Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 74 – Last Resort

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Chapter 74 – Last Resort

“Fight safe! We won’t get any help before they’ve recovered!” One of the stronger Warriors stepped up and tried to motivated the exhausted groups, but his effort was pretty redundant as everyone could almost taste victory.

As for Ye Wei, his hand was never further than an inch away from his interspatial bag. If anything happened, the scrolls would be the thing he would rely on while the three who are capable of neutralizing the puppets were still recovering from exhaustion.

Time passed slowly while the groups struggled to defend themselves against the puppets. But before long, Hong Xun opened his eye and stood up with an unstoppable momentum, his face was no longer pale. Lu Chao and Xue Yao also stood up shortly after Hong Xun did.

Interpreting the trio’s recovery as the end of the battle, the groups were starting to feel relieved.

Ye Wei, took his hand away from his interspatial bag as Hong Xun approached. ‘If they can beat the fastest, strongest, and biggest one of them the rest should not be a problem!’

However just as Lu Chao was channeling his Qi, all of the golden puppets, including the limbless one on the ground opened their mouths and started roaring.

All five puppets widened their eyes and casted beams of red light into the air. They met in the air and the runes climbed up the small pillars of red light towards the center of the field. The runes on their bodies started moving and glowing red forming the frame of an irregular five sided pyramid.

The thousands of runes filling the space akin swarms of butterflies. Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound echoed throughout the space as the runes linked together. An intense wave of energy shortly followed leaving the crowd in shock.

Their relaxed faces turned ashen as they shivered, even Hong, Lu, and Xue were afraid, ‘This is definitely not good…’ They thought. The pressure they felt exceeded what they experienced when Jin Yan and Mo Ya channeled their Myst stances to break the gigantic rune barrier.

‘What is going on here?’ Ye Wei could feel the energy from each of the puppets merging with one another. There was a synergistic reaction between the five sets of runes. ‘Is there a way to stop this? I don’t think this will end well for anyone if the energy keeps growing…’

As the crowd were shaking in fear, the golden puppets suddenly shattered and from the rubble five large Blood Devourer crystals rose.

They quickly flew up, and each of them soaked up the runes on a red rune pillar to form five rune clusters. Then the ground started shaking and nobody could stand straight. People either fell or were on their hands and knees. As the earthquake intensified, the rubble on the field started rattling and levitating.

The field was spacious, and there were no less than a hundred thousand pieces of sharp rubble on the field. This moment all of them flew into the air. It looked like a violent sandstorm from a distance. The rubble was drawn towards the rune clusters. Two of them started taking the shape of arms and two others formed legs, while the last cluster was forming a head shape.

After the limbs and head took shape, the rubble starting filling the space between the stone limbs. By the time this thirty meters tall stone puppet came together everyone were shaking; they were overwhelmed by fear.

Not only did the larger structure appeared sturdier than its previous smaller incarnations, it was clear to everyone that none of the cultivators present possesses power to defeat this stone giant and their fear turned into despair.

Jin Yan and Mo Ya were peak level ten-star Warriors which means they are about ten times stronger than a ten-star who just broke through and the stone giant was the former kind of existence.

“Someone here has to have a medium-grade scroll right!?” Inspiration struck Hong Xun as he remembered a boy used a Mystic Scroll to destroyed more than two hundred puppets in less than ten seconds. “Where is what’s his face? Did he survive? Does he have any more scrolls!?” Hong Xun was panicked. He shouted as he ran through the crowd looking for Ye Wei.

“Guys find that kid!” Hong Xun was not the only person who saw Ye Wei dealing with the puppets, and it wasn’t long until one of them spotted Ye Wei.

“Here he is!” One of the Warriors signaled the others when he identified Ye Wei, and everyone started running towards where he was.

“Let’s go to him!”

“Guys he’s there!”

Shouting continued as fear was in the air and the levitating stone giant slowly descended. With a loud rumble it landed and, although the landing was gentle, the stone giant’s feet left two deep potholes due to its weight. Its red beams of light shone from its eyes were now pointed in the cultivators’ direction.


After a deafening roar, the stone giant started chasing after the crowd. Each step it took shook the ground, and the red projection on the crowds’ back intensified as the stone giant got closer.

It’s not very often one sees hundreds of cultivators running for their lives. Although Ye Wei was the only person who could see this scene from the side, he was not amused by it, but rather worried about letting everyone down.

‘Please tell us you have another scroll!’ Was everyone’s thought at that moment but none of them had the time to ask Ye Wei if he had another one as they were too busy running for their lives.

There was no other way. No one present could fight this stone giant, Ye Wei was now their last hope; their last resort.

Lots of the people who were at the field including Hong, Lu, and Xue actually considered escaping when Jin Yan and Mo Ya showed up because of the threat they felt, but this stone puppet startled them on a completely different level. If worse came to worst, there would be no chance to negotiate or beg for mercy and there was nowhere left to run.

The stone giant showed no signs of stopping. It was striking its chest creating a drumming sound while chasing the crowd. While everyone was running away from it, Ye Wei had his head down and slowly walked towards what the others feared.

‘I can’t promise anything… But I guess this is our only chance.’ Ye Wei’s shaking hand tightly grasped onto one of the offensive Mystic Scrolls.

The closer the stone giant got, the harder it was for him to breathe. While the giant’s pace remained the same, Ye Wei’s heart was beating faster and faster.

Thirty meters…

Twenty meters…

Ten meters…

Ye Wei meant to tear the scroll way sooner but it took time for him to gather his strength as he was in shock. He finally managed to tear it when the giant was only one step away from crushing him.

The moment the scroll was torn, the demon blood runes flew out and the sequence rapidly transformed into a ten meter long hammer. A weapon that belonged to an old god.

Although the gigantic phantom hammer gave off an intense Qi disturbance, due to the runic link, Ye Wei could move it around fluidly as if it was a weightless extension of his arm.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ye Wei loosened his shoulders and took a heavy step forward. After quickly establishing a steady point of balance he grunted then swung the phantom hammer with lightning-like speed towards the approaching stone giant.

“He really has one! It’s a Myst stance!” Hong Xun exclaimed. ‘It was apparent that this kid was just a Student so what kind of powerful family would invest so much resources in a weakling like him? I bet even Jin Yan had to earn his scrolls by contributing to his family, and he had one of the most prestigious last names in Ning City!’

At first the crowd was surprised and somewhat jealous of how Ye Wei was carrying more than two hundred thousand worth of scrolls with him. But after the initial amusement, they were just rooting for him. They were hoping that this ‘rich kid’ could help them avoid their impending doom.