Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 41 – The Ichor Palm

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Chapter 41 – The Ichor Palm

Ye Zheng Qing was shocked to see three green scrolls in the Du Patriarch’s hand. The Du family was resourceful, but a medium grade mystic scrolls were super rare, and not something one could acquired through wealth!

A Myst stance was inscribed on each of the scrolls which activates when one tears the scroll.

Mystic Arms and scrolls both have their pros and cons.

The scrolls are relatively cheaper and their activation require no Qi, but the downside is that they are one-use artifacts. Once torn and activated they were useless, and only a fraction of the inscribed stance’s power would be released compared to a Mystic Arm.

The arms were reusable, and activated by Qi they would release the full potential of the stance stored in them as long as the Qi of the user lasted. Their price and rarity were their drawbacks, together with the fact that they don’t work when the user runs out of Qi, unlike scrolls.

Having said that, both medium grade arms and scrolls were very rare, and people who possess them usually prefer to keep them.

“The person backing us gave me these three scrolls though I never thought I’d have to use them. You should be proud of yourself for putting me in this situation!” Du Yuan Ming sneered.

Both Zhou Wu and Dong Ho were jealous of the Du Patriarch. They kept a healthy relationship with Lu Feng but had never received any gifts like the patriarch did.

Lu Feng was strong but he was not capable of inscribing medium grade scrolls. These three scroll were made by nobody other than his master, Master Mu, himself.

“Du Yuan Ming, none of us are afraid of dying for the family!” Ye Zheng Qing turned around, energized by the courageous faces of his kins and said to the Du Patriarch. “We are all in! Maybe we won’t make it through today, but your family will not walk out of this arena the way you came in, if you walk out at all!”

Ye Zheng Qing stared at the Du camp as he furiously injected Qi into the bone bracelet.

The bracelet rattled and hummed! It radiated a blurry but bright green burst of light as the runes carved on the bone fragments twitched. The runes were then projected onto the green blurry light sphere. They transformed it into the shape of an enormous bird, and a big burst of energy exploded from the artifact!

The bird’s call was proportional to the size of the creature. It spreaded its wings and flew towards the Du camp.

“No!” Du Yuan Ming started panicking, “I will deal with Ye Zheng Qing while you two wipe out the rest of them!” He said to Zhou Wu and Dong Ho as he torn up one of the scrolls. A thick vine shot out of the broken scroll and lashed towards the large green bird. The bird was tangled and slowed moments after.

The destruction of two condensed prime Warriors armed with Mystic Arms and scrolls was life threatening, and because of this the audience started running away in panic as the scale of this fight escalated quickly.


Although tangled in vines, the green bird’s attack was not stopped. It opened its beak and spat out a scotching pillar of flame. This incinerated a few of the Du youngsters who were too slow to react, and their chilling cries slowly faded in the sea of fire.

“Damn it!” Du Yuan Ming’s expression was twisted. With the impeccable speed of a seven star condensed prime Warrior he traveled to the Ye side of the arena in a blink of an eye. He was levitating over the Ye youngsters with a long sequence of glowing runes already on his fingertip.

Together with this stance he tore up the second scroll. This summoned balls of fire that rained down onto the large green bird. They left long trails of fire which resembled colossal comets breaking through the atmosphere.

It took two medium grade scrolls on top of a Qi shield to finally stop the the vigorous attack of the green bird. But Du Ming Yue’s rage had not subsided because of the casualties they suffered he was not going to just let this go. “Do it!”

Zhou Wu and Dong Ho chuckled as they charged towards the Ye camp. The general’s hand spread open, and it was as big as a hand fan. He extended his arm and reached towards Ye Wei.

“Don’t touch my nephew!” Ye Hai shouted then channeled his Qi striking out with his palm.

“You are not in my league!” Zhou Wu laughed and punched Ye Hai’s palm with his other hand. Ye Hai’s arm immediately shattered upon contact. Ye Hai was overpowered by the crushing momentum, he spat out blood and fell to the ground.

There were cruel smiles on both the general and president’s faces as Ye Hai was thrown back.

“You guys are rubbish! Is there anyone here who can fight? I am getting bored! If you’re not going to fight back I will just end your miserable lives and send you lot to meet your ancestors!” Zhou Wu quickly wrote a rune sequence with each of his hands.


Driven by Qi, the runes started rattling. The runes transformed into twenty blood red palms, each of them was ten meters long and emanated vile Qi out of the grooves and palm lines. They were just like the gigantic hands of a demon.

Myst stance, Ichor Palms!


The red palms were still materializing, but they were already emitting petrifying pressure waves that knocked all the Ye youngsters including Ye Wei onto the ground. They were pressed against the floor looking pale and defenseless.


The commanding power of Zhou Wu was menacing! Before actually attacking, the red palms were just hovered in the air, but Ye Wei’s joints were starting to crack as if they were about to be shattered. The pressure waves mercilessly pushed against him causing him to bleed internally and spit out more blood.

“Little Wei!” Ye Zhong clumsily stepped to Ye Wei’s side. He turned his head to his little cousin and shouted with a broken voice after seeing his precious partner’s condition. “Over my dead body!”

“And my tiger!” Ye Zhong forced his Sentient and dantian dry with the last bit of his will-force and Qi he forced himself to perform White Tiger’s Assault. There was only one thought in his mind, he had to protect Ye Wei.


The mighty beast appeared. It growled and immediately lunged at the falling red palm over Ye Wei’s body. The tiger and Ye Zhong shared a ferocious and determined look.

“This is hilarious. You are still just an ordinary Warrior! What are you thinking?” Zhou Wu laughed hysterically then slammed his hand down, and the red palm dropped down with great momentum.


The white tiger was shattered by the red palm immediately.

They were both Myst stances, but Zhou Wu had decades of training before Ye Zhong was even born. The seven star condensed prime Warrior’s stance broke White Tiger’s Assault upon contact.

“Little Wei, I’m sorry…” Ye Zhong lost consciousness as the tiger was shattered, and his Sentient was fractured.

“Cousin Zhong!” Ye Wei screamed his lungs out as tears were flowing out of his bloodshot eyes. His Sentient too began to fray.

A golden flash emerged in Ye Wei’s Sentient empowering his body so it stayed rigid under the immense pressure.

One by one the Ye’s dropped to the ground with blood coming from their mouths. Ye Wei was standing but his consciousness was fading.

“A Student and still on your feet? Admirable!” Zhou Wu grunted and channeled more Qi, ten more red palms struck towards Ye Wei with even stronger force.