Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 56 – Dragon

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Chapter 56 – Dragon

After the class meeting, Ye Wei went back to his trashed room. He didn’t unpack earlier so now he just picked up his luggage and a few belongings then followed the tutor to his new residence in the Crouching Dragon Hall under the dim moonlight.

The grounds at Crouching Dragon Hall were filled with trees, and the winding green stone pavement was calm and peaceful.

Now that Ye Wei had become a gifted class student, he had to say goodbye to his old room. All his classmates lived at either the Crouching Dragon Hall or Green Phoenix Hall depending on their gender.

The academy was not going to be stingy when it came to treating Master Yi’s only legacy apprentice. They arranged an elegant little house for Ye Wei. It was a house like Lin Zi Yan’s residence in Green Phoenix Hall!

Only the top three students in the whole academy were assigned these elegant houses apart from Lin Zi Yan and now Ye Wei.

“I always dreamed of having my own house here at South Star, but now not only am I moving into Crouching Dragon Hall, but I am also getting my own house!”

“Fate is a mysterious thing!” Ye Wei was looking at the luxuriously decorated interior while standing on a rare beast pelt as he exclaimed in awe.

“There are thirty-six students in my new class, and every one of them are astonishing cultivators. A few of them are even younger than I am, and some of them are Warriors! I have to breakthrough soon so I can compete with these people. I was at the bottom of junior three for three years, and I do not wish to be the worst again!”

“I have to become an elite and earn my position properly! It will be hard to catch up to my class, but I will do it!” Ye Wei rubbed his hand together as he tried to motivate himself. His eyes shone with determination.

“Though, I don’t think I will learn anything from class right now. I shouldn’t just tag along with the class and waste the tutor’s time because I’m not on the same level. It wouldn’t be fair to my new classmates, and it won’t be fair to the teachers who would have to pay attention to me just because of my apprenticeship with Master Yi!”

“I need to attain a seven star level before attending class. I will benefit more from training than attending class for now!” Ye Wei made the decision after pondering, he then marched up the engraved staircase into the training room on the second floor. He swallowed a Fiery Sun Quencher pill and started cultivating.

Ye Wei’s recent improvements didn’t change the color of his Sentient. He was still hopelessly slow at absorbing primal energy. If he were to train without any pills or outside help, he would not become a five star Student in less than three years at the least.

Quenchers were his only solution as of now, and he was using a lot of them too. Ye Wei just wanted to get to seven star level as soon as he could. He actually had to thank the Du family, Zhou Wu and Dong Ho for the compensation money because with their financial support he did not have to worry about resources.

With extreme effort, Ye Wei took pill after pill and trained non-stop for seven days.

During this week, he consumed all the Fiery Sun Quenchers in his possession. This helped him gain two more layers of green web under his skin!

When he accumulated ten layers of this Qi web under his skin, then Ye Wei would breakthrough to become a five star Student.

“These pills were really effective… I can’t believe how much I have progressed in just a week; a breakthrough is almost in sight!” Ye Wei slowly opened his eyes and stood up from his lotus position. He clenched his fist and flexed his arm so that he could see the green web under his skin more clearly.

“It’s a shame that I don’t have any more Fiery Sun Quenchers. If I did, it wouldn’t take me more than one month to become a five star Student.”

“If only they weren’t that rare! Our family can afford them now but had to settle with lower quality pills because of availability.” Ye Wei shook his head and sighed reluctantly, unpleased with having to fall back to a slower cultivating speed.

‘I Wonder how Zi Yan is doing…’ After a few days of hard training, the elegant silhouette of Lin Zi Yan appeared in his mind.

Having lost track of time, Ye Wei looked out the window to discover the sun was setting. He stretched his body and went out for some fresh air.

He decided to follow the shaded trail and head towards Green Phoenix Hall. As Ye Wei got closer to the female’s hall of residence, he was joined by some familiar faces who were returning to the hall after a busy school day. They all were looking at him and talking about him quietly.

“Isn’t that the boy who was chasing after Joe Yin? How many times did he get humiliated by her? Why is he coming back?” A girl with braided hair asked her friends in a judgemental and disdainful tone. She was stopped by one of the girls from speaking further.

“Shuu! Have you not heard what everyone was saying?”

“Heard about what?”

“Do you live in a cave or something? Rumour has it that this boy has an outstanding Soul Sensibility and that he just became Master Yi’s legacy apprentice!” The leader of the group answered while admiringly staring at Ye Wei.

“What? How sure are you about that?” The girl with braids asked again disbelievingly. She would have never associated Master Yi with Ye Wei before now.

“I am very certain! He now has his own house at Crouching Dragon Hall, just like that guy!”

“Joe Yin is so lucky! If Joe Yin becomes his girlfriend, she will most likely receive special treatment too! Imagine if she got her own house at Green Phoenix!” The girl with braids showed a hint of envy.

After hearing that, the girls all had a sour look on their faces as they knew more regarding the situation.

“I heard Joe Yin’s father brought her to the Ye mansion for a wedding proposal and got rejected on the spot!” The leader of the group had good sources.

“Wow, I guess a boy with potential like him would aim higher not to mention all the times he has been humiliated by Joe Yin!”

“Why is he heading to Green Phoenix Hall then?”

“For Lin Zi Yan I guess. Her talents would be a good match for a future Runemaster!”

While the group was speculating, a better looking and therefore more confident girl decided to try her luck and took the initiative. She gently flicked her shoulder length hair as she approached Ye Wei.

She waved at him and showed a charming smile, “You’re Ye Wei right?”

Ye Wei’s eyes locked on to the approaching girl. Her white silk dress complimented her body well, but it was lackluster compared to Lin Zi Yan’s natural elegance. He replied coldly, “Yea that’s me, can I help you with anything?”

The girl dismissed the cold reply and continued her pursuit with a shy smile: “A few of my friends and I would like to hang out with with you, are you free?” She pointed at the group of pretty girls standing far behind her. They were all shyly looking in Ye Wei’s direction and giggling.

“Sorry, I don’t have time!” Ye Wei shook his head and directly replied. He walked past her without a second thought.

Ye Wei’s reaction stupefied the group of girls.

“Who would have guessed that this red Sentient boy had it in him?”

“Joe Yin must really regret what she did to him now!”

Just behind the girls around the corner stood a girl with ear length hair. She was quietly watching Ye Wei walking towards Lin Zi Yan’s house. Two lines of tears slid down her rosy cheeks as the group of girls talked about how she had missed her chance. Joe Yin saw Ye Wei on her way back from class, but she didn’t even have to courage to say hello to him.

She regretted her actions dearly, but regret would not help her by now.