Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 880 - Overlord Versus Dao Lord

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Chapter 880: Overlord Versus Dao Lord

Many high-level fiend demons were in a bloodied state coiled by the Seven Emotions Threads. Before they could release any demonic arts, they were already in unendurable pain as they sank deeper and deeper!

The Seven Emotions Threads were connected to Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s palms on the other end.

All of those high-level fiend demons were like puppets of Dao Lord Cloud Rain; they were neither in control of their bodies or their fates!

Su Zimo was secretly stunned when he heard the background of the Seven Emotions Threads.

As his cultivation deepened, the level of things he interacted with increased and the Dharmic arts and secret skills that he encountered were more powerful as well.

In fact, there were Dharmic arts that were unfathomable and impossible to defend against!

The Seven Emotions Threads was one of those.

Be it human cultivators or fiend demons, as long as they were living beings, they would possess the seven emotions of joy, anger, worry, longing, despair, fear and shock.

There would be no life without the seven emotions, such as a rock.

However, even when a rock becomes sentient and turns into a demon, it would possess the seven emotions to a certain extent.

According to the words of Dao Lord Extreme Fire, one would inevitably be controlled by the Seven Emotions Threads as long as they possessed the seven emotions.

Within this massive battle, the more furious, worried or frightful one was, the more Seven Emotions Threads that would be produced within their bodies. As such, they would sink deeper into their emotions until they were dead!


There was already a high-level fiend demon that was minced to death after struggling too intensely and producing too many Seven Emotions Threads. He turned into a mist of blood without any corpse left!

Even his Essence Spirit could not manage to escape in time!

It was a truly horrifying Dharmic art!

The most frightening thing was that Dao Lord Cloud Rain was targeting all the fiend demons by releasing the Seven Emotions Threads and nobody was spared!

How bold did he have to be to attempt to suppress everyone singlehandedly?!

The six Overlords were included as well!

Of course, since Dao Lord Cloud Rain targeted all the fiend demons, his strength was definitely divided; there was still a degree of difficulty if he wanted to contain the six Overlords with the Seven Emotions Threads.

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain’s body blazed with raging flames and burned the Seven Emotions Threads continuously.

Although the Seven Emotions Threads appeared constantly, they could not bind his body!

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island was already cut by the Seven Emotions Threads and dark green blood seeped out.

Her blood tainted the Seven Emotions Threads and corroded them before long!

The other Overlords released various methods and broke free from the Seven Emotions Threads as they charged at Dao Lord Cloud Rain together!

Although the old ape looked sluggish, he was the most intense at dealing with the Seven Emotions Threads!

His flesh grew, causing his body to expand as he broke free from the Seven Emotions Threads directly. Although he was cut and blood gushed out all over, his expression did not change.


The old ape strode forward and swung Imminent violently towards the head of Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

Instantly, a blinding golden radiance filled the air!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain narrowed his gaze and retreated, seemingly unwilling to take the attack head-on.

Two rays of resplendent light streaked through the air, shot from the eyes of the Overlord of Vermilion Cloud Valley. They cut through the never-ending Seven Emotions Threads directly!

Many high-level fiend demons seized the opportunity to break free.

“Heaven and Earth Snowstorm!”

A cold, chilling voice sounded and the temperature on the battlefield dipped instantly – Fairy Snowdrift had attacked!

Without warning, snowflakes filled the air.

Every single snowflake was hexagonal with extremely obscure emblems and runes carved on them. They were beautiful and sparkled brightly.

Although the snowflakes were beautiful, they were merciless!

The snowflakes appeared too densely and a high-level fiend demon could not dodge in time. A snowflake landed on his shoulder and caused a stream of blood to spurt out!

Similar scenes appeared all over the place.

The entire world was filled with snow that resembled geese feathers as well as tragic fresh blood!

The howls of fiend demons sounded everywhere!

Unlike the sinister scene of Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s attack, Fairy Snowdrift’s Dharmic art looked more sorrowful and surreal, as though it was not from this world.

Fairy Snowdrift stepped on the snow and traveled through the air with her white blouse fluttering in an incredibly beautiful manner. She waved her hand and all the demons looked up – it was a truly shocking scene!

Su Zimo gazed at the scene with a yearning feeling.

He did not know when he would be able to cultivate to that level.

Dharma Characteristics were almost at the top of the cultivation world and had noble statuses. No matter which sect or faction they were at, nobody would dare to disrespect them!

The fact that Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s group could barge into the eight demon realms and fight against so many demons in a massive massacre was truly enviable.

This was the Thousand Demon Meet!

Right now, almost all the strongest high-level fiend demons in Thousand Demon Valley were gathered here.

How bold did the three Dao Lords have to be to venture so deep into this place?!

“Behold my Demonic art!”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain roared and his glabella shone. The Dharmic powers around his body surged and raging flames shot into the skies, engulfing the entire firmament!


The golden flames enveloped the skies with a frightening might and burned countless snowflakes!

Fairy Snowdrift was expressionless, neither troubled nor enraged, when her Dharmic art was dispelled.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A series of blinding sword lights flashed through the air.

The sword qi streaked overbearingly and there was no life to be seen everywhere it passed!

Lifeless Sword Art!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword had attacked once again!

Unlike Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift, Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s attack was filled with killing power.

Within a few breaths, more than ten high-level fiend demons who were engulfed by his sword qi were decapitated with their Essence Spirits destroyed!

The old ape and the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp had to attack at the same time before most of the sword qi in the air was dispersed.

Many fiend demons felt their hearts race at the sight of this battle.

Overlords versus Dao Lords!

This was a clash between top-tier Dharma Characteristic experts of the human and demon race.

If not for the birth of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, this would be an extremely rare sight!

Su Zimo’s gaze was fixed and he narrowed his eyes tensely, observing every single detail on the battlefield.

He was different from everyone else.

The other fiend demons merely wanted to watch the show.

However, he wanted to get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

He would definitely be mocked if his thoughts were known to others.

This was a fight between top-tier Dharma Characteristic experts. A low-level fiend demon like him would be killed by the aftershock of their strength before he could get close.

He was definitely daydreaming to think that he could steal the Heaven Slaying Sword Art right under the noses of so many Dharma Characteristic experts!

As of now, Su Zimo had no plan.

The only thing he had backing him was Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

He was still waiting for an opportunity!

In midair, the battle intensified as time passed.

Although there were many fiend demons in Thousand Demon Valley, they could not take down the three Dao Lords with their encirclement. Instead, many fiend demons were dying instead!

In truth, if the six Overlords had not taken most of the power released by the three Dao Lords, the remaining high-level fiend demons would have died a long time ago!

Gradually, both parties reached a stalemate.

Although the ball of light was right in front of them, it was extremely difficult for anyone to withdraw from the battlefield.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned deeply.

This was the Thousand Demon Valley after all. Now that there was such a great commotion here, there was a high chance that other top-tier experts from Thousand Demon Valley would be drawn here the longer things dragged on!

If a Grand Demon appeared, the consequences would be unimaginable!

At that thought, Dao Lord Immortal Sword spoke as he attacked, “Fellow Daoists, please fight with your true strength and help me hold out for a moment. I’m going to head over and retrieve what’s inside.”

“In the name of my Dao title, I promise the two of you that I will definitely repay you guys immensely in the future if I manage to get my hands on it!”

Although Dao Lord Immortal Sword looked composed, he was getting a little flustered internally.


Dao Lord Cloud Rain agreed to it loudly.

The fact that he could obtain this promise from Dao Lord Immortal Sword made his trip here worthwhile!