Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 82 – Rewards

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Chapter 82 – Rewards

“That’s fine with me. If that boy can’t open the fourth pillar, he can get a share of the treasures from our three repositories. He has contributed way more than any of us here. Hell, I would be fine if he gets a larger share than myself!”

“My life was saved by this boy! He generously used three scrolls altogether; three medium-grade scrolls to save us! He can take more off my share if you guys are stingy!”

Everyone expressed their views as they looked at Ye Wei only to see how pale his face had become after hours of effort. His forehead was shiny with sweat, and it was apparent that Ye Wei was tired. It was obvious that cracking the fourth pillar was no easy task.

Nobody disagreed. Everyone was more than happy to share their treasure although some of the cultivators weren’t as vocal. They all knew the reason they were able to come this far.

The runic repositories were now in their possession, and with the oath in place, there was no way that anyone would betray the rest of the group. Because they were in no hurry, everyone sat back down to cultivate, recovering their Qi and will-force while they waited for Ye Wei.

After an hour, everyone could see that Ye Wei was completely exhausted from the way he was standing and trembling. A few of them stood up ready to catch him when he fell.

“If there is no way, you should give up!”

“Little brother, just forget about it… You’ve tried your best; we can see it, and you know it. We will give you double from our treasure! Please don’t hurt yourself!” People were walking up to Ye Wei to show their concern. They couldn’t take their eyes off his shaky body.

“Open!!” People were about to help Ye Wei down and force him to rest, but he suddenly opened his eyes and howled.

Crack, crack, crack!

As Ye Wei’s howl echoed in the chamber, the fourth crystal pillar vibrated vigorously. Suddenly a small crack appeared on it. Through the crack on the pillar, Ye Wei could see something shiny. He slowly exhaled with a mild smile on his face. He then put his trembling hand through the crack and grabbed the runic repository.

“Sorry, I’ve made you guys wait again!” Ye Wei’s face was ashen as he looked at everyone’s caring expression and apologized sincerely.

“Let’s split them!” Hong Xun announced. He and everyone else was happy that Ye Wei managed to crack the fourth pillar open. They were relieved that he was okay. Nobody cared if that meant they would have a larger share.

“Wohoo! Let’s share the treasures!”

“This trip was worth the risk and the wait!”

With everyone’s eyes on him, Hong Xun grunted and channeled his Qi. One by one he opened all three runic repositories, and all of a sudden the small runes expanded rapidly and opened up. They shone blindingly across the whole chamber, pieces of treasures appeared before them, and after a brief look, he estimated there were at least hundred pieces of treasures in each repository! That included manuscripts on different stances, cultivating formulas, mystic scrolls that glowed black, valuable metals, and rare pills.

The impressive collection of treasures shocked everyone deeply. They couldn’t speak or move their eyes away from the massive pile of treasure.

Just when Hong Xun was about to start dividing up the treasures, Lu Chao slowly walked towards the other cultivators.

“I will take my share! I don’t want much, just one piece!” Lu Chao’s greedy eyes moved towards the sparkling treasures.

“Count you in? Why?!” Hong Xun, Xue Yao, and the rest started chuckling as if they just heard the most ridiculous joke.

“Lu Chao, what is your skin made of? It’s so thick I almost find it impressive! You should consider yourself lucky that we did not kill you! Why on earth would you expect a share?”

“Back off! Or we will attack!”

“How dare you even think about getting anything? How have you contributed? By trying to kill us?”

“Take your hands off the treasures, otherwise…” Lu Chao’s eyes were completely red because of the few hundred pieces of treasure right in front of him. The temptation was driving him crazy, he just wanted something, even if it was just one item.

When Ye Wei opened this chamber, Lu Chao tore a scroll. It was not a medium-grade scroll, but the stance within was a rare forbidden stance worth a ridiculous amount. Having used a Mystic scroll, he was determined to get something back for what he invested. If he ended up not even getting one item, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

“I know you guys took an oath, but I, Lu Chao, would like to see if you really have the balls to fight me. I have four scrolls here; I can kill at least fifty of you. If nothing else I can at least say I tried to obtain some treasure!”

“Whoever I attack will surely die!” Lu Chao’s face was twisted, and his crazy red eyes swept across the chamber. He wanted a part of the treasure so much he was ready to die trying!

Hearing what Lu Chao said, everyone’s face darkened. They stared at him and the four scrolls in his hand. Even if they work together to bring him down casualties are unavoidable!


Xue Yao was furious. Her face was pale with anger, and she wanted nothing more than to turn Lu Chao into dust.

“Well, I think it’s better to have one less thing to worry about. I’d rather have him keep quiet instead of constantly threatening us! Even if he does get a share, someone would probably kill him on the way out, and we can just take it back then.” Someone in the crowd sighed and said loudly in a reluctant tone.

Just as they were about to give Lu Chao an item under the pressure, Ye Wei slowly stepped forward.

“You think you’re worthy? Ye Wei looked straight into Lu Chao’s eyes as he spoke in a cold tone.

Everyone paused and looked at Ye Wei.

Hong Xun also looked at Ye Wei, and he shook his head signaling him to stand down. If Lu Chao wanted something, he could have it. There were plenty of treasures to go around, and even if everyone took an item, there would still be plenty more. Just one item was not a heavy price to pay if that meant everyone would be able to leave safely. They could find another chance to get rid of Lu Chao in the future and avenge the innocent lives he took.

“Little bro, just leave it be. No matter what he obtains today, his reputation is ruined regardless. I will personally make his life hell in Frozen Sun City from now on!” Xue Yao added, her cold glare never leaving Lu Chao.

Ye Wei slightly frowned. He shook his head determinedly; he did not believe Lu Chao would use the four scrolls, ‘He’s just trying to bluff himself into getting some treasure, he doesn’t have the guts to put his life at stake; he is a coward.’

“You have four low-grade scrolls. I would like to see you kill someone while I’m here!” Ye Wei swiftly took out his green glowing scrolls from his bag.

“I can always test these two medium-grade scrolls. They are both defensive scrolls. It will be interesting to see if my scroll can nullify yours.” Ye Wei stared right into Lu Chao’s eyes and said loudly.

“Defensive medium-grade scrolls? Two of them!?” As Lu Chao looked at the two green scrolls in Ye Wei’s hand, his face turned ashen and his pupils dilated.

“You… are you crazy!? Two medium-grade scrolls! They are worth at least three hundred thousand silver. I just wanted one item, an item that’s far less valuable than what you will spend fighting me!”

“What’s your problem!? Why would you waste your medium-grade scrolls like this? We’re not even talking about your share of treasure! Can’t you just mind your own business?” Lu Chao’s eyes twitched as he angrily tried to confront Ye Wei. His voice broke, and his eyes widened as he stared at Ye Wei.

Seeing that Ye Wei had two more medium-grade scrolls in his possession, everyone gasped. ‘This kid… How rich is he?’

Counting the three medium-grade scrolls he used while fighting the stone puppets, Ye Wei had shown five medium-grade scrolls to the cultivators in total. They were under the impression that he had more in his bag as well, and that was why he was using them like they were worth nothing.

‘Where is this boy from? Isn’t he too privileged? He’s just a mere Student, but he can use five scrolls so casually? That’s five medium-grade scrolls!!’

Five medium-grade scrolls that shocked everyone present. Back in Green Moon City, even a Warrior from the prominent families like the Du’s could not use five scrolls like Ye Wei had.

In all of Green Moon City, apart from Master Yi, the City Lord, and the principle of South Star Academy nobody would be able to use five scrolls like this without second thoughts!

Something that would be considered priceless treasures by some martial families, was now being used so casually by this Student, there was no way they could keep their cool.

“Why? Me and you, we’ve had no disagreements and a decent relationship! Why are you now picking on me?!” Lu Chao felt intimidated by Ye Wei.

“I don’t like the way you do things!” Ye Wei shrugged and said casually, “You are going to put your life at stake for a share of the treasure, right? Why don’t you just tear your scrolls? Come on, don’t waste everyone’s time!”

“These are just medium-grade scrolls, only worth a few hundred thousand silver. I could care less!” Ye Wei casually looked at the scrolls in his hand and spoke indifferently.

Ye Wei and Lin Zi Yan had got their hands on a lot of valuable items including the Silver Moon pills and the repository he just acquired. With that in mind, these two medium-grade scrolls really were dispensable for him.

“You don’t like how I do things? Just because of that you are going to use two medium-grade scrolls?” Lu Chao’s jaws dropped. His mind went blank as he stared at Ye Wei, “I refuse to believe you really will use them just to fight me!” Lu Chao looked even more aggressive than before. He didn’t want to just back down.

“You can try. Try and see! I will lose my scrolls yes, but do you really dare fight me? If you do your life ends here!” Ye Wei’s beckoning glare was set on Lu Chao as he spit out threatening words.

With two medium-grade scrolls for safety, the Warriors around Lu Chao started to channel their Qi and slowly walked towards where he stood.

If Ye Wei did use these medium-grade scrolls, then suffice to say Lu Chao did not stand a chance!

“Okay, okay you got me!” Lu Chao aggressively stared back at Ye Wei. He put his scrolls back into his bag. He stomped the ground and with a speed boosting stance he turned into a flash, a flash that disappeared into the passage at the back of the chamber.

Gamble with his life? Lu Chao was just bluffing. He was banking on everyone getting scared if he tried to stand his ground, but he never expected Ye Wei would be generous enough to use two medium-grade scrolls to call his bluff.

Now there was no point to stay here any longer. There was no way he would stay and watch them split the treasures. Lu Chao wouldn’t be able to deal with the envy and jealousy. Although he was crazy, he knew when to let it go. He was sure he would be able to find more items in the passageway ahead, even deeper into the labyrinth.

“You guys are safe now! Split the treasures!” Ye Wei put the scrolls back into his bag when he could no longer feel Lu Chao’s Qi. Nobody really knew, but Ye Wei was actually just bluffing too. Like Lu Chao, he wouldn’t really waste his scrolls to fight one person.

There were no signs of Welkin Leaves in the pile of treasures. There were eight trimmings of other rare herbs, but none of them matched Master Yi’s description.

‘The fourth pillar was the toughest one to break, and the repository was made with a much more advanced interspatial runes. I wonder what kind of treasures it holds…’ While Hong Xun and Xue Yao started distributing the treasure, Ye Wei looked at the repository in his hand and thought.

‘I hope there are Welkin Leaves!’ Ye Wei clenched his fist tightly. Ever since he had entered Bloodmist Valley, he obtained a lot of things and had vastly improved his cultivation level exponentially. Although he was happy for everything he had achieved, none of this was what he came here for.

‘I came here because it was the only hope to wake cousin Zhong up!’

As the others slowly were given their share, Ye Wei sat down in a lotus position and sent will-force to his hands to open the repository.

‘Medium-grade mystic arm! Medium-grade scrolls!’ Ye Wei could feel the Qi disturbance clearly the moment he put his hand in the alternative dimension, and he quickly identified the items within.

‘Three medium-grade mystic arms! Thirty six medium-grade scrolls!’ Ye Wei was shocked. It seemed like there were more treasures in his repository than the other three combined…

Hong Xun, Xue Yao, and the rest were sharing a few hundred pieces from all three repositories, but there were no signs of medium-grade mystic arms, nor was there medium-grade scrolls. There were no Myst stances, and no Myst formula manuscripts, but all of these things were present in Ye Wei’s repository! Its relative dimension was much more spacious that all of the other three put together!

‘Let’s do a recount… three medium-grade mystic arms, thirty six medium-grade scrolls, three hundred low-grade mystic arms, one thousand two hundred low-grade scrolls, three hundred Spirit formulas, more than three thousand kinds of pills, and eighteen kinds of herbs and it is there!”

“There are more than five thousand items here!” Ye Wei whispered. His heart was beating rapidly, and his face was flustered. His hand that held the repository was shaking from excitement! ‘Cousin Zhong! I’ve finally found it!’