it cautiously with her tiny paws.

The beast hide that was initially rolled up gradually opened; there were mysterious symbols etched on it that bewildered anyone who set their eyes on them.

A unique aura was instantly released the moment the beast hide was unrolled.

Everyone, Solitary Cloud included, felt restricted by a mysterious power and could not move at all!

“It’s that Dharmic weapon! The Demon Sealing Diagram!” Solitary Cloud recalled that apocalyptic fight and exclaimed.

“Yes, this is the diagram,”

Su Zimo rolled up the Demon Sealing Diagram once again with a single thought and the mysterious power vanished instantly.

He tucked the Demon Sealing Diagram into Little Fox’s embrace and smiled. “Don’t be angry anymore, this is for you.”

Solitary Cloud’s eyes were filled with envy.

All the demons present witnessed the might of that diagram in that apocalyptic battle.

To think that Su Zimo would give away a treasure like that so easily.

“T-This can’t do!”

Little Fox only snapped out of her stupor a moment later and shook her head hurriedly. “Young Master, you have to keep this incredible treasure for your own use! I’ve got Brothers Monkey, Tiger and Sister Qing Qing to protect me. I’ll be fine!”

Su Zimo smiled. “Keep it. This item has no use for me. I’m going to return to the cultivation world where there aren’t many fiend demons I can use on.”

“Furthermore, I’m the strongest fiend demon among everyone of the same cultivation realm! There’s no fiend demon that’s a match for me!”

Su Zimo was not exaggerating. Given his physique, he could overwhelm all demons domineeringly without the use of Dharmic powers or secret skills!

Of course, apart from that, Su Zimo had another intention.

Previously, the old fox at the bottom of the Great Qian Palace left something for Little Fox. However, it was taken away by Dao Being Xuan Yu because she tried to save Su Zimo.

Because of that, Su Zimo had always felt guilty.

Little Fox held the Demon Sealing Diagram and pursed her lips tightly in deep thoughts. Her eyes reddened and bead-sized tear drops welled up in her eyes but refused to fall.

Su Zimo knew that Little Fox must be thinking of the item left to her by her mother.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get that treasure back for you personally!”

Su Zimo’s tone was resolute and carried a hint of killing intent.

Previously, he was helpless against the pursuit of Dao Being Xuan Yu. His wrist was severed, his cultivation was crippled and he fell to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Right now, Su Zimo believed that he stood a fighting chance if he were to meet Dao Being Xuan Yu again!

If he encountered Dao Being Xuan Yu again, he was going to get revenge for everything that happened on that fateful day!

Su Zimo rubbed Little Fox’s head and said tenderly, “Don’t cry. Who knows? With this Demon Sealing Diagram, your Brothers Monkey, Tiger and Sister Qing Qing may even need your help protecting them!”

His joke made her smile from her tears. Blushing, she said in a bashful manner, “That won’t ever happen.”

“Alright, I’ll be leaving now,”

Su Zimo took a deep breath and made up his mind. Turning to leave, he waved goodbye with his back facing everyone and vanished into the night guise before long.

Wind howled beside his ears and the shadows of trees passed him by rapidly. Su Zimo gazed into the distance with a firm gaze and murmured softly, “Cultivation world, Su Zimo is coming back! My friends, my foes… how are all of you doing?!”