Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2772

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Chapter 2772

Stand in the World With Pride

The three of them were fighting intensely with such swift and quick movements. They could not even see each other clearly during the fight. Even Luo Ninger was stunned by their battle and she could not identify them. However, the sounds that came out from the fight were really loud. Jiang Chen was not afraid of anything at all. He did not show any mercy when fighting two of them. He once again casted the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, helping him to withstand all strikes. The two opponents ran out of tricks to repulse Jiang Chen. On the other hand, Jiang Chen became even more courageous as the battle progressed.

Even though the two of them joined hands in the battle and one of them focused on attacking while the other helped to defend, they were still defeated by Jiang Chen. They were struggling when dealing with him.

“You motherf*cker. This guy is as strong as a rock, isn’t he? He’s truly a monster!”

Black Eagle said, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. He had suffered three strikes from Jiang Chen. Those palm strikes had not only shaken his organs but also his confidence.

“Just fight. I don’t believe that he would be able to defeat us.”

Fatty shouted in fury and took the initiative to take action once again. They could not wait any longer because there might be no limit at all in Jiang Chen’s strength. Jiang Chen’s combat strength was becoming stronger and stronger. If they kept tangling with him, they would definitely be killed.

“Eagle that strikes the sky with the claw that shatters the mountain!”

Black Eagle struck with his terrifying claws that broke the sky. Furious wind pressed against Jiang Chen with an overbearing momentum.

“Mountain breaks! Break it!”

Fatty roared angrily, and his roar turned into an enormous pressure crushing against Jiang Chen. Luo Ping could not help feeling worried.

“Little tricks.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and launched his Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. When he stepped out the fourth step, Fatty was already pressured and he started hesitating. When he stepped out the fifth step, Fatty could not breath smoothly and was constrained by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen stepped on his body, mercilessly smashing him to the ground.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen gripped his fist. The enormous True Dragon Palm smashed Black Eagle’s palm. Black Eagle was terrified, his face pale. He was about to soar up to the sky and flee. However, Jiang Chen held him tightly into his dragon palm, completely immobilizing him.

“Spare me a life. I am sorry. Please spare my life.”

Black Eagle became even paler now. All of his bones were crushed by the True Dragon Palm. Black Eagle trembled in fear and he could not say anything. He completely lost his will to fight. Jiang Chen’s thunderous strength had defeated them.

“Formidable! He’s really formidable!”

Luo Ping murmured in his heart. Although Jiang Chen and him were both Early Divine Kings, his cultivation realm might even reach the peak of Early Divine King Realm. However, he guessed that he would not even have any chance to counterattack Jiang Chen if they were to fight. Two Mid Divine King experts were defeated by Jiang Chen effortlessly.

“You two brutes, you almost killed my friends. Tell me, what’s the point of sparing your life?”

Jiang Chen’s cold eyes swept across the brutes. Black Eagle and Fatty’s countenance fell. Jiang Chen did not give them any chance to talk anymore. Fatty was crushed to death and Black Eagle turned into ashes in a flash.

Jiang Chen was invincible, standing in the world with pride.

This was what Luo Ping thought. He’s too powerful. It was very difficult to fight someone who had a higher cultivation realm. The difficulty was indescribable, especially when the opponent’s cultivation realm helped them gain the upper hand in the battle. However, no one was able to escape from Jiang Chen’s hand.

Luo Ninger looked at Jiang Chen in amazement. This young man looked chill and relaxed all the time. But in a blink of an eye, he could kill two Middle Divine King Realm experts. This kind of aura and demeanour was unattainable to normal people. No wonder Jiang Chen received so much admiration and respect from her Brother Ping.

“Brother Luo, I am sorry to have come late.”

Looking at Luo Ping’s injured body, Jiang Chen shook his head and said. Soon, he took out two pieces of pill and passed them to Luo Ping and Luo Ninger.

“Hahaha. Brother Jiang, why do you say so? If you hadn’t arrived in time, I am afraid that I would have died.”

Luo Ping was full of gratitude to Jiang Chen. From today onwards, he owed Jiang Chen another life.

“It’s hard to explain destiny. Hehe.”

Jiang Chen smiled. It was nice to meet an old acquaintance on a huge mountain like this.

“Yes. Brother Jiang, where are you going? Are you also heading for the Qilin Boundary’s Ling Jue City?”

Luo Ping was shocked and looked at Jiang Chen. He felt better now after eating the medicinal pill and his strength was slightly recovered.

Jiang Chen nodded.

“You too? Then let’s go together.”

Luo Ninger said. She was also very thankful to this man whom Luo Ping worshipped. She was curious about this man too.

“This is my junior. Luo Ninger.”

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen nodded to Luo Ninger.

“Let’s go together then.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Great, our journey will surely become smooth since Jiang Chen is with us. We are counting on you now, Brother Jiang. Hahaha.”

Luo Ping said with a smile.

“Brother Jiang Chen, I am not sure if you have heard of this before. In the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties, many experts would come out to compete for the qualification to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Many monstrous geniuses would gather together here in Ling Jue City. It’s gonna be a gathering of heroes.”

Luo Ping said solemnly.

“I am going there because of this event too. I have something that I needed to handle before this, though. That’s why I am late to Ling Jue City. I think the day is coming very soon.”

Jiang Chen said

“It would be easy for you to enter Profound Connection Divine Palace with your talent. Seems like I am more pressured now. Hehe.”

Although he carried a smile on his face, Luo Ping was actually very nervous. All of the talented geniuses would gather at the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties. This only showed that the quota to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace was very significant. More than a hundred talented geniuses would gather at Ling Jue City. At that time, a true battle of geniuses would break out. Although Luo Ping believed that he was quite capable enough, he actually did not have absolute confidence.. There were more than ten disciples from each county, so there might be more than three hundred young experts. He would not be the only genius there. Each of them would be geniuses who would battle madly.

“Let’s see by that time. Since there would not be too many people that could enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Even though there are many geniuses, there would definitely be someone even more monstrous than the others. We would see who the genius is and who is the bad guy at that time.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties would definitely stir up a storm in Qilian Boundary.

The three of them got out from the misty forest quickly under Jiang Chen’s guidance. In fact, the misty forest was actually a trick by Fatty and Black Eagle. It was not indeed a trap. But those who didn’t master the art of formation would be trapped easily.

Jiang Chen and the other two came to Ling Jue City together. He spotted something in the center of the Eastern Ancient Mountain Range. There were a few figures under the crater of the red volcano. They were waiting at the site as if they were guarding something.

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