Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1144 - Killing Intent at Night

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Chapter 1144: Killing Intent at Night

You Lan, Su Zimo and the others found an inn nearby to stay temporarily.

There were inns like this everywhere in Qian Heaven City.

Their group asked for a total of three rooms.

One was for You Lan and Uncle Zheng.

One was for the two princes of Great Shang and Great Xia as well as their Imperial Advisors.

The last one was for Su Zimo’s group of four.

“Brother Su, rest early. Let’s tour the city tomorrow and see if we can find any treasures.”

The prince of Great Shang greeted Su Zimo warmly and bid farewell to him.


Su Zimo replied casually.

The two princes turned to leave and exchanged glances with one another with a smug look in their eyes.

Back in the room, the two Imperial Advisors set up a Dharmic power barrier that isolated the sound of spirit consciousnesses right away.

“Are you sure you want to do this, princes?”

One of the Imperial Advisors asked in a deep voice.

“Of course!”

The prince of Great Xia had a dark expression as he said coldly, “You were present when this person tried to kill me! As the saying goes, the first to strike is the strongest and the last to strike will suffer!”

“That’s right.”

The prince of Great Shang nodded as well. “Since this person is an itinerant cultivator without any shrewdness or background, it’s fine to kill him.”

Pausing for a moment, he seemed to have recalled something as he licked his lips. “Right, don’t hurt that yellow-haired girl.”

The two Imperial Advisors exchanged glances without saying anything.

Both of them were well aware of some things.

The true reason why the two princes wanted to kill Su Zimo was because they wanted to get their hands on the golden-haired girl!

After all, when the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties were still around, the two princes had done too many things like this.

The two Imperial Advisors felt disdain towards this matter.

However, neither of them rejected the princes.

After all, they did not like Su Zimo either.

Given their cultivation and combat strength, it was extremely easy for them to kill three or two Void Reversions in this inn.

On the other side.

You Lan looked at Su Zimo’s departing back view and felt a hint of reluctance.

No matter what, she was the one who invited him.

If not for that, this person might not have formed a feud with the two princes.

If he died here because of that, she would feel bad.

At that thought, You Lan slowed down. After the two princes left, she whispered to Uncle Zheng, “Uncle Zheng, go back first. I’ll be right back.”

With that said, You Lan followed Su Zimo into his room.

“Is there anything?”

Su Zimo raised his brow and asked.

You Lan closed the door hurriedly and waved her sleeves, creating a Dharmic power barrier. She whispered, “Brother Su, if I were you, I would leave this inn right away!”


Su Zimo asked curiously, “Why?”

You Lan frowned slightly and asked in a grim tone, “Brother Su, do you really think that you’ll have a chance to see the sun tomorrow after resting here for the night?”

Su Zimo’s expression changed and his voice turned deep as he asked mysteriously, “Why? Is there going to be rain tomorrow?”

Nian Qi could not help but burst into laughter.

You Lan’s face darkened and she almost exploded!


More like his brains were flooded with rainwater!

You Lan could not help but curse.

This person was truly extremely stupid!

She had already warned him to this extent but he still did not notice.

You Lan was enraged – she had truly misjudged this time round and thought that this person was not simple!

The Golden Lion sprawled on the side and could not help but grin as well.

It had been a long time since he had such a smile on his face.

Suddenly, he felt as though he had returned to the ancient battlefield where the seven of them were invincible and joked around all day long.

That was extremely enjoyable!

At that moment, the Golden Lion felt much more relieved.

You Lan took a few deep breaths in succession as her towering chest rose and fell. She tried her best to compose herself and grit her teeth. “Brother Su! You’re already in big trouble!”

After pausing for a moment, she no longer bothered to hide and said straightforwardly, “Someone wants to kill you. Hurry and run!”

Initially, she thought that Su Zimo would be shocked.

Unexpectedly, he shrugged his shoulders with a calm expression. Waving his hand, he said casually, “It’s alright. My life is tough. Generally speaking, those who try to kill me end up dying miserable deaths.”

He was not lying.

Over the past hundred years, countless experts wanted to kill him but most of them were already dead!

However, his words sounded extremely ridiculous to You Lan.

How arrogant and conceited was he to be able to say something like that without knowing who his opponents were?

If he knew that the people who wanted to kill him were two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, he would probably be scared out of his wits.

“Good luck,”

You Lan was disappointed and did not continue persuading him. She merely left a sentence coldly before turning to leave.

“See you tomorrow.”

Su Zimo said with a smile.

You Lan stopped in her tracks and shuddered in anger. Gritting her teeth, she said, “I hope so.”

After You Lan left and Su Zimo closed the door, he retracted his smile and murmured softly.

“Seems like this is going to be a restless night.”

You Lan returned to her room and was still upset.

“Forget it.”

Uncle Zheng smiled calmly and said, “Princess, why are you angry over someone who is about to die? You are benevolent and already gave him a reminder. You will not be to blame for this matter.”

“I’m just… just…”

For some reason, You Lan felt indignant.

Her first impression of Su Zimo was that he was not simple. That was the reason why she invited him warmly and even revealed her background and plans – she wanted to befriend him.

She believed in her first instinct.

However, after interacting with him for the past few days, she realized that there was something mysterious about him. It was hazy and unclear.

At times, he was silent and his deep eyes seemed to contain the sea of stars.

From time to time, he would exude an aura inadvertently.

It was mighty, domineering and looked down on everything. This ethereal aura seemed like it could devour mountains and rivers and contain the vast firmaments!

However, at times, this person did not seem to be shrewd and did not know when to advance or retreat.

In fact, he did not even notice the scheming plots hatched by other cultivators.

“Let’s not think about him anymore!”

You Lan shook her head.

After a long time, she had no idea what to do and her head felt heavy instead.

She tried her best to compose herself and laid on the bed to clear her mind so that she could retain clarity and conserve her energy.

As time passed, the night deepened.

The entire Qian Heaven City was no longer as bustling as it was in the day and was much quieter.

In the dark night, in an inconspicuous inn, there was a chilling killing intent!

Two figures floated out of a room silently. They were the Imperial Advisors of Great Xia and Great Shang!

The two of them exchanged glances and nodded. In a flash, they floated towards Su Zimo’s room like two ghosts.