Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 98 – Breakthrough

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Chapter 98 – Breakthrough

While everyone’s eyes were set on the levitating amulets, there was a dimensional disturbance in the temple and a human figure appeared in the middle of the hall.

The intruder wore a blue robe and carried an ancient sword behind his back. He exuded a lavish vibe, and he brought with him a great Qi disturbance.

As he appeared in the hall, everyone could feel his fearsome presence that quickened the Warriors’ heartbeats and made their bodies shiver.

It was none but Mo Ya!

The pressure he gave off now was a few times stronger than when he fought Lin Zi Yan!

“Condensed prime Warrior!” Everyone was shocked by Mo Ya’s unexpected appearance. They gasped for air, and their eyes were filled with respect. They all thought Mo Ya had left the labyrinth. Not only did they not expect to see Mo Ya, but they also couldn’t believe that he had broken through to become a condensed prime Warrior.

Lin Zi Yan frowned slightly. She knew for a fact that Mo Ya would soon breakthrough with the help of the pill, but it was quite surprising that he did it in just three days.

“Mo Ya!”

Jin Yan’s face changed when he looked at Mo Ya whose presence was now a few times stronger than himself.

“This guy broke through and became a condensed prime Warrior!” Ye Wei’s frown tightened. Before Mo Ya broke through he could stand fearlessly in front of Mo Ya while relying on his scrolls but now…

Facing a condensed prime Warrior who was carrying a three-star medium-grade mystic arm, Ye Wei no longer stood a chance even with all the scrolls in his possession.

In the end, the stances in his scrolls only contained low-level Myst stances!

“Mister, would you be the Glacial Emperor or perhaps the guardian of this temple? I would like to know about the Emperor’s legacy.” Mo Ya stood up straight ignoring everyone’s stares and glares. He greeted Pu Yuan and asked politely.

Mo Ya kind of regretted his decision. He felt like he had missed out on something as he could feel that everyone in the hall had grown a little stronger, especially Ye Wei, Lin Zi Yan, Hong Xun, and Xue Yao.

“Ha! That’s direct, what a shame that master said only cultivators below the condensed prime level could become a candidate to compete for what he left behind.” Pu Yuan glared at Mo Ya and shook his head.

‘Humm… the Bloodmist stance should have kept anyone above the condensed prime level out of the labyrinth, this kid must have advanced to the condensed prime level inside the premises!’

“How about his eight disciples? Did they leave something behind too? Correct me if I am wrong… Or seven shall I say?” Mo Ya’s cunning eyes were set on Pu Yuan for a moment and then he switched his focus to the seven floating amulets.

“You are looking at them.” Pu Yuan answered lightly.

“Thank you mister!”

Mo Ya bowed to Pu Yuan. ‘If I can’t get what the emperor left behind, I will at least be able to inherit his disciples’ skills and treasures!’

Mo Ya threw his sleeve out and created an invisible Qi cyclone that flew right towards the amulets. He wanted all seven of them!

“Stop!” A few of the cultivators shouted angrily, ‘You didn’t even take part in the test! I don’t care how strong you are; you can’t just shamelessly walk in and do whatever you want!’

“Mister, these are not a part of what the emperor left behind, right?” Mo Ya stared at the Warriors who stood between him and the amulets. “Are there rules about fighting in this temple?” He asked politely then switched his attention to Lin Zi Yan, Ye Wei, and Jin Yan who were shrouded in blue pillars of light.

“No, they are not, and no master did not make any rules about fighting…” Pu Yuan gasped. ‘Maybe I’ve said too much.’ He frowned and looked down at Mo Ya. ‘This cheeky kid…’

“No rules against fighting, huh?’ Mo Ya’s lips curled to a wicked angle as he slowly walked towards Jin Yan.

“I alway thought highly of Burning Gold!” Mo Ya stood right in front of Jin Yan asked with a smile on his face as he stared at the spear.

“Are you serious?” Jin Yan looked at Mo Ya with fear in his eyes while he clenched tightly onto the spear in his hand.

“Do you like your spear or life more?” Mo Ya smiled cruelly again and asked in a playful tone.

Mo Ya’s action stunned everyone. They couldn’t believe Mo Ya was after Jin Yan’s medium-grade mystic arm.

“Funny, I plan on keeping both!” Jin Yan’s pupil dilated and he chuckled, “Do you have the guts to do it Mo Ya? Just because you’re a condensed prime Warrior doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want!”

Jin Yan didn’t think Mo Ya would actually fight him. The Jin family was as powerful as the Mo’s. If Mo Ya started a fight, it really would trigger a war between the families that had good relationship for decades.

Mo Ya would very possibly get punished by breaking the peace!

“Haha, if we were outside then no; you are your daddy’s boy! He would do anything to kill me if he knew I did something to you, but you are aware where we are now, right? What is going to happen here will forever be a secret if I want it to be!” Mo Ya couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone could tell he thirsted for blood from his tone and how he glanced around.

“I obviously couldn’t leave any witnesses behind!” Mo Ya stared at Lin Zi Yan, Ye Wei, and then at the rest of the Warriors. His cold voice sounded again, “So I’m afraid none of you can get out of here alive. If I don’t get what the emperor left behind, no one will! There are plenty other Mo’s I can send here after I go home with all your treasures!”

As Mo Ya’s voice echoed through the temple everyone’s faces became pale, and their bodies tightened. All eyes were looking at him cautiously.

“Ha! Mo Ya, stop being so reckless. I’ve passed the test to become the emperor’s successor! I don’t think Pu Yuan will let you touch a hair on our heads!” Jin Yan’s eyes twitched as he looked towards the spectral guardian.

Nobody in the temple wanted to fight because they were no match for Mo Ya, not together and certainly not alone. Their last hope was that Pu Yuan would intervene!

“I’m afraid he’s your problem, not mine.” Pu Yuan shook his head and said coldly.

After hearing what Pu Yuan’s words, Jin Yan’s face darkened.

“Hahaha! That is some wishful thinking!” Mo Ya laughed hysterically and said, “Where is your dad now?!”

Mo Ya raised his head and looked at Pu Yuan. With the sensitivity of a condensed prime Warrior he was the only one who noticed the absence of Pu Yuan’s own Qi. Which made it safe for him to assume that this enormous spectral guardian could only act according to the Glacial Emperor’s orders. This meant that if he didn’t break any rules, there was absolutely nothing Pu Yuan could do to him.

Pu Yuan sighed, showing deep resentment in his eyes.

“Then we will just have to rely on ourselves!” Ye Wei quickly took out his medium-grade scrolls and tried to come up with a countermeasure.

“Mo Ya, you have just broken through! I don’t think you should be this cocky!” Jin Yan shouted then pointed his spear at Mo Ya.

Lin Zi Yan’s eyes turned bright purple, and her body flooded with power that was hidden in her blood. In mere moments, she became as powerful as a peak ten-star Warrior.

She then took a step forward to stand beside Ye Wei.

Hong Xun, Xue Yao, and the other Warriors stared at Mo Ya with determination in their eyes then unwillingly stepped closer to Jin Yan. They knew what they had to do to survive.


The sound of a torn scroll and the glow of mystic arms filled the temple. It wasn’t long before runes and stances were flying towards Mo Ya.

Nobody held anything back; they wanted to finish the fight before anyone got hurt by Mo Ya.

The stances created strong currents in the sealed hall. Robes were flowing in the air and hair became messy as the air inside the temple raged intensely.

“Get him!” Jin Yan grunted as his dense Qi went from his dantian into his spear thus activating the stance inside.

“Septet Incinerating Strikes!” His spear shone brightly as the low-level Myst stance burst forth.

Jin Yan thrust his spear forward and seven golden Qi spears closely followed, each aimed at the spots of Mo Ya’s body.

‘Purple Lotus Finger Strike!’ Lin Zi Yan groaned and put all her strength into her right hand. Her purple hair flowed in the air as she approached Mo Ya. A violet runic flame appeared around her hand and turned into a lotus shape.

The runic flower carried a fearsome presence!

Lin ZI Yan then flicked her finger, and the runic lotus became a flash, quickly flowing towards Mo Ya.

“Green Lotus Sword Dance!”

“Golden Bell!”

Xue Yao and Hong Xun used their best stances and the petal blades and spinning runic bell followed Lin Zi Yan’s lotus’ path towards the newly broken through condensed prime Warrior.

“Darkmoon Tiger Strike!”

“Raging Bull Palm!”

“Raining Swords!”

Over thirty Warriors used their scrolls and arms in hopes that it would neutralize Mo Ya.

“Do you really think this child’s play can stop me? Who do you think I am? Let me show you what I can do now.” Mo Ya laughed hysterically. His vision was blocked by bright runic light, but he just looked at the stances with a disdainful gaze; his eyes twitched then his body absorbed the surrounding primal energy.

The roar of a dragon sounded in the temple as Mo Ya’s sword was no longer on his back but in his hand. He did not need to move much to activate his stance. A mountain-like enormous green sword appeared in the air and crashed down towards the Warriors.


The green sword destroyed everything in its path. All the stances it touched turned to dust, and although there were more than thirty Warriors, Mo Ya proved to be stronger than anyone imagined.

Although Mo Ya had just broke through, his foundation was stronger than most Warriors, so even without much training and learning how to handle his newfound power, he was able to take full advantage of it. With a three-star medium-grade mystic arm in his hand, his sword strike was no weaker than a mid-level Myst stance!