Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 43 – Rain

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Chapter 43 – Rain

“I am the Ye Patriarch. Greetings Master Yi!” Ye Zheng Qing slowly walked towards their savior, and gave the traditional two hand greeting, palm against fist, as he spoke nervously.

“Hey!” Master Yi’s face was emotionless. He stopped walking to nod at Ye Zheng Qing, who was flattered by the small acknowledgment from the fabled figure.

Even though the exchange was brief, Ye Zheng Qing was really proud of the fact that the Runemaster responded because Master Yi ignored the three leaders of the Du camp when they greeted him. When his status and more importantly his cultivation was pretty far behind them, only at three star condensed prime stage, he still gave Ye Zheng Qing face.

“Master Yi…” Ye Zheng Qing looked at the Runemaster’s back. He was excited but shortly after, he frowned in confusion when he realized Master Yi was only nice to him because he was related to Ye Wei. Who told the family he did not make it through the entrance exam? ‘If that was the case why is he here!?’

The Ye Patriarch stood still both grateful for and confused by Master Yi’s intervention. He just hoped it was not too late for Ye Wei and the youngsters. If not then this experience will strengthen them more than it would scar them.

“Ye Wei!” Lin Zi Yan nervously ran out of the runicle once the situation was stabilized by Master Yi. Her ink black pupils became bright purple the moment he saw Ye Wei’s damaged body in the middle of fallen Ye youngsters.

An invisible wave of energy was emitted by her as her eyes turned purple, it swept the arena like a breeze. The tulip on her robe was flowing in the wind and the air around her began to freeze.

“Girl!” Master Yi felt the fall in temperature. His face twitched, and he turned around to Lin Zi Yan. It was apparent that he was concerned about what she might do when he saw the color of her pupils.

“Ye Wei is fine!” Master Yi shouted anxiously, desperately trying to calm Lin Zi Yan’s anger. He knew what she was capable of doing in a frenzy. She was just a Warrior, but she was one from that family. Justice is one thing, but a massacre is another matter entirely. Master Yi ran over to Zi Yan then held her by his side, calming her down. Her eyes gradually returned to their normal state; she was reassured but still breathed a bit quicker than normal.

Master Yi then scanned around himself, assessing the injuries the Ye camp sustained. Most of the youngsters were critically injured by Du Yuan Ming and were in need of immediate medical attention.

‘Oh Ye Wei, you reckless child!’ Master Yi looked at Ye Wei, who though covered in blood and unconscious, was still on his feet. His eyes were still glimmering. ‘Stubborn and strong willed, this one will go far if he stays out of trouble!’ He was glad he made it in time. He was very close to having a big regret that would have haunted him for the rest of his life.

Wasting no more time, Master Yi with a grave look on his face rapidly drew a sequence of three hundred and sixty-six runes with both of his hands, and immediately injected his dense Qi into them.

Master Yi’s Qi circulated through the sequence and shook the runes. The illuminating runes then transformed into a large cloud of green fog that shrouded the Ye camp.

The cloud condensed into drops of green rain which nourished the injured youngsters. The visible wounds were quickly healing at an abnormal speed under the moisturization of the glowing raindrops.

Forbidden level Myst stance, Green Mizzle.

Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho were all able to identify this stance; they were all shocked and envious.

The Green Mizzle was a rare and miraculous stance Master Yi was rumored to possess. It had the power to heal and rejuvenate human bodies to a fresh and healthy condition as long as they were still breathing.

Lives of Warriors were not calm or comfortable. They were bound to accumulate injuries over time from fighting demons, beasts, and, sadly, even themselves. Many times they would even have to tap their will-force reserve dry, fighting for their lives at the cost of damaging their Sentients. Sentients were such that they could not be repaired or recovered from rest and ordinary medication.

Suffice it to say no condensed prime Warriors got to where they were without battling hundreds of beasts and demons, injuring their bodies and sometimes even their Sentients. The good news for the Ye’s was that the Green Mizzle stance could reverse these injuries, at a cost of the user’s health. Even the strongest man in Green Moon City can not escape its cost. Even Master Yi could not use this forbidden stance too often.

The last time Master Yi used this stance was some eighteen years ago when a massive beast horde laid siege to Green Moon City. Eight generals of Green Moon City were gravely injured when they defended the city. The beasts were eliminated by their valiant efforts, but their injuries did not go away, and their conditions actually worsened during their five years of rehabilitation and rest. Not only were their bodies not recovering, but their cultivation was also starting to show signs of regression.

In desperation to restore the city’s defense, the city lord offered Master Yi a million silver in exchange to use the Green Mizzle stance on the injured generals. The stance worked miracles, and the eight generals went back to the line of duty as stronger men.

A million silvers! The Du camp was jealous because it was not them receiving this treatment. They were also scared for their future because it showed how much Master Yi cared for the family they just mercilessly violated.

Having said that, Master Yi did not do it for the money eight years ago; he did it out of respect. The eight generals gave their all and got injured fighting armies of beasts! He would have done it for free. The ten star Runemaster was living self-sustainably, he did not care about wealth nor living a life of luxury.

‘Du Yuan Ming you idiot! You and your stupid reports! How could you miss this!? Who is going to deal with Master Yi?’ General Zhou panicked.

‘If the city lord hears about this, I will certainly lose my position!’

The general was anxious. He looked at the Du Patriarch with a pernicious stare and quietly swore and cursed. Unlike Du Yuan Ming, he did not have a good network, and it would be hard for him to keep his job if the city lord knows he had bad blood with Master Yi. The Du family was connected to Master Mu’s legacy apprentice Lu Feng, who might be able to help them rebuild their reputation in Green Moon City.

Dong Ho was even more concerned about his future. In the business world, public relations and reputation was everything. If people spread the word about his involvement in a dispute with Master Yi, his merchant guild would definitely lose clients and suppliers. Ruining a name that took centuries of hard work to build.

The members of the audience that recognized the Green Mizzle stance were shocked, and they could not quite believe what Master Yi used it voluntarily. Using the stance made Master Yi look pale as he was quietly catching his breath.

While the Ye family was recovering, the whole arena turned quiet. Humbled by the Runemaster’s offensive and healing powers. Everyone was frozen in awe.

They would never correctly guess the reason Master Yi did all this for the Ye family. But one thing was sure; the Ye’s were now out of bounds! Nobody would dare touch them again; they were protected by someone incredible.

The members of bigger families who were present all had one thought in their minds, ‘I need to tell the family about what just happened today… The Du family’s greed, the Ye family’s hidden strengths, and the power of Master Yi!’ It was fortunate not many people related Master Yi’s intervention to Ye Wei, or else the young talent would be in more danger than he could ever imagine.

With Master Yi now publically supporting the Ye family, their future was brighter than ever before. Not that the Ye family wanted to be carried by connections, but respect and fear are what they will learn to accept from now on as they got back to their everyday life.

The Ye family’s reputation too had been restored. Not to the level it once was, but now they had a good foundation to become something amazing.