Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 837 - : Arrival of the Overlord

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Chapter 837: Arrival of the Overlord

There were more demon beasts after they entered Ape Chatter Ridge and everyone headed towards a certain direction.

There were many forked roads in the forest and visibility was dim.

Although there was no one leading the way, Su Zimo’s group did not get lost following the group of demons in front of them.

“Why are there some low-level fiend demons all of a sudden? Are they here to die?”

“These fiend demons seem to be from Howling Moon Mountain or whatnot. I heard that is the latest territory to rise and their Territorial Lord is a low-level fiend demon!”

“Haha! Even a monkey can rule over a mountain without a tiger!”

Not far away, fiend demons made fun of Su Zimo’s group and roared in laughter.

“Are they blind? Who says that there’s no tiger! I’m right here!” The spirit tiger grumbled softly.

The Rat King gave a gentle cough and consoled, “At the very least, Howling Moon Mountain has made a small name for itself.”

The group of them continued forward.

Two hours later, the clamor at the front grew clearer.

There were people all around and rich demonic qi that surged into the air, almost enveloping the entire forest!

Everyone was spirited and hastened with their footsteps.

Not long after, they exited the forest and their vision expanded!

A massive flatland appeared within the forest with many fiend demons gathered.

Although all of them were in human form, they exuded rumbling demonic qi and it was unusually lively.

A high platform was raised at the front where there were countless roundwood and vines. In the center was a spacious chair draped with a golden tiger skin.

Without mistake, that should be the seat of Ape Chatter Ridge’s Overlord!

Su Zimo swept his gaze and caught sight of Ying Li’s group before long.

Ying Li’s group stood at the front of the raised platform and was chatting with the fiend demons behind him in high spirits.

Apart from Ying Li, nine other fiend demons stood at the front; their auras were strong and outsiders did not dare to approach them.

Without mistake, the ten of them should be the Ten Great Territorial Lords!

They were probably the only ones qualified to be the closest to the raised platform.

The spirit tiger was indignant and mumbled, “If we had known earlier, we should have brought more men here to strengthen our presence.”

With a single gaze, it could be seen that almost a hundred Territorial Lords were here.

Every single Territorial Lord had at least a hundred men with them.

Some of the Territorial Lords even rallied close to a thousand men and exuded grandeur.

Su Zimo’s group did seem much more pathetic in comparison.

Not only were the majority of them low-level fiend demons, there were even less than ten of them.

Su Zimo did not squeeze his way forward and stood right at the back of the group of demons.

In any case, he could see everything on the raised platform clearly given the prowess of his vision.

“We can see the Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge soon. The thought of it is making me excited!”

The Rat King rubbed his palms together and said softly as sweat surfaced on the tip of his nose.

Under normal circumstances, given his experience, there was no way he could have the opportunity to meet the Overlord unless he cultivated to the realm of a high-level fiend demon.

Even if he only managed to catch a mere glimpse of the Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge for his trip here, it would be enough bragging rights upon his return to Howling Moon Mountain.

If he could take part in the Thousand Demon Meet and see the Seven Overlords of Thousand Demon Valley, that would be incredible!

The Rat King was lost in his imagination when Su Zimo’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Here he comes!”

“Huh? Where?”

The Rat King had a lost expression and looked over but could not see anyone.

The other fiend demons laughed and conversed, as though they had not noticed anything.

All of a sudden!

The expression of the leader of the Ten Great Territorial Lords changed and he looked into the forest beside him, as though he sensed something.

Not long after, six figures exited the forest.

The leader was an old ape with grayish white fur. His face was filled with wrinkles, his eyes were hazy and he walked extremely slowly; in fact, he looked like he was hobbling.

The clamor of the demons gradually quietened down.

The Ten Great Territorial Lords had various expressions.

Some of them sighed.

Others shook their heads.

Some of them had mocking looks in their eyes.

For most of the fiend demons, they were stunned.

Even Su Zimo’s mouth was slightly agape and he had a surprised look on his face.

This old ape was the legendary Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge?

This old ape did not possess the dominating might of an Overlord and merely looked old and lethargic, as though he was in his twilight years.

This old ape did not even seem like he was able to move smoothly.

Despite his unwillingness to accept the fact, Su Zimo was clear in his heart that this old ape was the Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge!

That was because the auras of the five figures behind him were simply way too powerful!

They were high-level fiend demons!

Only high-level fiend demons could exude that sort of overwhelming aura to suppress the entire crowd!

It was said that the Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge had five protectors. Without mistake, the five of them should be the old ape’s protectors!

It was beyond everybody’s expectations.

There wasn’t any wyrm mount, green luan or any grand entrance – this Overlord came forth from the forest in an ordinary manner just like that.

Step after step, he slowly ascended the raised platform.

When he sat on his seat, he let out a long breath, as though the walk took a huge toll on his stamina.


At the side, monkey suddenly sighed and said softly, “He looks rather pitiful.”

Perhaps because they were from the same race, monkey felt a rare moment of emotion towards this old ape.

Although this was an Overlord, he could not fight against the sands of time and had to struggle with old age as well.

This hero was past his prime.

Who in this world could escape death?

His past glory and achievements would eventually disappear, drowned in the surging rivers of time.

The five protectors followed the old ape and ascended the raised platform indifferently.

Among them, two protectors had odd expressions that vanished fleetingly; seemingly mocking and excited.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Right then, something crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

He had a feeling as though he was being watched by someone!

Su Zimo turned around instinctively.

On the raised platform, the old ape leaned on his chair as he gazed towards this direction with hazy eyes, looking absolutely emotionless.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads could not evade the old ape’s detection!

Thankfully, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit took the main seat within his spirit consciousness and exuded a rumbling demonic qi so he did not have to worry about being exposed.

Demons surrounded the depths of Thousand Demon Valley; if his identity as a human was exposed, he would be shredded into pieces by the demons instantly!

The old ape glared at Su Zimo for a while before shifting his gaze onto monkey.

He glared at monkey for an even longer duration.

A moment later, the old ape retracted his gaze and the wrinkles on his face seemed to have deepened.

“Which territory are you from?”

Suddenly, the old ape asked.

All the demons were surprised and looked around, not knowing who the old ape was speaking to.

Although the old ape no longer looked in his direction, Su Zimo knew that the old ape was speaking to them!

He raised his voice and replied, “Howling Moon Mountain!”

The moment he said that, countless gazes landed on him.

Even the ten Territorial Lords at the front turned around and gazed at the back.

The moment Ying Li saw that it was Su Zimo’s group, he frowned and his expression darkened.

“Isn’t that the group of low-level fiend demons? How dare they ignore our Territorial Lord’s words and continue here. They truly don’t know what’s good for them!”

A fiend demon said softly.