Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 209 – The Black Dragon Listing

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Chapter 209 - The Black Dragon Listing

“Newbie!” The purple robed youngster took the talisman from Ye Wei’s hand, a small smile appeared on his cold and emotionless face. He waved and said: “Welcome, but be warned, there are one hundred and thirty-seven new recruits in total, and they are all trying to prove something, you will really have to work hard to stand out.”

Ye Wei nodded, surprised that anyone at all could tell that he was eager to compete and to prove himself. He was then led to an area filled with outgrowing weed, soon they arrived at a remote villa, it was old and dirty, its walls were cracked and decorated by moss.

“This is you newbie.” The purple robed youngster didn’t even bother to remember Ye Wei’s name. He took a deep breath, coughed as he nearly choked on the unpleasant odor.

‘This looks like an abandoned house…’ Ye Wei frowned as he assessed the building, wondered if Helian Jieyuan’s invitation was a joke.

“Don’t give me that face. All newbies are assigned to places like this.” The purple robed youngster quickly read Ye Wei’s body language. “There are a few more newbies to come, I will call all of you for a meeting when they’ve arrived.”

“Being here give you access to the Helian’s bottomless resources, but if you want better access and a better life, you will have to fight for it. I will be on my way if there isn’t any questions.”

“Thank you very much for leading the way, may I ask how you would like to be addressed?” Ye Wei handed over a small jade bottle as he spoke in a respectful tone.

“Ha blood essence pill huh, you big spender.” The caretaker popped open the cork and smiled, “I am Baili Hengtian and I will watch over you for now.”

After receiving the handsome bribe, Baili Hengtian’s attitude changed completely, he walked to back towards the villa and patted Ye Wei on the shoulder. “It’s true that all of us were invited here by the Helians but they seldom come by, let alone governing this place, we have our own rules here pretty much since the palace was built.”

“Let’s put it this way, the Helians recognized everyone of you newbies, but that is just as much they recognized everyone who was chosen to stay here. If you wish to blend in, it’s not the Helians you have to impress, it’s the veterans you have to prove yourself to. Before then, you are just another newbie, a disposable trash here in the Million Star Palace.”

Ye Wei frowned immediately and asked. “That sounds harsh, doesn’t the Helians interfere with the bullying?”

“Interfere?” Baili Hengtian laughed and replied, “what is the point? All the cultivators here are gifted and know better than to steal and to kill. I actually think they anticipated this to happen, as an intended gauntlet to mould us, making us humble and tough. Haha!”

“I see. So are there any shortcuts to be accepted into the inner circles?” The young Runemaster asked curiously.

“The quickest way?” Baili Hengtian gave Ye Wei a brief visual inspection and smile, “the annual newcomer fights is the palace’s tradition, if you win that you will probably be recognized by the veterans.”

“I see.” Ye Wei nodded, ‘it makes sense, they are all elites in their own rights and their have all the reasons to be a bit prideful. I will have to show them I am on their level as much as I would prefer learning from better cultivators.’

“Well, yea what you said is right, but…” The caretaker hesitated, look at the valuable jade bottle in his hand, “don’t tell anyone that I’ve had this conversation with you.”

“Even if you win, don’t expect that the veterans will accept you right away. The newcomer fights are invented by alumni long ago to establish fear and authority, and its effectiveness is the reason why it’s still around. They’d do just about anything to make all the newbies taste the dirt, to repress them.”

Baili Hengtian spoke slowly to make sure Ye Wei heard every detail. “Once newcomer champion has been decided, he will get to fight one of the veterans. Needless to say, the oldies will show no mercy just to make a point.”

“Okay, I get it.” Ye Wei nodded, “by the way, when and how can I move to a better villa?”

“The Helians officially host a series of fights for this facility every year, the better villas will be rewarded to the top five thousand contestants. Unfortunately that just happened not long ago, you will have to wait a year.” Baili Hengtian patted Ye Wei’s shoulders, “Don’t feel bad, most of us here have lived in one of these trashed villas. It will only make the upgrade feel even better if and when you get to move. You could be an elite, be treated like noble back in your hometown but even dragons will have to coil up here.”

“Is there no other way?” Ye Wei sighed as he looked scraped paint on the walls.

“No, unless… Unless your name appears on there, then the Helians will send you to one of the private quarters, and they will even assign servants to serve you.” The caretaker shook his head, pointed at the black dragon statue’s head in the sky towards the center of the palace, with its height at five hundred feet it was visible from all corners of the Million Stars Palace. He did not get into details as he didn’t think much of Ye Wei.

“And that would be?” Ye Wei’s confused eyes followed the caretaker’s finger, the crafted dragon did not look anything more than a decoration to him.

“That, my friend, is the black dragon listing, out of the thirty thousand residents, only one thousand of our names are on the statue.” Baili Hengtian looked up with respect and respect and envy. “And needless to say, they fought hard to earn the privilege.”

The caretaker was a gifted cultivator, he had been a resident of the palace for three years since he was seventeen, but his name had not once been on the statue. All the cultivators who have their names on the list were at the weakest a three-star returned prime Warrior, a two-star returned prime Warrior at the age of twenty, he was the most respected person in his home region but only considered mediocre here in the palace.

“One thousand places huh?” Ye Wei’s brows rose as he smiled, he wanted to be friendly and showed the caretaker his cultivation level.

“Haha! I know what you are thinking, and my advice is don’t do it. You will simultaneously get hurt and humiliated.” Baili Hengtian burst into laughters. “Have you ever been in a fight and how old are you? Fifteen? Sixteen? You will have to be at least a four-star returned prime Warrior if you want a chance to squeeze yourself into the list!”

In his three years living in the palace, he had never dared challenging a lister once.

“Tell me if I am wrong, you are at ten-star condensed prime level correct?” He wore a mocking smile and continued. “You are good, among newbies maybe. Just learn your place and try in five years or something, you don’t need these veterans’ approval, you will get your supplies and resources from the Helians either way.”

“Alright, that’s it. I’ve told you too much already. Like I say, I will call you up when for the induction and the newcomer fights.” Baili Hengtian waved and bade farewell.

‘Four-star returned prime level? Doesn’t sound unachievable.’ Ye Wei smiled, waved back as he thought. ‘I already have the body strength of a three-star returned prime Warrior before even using Supernova stance.’

“When I was still an eight-star condensed prime Warrior, I did beat Lu Qianhuan. The iron talisman helped but he was a reckless three-star returned prime Warrior.” Ye Wei muttered to himself. “My light clone is far stronger now too…”

He calculated and calculated, figured out it was not impossible to get himself in the black dragon listing.

“I can’t live like this. I have to figure out how to challenge the listing sooner rather than later!” Ye Wei walked around the villa and shook his head. Found a clean patcch of grass to sit on outside the building. He sat down, focused himself and began to cultivate.

In just two hours, Baili Hengtian made his return to summon Ye Wei, the young Runemaster joined the group of newcomers and soon arrived at the main square.

All one hundred and thirty-seven newcomers lined up on the stone tiles, all of them curious and looking around nervously.

“Ye Wei!? You are here too?” A familiar voice rang in the young Runemaster’s ears.

It had been a while since their last encounter, but Jian Chen’s babyface did not change a bit. He was wearing the same white outfit and his handsome face was still making the girls blush.

Jian Chen was keeping his cool, kept a distance from the other newcomers instead of making connections like everyone else was trying to do.

“I didn’t expect to see you here!” Ye Wei was delighted to see a face he knew, walked up and greeted. Although his facial features were not as symmetrical as Jian Chen, his sleek body and masculine charm was also attracting attention.

“I will not lose to you here!” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up, wished to redeem himself from his defeat at the regional tournament.

“Ha, one of us has to be wrong.” Ye Wei smiled to his rival, his friend in cultivation; Jian Chen had been one of his motivations, what pressured him to train harder when he was feeling low and tired.

“So do you know who is the strongest among us newcomers?” Ye Wei scanned across and asked his old friend.

“I have not fought any of them so I can not answer that accurately. Though I have seen a few of them making a fuss over the living conditions and they were pretty strong judging by the mess they made.” Jian Chen answered calmly.

“I see.” Ye Wei nodded, not surprised that others were also unsatisfied with the living arrangement. “They were probably used to the privileges they had back home.”