Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 818 - What Rights Do You Have?!

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Chapter 818: What Rights Do You Have?!

Instantly, the tension in the cave abode became repressive!

A murderous aura spread.

Bronze Bull twisted his neck and smirked sinisterly at Su Zimo’s group; a single order from Black Wolf was all he needed to lunge forward!

Chan Ruyi did not raise her head and said nothing the entire time.

However, unknowingly, two curved sabers as thin as cicada wings had appeared in her hands. They were almost transparent and exuded a frosty aura!

Black Wolf was silent and glared at Su Zimo fixedly.

To his surprise, even after he revealed his clear killing intent, this man was still expressionless the entire time.

His eyes resembled a deep ocean that was totally unmoved!

“Aren’t you afraid?”

Black Wolf raised his brow.

Su Zimo merely smiled nonchalantly. “If you wished to kill us, why would you need to lure us here?”


Suddenly, the killing intent on Black Wolf’s face dissipated and he nodded with a faint smile. “Everything aside, the fact that you dare to come to my cave abode, that boldness alone triumphs every other protector of Howling Moon Mountain.”

The Rat King was stunned.

Bronze Bull was equally stumped.

Su Zimo was the only one with a calm expression, as though he had expected this.

“I heard about everything that happened previously. Although my fiend demons were in the wrong previously, you still killed many demons and two protectors under my lead,”

Black Wolf said with a deep voice, “You can be a protector of Howling Moon Mountain, but bear in mind that you carry a sin so you will have to give your best in the future!”

“That’s for sure!”

Before Su Zimo could reply, the Rat King chimed in with a wide beam.

“Territorial Lord, isn’t this a little too hasty?”

Bronze Bull was indignant and glanced askance at Su Zimo’s group as he could not help but say, “This man has clearly just broken through and looks so young, how experienced can he be? The status of a protector is extraordinary. No matter what, you’ve got to test out his skills first!”

“Shall I play with you?”

The moment there was the possibility of a fight, monkey’s eyes lit with a scarlet glint as he hopped out right away.

He had only fought the fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge ever since he became a fiend demon. Unsatisfied, there was naturally no way he would let this rare opportunity slip.

“Just a wild monkey like you?”

Bronze Bull laughed wildly. “All of you can come at me together!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo spoke, “Actually, I’m not here to become a protector.”


Black Wolf raised his brow slightly and asked, “What do you want to be?”

Su Zimo’s gaze shone brightly as he said in a slow manner, “What I want to be is… Howling Moon Mountain’s Territorial Lord!”

The moment he said that, the cave abode went completely silent.

The Rat King’s eyes widened with a stricken expression.

‘Goodness, has he gone mad?’

‘A low-level fiend demon actually wants to challenge a Territorial Lord?’

‘It’s over, it’s over! I’m going to die because of you!’

Chan Ruyi raised her head and looked at Su Zimo seriously for the first time, as though she wanted to see through him.

Black Wolf narrowed his eyes and they shone violently. Although he remained motionless, a dangerous aura exuded from him that was way more frightening than the one earlier on!

This time round, his killing intent was truly triggered!


Bronze Bull’s eyes widened as he leaped and charged towards Su Zimo with a holler, “How dare you act like a punk before me? Die!”

Su Zimo was motionless against the incoming Bronze Bull.

A shadow darted out from beside him – monkey had already leaped forward.

He raised his fist and his flesh expanded. As though it formed a gigantic seal in midair, he punched towards Bronze Bull’s fist violently!


There was a deafening sound.

Bronze Bull gave a deep grunt and was actually sent flying.

Monkey staggered a few steps back and shrugged his arm as he reared his head in laughter. “What a great feeling! Once more!”

The Rat King’s eyes widened and he nearly bit his tongue.

Bronze Bull was the leader of Howling Moon Mountain’s protectors and had the greatest strength – no fiend demon could match him head-on.

To think that this monkey that had just cultivated to a fiend demon was able to take Bronze Bull head-on without being disadvantaged!

Furthermore, the Rat King knew monkey was not the strongest in combat within the group – it was the scarlet-haired man!

“Could that man really be able to…”

A thought crossed the Rat King’s mind that startled him.

Immediately after, he denied it himself and lamented internally, ‘Impossible! Absolutely impossible! No matter how strong he is in combat, there’s no way he can threaten the Territorial Lord!’

Black Wolf did not move and merely watched Su Zimo.

In reality, his spirit consciousness was already spread and was surveying the activity in the radius of five kilometers.

In his opinion, it was impossible for the five low-level fiend demons before him to attempt to overthrow his position as a Territorial Lord – it was a complete joke!

However, there was nothing unusual in the vicinity.

There wasn’t even any slight activity!

With a darkened face, Black Wolf asked deeply, “Speak, who sent you!”

In his opinion, Su Zimo’s composure was definitely because he had backing that most likely came from Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave or Ghastly River!

“Black Wolf, you’re thinking too much,”

Su Zimo smiled with a deep gaze and said idly, as though he had read Black Wolf’s thoughts, “I’m not from Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave or even Ghastly River. It’s just the five of us brothers here.”

Black Wolf grinned as well, revealing a row of sharp, pearly-white fangs. “Interesting. The five of you think that you’re enough to overthrow me?”

Su Zimo replied, “Actually, there’s no need for you to be hostile towards me.”


As though he had heard the greatest joke in the world, Black Wolf released a thunderous laugh. “You came knocking at my door to provoke me and yet you expect me not to be hostile?!”

Su Zimo nodded and said matter-of-factly, “That’s because, I’m saving and helping you at the same time by becoming the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain.”

“What do you mean?” Black Wolf retracted his smile and asked expressionlessly.

“Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River has coveted Howling Moon Mountain for a long time. If they form an alliance, Howling Moon Mountain will be destroyed instantly!”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “From what I know, Cyclone Cave has been itching to make a move. A few days ago, they even sent a few fiend demons to spy but two of them were killed by you.”


Black Wolf’s expression changed and his eyes flashed with a hint of disbelief.

Most of the fiend demons of Howling Moon Mountain knew about the matter involving Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River. However, he and Chan Ruyi were the only ones who knew about what happened that night – how did this man find out?

Instinctively, Black Wolf turned to Chan Ruyi.

In fact, faint suspicions towards Chan Ruyi even surfaced.

Chan Ruyi had a clear gaze and looked back at Black Wolf without avoiding before shaking her head.

Instantly, the doubts in Black Wolf’s heart vanished.

After a moment of silence, he said, “The three territories are forming an alliance to overthrow me and you’re the same. What’s the difference between you guys? Saving me? Helping me? What a joke!”

“Of course it will be different,”

Su Zimo said, “First, I won’t take your life if I become the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain. Second, Howling Moon Mountain will survive!”

Black Wolf remained silent.

Those two points were indeed important.

He had a deep grudge with the three territories and he would definitely die if they were to form an alliance. Howling Moon Mountain would cease to exist as well, split up by the three territories.

“As for how I’m going to save and help you, that’s even easier to explain,”

Su Zimo smiled. “I’ll become the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain and will naturally take over the matter of defending against the three territories. All you have to do is assist me.”

“Alright, everything is clear. Right now, there’s only a single question left,”

Slowly, Black Wolf rose with a torrential ferocity as he glared at Su Zimo and sneered, “What rights do you have?!”