Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 53 – Martial Families

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Chapter 53 – Martial Families

“Just answer me, did you lead Du Ming Ze to my room?” Ye Wei’s glare was intense and cold as he narrowed his eyes then slowly clenched his fists. He looked ready to fight.

“Oh, what is this? Do you want to fight me?” Xiao Qi saw Ye Wei’s fists and said jokingly in a mocking tone. He was not afraid of a one star Student who answered a few of questions correctly during class. “You assume correctly! I did lead Du Ming Ze to trash your room! You’re lucky you weren’t there, otherwise you too would have been trashed!”

There were not a lot of things Xiao Qi enjoyed more than mouthing off to people inferior to himself.

“What if I told you that it was me who led them there? Will you do something with those fists, or are they just for show?” Xiao Qi’s arrogant smile grew bigger.

“Ye Wei don’t let your emotions get the better of you.” Cao Ning was afraid that Ye Wei was going to fall for the insults and taunts, and he attempted to hold him back again.

If Ye Wei started the fight, Xiao Qi would be blameless and get off the hook by claiming he fought in self-defense.

Cao Ning reached for Ye Wei’s arm but he grabbed nothing but air, and before he could finish his sentence Ye We had already launched himself towards Xiao Qi.

“Sh*t!” Cao Ning’s face turned pale, and he could do nothing but watch.

The class was staring at Ye Wei surprised that he would fall for Xiao Qi’s taunts, and they were even more surprised by his decision to fight someone much stronger than he was.

“Ha, I was afraid you would never come at me!” Xiao Qi’s lips curled into a prideful sneer. He took a step forward with a heavy stomp and channeled his Qi. A green metallic glow shone under his skin as his Qi flowed through, hardening his body from head to toe.

Xiao Qi threw a punch, and it cut through the air creating a shrill piercing sound.

A small whirlwind violently spread throughout the whole room from Xiao Qi’s punch. The pressure tilted the tables and pushed over the books set atop.

Xiao Qi did not hold anything back; he showed off his full strength, the strength of the five star Student that junior three feared.

Cao Ning’s eyes were closed. He shut his eyelids the moment Xiao Qi threw the punch as he did not want to see his best friend get hurt and suffer.

The rest of the class too simultaneously looked away. They were aware that Xiao Qi mercilessly gave this punch his all and that it was going to break some bones. They thought there was nothing Ye Wei could do to avoid the bloodshed from happening, therefore, they looked away.

On the other hand, there was no trace of panic on Ye Wei’s face. He was terrifyingly calm. He saw through the mind games Xiao Qi tried to play and was ready to confront him physically and mentally.

Ye Wei channeled his Qi, and his bones and muscles surged with strength. With the momentum of his whole body, he answered Xiao Qi’s strike with a punch of his own.

Ye Wei’s Qi was condensed from cosmic energy, the Fiery Sun Quencher pill, and that golden flash in his Sentient; his fist and the rest of his skin were covered in a soft fire red glow decorated by dots of golden light where his meridian lay.

The red fist and the green fist met in mid-air, and they collided together like two pieces of solid steel. The collision created a shower of sparks and a force wave that knocked over all tables and chairs within two meters from the point of impact.

“How is this possible?!” Xiao Qi’s full-powered punch was stopped by Ye Wei’s counterpunch, neither of them gaining an inch. He stared at Ye Wei’s fist, and his eyes widened in shock. ‘When did this idiot become this strong?!’

“I thought you were the strongest in our class?” While holding his fist against Xiao Qi’s, Ye Wei grunted. His right fist traveled from his waist to his opponent’s abdomen at lightning like speed akin to a venomous snake striking its prey.

Xiao Qi’s body bent backwards, and his organs were pressed together by Ye Wei’s powerful right hook. Within seconds, he was overwhelmed by pain. Stomach acid gushed out from Xiao Qi’s mouth, and his eyes widened as Ye Wei’s fist dug deeper into his abdomen.

Xiao Qi’s strength was drained by the pain. His punch weakened, and his fist dropped. He just couldn’t hold his arm up.

Ye Wei seized the window of opportunity as he followed through with a left punch and landed it on Xiao Qi’s jaw. The left cross knocked Xiao Qi over, and his body fell on and smashed the chair behind him.

After the noise had died down, everyone turned their heads back to see the damage Xiao Qi did, only to find him on the ground! They froze in shock with their eyes and mouths wide open. ‘What just happened? What is Xiao Qi doing on the floor?’

The surprise and confusion on everyone’s faces couldn’t even come close to how startles Xiao Qi felt. He could not believe he was knocked down by this one star Student. With red eyes, Xiao Qi stared at Ye Wei like a bloodthirsty beast hunting his prey as he shouted, “Ye Wei! I will kill you!”

Xiao Qi hair was disheveled, and his jaw was bruised. He struggled to get up from the floor like a newborn deer. ‘I was careless! I am the strongest student in junior three, and he is just a one star rubbish!’ Fuming in shame and anger, Xiao Qi was deep in denial. He refused to think about what just happened and instead gave himself an excuse.

‘He humiliated me with a sucker punch in front of everyone!’ The thought rapidly grew in Xiao Qi’s head as he completely lost his cool. He roared with rage then dashed at Ye Wei. Xiao Qi needed to prove to everyone, and himself, that he was the best in class.

Ye Wei just calmly stood still and curled his lips into a smile. He was more entertained than threatened by the person in front of him who looked like an angry clown.

Though Ye Wei was irritated by Xiao Qi’s attitude, he wanted to get even and teach the corrupt class prefect a lesson about respect. He slowly clenched his fist, ‘In the past Xiao Qi has abused his power to bully others, and it had gotten way of control; this time he tagged along with Du Ming Ze to trash my room. If I don’t stop him what’s next? And who will be the victim?’ The more Ye Wei thought about it, the angrier he got.

“Xiao Qi! Are you out of your mind?” While Xiao QI was dashing towards Ye Wei, three well-dressed teenagers entered the classroom.

These junior three students were from martial families. Two of them were four star Students, and the last one was a three star Student.

They saw the mess as they stepped into the classroom, and the moment they identified who the brawlers were they shouted at Xiao Qi simultaneously. “Xiao Qi, who do you think you are? You have no idea who are you messing with!” The three teenagers were fully aware of Ye Wei’s relationship with Master Yi.