Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 75 – Functions

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Chapter 75 – Functions

Medium-grade mystic scrolls are anything but common, and it was the stances within that made them known as a symbol of power. This reputation was the reason why everyone was almost smiling when they saw the Myst stance summoned from Ye Wei’s scroll. They were more than certain that the phantom hammer would turn the stone giant back into rubble.

However, Hong, Lu, and Xue were a bit more realistic. There was an optimistic shine in their eyes but also a frown. All three of them knew how powerful the puppet was, and an incomplete Myst stance might not be enough to take down the combined power of six large Blood Devourer crystals.

The three temporary leaders were doubtful, but they kept their cool and were ready to strike the giant together with Ye Wei. Not that they were sure their joined attack would be sufficient, but they would have to try because if they didn’t then nobody would get out of this field alive.

Ye Wei was under immense pressure as he was the focus of everyone’s eyes, but he didn’t let the stress get to him. He was in his own world and determined to give it his all.

It was hard to miss such a large target, and a deafening bang sounded when the hammer landed right on the puppet’s shoulder. The collision created a violent spray of sparks and a rippling pressure wave that shook the ground.

The giant was forced to take a step back, and that was the moment when Ye Wei seized the opportunity to aim the hammer at its head.

Contrary to its clumsy appearance, the giant’s reflexes were actually phenomenal. It quickly crossed its arms over its head to block Ye Wei’s strike.

Seeing that the giant was defending itself efficiently against the Myst stance, the crowd started to show worrying expressions as they watched the mighty hammer that was held in the air.

A cracking sound caught the attention of the crowd. It was not from the point of impact but the sound of the ground breaking underneath the giant as his feet sank about a meter into the surface.

Ye Wei’s face was completely red. He grunted and put all his strength behind the third strike that landed on the giant’s head this time. Its legs completely sunk in the ground to its knees.

After immobilizing the giant, Ye Wei could feel that the phantom hammer was going to disappear soon as its energy was quickly running out. Thus, he took one last chance to hammer the puppet.

This time, the hammer landed heavily on the puppet’s shoulder. After the final hammer strike, the giant’s waist was submerged below solid ground. Its right shoulder and arm were cracked and chipped from the repeated strikes. As the red light in the giant’s eyes was dimming the phantom hammer started to fade.


“He did it!”

The crowd cheered as the stone giant powered down. Hong, Lu, and Xue were relieved by the result, and their lips curled into relaxing smiles.

Ye Wei too was relaxed, and there was a childish smile on his face. Although he had to use two very valuable medium-grade scrolls, he was satisfied that he managed to save hundreds of lives. He was also happy that he would be able to search for a path that led deeper into the labyrinth.

Welcomed by friendly smiles, Ye Wei turned and walked towards the others, but as he took the fifth step, a sharp cracking noise came from behind him. “What?” The unexpected sound sent a shiver down his spine, and he immediately turned around to check on the stone giant.

The crisp cracking sound echoed in the field and was heard by everyone. Suddenly everything went silent as everyone quickly looked towards the source of the sound, it caused their smiles to disappear.

“How… How come…” Hong, Lu, and Xue emotionlessly stared at the stone giant and their faces became ashened.

The giant started moving again as its fists fiercely pounded the ground cracking and breaking the surface.

With every punch, the cracks spread and the ground around the giant turned into loose rubble in no time. The giant then roared and slammed his palms to the ground one last time, launching its gigantic body into the air.

The red light in its eye relit and this time, they looked like two massive fireballs. The giant’s killing intent and presence had intensified considerably.

“But that was a medium-grade mystic scroll! How else can we stop it if a Myst stance failed the job?”

“How can this be?!”

“Does anyone here have other ways to deal with this stone giant?!”

“No! No! I don’t want to die!”

The stone giant landed on the ground, and no hopeful faces could be found on the field. Some were crying and while others were screaming as it approached.

“I can’t just die here!” Ye Wei bite his lips in a panic. ‘That was all I had, what else can I do?’

Just as Ye Wei was coming to the conclusion that there was nothing at all he could do, the silhouette of his cousin appeared in his mind. ‘It’s true I don’t have answers at this moment, but cousin Zhong fought till he dropped to save my life and I shall do the same!’ Ye Wei’s fighting spirit was relit, and his tired eyes were brightened.

Ye Wei took out his interspatial bag and began searching.

There were Qi stones, herbs, pills, and some rare metals in the bag but all of the items he found in the stone houses with Lin Zi Yan were useless.

The most valuable things in his bag would be the Sliver Moon pills and then the scrolls he was given. Taking the pills won’t help in such an urgent situation. There were one offensive and two defensive scrolls remaining, but they had proven to be insufficient…

“No, not this!”

Ye Wei’s bloodshot eyes looked hysterical as the stone giant was closing in but after going through his whole interspatial bag, he could not find anything that would help him.

The giant’s fist was in front of him now, and he had no time, ‘Screw it!’ Ye Wei grit his teeth, he was ready to take out all three remaining scrolls

“Ouch, that burns!” Just as he pulled the scrolls out, his hand came in contact with something hot.

“It’s the iron talisman?!” Ye Wei took the talisman out together with the scrolls. The last time he laid his hands on the talisman it was as cold as ice, but now it left a mild burn mark on his skin. He was confused, but there was no time for him to think about it.

“Watch out!” As Ye Wei was distracted by the burn, the stone fist was only a meter away from him. Everyone gasped as it did not look like he had enough time to dodge.

A second ago he was wondering why the talisman was so hot and the next second all he knew was that an enormous stone fist was in front of him.

At this critical time, he made a split decision to tear the offensive scroll. Hundreds of glittering runes appeared, and the temperature around him dropped. The runes then turned into small icicles, and the icicles merged together forming a sword. It was the low-level Myst stance, Black Icicle Sword.

As Ye Wei was ready to strike the giant with the icicle sword, the talisman in his hand heated up and started vibrating causing it to slip out of his hand. Immediately the talisman flew above the stone giant and created a black vortex.

Having absorbed the energy of over two hundred puppets, twelve of the eighty-one grooves were lit up. Now more and more of those groves were lighting up as it absorbed energy from the stone giant.

‘The talisman is… absorbing the giant’s power?’

‘It’s draining the giant!’

Ye Wei’s eyes widened, he could hardly believe how slow the giant’s punch had suddenly become due to the talisman. It took no effort for him to jump to the side and dodge the attack.

Observing the talisman’s mysterious abilities, Ye Wei was just as confused as he was happy to stop these puppets.