Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 79 – Crazed Scramble

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Chapter 79 – Crazed Scramble

“Another rune barrier?!” Ye Wei said as he stood next to Xue Yao. He was also looking at the jade crystal wall, though his focus was not on the treasures, but on the runes that flowed within the wall.

Ye Wei’s soul sensibility was now as strong as a Runemaster’s after his remarkable dream a while ago, but upon reaching the seven-star Student stage it had improved even further. It only took him one glance to identify the wall as an advance rune barrier!

The runes that flowed slowly within the jade crystal wall were projected into Ye Wei’s eyes. Feeling fascinated, he just stood there as he observed and quickly learned the various changes and energy movements of this barrier. It was larger and a hundred times more complicated than the ones located in the other tunnels, and although Ye Wei’s soul sensibility had slightly matured, it was still impossible to make sense of the flow patterns within the barrier in such a short time.

“The boy is still alive?!” As Ye Wei stepped forward to get a better view of the barrier, Lu Chao and his followers’ eyes were stuck on the boy they were too greedy to care about. They found it hard to believe that he had survived. Lu Chao unconsciously clenched his fists, and although his life was saved by Ye Wei, he didn’t feel thankful at all.

He was aware of how aggressive the Qi in a Blood Devourer crystal was, not to mention Ye Wei was only a Student who had never faced his vicious inner demons before. Even Warriors couldn’t defend their minds against such a powerful energy contained within the crystals!

“How is this possible?!”

“Even if this boy had a way to deal with the mental pressure that the Blood Devourer crystals imposed, how can a Student’s body process the immense surge of dense primal energy!?” A perplexed look flashed across Lu Chao’s face. There was a glint of shock and disbelieve in his eyes and also a trace of fear.

‘He is just a mere Student, and he not only used three medium-grade scrolls, but also had a way to deal with that aggressive Qi!?’ ‘Neither medium-grade scroll or Qi suppressing items were commonly found in a Student’s possession. It was apparent that this kid was no commoner!’

“Lu Chao, where are you hiding the treasures you found? I believe you promised to give half to this boy?” Xue Yao stood next to Ye Wei, and her cold gaze landed on Lu Chao as she inquired.

“Treasures?” Lu Chao’s face immediately straightened as he stared at the dazzling variety of treasures behind the jade crystal wall, and his eyes started twitching.

He had been standing in front of the jade wall for more than ten hours now. He had tried everything he could think of, used every stance he knew of, but failed to get through the barrier. All he could do now was stare at his treasures; it was not hard to imagine how frustrated he was.

He was already feeling reckless and now that Xue Yao mentioned treasure, Lu Chao felt so angry he could almost spit fire!

“The treasures are right here in front of you, feel free to help yourself to them!” Lu Chao knew Xue Yao was trying to spite him, and he coldly stared at her as he pointed to the jade crystal wall.

Lu Chao and hundreds of Warriors had tried and failed!

Looking at the stern-faced Lu Chao, both Hong Xun and Xue Yao were concerned, ‘He had half a day, but he could not get through the wall?’ Not only were they concerned about breaking through the barrier, but they were also tempted by the treasures behind it.

“Is there no way to get through?”

Everyone started looking to Hong Xun, the eight-star Warrior, who was the strongest among them. The fact that Lu Chao could not break the barrier open was not the end of the world.

“Breaking the jade crystal wall?” Hong Xun was not confident, but at this time he could only give it everything he had!

Everyone was focused on Hong Xun and nobody was paying attention to Ye Wei, who was standing still like a statue. Nobody would have ever imagined that he was actually analyzing the changes and the flow of these runes that none of them understood.

“Mystic stance – Golden Bell!”

Hong Xun aggressively took a step forward as a loud scream came out of his throat. Runes came from his fingers, and an immense bell appeared.

“Break!” Hong Xun’s fist ferociously smashed towards the jade crystal wall, and the golden bell on his fist started spinning rapidly. Rays of golden light reflected from the wall as the bell’s sharp edges got closer and closer looking like a dazzling drill from the distance.


The tremendous golden bell violently crashed into the barrier. The drill started spinning on the smooth surface creating a rippling pressure wave, and this caused the flowing runes on the wall to accelerate. Shortly after contact, an enormous recoil struck the golden bell.


A million fractures spread across the golden bell, and the next moment with a thunderous sound it shattered. Hong Xun’s face turned ashen white, and he took seven steps backwards as blood slowly flowed down the corner of his mouth.


“Hong Xun failed to break the jade crystal wall!”

“A few hundred Warriors together had been stopped by the barrier and the strongest Hong Xun failed as well. Who can breakthrough this jade crystal wall?”

The tunnel behind them was blocked, and in front of them was an impenetrable jade crystal wall blocking their path and the treasures.

“No! This is unfair, too unfair! Will we die here?”

“Break! Break! Break for me!” Seeing that Hong Xun had been knocked back, a lot of the Warriors became hopeless. They growled and charged towards the jade crystal wall, punching it in desperation.

“I stepped into Bloodmist Valley and experienced this many dangers only to obtain a low-grade mystic arm! Now I am trapped and will probably die here…” Hong Xun stared at the barrier as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. A self-deprecating smile was present on his modest face.

“Sigh…” Xue Yao who stood next to Ye Wei shook her head disappointedly, she needed to start thinking about alternative solutions.

While everyone was afraid, not knowing what else they could do, the runes were starting to make sense to Ye Wei. He twisted and cracked his stiff neck then his lips slightly curled up, forming a confident smile while staring at the jade crystal wall, he slowly walked up to it.

“Little bro?” Xue Yao who stood next to Ye Wei could see that he had started walking towards the wall, and she was confused. She grabbed his wrist to stop him, and there was a sense of worry in her clear eyes, “Hong Xun is an eight-star Warrior and even he got injured by this jade crystal wall, you shouldn’t try just let others figure it out!”

Xue Yao was afraid Ye Wei would get hurt.

“But there is no other choice. We’re stuck here anyway, and if I don’t at least give it a try I will never forgive myself for not contributing. Maybe… maybe I can break the jade crystal wall?” Ye Wei turned his head to look at the caring Xue Yao, he blinked and smile as he spoke.

“You think so?” Xue Yao said as she looked at Ye Wei’s confident smile. She was startled.This mysterious boy who stood in front of her was shrouded in secrets, and she couldn’t figure him out.

She then thought about how Ye Wei had used three medium-grade scrolls, and how this ordinary looking but powerful talisman had suppressed even the best quality Blood Devourer crystals so she decided to let him try and let go of his wrist.

“Look quickly! That boy is walking towards the jade crystal wall!”

“It’s that boy again, is he going to make a move?”

“He is fourteen at most but there are so many secrets hidden on him…”

“Maybe he, really can break the jade crystal wall!” Someone from the crowd said as everyone’s eyes focused on Ye Wei. Their depressed mood was lifted and now they were nervous and excited waiting to see what happened.

While everyone was spectating, Ye Wei walked up to the wall and slowly extended his hand, gently placing it on the barrier.

Ye Wei did not use any Qi, and therefore when he placed his hand on the barrier there was no recoil. Ye Wei slowly exhaled, and his eyebrows twitched slightly as strands of will-force leaked out of his palm and rushed into the jade crystal barrier in front of him

Ye Wei used his own will-force to move the runes in the jade crystal wall!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Controlled by Ye Wei’s will-force the flow of runes inside the wall was slightly altered. There were more than ten thousand runes flowing within and with the strength of Ye Wei’s will-force, he could not make any big alterations.

Ye Wei’s hand rested on the wall with his eyes closed. Just like that he stood still. It looked like he was not doing anything, but in reality Ye Wei was doing everything he could forcing his will-force to change the flow of the runes.

Will-force was draining at a fearful speed, and Ye Wei’s face was slowly turning white. Drops of sweat appeared on his forehead and the glittering drops ran down his face.

“Open!” After an hour, Ye Wei’s closed eyes violently opened. He opened his mouth and grunted.


With Ye Wei’s grunt, the huge jade crystal wall suddenly shook violently. At this moment everyone’s eyes went wide with shock as if they saw some something unbelievable.

While everyone was shocked, the jade crystal wall slowly opened to the left and right side. There was nothing but empty space between them and the superb collection of treasures!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Everyone stared at the large amount of treasures that were as numerous as stars in the sky, and their eyes suddenly became bloodshot. Their breathing became heavy and the way they looked at the mountain of treasures was how a perverted old man looks at a naked women, lustfully, greedily, crazed!

Looking at the treasures in front of him, Lu Chao’s eyes became blood red, he was shaking from ecstasy.

Hong Xun and Xue Yao both inhaled the cold air as their eyes became fiery.

Ye Wei, who opened the jade crystal wall, spotted something strange while looking at the mountain of treasures. He was confused and puzzled, unlike others there was no greed or crazed expression on his face!

“How can this be?” Ye Wei could not believe that his Runemaster’s level of soul sensibility was telling him that this collection of treasures was actually a hologram!

These holograms were too realistic, even Hong Xun, Xue Yao, and Lu Chao did not notice.

“Take ‘em!”

“Go, take everything!” After a brief moment of silence, everyone became crazy. Being in front of this much treasure even the most humble person wouldn’t be able to control their greed.

The scene became chaotic in a matter of seconds. People started fighting each other before they even went through the jade crystal wall.

Tsss! Tss!

“Careful!” In the chaos there were at least three to four swords that shot Qi towards Ye Wei. Seeing this, Xue Yao and Hong Xun’s faces straightened; they arrived in front on Ye Wei almost at the same time guarding him.

Now that the wall was opened, nobody could control themselves, and nobody could take control not even Xue Yao or Hong Xun. Everyone was just running around fighting, they didn’t even care who the other people were.

Unless it was an existence like Jin Yan or Mo Ya who had the power to crush everyone at once, nobody else could keep the crazy crowd’s attention, let alone try to keep them under control.

“Everything is mine! All mine!” Nobody move!” In the chaos, Lu Chao used his strength to get himself to the front. Nobody knew when, but suddenly there were scrolls in his hands. They were low-grade scrolls, and there was a total of five.


There was a grim smile on Lu Chao’s face, and without hesitation he directly tore one of the scrolls.