Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 697 - Refining the Sword Formation

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Chapter 697: Refining the Sword Formation

The Purple Electric Pool crackled and flashed with an extremely terrifying aura!

Su Zimo said, “This electric pool can be used to refine one’s body. Those that can withstand it, we’ll refine our bodies inside together. However, do take note that the power of thunder is the most dangerous. If you feel anything amiss, leave right away and don’t push yourselves.”

“Heh, I was waiting for you to say that!”

Lin Xuanji gave an odd chuckle.

He naturally wanted to obtain some compensation for the fact that he only captured 10% of the dragon vein for his trip here.

The little fox hopped out of Su Zimo’s embrace hurriedly and pouted her lips, shaking her head.

Although demons were mostly strong physically, there were some exceptions.

The fox race did not depend on their bodies for their cultivation.

Su Zimo nodded and walked forward – this was something that could not be forced.

In the mortal realm, there was the saying that one should never trespass an electric pool. To them, an electric pool represented danger and destructive power!

Su Zimo entered the Purple Electric Pool and shuddered.

The electric pool shone brightly and flashed with a dazzling streak of lightning. One after another, purple lightning surged around Su Zimo before entering his body wildly.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and advanced into the depths of the Purple Electric Pool.

Lin Xuanji rushed behind immediately after.

The moment he entered, his eyes revealed a look of pain.

However, he withstood it immediately after.

The more pain one could endure within the electric pool, the stronger their bodies would be refined!

The power in the outer perimeter of the electric pool was considered to be calm.

The closer to the core, the wilder the power of thunder became. It rose with streaks of thunderbolt, as though it wanted to annihilate, drown and devour everything!

One could only truly experience the meaning of the wrath of thunder in the center of the electric pool!

Monkey, the spirit tiger, the Golden Lion and Qing Qing followed behind Lin Xuanji.

The four of them belonged to demon races that placed emphasis on the strength of one’s body – there was naturally no way they would miss an opportunity as such.

Initially, Little Fatty and Shi Jian had no intention of entering.

However, when they saw everyone rush in, including Lin Xuanji, it seemed as though the electric pool was nothing terrifying and they were both tempted.

“Should we linger for a moment at the outer perimeter of the electric pool?” Shi Jian suggested.


Little Fatty’s eyes flickered as he said, “I think that’s fine. We shouldn’t be in danger as long as we don’t venture deep into the electric pool.”

“Let’s go!”

The two of them entered the electric pool.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The moment they entered, they shrieked.

It was the worst for Shi Jian – his flesh was split, his hair stood on end and smoke rose from all his seven orifices.

To begin with, Puppet Sect was not bothered about body tempering.

Before he was electrocuted unconscious, Shi Jian scurried out, looking extremely wretched with a blackened face.

The little fox sniffed and said with confusion, “Strange, why is there the smell of delicious roasted meat…?”

Shi Jian nearly spat blood when he heard that.

Little Fatty was slightly better off than Shi Jian.

After all, his body had just undergone a transformation due to the fog released by the Yellow Springs Diagram. As such, it was not injured by the electricity.

Even so, Little Fatty was in immense pain as his fat body twitched repeatedly.

“Isn’t this just suffering for nothing?”

Little Fatty lamented internally, “I’m having a good life eating good food, enjoying good sleep with a nice round body. Why should I be torturing myself like this?”

It did not take long for him to exit.

Right now, there were only six people in the electric pool – Su Zimo, Lin Xuanji, monkey, the spirit tiger, the Golden Lion and Qing Qing!

Although they were all in the electric pool, their positions varied.

The difference between the six of them was also clear!

Su Zimo had arrived at the center of the electric pool and assumed a lotus position. The blood qi in his body surged as he absorbed the rampant power of thunder to refine his body.

Unexpectedly, Lin Xuanji was the closest to the center of the electric pool!

It was no wonder why he was this generation’s successor to Enigma Palace. His methods were endless, his strength was unpredictable and even his physique was terrifying to such an extent!

Monkey was slightly behind Lin Xuanji.

Behind monkey was the spirit tiger.

In truth, the spirit tiger’s bloodline was the most ordinary among all of them.

Thankfully, he had cultivated the Marrow Cleansing section of the Void Thunder Manual and was able to swap blood through his marrow. By accident, he managed to absorb four claws of unknown origin into his body as well.

The spirit tiger’s physique was also transforming silently!

After the spirit tiger was the Golden Lion and Qing Qing.

The six of them found the limit which they can endure in the electric pool and sat down, taking in the power of thunder for their cultivation.

A scroll made of beast skin hovered in the middle of the electric pool.

Su Zimo reached out and retrieved the beast skin before unfolding it.

At the top corner of the beast skin, there were three words – Purple Thunder Manual!

This was a section in the Void Thunder Manual which was crafted by the Thunder Emperor and was a heaven-grade cultivation technique!

If one could cultivate a heaven-grade cultivation technique upon advancing to Nascent Soul realm, not only would they be able to cultivate at a terrifying speed, their Essence Spirits would also be much stronger than the Essence Spirits that were cultivated with light-grade cultivation techniques!

It was the difference between Heaven and Earth!

A powerful Essence Spirit meant that one would be able to manipulate more Dharmic powers and was stronger!

Su Zimo took a quick glance before putting the Purple Thunder Manual carefully into his storage bag.

This cultivation technique was going to be his strongest support for his immortality cultivation after he advanced to the Nascent Soul realm!

At the same time, Su Zimo gained an immense curiosity towards the Yin Spirit section of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

The Yin Spirit section came after the Core Formation section and corresponded to the Nascent Soul realm of the immortals.

Without cultivating a Yin Spirit, Su Zimo would not be able to see the cultivation techniques of the Yin Spirit section.

Su Zimo was certain that the Yin Spirit section Die Yue imparted to him was a heaven-grade cultivation technique!

He did not know what was its limits.

Furthermore, Die Yue had imparted to him the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Up till this point, he could only manage to summon seven demon kings with five more that had yet to appear.

Su Zimo was looking forward to whether another demon king would appear with the Yin Spirit section!

As he experienced the berserk power of thunder, a thought crossed his mind and he withdrew 27 supreme-grade flying swords from his storage bag.

That was the set of flying swords required to form the Illumination Sword Formation.

Prior to this, the supreme-grade flying swords were tainted by the blood of powerful demon beasts and their powers would diminish after prolonged exposure.

Su Zimo was also contemplating about how he could upgrade the set of flying swords.

Now, with the help of the electric pool, he could truly refine the 27 flying swords once again.

Although he could not raise their grades, he could boost their power by imbuing them with the power of thunder.

The resultant impact would be even greater with 27 of them together.

The increase in power of the Illumination Sword Formation would be seen even clearer!

Su Zimo waved his hand and the 27 flying swords scattered around him into the Purple Electric Pool, shining with streaks of lightning on their blades.

Everyone that entered the tomb had obtained opportunities for themselves respectively.

At that moment, a group of cultivators arrived above the tomb – there were several thousands of them!

Their leader was a scrawny man that resembled a bamboo pole. He stood in midair with a cold expression, glaring down as his eyes flickered.