Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 38 – Seven Star Warrior

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Chapter 38 – Seven Star Warrior

“Who is that teenager?”

The Ye family was in touch with the current affairs of Green Moon City, and had knowledge of the other families’ strengths and weaknesses. They also kept track of the up-and-coming youngsters of this generation. However nobody in the Ye camp recognized this teenager’s stern looking face.

Ye Zheng Qing researched the Du family, and he knew every single one of them well. His heart sank as he saw this teenager’s face. The patriarch’s eagle-like eyes darted to Du Yuan Ming: “Is this kid one of yours?”

Hearing Ye Zheng Qing’s question, the people around the arena immediately cast their eyes onto the Du Patriarch. They were not stupid and they knew that it was entirely possible that Du family was now seeking help from outside the family in desperation!

“Of course he’s one of us!” Du Yuan Ming said loudly and proudly.

“Bullshit! We know about the new generation of Du family! Who are you trying to fool?” Ye Hai couldn’t hold himself back and therefore screamed in anger. He knew there were only three youngsters left on the family’s roster; only three five star Warriors were left, and with Du Han Yue defeated, Ye Zhong’s chances were not low. But now Du Han Yue summoned this teenager with an unknown background, everyone could smell something fishy!

Du Yuan Ming stared at Ye Hai coldly and grunted, ” You have no grounds to question me. I am the Du Patriarch if I say he’s with us, then he is with us. Why would I lie? We are a great branch of a well established family in the capital! There are tens of thousands of Du’s within the dynasty’s borders!”

It was obvious that Du Yuan Ming was giving lame excuses and lying. The audience was speculating and discussing how low, and shameful the Du family was, but no one dared stand up for the Ye family. The truth had always been whatever the powerful insist it to be!

Everyone in the Ye camp was enraged by Du Yuan Ming’s blatant lie. ‘If they are not going to abide by the agreement, we are not going sit back and get bullied!’

“Gramps, even if I die, I will not accept this humiliation! I, Ye Qiu, volunteer to fight these despicable liars!” Her eyes were teary as she asked the patriarch.

“Dad, let me fight! I will defend our dignity by any means necessary!” Ye Hai said furiously.

The Du family stepped on the Ye’s again and again, and the Ye’s just stayed quiet and dealt with the hardship as they came. But cheating was not quite the same thing, especially when there was a written agreement.

“Stand still! Nobody said you can step foot into the arena!”

Just when that stern looking teenager was about to enter Ye Yi, the ten star Warrior, shouted with uncontrollable rage. He fiercely took a step and turned into a flash. His body now blocked the teenager.

“This is a duel between the Ye and Du families’ younger generation!” Ye Yi stared coldly down at the teenager’s eyes then he shouted again. “Are you one of the Du’s?”

The teenager indifferently looked at Ye Yi. In his mind, if he lies and declares that he is a Du, it would be the same as betraying his ancestry which he was too proud to do, and telling the truth would not help the situation therefore he decided not to speak a word.

The teenage’s silence just confirmed everyone’s suspicion!

“Du Yuan Ming, this kid is not one of you! Why would you let an outsider fight for you in a family duel? Has your family run out of talent?” Ye Yi pointed at the patriarch and furiously shouted.

“General Zhou, President Dong, that teen is obviously an outsider don’t tell me you think otherwise? The Du family is cheating, can’t you see?” Ye Hai gazed at the two men who were suppose to be judges for this duel, and questioned them in a furious tone.

“Well, what do you want now? This is a duel between the young ones! You are one generation too old to step in. Are you going to ignore the rules? I am the representative of the City Lord, and we do not tolerate cheaters!” General Zhou raised his voice, and not only did he evaded Ye Hai’s question, he even accused the Ye family of attempting to break the rules.

“Step back! All of you! How dare you entering the arena? Do you know no shame? Do not forget you signed the contract! You are breaking the terms!” Dong He squinted his eyes and said, the pressure of Lu Feng was more realistic to him than the potential of angering a hermit therefore he chose to stand by the Du family.

“Us? We are breaking the rules? Hahaha!” Ye Zheng Qing was extremely angry, and laughed hysterically. “Our family has been through its ups and downs throughout the centuries. Even when we were going through bad times, we kept our dignity and always made the honorable decisions! We don’t make trouble, but we are not afraid to confront others when they cause trouble!”

Ye Zheng Qing was furious to the point where he was willing to sacrifice anything, even his own life, to get revenge. These three were abusing their influence, resources, and power for evil and personal gain; they are poison to society. It was obvious that they could care less about any kind of rules. This was just about ending the Ye family!

First the Du family shamelessly used the hands of outsiders in a family dispute, then Zhou Wu and Dong He ignored fairness and sportsmanship, and lastly this unreasonable accusation!

This was ridiculous!

The audience was talking amongst themselves and all their respect for the Du family had just vanished, but they didn’t have the power, nor the guts, to interfere… The Du family will eventually become a public enemy because nobody will be able to trust them!

“Du Patriarch, this is a serious matter please think before you take any action!” Someone from the crowd could no longer hold their tongue.

Hearing that the crowd was joining in, Du Yuan Ming’s face looked even more twisted than it already was, but he could not back down now. The Ye family had to be eliminated right now before they grew big again!

“You’re saying he’s not one of us because you have not seen him? What kind of reasoning is that? Where is your evidence?” Du Yuan Ming shouted as he kept taunting and beckoning the Ye family hoping they would become more restless and start a brawl.

Though justice was on the Ye family’s side, general Zhou and president Dong were on the Du family’s side and with their aid the Du camp was many times stronger than the Ye camp.

With that in mind, Du Yuan Ming wasn’t worried about fighting them at all. He was just a bit worried about the Ye family’s possible, self-proclaimed, relationship with Master Yi.

Du Yuan Ming was a calculating, cautious man. He was taunting non-stop because the sooner he could wipe out the Ye family the less chance there was for them to say anything wrong, or reveal possible evidence against them in the case Master Yi does come to investigate.

“Haha! Do you think the Ye family is made up of imbeciles? Let’s try this!” The Ye Patriarch spoke to Du Yuan Ming with a cold grin. “You! Which branch of the Du family are you from? And where did you grow up?”

“If he is a Du I will rest my case. Win or lose, I shall accept the results, but on the contrary if he’s not we will not sit here and let you do as you please!” Ye Zheng Qing looked intensely at Du Yuan Ming and said in a low voice.

Ye Zheng Qing and his family were not going to give the Du Patriarch an inch; they will not compromise.

The situation was at a stand off, and everyone knew a fight could breakout at any moment.

Ye Zheng Qing, I know it’s hard for you to trust the Du family but you trust the City Lord’s judgement, right?” General Zhou took a step forward and said slowly.

“Yea, you two have had some misunderstandings and disagreements. Ye Patriarch we understand your misgivings with the Du family, but general Zhou and I are the judges for this fight and you trust us, right? That teenager is definitely a Du!” President Dong stated diplomatically.

“Pfft, trust you? You are hilarious!” Ye Zheng Qing started laughed hysterically. He wanted to kill everyone of these liars. He now regretted that he did not train hard enough. If he was stronger his family would have justice!

“Looks like I have to do something to maintain order!” General Zhou swung his right arm and the power of a seven star condensed prime Warrior was unleashed. The telekinetic force knocked Ye Yi into the air and out of the arena.

Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho were keeping the Ye family in check using their condensed prime Warrior power.

Ye Zhong was the only person left standing in the arena.

“Finally all the trash has been taken out!” The stern looking teenager grinned and jumped into the arena his body covered by a feather like shiny texture. He looked at Ye Zhong with a cruel, sadistic smile and said, “Don’t worry, I will keep your corpse in one piece!”

Primal feathers, seven star Warrior!

Just as the audience thought they had seen all there was today, they were again shocked, this time by a baby-faced seven star Warrior!

Ye Zhong clenched his fist as he looked at the teenager with worry in his eyes.

Ye Zheng Qing on the other hand was using his power and trying to combat the three Warrior’s oppressive auras. “Du Yuan Ming, just bring it on if you want to wipe us out cut the acting!”

“Brother Ye you are taking this whole thing too personally, I really am a reasonable man!” The Du Patriarch looked relaxed smiling when he spoke.

The big battle was now underway and a cold atmosphere slowly covered the arena.

The Ye family had never before been humiliated like this. Just before the fight was going to start a familiar childlike boy ran into the arena.