Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 9 –Dragons Don’t Associate with Snakes

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Chapter 9 –Dragons Don’t Associate with Snakes

“There’s no way I could perform a stance before becoming a seven star Student. Then I could refine my stances or possibly create some. It would be great if I could get hold of some Quenching pills though…”

Ye Wei whispered to himself as he closed the door, exiting the small house into the courtyard.

Outside Zi Yan’s place lay a cobblestone path that led straight to the Green Phoenix Hall’s front gate. Trees blossomed on both sides of the pathway. They acted as vertical blinds, filtering the sunshine and projecting webs of shadows across the ground. While walking through the patches of light, Ye Wei thought about today’s life-altering events.

He visited the Mystic Mountain in his dream and obtained a treasure trove of knowledge on runes, yet he still remained a one star Student with his unchanging red Sentient.

Having enough Qi and Primal energy to perform a stance, which was the basis of harvesting cosmic energy through refinement or stance creation, required a seven star cultivation. There was nothing more important than training right this moment for Ye Wei.

Cosmic energy could only benefit whoever performed the stance refinement or creation, which would ultimately cleanse and transform his or her Sentient.

Talent in physique and combat were crucial to one’s rapid improvement. In Ye Wei’s case, where he lacked both, he would surely need some Quenching concoction to quicken his training!

‘I shall breakthrough to two star level. One step at a time!’

While walking gracefully on the cobblestone path, Ye Wei fist pumped and promised to train harder.

‘I will soon become as strong as my cousin Ye Zhong, and become the pride of my family! It was just an impossible dream… but now I know it could become reality! With all the knowledge in my head, it is entirely possible!’

Ye Wei was filled head to toe with positivity and confidence like never before.

‘From one star to two… Body strength should be my main focus!’

‘The most direct and simple way to improve my body strength is to nurture it with primal energy. But it’s hard and slow for me to absorb primal energy from nature due to my limited talent. I would need at least six months to get to two stars!’

‘But if I can somehow get enough Quenching pills, it should only take around two weeks for two stars!’

Though Ye Wei was quite determined, the Ye family had limited resources, which were usually spent on more talented family members.

He understood the family’s practice. If he were the head of the family, he too would distribute the resources all the same. Therefore, he was well aware that getting goods comes up to himself and his connections.

When Ye Wei reached the gate of Green Phoenix Hall, the sun was already half sunken under the skyline, painting the sky red. It was already time for students to return to their dormitories.

As Ye Wei exited Green Phoenix Hall, more students stared at him again. This time, however, they were Green Phoenix girls, who were pointing and gossiping.

“What is this boy doing at a female hall?”

“Who is that? I’ve never seen his face before. He doesn’t look like he’s from Crouching Dragon Hall… Is one of our girls getting another pathetic admirer?

“There are too many daydreaming romantics in this world!”

“He isn’t from Crouching Dragon Hall. What is he doing here?”

The harsh words did not escape Ye Wei’s ears; he raised his eyebrows slightly but didn’t talk back.

Three years of listening to scathing comments and criticism… What he heard now could only be mild, and he could dismiss them rather easily. He had learned to be thankful to the critics and bullies who strengthened his mind.

“Ye Wei? Why are you here?”

Out of the blue was a familiar voice that startled him, and his face went pale in a matter of seconds. Ye Wei unwillingly turned around, casting his eyes towards the source of the voice.

He was looking at a teenage girl in a red leather dress and standing in a pair of silver long boots. Her shiny black hair fell over her ears, giving off a young and energetic vibe. Her friends convinced her to talk to Ye Wei.

Her name was Joe Yin, and she was once close to Ye Wei!

“I’m waiting for a friend, this visit has nothing to do with you!” Ye Wei made up an excuse. He was triggered by her presence, though, and his eye twitched slightly. He took a deep breath and stared at her coldly.

“You? Waiting for a friend outside Green Phoenix Hall? Joe Yin chuckled and looked at Ye Wei with a sarcastic smile like as if she just heard a good joke.

The Joes and the Ye’s were very close, and the two families often invited each other over. Ye Wei and Joe Yin had known each other since they were toddlers because of this. They were the same age; with Ye Wei being slightly older, however, he always took care of Joe Yin as if she were his own little sister. They were like two peas in a pod and quite fond of each other.

In the entry exam, Ye Wei was told he had a red Sentient and Joe Yin, green. With that kind of talent, Joe Yin’s cultivation skyrocketed and got herself into the intermediate class, while Ye Wei got stuck at one star level, sitting in the junior class.

Joe Yin would forever be like a little sister to to Ye Wei. Even after reaching six stars, getting herself into the intermediate class and a place to live in Green Phoenix Hall, the mental image of a snot-nosed crying little sister who was always clinging onto him did not fade.

Ye Wei thought Joe Yin still needed his babysitting!

Half a year ago, right before Joe Yin was about to move to Green Phoenix, Ye Wei enthusiastically went to help her pack. However, he didn’t even get a thank you.

“Dragons don’t associate with snakes.” For Ye Wei, it wasn’t just a rough insult—it was disapproval and betrayal from the person closest to him. Those five words were like sharp nails buried deeply into his heart. That was when Ye Wei realised Joe Yin grew up and changed; in the real world, you would be despised by everyone unless you are feared!

In Joe Yin’s mind, being associated with Ye Wei was shameful. Even being seen talking to him for a minute would look bad!

“Ye Wei, right? Stop daydreaming, you and Joe Yin are literally in different worlds!”

“Joe Yin is going to breakthrough to seven stars and will become a Warrior in around two years, at most. How about you? One star in three years? Now that’s a feat!”

“You? Waiting for a friend? Can you not read? It reads Green Phoenix Hall on the gate! The elites who live here are way out of your league!”

“Why don’t you look into a mirror? And tell me what you see?”

The girls around Joe Yin were riding on their high horses, looking down on Ye Wei and giving their all to insult him.

Ye Wei was trying his hardest to keep his cool from all this poisonous hatred. His face became paler and paler, his nails dug into his palm and his clenched fists colored his knuckles white.

Ye Wei slowly raised his head while grinding his teeth. His black eyes held a cold aura as they passed over everyone before finally resting upon Joe Yin. He never wanted anything from Joe Yin. He only gave and gave selflessly, but never did he think that all he would receive in return was ice-cold mockery!

Who was this person who looked like Joe Yin?

People change!

‘You can count on people as much as you can count on putting out fire with paper!’

‘You must only believe in yourself. Only by gaining strength would one receive respect from others… not when you are weak!

Ye Wei tried his best to learn something, making what good he could from this mess,and this thought is what he came up with.

Ignoring Joe Yin and all the insults, Ye Wei kept his cool and walked away.

“Ye Wei, don’t come again. We live in different worlds. I couldn’t have explained myself any better than that day—dragons don’t associate with snakes! I don’t want to be seen with you!” Joe Yin said while staring at Ye Wei’s back as he walked away, cutting all ties.