Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 679 - Suppressing Corpses

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Chapter 679: Suppressing Corpses

“Who is the tactless one trying to meddle in the affairs of the Corpse Refinement Cult!”

The leader of the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators glared at Su Zimo’s incoming group. His eyes were unblinking, resembling those of dead fishes, and his voice was sinister and murderous.

Another person said coldly, “Beasts, you had better scram far away. Otherwise…”

“Hehe, given Corpse Refinement Cult’s supreme mystic classic, we can easily turn you guys into battle corpses and let you suffer a fate worse than death!”

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly. Nobody saw what he did but in a flash, he bolted into the Corpse Refinement Cult group like an arrow.

It was too fast!

The distance between both parties was not far to begin with.

Su Zimo’s Inner Core and Golden Core were at perfected realm. When he circulated both cores together with his demonic and spirit energy alongside the power of his blood qi…

Even pure-blooded ferocious beasts with sharp, keen senses and powerful bodies wouldn’t be able to react to that burst speed, let alone the cultivators of Corpse Refinement Cult!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

There was no technique or spirit art.

He barged in purely with his body!

Right in front of everyone, the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators that stood in Su Zimo’s way were rammed into pieces with blood spewing everywhere, like gigantic watermelons!

He was a human weapon!

Nobody could withstand his might as he charged his way through the crowd!

Seven Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators were sneering a moment earlier. Immediately after, they were rammed to death without even understanding how they died!

A Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator reacted to it and defended instinctively by propping his Chaos Essence Iron Rod in front of him.

Unexpectedly, a black shadow darted over.


The iron rod in his hands was snapped into two.

The middle portion where it was snapped thrust into his chest like a spear, penetrating it completely!

Another Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator yelled and withdrew a shimmering silver shield from his storage bag before injecting spirit energy into it furiously.

Instantly, a bright beam shone.

The shield expanded with the wind like a silver mountain peak that guarded the man behind it. It shone with five spirit lights and was bedazzling!

It was a perfect-grade defensive spirit weapon!

In the cultivation world of the Great Zhou Dynasty, a perfect spirit weapon would cause quite a huge stir.

However, Su Zimo’s expression did not change – in fact, there were no emotions in his eyes.

He had seen too many of such weapons!

Right now, he had dozens of perfect spirit weapons in his storage bag alone!

Su Zimo’s speed did not slow down as his body rose gently. With a cold gaze, he strode forward and stomped down furiously on that gigantic silver shield!

Plow Heaven Stride!

A torrential force surged forward from Su Zimo’s body.

Even if he was facing the heavens, he could plow a massive ravine beneath his feet, let alone a single mountain.


The glowing silver shield was stomped beneath Su Zimo’s feet!

The Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator that hid behind the shield was stomped into sludge despite the shield standing between him and Su Zimo without even making a peep of sound.

Su Zimo’s execution of the many killing moves in the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was getting more fluid.

As his demonic cultivation deepened, the power of those killing moves became even more frightening as well!

The crowd was in an uproar.

Not far away, many cultivators were prepared to join the fight. However, all of them stopped instinctively with dumbstruck expressions when they witnessed this.

It was way too ferocious!

In the blink of an eye, nine Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators died in the hands of this green-robed cultivator!

The scary thing was that the nine of them were completely helpless against him!

“Who is he? What’s his background?”

“I don’t know. The ancient battlefield is indeed a place where paragons roam and monster incarnates are everywhere. It’s too scary!”

“That’s right, notwithstanding the legacy disciples of the various super sects, I heard that a monster incarnate unlike anything history has ever seen appeared in the North Region.”

“I heard of him as well! I heard that he sowed a grudge with Glass Palace and actually managed to murder all their cultivators that have arrived in the ancient battlefield!”

“Man, that’s savage!”

The discussions were loud and fervent.

On the battlefield.

The remaining Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators were shocked and retreated hurriedly along with the battle corpses that they were controlling not far away.

Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators were almost completely reliant on their battle corpses for strength.

Without the protection of their battle corpses, they were extremely weak physically and their actual strength was not much different from ordinary cultivators.

The leader of the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators said coldly, “You truly have a death wish. Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators spend their days with corpses as their companions and their bodies are filled with poison as well. You won’t be able to escape death after crushing their bodies!”

“That’s right!”

Another Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator sneered, “Beast, have you realized that the blood qi in your body is starting to deteriorate? Hehe!”


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter loudly. The blood qi in his body surged with the mighty sound of a tsunami!

He did not seem like he was poisoned at all!

His bloodline was like a cauldron blazing with flames.

It could incinerate, evaporate and cleanse everything!

Even the poison of Poison Sect might not be a threat to him, let alone the poison from corpses.

“You… ”

The faces of the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators turned pale as a sheet.

A tall and mighty shadow charged in front of them, whirling two fists like hammers and barging left and right in the crowd.

There was no way the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators could withstand the iron fists of monkey.

One after another, figures were sent flying.

By the time they landed on the ground, they were corpses without any life in them.

An evil gust of wind blew past!

A ferocious tiger with rumbling malevolent qi lunged down from above the lion, ripping the body of a Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator apart by the stomach as though it was extremely hungry!

The moment the poison of the corpse made contact with the fur of the spirit tiger, it was cleansed into emptiness by an electric current.


A Golden Lion with a dignified might charged into the crowd and let out a deafening roar!

The few Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators closest to it started bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

They were bleeding from all orifices!

The brains of those cultivators were shook into sludge!

Qing Qing and little fox did not head up.

The two of them definitely wanted nothing more than to get far away from those eerie cultivators with the stench of rotting corpses.

Even so, it took slightly more than 10 breaths for Su Zimo, monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion to decimate the dozens of Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators entirely!

Everything ended before the dozens of battle corpses that surrounded Little Fatty and Shi Jian could retreat to help.

In truth, Corpse Refinement Cult cultivation worlds were extremely troublesome to deal with in the cultivation world.

Unless there was a need to, disciples of various super sects would not want to provoke them intentionally.

The battle corpses they had were invulnerable to fire, water and were extremely strong such that they could take on perfect or even connate spirit weapons head-on!

Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators were almost impossible to defeat with a battle corpse standing before them!

However, the weakness of Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators was evident as well.

The moment they fall, their battle corpses would not be controlled and were no longer any threat.

By understanding that weakness, Su Zimo and the others did not give the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators any breathing room and slaughtered the group of them with a thunderous might in slightly more than 10 breaths!

The dozens of battle corpses fell forward stiffly, turning into true corpses.