Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 37 – Mysterious Youth

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Chapter 37 – Mysterious Youth

If the Ye family really had a Runemaster behind them then overrunning them was not longer as carefree and simple as the Du family initially planned!

Look at the Ye family! They were not as washed-up as everyone imagined. The valiant resistance they showed inspired hundreds at the arena.

Du Yuan Ming looked at Du Han Yue, who was lying motionlessly on the ground, then he shifted his focus to the arena at the staggering Ye Zhong with a murderous glare.

“Du Patriarch, a Warrior who can perform Myst stance… This is fishy!” Dong He spoke up, he was feeling a bit difficult regarding the situation. He closed his eyes then continued calculating. ‘If a Runemaster gets involved I should still be fine. I did not start this dispute. I’m not going to get too involved therefore I can be blameless if this goes south.’

Du Yuan Ming’s face remained straight, and not a word has left his mouth.

“Little Zhong won, our five star Warrior defeated a six star opponent. God bless our family name!” Ye Zheng Qing’s frown loosened, and his aged face once again displayed bottomless delight.

‘None of us in the older generation had the potential little Zhong has, and little Wei clearly has the potential to become a Runemaster. In twenty years nobody will be able to mess with the Ye family!’

Ye Hai’s hands were shaking. He could not repress his emotions the moment he knew the fight was over. Not only was his son alive, he even won!

“Big brother, you have a great son!” Ye Hai’s siblings all gratefully looked at him with genuine smiles on their faces.

Ye Zhong accomplished a great mission; he defended the Ye family!

“Little brother thank you! We have to thank little Wei too!” Ye Hai thankfully patted Ye Yi’s shoulders. If it wasn’t for the new White Tiger’s Assault Ye Zhong’s life would have been at the Du family’s mercy! Ye Wei contributed the most to him winning this fight!

Hearing Ye Hai’s little speech, Ye Yi became emotional and his eyes were wet. Ye Wei was no longer a sore spot in his heart. Set aside that it was thought to be impossible for him to reach the Warrior level with his red sentient, if the fight did not just end the way it did then Ye Wei would not be able to survive without the protection of their family’s roof.

Ye Yi was still trying to let the news regarding Ye Wei’s talent settle. The power to change the Ye family’s future now lay in his son’s hands. He could not be any prouder.

There is no reason to worry about Ye Wei anymore, he could finally let go of the burden in his mind.

Meanwhile at the Du camp, the patriarch, general, and president were having an unprecedented moment of complete silence.

Du Han Yue was not their main concern. He was gravely injured but as long as he was breathing, the Du family’s wealth would fund his recovery. The problem at hand was deciding what their next step would be because of the mystery around Ye Zhong’s breakthrough and Myst stance. They had to figure out whether there was a Runemaster behind the Ye family and if so, who it was.

‘Could it really be Master Yi?’ Du Yuan Ming frowned while stuck in deep thought. The Ye family did mention his name.

“Upgrading a Spirit stance to a Myst stance is no easy task. I’m afraid master Yi is the only person in Green Moon City who’s capable doing it!” General Zhou proposed the hypothesis seriously. He was someone that used brute strength, but also one who could think clearly. He was aware that if master Yi was one of Ye family’s allies then he was not willing nor could he afford to step foot in this mess.

Out of the three Runemaster in Green Moon City, Master Yi was indisputably the strongest. He was a ten star Runemaster. Just one step away from becoming a Legendary Grand-Runemaster!

The amount of Grand-Runemaster in the dynasty could be counted on one hand. Their supreme existence was unchallenged. In remote cities like Green Moon personalities like Master Yi were not to be messed with, and even the City Lord, himself, would think twice before saying anything to him.

General Zhou and Dong Ho looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged a solemn, careful expression.

“This is impossible! If the Ye family was that close to Master Yi then why isn’t the Runemaster at the arena to spectate?” The Du Patriarch could feel that Zhou Wu and Dong He’s determination was softening, and he desperately attempted to rally his camp.

For the Ye family, Zhou Wu and Dong Ho were invited by the patriarch to help complete his scheme. They were not villains in the Ye’s eyes like the Du family was. If the Ye family could get past today, the Du family was going to be the target of revenge!

The Du family had already passed the point of no return! Their best option was to deliver the knockout punch to the Ye’s right here and now!

Du Yuan Ming snorted and said: “The Ye family is bluffing maybe Master Yi unintentionally refined a stance for Ye Zhong when he was experimenting or something, but knowing Master Yi’s hermit lifestyle, the chances of him getting involved in our dispute is zero! Why would he help the Ye family?”

Zhou Wu and Dong Ho considered the patriarch’s reasoning in silence and eventually saw the logic in it.

“If we get our hands on their ancestral land at North Hill Bay and hand it to mister Lu Feng, he would most definitely be on our side! Plus, the Ye family has already stamped the contract, with the document in hand all we need to do is win the duel. At that point even if Master Yi wanted to do something about the situation, he couldn’t!” Du Yuan Ming ground his teeth and said coldly, this is all or nothing!

“Brother Du, Han Yue the strongest of our youngsters has been defeated, and you only have a handful of five star Warriors at your disposal. Although Ye Zhong has already been weakened and I don’t think any of them can finish him!” Dong Ho was looking at Ye Zhong while still on his feet. And in Dong Ho’s eyes he was still hiding some tricks up his burnt and bloody sleeves.

“He has a Myst stance at his command, Dong He is right this could be tricky!” General Zhou Wu said with a straight face. If Ye Zhong can perform White Tiger’s Assault just once more, anyone lesser than a six star Warrior will not stand a chance! It’s the last man, we can’t risk it!

“Before this day came, I had a long talk with Lu Feng, and it’s lucky for us he over-prepared… If a six star Warrior can’t put Ye Zhong down then we will send a seven star Warrior into the arena!” Du Yuan Ming looked at the group of youngsters who stood behind him, focused on the stern looking mysterious teenager.

That young seven star Warrior was Lu Feng’s friend, but his last name was not Du.

“Who of you dare face me?” Ye Zhong gathered his strength and roared. His words echoed throughout the arena as he scanned the scared faces of the youngster standing in the Du camp.

‘Just one more fight. One more win until our ancestral land is safe!’

Feeling Ye Zhong’s determination and seeing his fierce glance, the five star Warriors of the Du camp were hesitant and some were even trembling in fear. The image of Du Han Yue’s horrifying defeat was still freshly implanted in their heads.

“Little Zhong, don’t force yourself!” Seeing Ye Zhong’s blood stained clothes and body, the Ye family looked very concerned. He was just a five star Warrior, although he did beat Du Xian Hong and Du Han Yue it was uncertain whether he could take on another five star Warrior the Du family would send into the arena.

“If I’m breathing, I will be fighting! I am not going to step out of this arena!” Ye Zhong ground his teeth in pain. He grunted and spoke, “Ye is my last name and I will defend our history and honor!”


It’s the only way! He had done this much and gone this far. Ye Zhong planned to defeat the last person the Du family sent out even if he was going to die of fatigue. He was one step away from saving his family from this crisis!

Meanwhile, the stern looking youngster walked through the Du camp slowly. He rolled up his sleeves as he leisurely approached the arena, not looking concerned at all.

“I admire your courage, but the party’s over. You will lose now!” He calmly said to Ye Zhong while closing in on him.