Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 233 – Return Prime Stone

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Chapter 233 - Return Prime Stone

The initiates frowned, shocked by how far the trio were willing to go driven by pride. They all took a step back and began talking to each other.

“I kind of saw this happening, there is no way the veterans would let it go easily. But I don’t think it’s ethical for them to make a move while Ye Wei is trying to get his stone!”

“A tall tree in a shrub is always the first to fall when a storm comes.”

“Ye Wei might be able to take on a four-star returned prime Warrior, but there are three of them!”

The initiates sighed and shook their heads as they felt more sorry for Ye Wei.

Shi Kun stared downwards, grunted and said, “You are slightly better than Jin Kui but you are still under three-star returned prime level. Either Qian Dao and Zhou Huan would be able to crush you and you are trying to get yourself a stone instead of defending yourself? Naive!”

“Do you think I am just going to stay up here and do nothing?” Shi Kun’s lips curled up to a cold smile.


The smile on Shi Kun’s face lasted less than a second and vanished as Qian Dao and Zhou Huan intercepted Ye Wei and the light clone.

“Back off.” A burst of energy exploded from both Ye Wei and the clone, the shockwaves reached the ocean, stirred up miles tall sea tornados.

‘This is much greater than what a three-star returned prime Warrior can do!”

Before Qian Dao and Zhou Huan could react, the burst of energy had repelled them both. They could no longer control their own movement, sent flying backwards towards the ground.

“What is happening?” Shi Kun could not believe what he saw. “This kid reached four-star returned prime level?”

‘But he is not even a returned prime Warrior!’ He was in complete shock, ‘He made Qian Dao and Zhou Huan look defenseless!’

‘Body strength stances are limited by cultivation, unless… could he be a demon!?’

The initiates’ bodies felt the Qi disturbance and started talking to each other.

“Does it only take him days to improve this much or was he hiding this!?”

“I don’t think he broke through to returned prime level yet. Which makes it even more unbelievable.”

“He is good, not just for an initiate!”

Hong Hai and the other initiates couldn’t help but exclaim in unison.

“This is what I am capable of, and I am here for a stone. I will not be stopped by anyone who dares to step in my way.” Ye Wei grunted as Zhou Huan and Qian Dao landed in the waves. Using the time when his opponents were startled, he sent his clone towards the closest golden puppet.

“Damn it!” Shi Kun’s face became pale as he realized he was about to fail the task Qing Mu trusted him to finish.

“Regroup and get the stone! You know what would happen to us if we returned to Qing Mu with empty hands!” Shi Kun shouted and sped towards the palace on the island.

“It’s too late to stop him from breaking a puppet. We have to stop him from catching the stone instead!”


The golden puppet closest to Ye Wei shattered as soon as the clone’s fist connected. A beam of light shot at the puppet’s core, receiving the Qi signature of the attacker.


The runes on the palace’s surface squirmed simultaneously. The next moment, a palm-sized black crystal rocketed out from the inside of the palace’s energy shield.

“I’ve warned you all. I will not hold back this time.” The island trembled when Ye Wei stomped the ground, he rode a hold of starlight, launched himself to the stone.

“Gravitating Prison!” Shi Kun reacted immediately after the initiate made his move, the runes that came out of his hands turned into dense bars, joined together to form a cage.


The cage shape expanded covered the sky above Ye Wei’s head.

“Interesting.” Ye Wei mutter, slowly lifted his shoulders to feel the immensity of the restricting stance’s effect. “This is actually something I can learn from.”


“Let’s go!”

Zhou Huan and Qian Dao chuckled, shook their bodies to dry themselves a little and flew towards the stone.

‘Third evolution!’

‘Peerless Sword!’

Ye Wei’s Qi became concentrated, powering the improved sword Qi. Hiss cold gaze darted onto the approaching trio while three hundred and sixty swords swept towards Zhou Huan and Qian Dao in a cycloning motion.

After training for the past twenty days, Ye Wei learned to utilize his advance understanding of the stance in combat.

‘The stone is mine! The Qi swords have the momentum of rivers! They are no weaker than mid-Earth level!’


There were no sense of comfort left in either Zhou Huan or Qian Dao’s body. They could see the Qi swords were going to land in the matter of seconds, but they could already feel the swords’ edged on their faces through the blaze. They tried grabbing the flying stone but then retracted their bleeding hands almost the exact moment.

“Pop!” A crisps sound radiated from Ye Wei’s feet as he escaped Shi Kun’s zone of intensified gravity.

Ye Wei quickly reached his arm outwards. He grabbed the black crystal, bypassing the trio’s resistance with speed and force .

“I told you, it’s mine.” His cold gaze fell onto Shi Kun.

The trio looked at each other, frustrated, each of them angry that they could not stop the initiate from acquiring a return prime stone despite the advantage of number. None of the three could bear to imagine the veterans’ reaction after hearing what happened in the secret realm today.

“He did it! He is my idol now!”

“Hahaha, all three veterans were four-star returned prime Warriors but they couldn’t even react in time! That’s how fast Ye Wei is!”

The initiates were feeling motivated, encouraged by Ye Wei consistently retaliation against the bullies. They all began to take pride in being one of those who started in the Million Star palace the same year as Ye Wei did, moved by his strength and shocked by his capabilities.

“If he is only a little stronger than I am, I might be jealous. But he is just so far ahead, there is no point to envy. I need to learn from him.” Hong Hai muttered while clenching his fists.

Zhou Huan and Qian Dao quickly recovered and leaped back to Shi Kun’s side.

“Brother Kun, if this doesn’t work out, we might as well just leave the Black Dragon Valley. Our allies will leave us.”

“Qing Mu will never forgive us!”

They both looked at Shi Kun, the highest ranked amongst the trio, for an answer.

“His body is at four-star returned prime level but so are we. All we have to do is not to underestimate him” Shi Kun gritted his teeth and glared at Ye Wei, “we will rip the stone from his cold hands.”

“Get him!”

“We need to take control!”

Qian Dao and Zhou Huan channeled their Qi, their rage-filled energy situated a mile wide radius.

“I see you don’t like giving up.” Ye Wei stared at the trio, tightened his grip on the stone as he evaluated his position.

‘I can handle each one of them but they are by no means weak. I can probably hold my ground for a few minutes before they find a way to work together and fight me as a team, then I will be done for…’

‘Unless…’ Ye Wei kept calculating the variables, while feeling the warmth of the stone in his hand.

“Hand over the stone now or we will have to make you!” Shi Kun screamed desperately, ready to get his hand dirty as his reputation was at stake.