Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 25 – Ye Wei’s Talent

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Chapter 25 – Ye Wei’s Talent

Ye Zheng Qing was left puzzled as the runicle flew away, and it was at this moment that he realised how little he knew about what his grandson was doing these days.

“Zhong, you know something about this little girl and what she has to do with little Wei?” Asked Ye Hai with a deep frown, Ye Zhong is usually not the kind of kid who hides information from his family.

Grandpa looked at him demandingly, the family longed for an explanation to their relationship.

“Actually little Wei has phenomenal soul sensitivity. His talent was discovered by one of his substitute teachers recently, and because of this his substitute teacher is going to introduce him to Master Yi to possibly become an apprentice Runemaster!” Under the intense social pressure, Ye Zhong felt a bit guilty for not being transparent and open as such he could no longer hide it. There was no point hiding it now either everyone knew Ye Wei was heading to Master Yi’s place. He missed his chance to tell the good news to the elders himself.

Ye Yi had always been a caring father and tried to be there for his son, so this news surprised him greatly and also shamed him a little. He felt like he did not know anything about his son!

Ye Yi was not the only person who looked surprised, the rest of the family was staring at Ye Zhong, speechless and struggling to believe what they just heard.

‘Every child in the Ye family deserves the same opportunities.’ This had always been Ye Zheng Qing’s motto; he always tried to be fair with attention and resource distribution no matter how limited they were. But there were too many children in the Ye family, and he had to compromise his values for the families new policies to protect their future first. So he end up focusing more time and resources on the kids who showed more talent.

Ye Wei grew up in the shadows of everyone else, outside of the attention of the family. The family expected nothing from him and his red Sentient, so Ye Wei got used to their uncaring attitudes. The family couldn’t imagine he grew so much and became the child who surpassed the expectations placed on them the most out of all of kids of the Yu family.

“A Runemaster with his Sentient?” Ye Wei wasn’t even expected to become a Warrior. “Nevermind the details, we could have a Runemaster in the family soon!” Ye Zheng Qing’s voice trembled, he could not describe in words how excited he was.

Ye Hai too was slightly ashamed: “I scolded him pretty hard the other night for not training hard enough… ” Why didn’t he just tell me he has been doing his best and actually achieved something incredible?

“Dad, it’s okay he’s a boy, but a mature one. Little Wei understands you just want what’s best for him!” Ye Zhong smiled, he was proud of who Ye Wei was becoming.

Ye Yi started to tear up, Joe Wan and him had gotten a few white hairs over the years worrying about Ye Wei’s talent. All the worry and bitterness just turned into hope and good wishes, they were relieved to hear that their son had a bright future ahead of him.

Ye Zheng Qing calmed down a little. Having a Runemaster in the family would help solve many problems the family was facing, not only can Ye Wei become the next patriarch, he could also be the key to the Ye family reaching new heights! He looked across at the Du camp with a clenched fist determined to protect his family and hold things together. Buying time for Ye Wei now was the most important task, everything would be fine once he was with Master Yi!

Du Yuan Ming stared at the the spirited Ye camp and he heard Master Yi’s name mentioned.

‘Ye Zheng Qing had already stamped the contract, when we crush them in this fight there will be no turning back, there is nothing Master Yi can do!’

“Master Yi was known for his weird temper and being a hermit who doesn’t interfere with personal disputes. He will not interrupt a mere fight, who cares about the Ye family anyway?”

He thought it was naive for the Ye family to put their faith in Master Yi, and their misplaced faith will be meaningless against Lu Feng’s plans to get ahold of their ancestral land.

“Brother Ye, the contestant from the Du family is already standing in the middle of the arena, how long will you keep us waiting? Are you scared?” Du Yuan Ming taunted, wanting to get this done with soon as possible.

Ye Zheng Qing frowned, the three strongest youngsters on their side were Ye Zhong, Ye Qiu, and Ye Yuan. And only Ye Zhong could match Du Xian Hong’s four stars. ‘It’s a shame we didn’t spend more time and resources on Ye Wei, he could be fighting for us today… Hope we will get through this for our families sake, our future, and I want to make it up to that boy!’

“Gramps, let me fight. I might not be able to win, but I can waste his energy and set it up as an easy fight for cousin Zhong! This is the only way!” Ye Yuan was staring at the center of the arena, thinking it would not be an easy fight.

“Gramps there’s no point. Du Xian Hong is going to toy with Yuan and will probably kill him… I will deal with this on my own!” Ye Zhong stepped up and walked in front of Ye Yuan.

“No gramps, let me!” Ye Qiu also stepped up, determined to do what she could for the family.

Grandpa was proud of how the three strongest youngsters want to work as a team to wear the Du family down, it was obvious they put the family’s honor in front of everything else. It was not a hard decision, but it was hard to actually send any of these kids out into the arena.

“Yuan, do your best!”

“It will be a game of hit and run, Yuan attack quick and then move back to safety. Waste Du Xian Hong’s energy as much as possible, make him reveal as much as possible. Make him slower and weaker. Do your best!”

“Yes!” Ye Yuan nodded, his baby face showed nothing but focus and determination as he walked up to his opponent with his head held high.

The crowd went quiet, this was history in the making.


The runicle was large and spacious ten meters long, as well as tall and wide. The shining green runes on the surface decorated it elegantly, taking the green from the structure and flying around the runicle like little stones of emerald. It almost looked like a little temple from a distance.

Though it was flat in the front, the ride was smooth because some of the runes were redirecting the turbulence and drag around the vehicle, Zi Yan and Ye Wei could not feel they were in motion at all.

The interior was luxurious; the seats and floor were covered by exquisite ferret pelts, by the seat was an elegant table crafted with the highest quality of amboine. But none of this concerned Ye Wei, his mind was still in the arena with his family!

‘Du Xian Hung is a four star Warrior, Ye Qiu, and Ye Yuan shouldn’t risk themselves, but it’s already a tight fight between cousin Zhong and Du Han Yue. If we were to start with cousin Zhong we won’t be able to win in the end… What can be done?’ The win condition for Ye family is basically for Ye Zhong to finish the first two Du contestants without showing his five star cultivation and the refined stances, if he could somehow do that and still have enough Qi while not being injured, Ye Zhong could win. But the problem is, Ye Zhong would have to fight three people which is practically impossible.

Ye Wei was confused and restless, thinking about the best scenario and ways out of this crisis for the Ye family.

“Ye Wei, are you okay? Looks like you have something on your mind?” Lin Zi Yan asked casually hoping to get an honest answer. She was not stupid and could see Ye Wei was preoccupied. For the whole ride Ye Wei was looking worried.

It was very common in Green Moon City, and even the rest of the empire, for different families to have sparring matches every so often, she had no idea what the Du family and the Ye family were fighting for.

“It’s nothing… ” Ye Wei shook his head pretended nothing was wrong. The Du family, is in the end, one of the biggest establishments in Green Moon City, now that they have joined forces with general Zhou and president Dong Ye Wei he thought ‘Even if Lin Zi Yan seemed to have some influence she wouldn’t be able to do much about it.’

Master Yi was Ye Wei’s only hope!

Slowly realising he would be a key part of the family’s future, Ye Wei needed a confidence boost “Zi Yan, do you think Master Yi will accept me as a disciple?”