Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 669 - All-Encompassing Web

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Chapter 669: All-Encompassing Web

A blood mist spread in midair and it was extremely sharp!

The two distinct immortality and fiend saber techniques, Sea Calming and Asura Saber, functioned perfectly and smoothly in Su Zimo’s hands without any sluggishness.

Countercurrent, Raging Tides, Vortex and Ripple…

Ghost Howl, Blood Flow, Hell, White Bones, Phantom and Corpse…

Although Su Zimo was alone with his saber on the battlefield, in the eyes of the many Rainbow Wolf Spiders, it was as though there was a raging tide that was crashing onto shore!

At the side, the sound of ghosts wailing could be heard and there were white bones beneath their feet. Phantoms appeared everywhere as corpses climbed out from blood pools like a grisly purgatory!

This was force!

At the level of ‘force’, a cultivator’s mental state would be affected and various surreal and ridiculous illusions would appear before them.

In the mortal realm, commoners would experience massive pressure and get all jittery when they meet the emperor. In reality, it was because they were affected by the ‘force’ of the emperor!

At that moment, there were already dozens of Rainbow Wolf Spider carcasses on the ground!

Against the shroud of the terrifying saber stance, all it took was a brief moment of distraction for the Rainbow Wolf Spiders to be chopped up, leaving green, sticky blood oozing everywhere.

The blood of Rainbow Wolf Spiders was filled with toxic poison.

When it splashed onto the ground, the surrounding flora withered in the blink of an eye.

The initially moist mud started drying up and even showed signs of turning into gravel and sand!

Some of the demon beasts that could not dodge in time were splattered by the blood of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders. Within 10 breaths, they would collapse to the ground – the toxicity of the poison was rare in this world!

Su Zimo’s blood qi was fervent, like a blazing cauldron – the demonic qi and poison were evaporated into emptiness before they could even get close.

The colorful-robed man had already reverted to his true form.

Compared to the other Rainbow Wolf Spiders, he had the smallest frame.

The moment he landed on the ground with his eight legs, his movement technique was unusual and he was extremely swift – he did not fight Su Zimo head-on at all.


The colorful-robed man let out a series of piercing sounds, as though it was commanding its clansmen at the side.

Under his command, the surrounding Rainbow Wolf Spiders created a formation rapidly at a shocking swift speed. They no longer fought Su Zimo head-on and chose to revolve around him rapidly instead.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the Rainbow Wolf Spiders darted around, rainbow silk shot out from their abdomens, coiling around Blood Quencher.

Blood Quencher was extremely sharp and coupled with Su Zimo’s burst power, it could destroy any supreme-grade spirit weapon with ease!

However, the silk of the Rainbow Wolf Spider was extremely tenacious.

Even with the sharpness of the Blood Quencher, it could not easily sever the endless spider silk that was wrapping around it.

Furthermore, the silk was poisonous to begin with, causing the light on Blood Quencher to dim down as its blood beam diminished rapidly.

Su Zimo dominated the battlefield and was still undefeated – none of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders could withstand his might.

However, not long after, Blood Quencher was wrapped in endless spider silk.

Each time he swung the saber, Su Zimo felt a great resistance as though he was in a swamp!

A great part of the reason why most cultivators were not willing to provoke Rainbow Wolf Spiders was because their silk was a spirit weapon that countered cultivators.

The spider silk was extremely formidable!

Thankfully, Blood Quencher was a connate spirit weapon.

If it was an ordinary supreme-grade spirit weapon, it would have been destroyed a long time ago after being covered by the endless spider silk!

The reason why Su Zimo did not release his Illumination Sword Formation was also because he noticed that.

Although the sword formation was powerful, it was created using supreme-grade flying swords.

As long as something happened to one of the flying swords, the entire sword formation would not be able to function normally – the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

In truth, for the past 20 years, Su Zimo had been pondering about how he could raise the grade of that set of flying swords once more.

All he needed was for each flying sword to be slightly stronger.

The combined increase in strength would be even more obvious with the 27 flying swords combined.

If the Illumination Sword Formation was created, its power would be even more terrifying!

However, the battlefield was filled with changes and there was no room for Su Zimo to ponder excessively.

Although more than a hundred Rainbow Wolf Spiders have fallen and the number was still increasing, Blood Quencher was already trapped by an endless amount of spider silk.

It was almost like a cocoon and the blade could no longer be seen.

Su Zimo had no choice but to let go.

It wasn’t because Blood Quencher was not sharp enough. Rather, the eternal truth of the world was that everything had a counter.


The colorful-robed man smiled smugly and said in a creepy manner, “Do you think that you’re able to challenge the dignity of the Rainbow Wolf Spider race just because you have a connate spirit weapon?”

“I will make you pay for the deaths of my clansmen!”

Although Su Zimo lost Blood Quencher, there was still no fear in his expression as he stood in midair and sneered, “At the end of the day, you’re all nothing but ugly bugs. It doesn’t matter how many of you are killed!”

“Haven’t you noticed the situation you’re in?”

The colorful-robed man reared his head in laughter. “You’ve already fallen into my Rainbow Web Formation and you’re nothing but a trapped bird! There’s no way you can escape!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless Rainbow Wolf Spiders were still revolving in midair, spitting silk.

Unknowingly, the Rainbow Wolf Spiders had already weaved a gigantic spiderweb around Su Zimo. The dense silk weaved together and had no gaps between them!

At the same time, the spiderweb was still getting thicker!

It was isolating him from the outside world completely!

There was no air or spirit qi here.

He was completely sealed and was unable to utilize any energy from the outside world.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Given his strength, he could rip off a single thread of silk without the use of any weapons.

However, millions of threads weaved together endlessly formed an all-encompassing web that could not be broken free from!

The more he struggled, the deeper he would sink within!

“I can sense that your blood qi is extremely strong and rich with a robust lifeforce essence,”

The Rainbow Wolf Spider smiled menacingly. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you directly. I will keep you and devour your blood bit by bit! Hehe, I believe that your blood will definitely be delicious!”

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold as he said icily, “Drink my blood? You’re not going to be alive to do that!”

“Reel in the web!”

The colorful-robed man shouted.

Creak! Creak!

The massive spiderweb pulsated and started shrinking.

Although the spiderweb looked bright and colorful, it was poisonous and filled with killing intent!

Thick, scarlet demonic qi shrouded around Su Zimo. However, the demonic qi sizzled as the rainbow spiderweb enveloped him!


His eyes shimmered as he murmured.

He had cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Although he was only at the Core Formation section, his demonic qi was enough to defend against most damage.

To think that the web of these Rainbow Wolf Spiders was able to corrode his demonic qi!

A race that could reign over a demon region was nothing to be scoffed at.

However, the same way the rainbow spiderweb countered Blood Quencher, there was always a counter to everything in this world!