Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 42 – Master Yi

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Chapter 42 – Master Yi

“No!” Ye Wei’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked around him. He grunted in agony as he was saddened by his fallen brothers and sisters bathed in blood.

As the red palms approached Ye Wei, the spine-chilling force intensified exponentially. His bones started to crack and his wounded body couldn’t stop bleeding, even his Sentient which was protected by the golden light was starting to rupture. His whole body was on the edge of breaking.

The pain Ye Wei suffered from his tearing Sentient was ten times greater than his body was enduring; the pain was striking his soul. However strong Ye Wei’s mind was, there was no way he could stay conscious for much longer.

Suffering from critical haemorrhaging, his blood started coming out of the pores on Ye Wei’s skin. He was no longer conscious, but his body was somehow still standing straight!


Just as Ye Wei lost consciousness, the mystic mountain appeared in Ye Wei’s Sentient, and the golden light started repairing and patching up the cracks.

Some of the energy even escaped his Sentient and rushed throughout the rest of his body, into his blood, muscles, and bones. This energy silently nourished Ye Wei’s body causing it to repair and even strengthen itself at an incredible rate! Bathing in this energy, his body would have the strength of a four star Student in mere minutes.

What Ye Wei was experiencing sped up his cultivation enormously. He was catching up to the naturally gifted children his age, but his life is now at risk. It was at the mercy of his luck and the gigantic red palms shown no sign of stopping!

“Little Wei!”

Ye Zheng Qing looked at his grandson in despair. Hoping it was not too late, he hastefully injected his Qi into the bone bracelet.

The large green bird in the sky shook and broke through the vines with a couple wing strikes then it flew towards Ye Wei immediately after it got free.

The patriarch’s bracelet was actually a six star medium grade Mystic Arm. The stance within was powerful enough to threaten even a seven star Warrior. However, the distance between him and Ye Wei was far, despite the effort the red palms made contact with Ye Wei.

“No!” Ye Zheng Qing’s vocal cord was close to tearing. His cry echoed throughout the arena; it was the only sound that could be heard.

Zhou Wu was extremely excited, his lips curved upwards showing a sadistic smile. It has been too long since he last saw a bloodbath. He had been picturing himself drawing blood since the fight broke out.

“Who dares hurt my apprentice?!” An angry voice came out of nowhere loud as thunder. It staggered everyone in the arena. The cry was powerful as a force of nature.

Before the voice faded, a sequence of some three-hundred runes appeared in the skyline and merged together instantly radiating a blinding light. They formed thirty golden fists with unproportionally large knuckles, filling the sky.

This mighty presence made everyone at the arena think that a god had arrived it seemed as if the sky itself was pressing down onto them.

The condensed prime Warriors were the only ones who had an idea of what was happening. The Du Patriarch and general Zhou were two of the strongest men in Green Moon City, but they were shivering under this pressure like everyone else.

Rays of golden light from the fists shone onto the red palms and subsequently dissolved them in an instant right above the Ye camp.


The golden fists dropped from the sky like a rain of comets. They accelerated towards Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho. These fists connected with the three in a flash, and their chests took most of the hits. All three were sent flying and spinning like a kite with its string cut.

Their ribcages were broken, and they simultaneously spat blood turning pale. The three were put into a life threatening situation from their commanding positions in a mere moment.

While the Du Patriarch was flying he saw a blue shape far far away through his dilated pupils. It was a square object that resembled a tiny temple. He suddenly realised it was the runicle he saw earlier, and his heart sank in fear and panic.

What kind of monster could injure three condensed prime Warriors from a mile away? Nobody at the scene knew that this kind of power existed.

Half a minute passed as the blue runicle drew closer. It came to a stop right by the destroyed arena.

The door slid open, and a ragged-clothed old man with shaggy hair walked out of the runicle. The sky went dark the moment this vulgar figure stepped his foot onto the arena. Master Yi had arrived!

There was a golden glow in Master Yi’s eyes, his levitating body emanated a force field that covered the whole arena and caused the air around him to ripple.

He scanned the arena with his golden eyes, and his calm stare was penetrating. People at the arena were intimidated by his pressure and trembled uncontrollably.

“Master Yi!” Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho were as pale as ghosts, and they looked at the Runemaster in fear. They couldn’t believe what just happened.

General Zhou and President Dong stared at the Du Patriarch resentfully, and regretted helping him. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would anger Master Yi because of it.

“I am Zhou Wu!”

“I am Dong Ho!”

“Greetings Master Yi!” The two said in unison. Being nice to the Runemaster was more important than the pain they were suffering and their regret. They bowed down before Master Yi while grinding their teeth.

Master Yi was always in his own world, and this was the first social interaction he had for a while. If it wasn’t for Ye Wei he would be at home studying and researching runes and stances.

“Greetings Master Yi, my name is Du Yuan Ming!” The patriarch knew he was in trouble as Master Yi never got himself involved in family disputes and from the Runemaster’s behavior he could tell the Ye family was protected. Du Yuan Ming had temporarily forgotten about the deal with Lu Feng, and he was just focused on how to survive Master Yi’s wrath.

The Du Patriarch’s status meant nothing in front of this sociopath. Not only was Master Yi an individual with immeasurable strength, he was also someone who was worshipped. If he started a fight and somehow needed help, he would get it.

“Master Yi!” The audience too bowed to the Runemaster. For many of them it was an honor seeing his face, and some of them just wanted to leave a good impression on the most powerful man in Green Moon City. Surely some of the audience’s grandchildren would hear about the story of this encounter.

Master Yi looked less than ordinary, his appearance did not reflect his achievements at all. Du Yuan Ming was surprised that the powerful golden fist stance came from someone who looked like this.

The Du Patriarch was going to mention his relationship with Master Mu in hopes that it would gain Master Yi’s respect. But after experiencing Master Yi’s power first hand, he realized Master Yi was on a completely different realm than the second most famous Runemaster in Green Moon City, and there would be no point in dropping Master Mu’s name.

“Master Yi please don’t be angry. We did not know the Ye family was affiliated with you. We are really sorry!” Zhou Wu broke silence and begged Master Yi for forgiveness with a trembling voice as his legs went soft.

Dong Ho too was scared of the consequences. His white lips were twitching as he tried to talk himself out of trouble. “I have no idea what the Du family is trying to get me and the general into. They invited us without telling us any details!” He cowardly shouldered the responsibility and the blame on the Du family.

Master Yi grunted. He did not look at anyone in the Du camp as he headed straight to the Ye camp after hearing the excuses, more specifically towards Ye Wei.

He turned his head around and casually gazed at Zhou Wu and Dong Ho. Not only did this scare them, but their chests were hammered by Master Yi’s invisible strike and they coughed and choked on their own blood.