Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 768 - How Dare You! None of You Shall Be Spared!

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Chapter 768: How Dare You! None of You Shall Be Spared!

The intruder did not bother to conceal his tracks and charged right into Myriad Phenomenon City!

Moreover, his speed was shocking!

The first howl was distant but the second howl was already close to Myriad Phenomenon City!

Many Rakshasas paused in their tracks and turned towards the sound.

Little Fatty and the others were invigorated when they heard that voice.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the others were first stunned. Thereafter, they could not help but stand up, as though they had recalled something.

Many cultivators had lost expressions.

For most of them, the howl did not sound familiar.

They truly could not understand how anyone would choose to barge into the Myriad Phenomenon City to their deaths given the circumstances.

Could it be someone else from the Primordial Nine Races?

Not long after, a figure sprinted in from outside the city. His green robes fluttered elegantly.


When he came closer and everyone took a closer look, they could not help but exclaim.

Su Zimo!

The intruder was none other than the top of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round. He was the person who managed to cultivate three Golden Core phenomenons, suppressed Di Yin domineeringly and even dared to challenge Nascent Souls – Su Zimo!

Everyone was worked up.

Even Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two were emotional!

By some freak coincidence, Su Zimo managed to leave Myriad Phenomenon City and avoid this catastrophe. None of them expected him to make the decision to return!

“You are truly befitting to be number one on the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Dugu Jian spoke slowly and made the remark.

This was the sort of courage that the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking should possess!

This was the true boldness befitting of the number one Perfected Being!

Little Fatty and the others could not help but cheer at the sight of Su Zimo’s return.

Although the remaining fifty thousand cultivators did not cheer, they were much more spirited and positive as well.

The Rakshasa and God race leaders could clearly sense the shift in the moods of the cultivators.

The God race leader glanced at Su Zimo indifferently for a brief moment before retracting his gaze.

He had seen too many of such paragons and monster incarnates… and killed too many of them as well!

This person… looked extremely ordinary; there was nothing special about him.

He was long indifferent to things.

The Rakshasa leader stuck out his grisly red tongue and smacked his lips. He glared at Su Zimo’s body and sniffed carefully before murmuring in an intoxicated manner, “Mmm… to think that there would be such high quality meat in the human race. How rare!”

Su Zimo’s expression had been frighteningly grim ever since he entered Myriad Phenomenon City.

Myriad Phenomenon City was dyed almost entirely red and corpses were strewn everywhere in a horrifying sight!

Those cultivators had died in wretched manners.

Many of the corpses were incomplete and there were clear signs of their bodies being chewed off.

When he came closer and saw the injuries on Little Fatty and the others, the killing intent in Su Zimo’s eyes intensified – they were almost corporeal and could spew out!

Su Zimo swept his gaze through the crowd and lingered briefly on Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s group.

The situation was even worse than he had imagined!

Of the dozens of Nascent Souls, more than half might have already died!

Eventually, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted onto Nian Qi.

Nian Qi’s head was initially slumped and she did not speak at all nor did she acknowledge Qing Qing and the others – she was worried that she would implicate them.

However, when she detected Su Zimo’s gaze, Nian Qi could not hold it back any longer. Instantly, all the grievances she suffered surged into her heart as she bawled out in tears, “Mister!”

“Don’t cry, I’ll save you.”

Su Zimo’s voice was gentle.


Nian Qi held her tears back and nodded with vigor.


The God race leader could not help but laugh as he said idly with mocking eyes, “If I were you, I’d start thinking about how to save myself instead.”

The other six God race beings crossed their arms and burst into laughter.

When Su Zimo approached, many cultivators gradually noticed something unusual.

“His spirit energy seems to be depleted?”

“Yes, I sense that too. How is he going to fight against the Rakshasa and God race like that?”

“I heard that he’s extremely strong in melee combat and can even take on a demon form…”

“What’s the use of a demon form? What demon can take on the Primordial Nine Races? Can he defeat Nascent Souls in his demon form? Those two leaders of their foreign races are even able to kill Nascent Souls…”

Many cultivators discussed in hushed whispers and their initial elation gradually sank again.

Everyone could tell that Su Zimo was in a terrible condition.

His spirit energy was almost completely depleted after his massive fight with Di Yin.

He also had a long journey back without resting at all. In fact, he looked weathered by the time he returned to Myriad Phenomenon City!

“Zimo, hurry and leave. Leave us.”

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

She was using her Essence Spirit to send him a voice transmission!

“Notwithstanding the fact that your spirit energy is depleted and you’re unable to release your Golden Core phenomenon, even if you’re at your peak condition, you might not be a match for the Rakshasa and God race leaders.”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun sent a voice transmission as well, “You possess specialties from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos and you’re the hope of the human race! As long as you don’t die, you will definitely be accomplished in the future!”

“It’s difficult for a lone tree to survive in a burning forest. The outcome here is determined and there’s no need for you to force or blame yourself. This is fate!”

Monk Yin Lu sighed gently. “Patron Su, hurry and flee!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

However, his expression was so cold that it was terrifying!

Even if it wasn’t for Little Fatty and the others; even if it wasn’t for Nian Qi, Su Zimo would not leave.

He was displeased!

Ever since he entered Myriad Phenomenon City, he bore an anger in his heart that he could not vent!

He could not stand by idly and watch as the foreign races trampled and massacred humans!

This was Myriad Phenomenon City, a sacred ground for the human race!

He cultivated the techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos and secret skills of the Human Emperor to become number one on the Phenomenon Ranking. If he were to flee today, how would he be able to face the Human Emperor and Fairy Ling Long?


Suddenly, the Rakshasa leader burst into laughter and said coolly, “You three old fogies intend for him to escape? Do you really think he can escape?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two were startled.

The Rakshasa race could detect their voice transmissions using their spirit consciousnesses!

Indeed, the Primordial Nine Races had unimaginable capabilities and it was difficult to defend against them.

“The thought of escaping hasn’t crossed my mind,”

Right then, Su Zimo turned around and gazed at the Rakshasas nearby with a calm expression. Slowly, he said, “I did not cultivate just so I can escape.”

“I want to vent every bit of displeasure in my heart. I want to have peace of mind! I believe in an eye for an eye!”

“All of you intruders from foreign races must die as well!”

Su Zimo’s tone turned increasingly intense towards the end and his killing intent surged. His voice was like a bell that shook the voids!

“I’ll let you guys understand that this is a sacred place for the human race that shall not be sullied!”

“Intruders of foreign races, how dare you! None of you shall be spared!”

By the time Su Zimo’s declaration was complete, Blood Quencher was already in his hands.

Its blade buzzed and a blood beam expanded!

“Ant, you have a death wish!”

The Rakshasa leader was enraged and his eyes shone with fury.

“There’s no need to use a sledgehammer just to crack a nut. I’ll slaughter him for you, leader!”

A Rakshasa darted forward and spread his wings before transforming into a dark streak of light. He burst towards Su Zimo at a terrifying speed!


Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid and circulated his Inner Core. He welcomed the attack and released a loud shout!

The secret skill, Thunderclap Kill!

The energy of the sound wave exploded instantly.

With the brief pause in the Rakshasa’s movements, the blood beam shrouded over his head – there was nowhere for him to run!


The curved saber and Blood Quencher collided violently!

Su Zimo’s attack carried his wrath.

As for the Rakshasa, his blood qi was almost completely dissipated after the burst of Thunderclap Kill. His strength was diminished and he was at his weakest.

The difference between them was clear.

Victory was determined with a single strike!