Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 8 – Perfection, Quintuple Tidal Palm

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Chapter 8 – Perfection, Quintuple Tidal Palm

His back and her chest were tightly affixed together, Ye Wei could feel Zi Yan’s slightly curvy body, but he tried to ignore these sensations. He took a deep breath and focused on sketching the runes while holding her hand.

“Move that rune here, then erase these two, now sketch them over here instead!” Holding Miss Zi Yan’s hand, Ye Wei calmly helped her rearrange the runes.

“Nice!” Zi Yan nodded, concentrating on Ye Wei’s advice while rewriting and rearranging the runes. Still energized, Zi Yan’s primal energy was lingering around her fingertips. Guided by Ye Wei’s hand, her energy left trails and formed runes in the air.

The runes made a bell-like sound as they connected in an orderly fashion, forming a complete pattern. The pattern in front of Zi Yan suddenly came alive. The tidal pattern emitted rays of blinding azure light, all the walls in the house were painted blue.

The mystic stance was now completely perfected!

‘This is the best form Triple Tidal Palm can take!’ Feeling the stance had reached perfection, Ye Wei was brimming with satisfaction, causing him to finally smile.

Three roars erupted from the center of the bright light, together with the salty smell of the sea.

“It’s finished!” Zi Yan was overjoyed because after Ye Wei’s assistance, the runes connected much more smoothly; therefore, it was much easier to activate the new stance compared to the old one. In the battlefield, even a split second could be the difference between life and death. The shorter completion time of the new Tidal Palm increased the practicality of it in actual combat!

“Triple Tidal Palm was just an ordinary low Spirit level stance; even though it was perfected, sadly, it won’t be able to breakthrough into the mid level, but that doesn’t matter! Grandfather’s first stance has finally been perfected!”

“The family always wanted to refine this, but all our attempts have failed. I can’t believe Ye Wei perfected it so easily. The Qi flow is much more fluid now!” Zi Yan said as she appreciated the result, two more roars resounded from the epicentre of the bright light.

As the sound of the three waves reached Zi Yan and Ye Wei’s ears, two more waves of energy surged out.

“Was that five breaking waves I heard?!”

Zi Yan stared at the stance in disbelief, as though she was hallucinating. Her face displayed a shocked expression, as she slowly accepted the fact that she had just heard five roars instead of the usual three.

‘This was no longer the Triple Tidal Palm… this is the Quintuple Tidal Palm!’

This is way more advanced than the Triple Tidal Palm and should be categorized as a mid Spirit level stance!

Ye Wei’s refinement actually evolved the stance to the next level, a staggering achievement beyond belief!

As the energy of the stance faded, a dazzling pillar of white light appeared, descending from the sky. It shone down on Zi Yan. Bathing in the pillar of light, she looked angelic as the pores on her skin opened up, absorbing the cosmic power from the heavens.

Upgrading, perfecting, and creating a new stance triggered this phenomenon. Cosmic energy is used to improve one’s Sentient and strength.

Cosmic energy is pure and compressed, similar to the energy the Sages harvested from Mystic Mount in ancient times. If one wanted to obtain the same amount of power that the cosmic energy gave to Zi Yan just now, it would take years by normal training.


The cosmic energy entered Zi Yan’s body, breaking through the final star-gate. With all ten star-gates open, Zi Yan had just became a Warrior!

Witnessing this scene, Ye Wei was startled as he felt the vast energy from the pillar of light. He was determined to create his own stances, to gain cosmic energy and from it upgrade his Sentient!

If he could achieve that, he would no longer be a mere red Sentient trash.

The white light faded away slowly eventually dispersing into luminant dust and dissolving into the atmosphere.

Lin Zi Yan turned around and looked at Ye Wei. Her eyes showed complicated mixed feelings of shock, disbelief, and gratefulness.

Whoever still regarded Ye Wei as a trash could not be more incorrect. A thirteen year old who possessed soul sensibility strong enough to help evolve the Triple Tidal Palm! How could he be trash with such talent?!

Having displayed this level of soul sensitivity, it’s almost certain Ye Wei can get a good Runemaster to study under and become one himself!

‘Ye Wei has been studying at South Star Academy for three years now; he wasted three whole years in a junior class! With his talent if he had a good tutor three years ago, then he could be taking the exam to become a Runemaster now!’

‘South Star could have produced a thirteen year old Runemaster! And now it’s just a dream… I will find out who was responsible for his entrance exam and we are going to have a talk!’ Zi Yan got emotional as she pictured how South Star Academy missed out on a chance to make history.

Zi Yan with a solemn apologetic tone, expressed gratitude to Ye: “Ye Wei, you helped me perfect the Triple Tidal Palm and break through to Warrior level. I owe you a favour, so if you have any wishes, or if there is anything I can help you with just ask!” If Zi Yan had known Ye Wei’s capability, she would have given him this task of refinement long ago, as if he is an experienced Runemaster.

Ye Wei shrugged and smiled “Don’t mention it, it’s my pleasure!”. In his mind being so close to Zi Yan was the best reward he could have been given, and the experience was already engraved in his memory!

“Ye Wei were you treated unfairly when you took your entrance exam? If that was the case, I can consult the vice principal and see what went wrong when you were assigned to the class you’re in. We should seek justice!” Zi Yan couldn’t stop grinding her teeth. Her view of Ye Wei had completely changed at this point, he was a genius at birth and should have been assigned to gifted class and she was determined to help him get in.

“It’s okay, I think my soul sensitivity started improving two years ago!” Ye Wei answered quickly because he didn’t expect that Zi Yan could just meet the vice-principal whenever she wished to do so. Ye Wei didn’t want to cause trouble and technically he did not lie, as he knew the improvement was related to his dream from an hour ago.

“So that’s the case… I see!” Lin Zi Yan nodded, there are indeed many cases where students develop their sensibility over time as they train. A legend even stated that some people could gain soul sensitivity while they were dreaming. “Since that is the case, I will refer you to an extremely experienced Runemaster. He has a great reputation he built for himself over the years, so if you do become his apprentice I am sure you will get the guidance you need to become a great Runemaster!”

“Thank you Miss Zi Yan!” Upon hearing the news Ye Wei was overjoyed, as he expected his training would be much faster than ever before with the aid of a Runemaster.

“Drop the ‘Miss’! You’re like a brother to me now!” Zi Yan smiled at Ye Wei while her beautiful eyes transmitted sincerity.

“Thank you Zi Yan!” Ye Wei said with a little unwillingness.

Seeing how stiff and shy Ye Wei acted, Zi Yan chuckled: “Why don’t you head back and rest for now? I will go see the Runemaster now and will inform you if there is any news.”

“Yeah, okay, sounds good!” Ye Wei said to Zi Yan, waved goodbye and headed out.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how close he was to the school idol, Zi Yan. ‘ How great would it be if I can get this beautiful girl to be my girlfriend! However, she sees me as a little brother, sadly.’

Ye Wei realised the probability of them ending up a couple was very small. In the end, his academic achievements and family background were nothing compared to Zi Yan’s.

‘Oh well, there is still a sliver of hope. If I become a Runemaster in the future, I would definitely have a chance.’