Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 203 – The Tenth Mark

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Chapter 203 - The Tenth Mark

“Of course I have seen the mark, I am not blind. Are you sure you want to know where they are? There are demons and beasts waiting for the marks to surface.” Helian Jieyuan said.

Although powers strong as the three royal families could benefit from the Supreme Dragon ridge’s treasures, the Grand Elder cared more about cultivation than any treasure.

Helian Jieyuan would not even have left the Drakehead if he was not intrigued by Ye Wei’s unique Qi presence, an energy signature that reminded him of the Glacial Emperor.

The demons and beasts had known about the Drakehead for centuries. The Grand Elder’s presence was the reason why they lived in the North Barren Mountains and stayed deep in the valleys, away from the bay area. Their fear and respect was the only thing that kept Green Moon City peaceful.

“Yea and the Huyan’s are here too, and I don’t think any of them would just leave without getting a sacred mark or two. The City will never be safe for now.” Ye Wei sighed and said, wishing the Grand Elder would intervene but also realized it was less than likely. “Do you have any idea when the marks will be released by the Drakehead?”

“Two months, but that’s just a guess, it all depends on how much we use this place, and you cultivating here is not making it any easier to predict.” Helian Jieyuan laughed and replied.

‘The demons and the beasts are too close to Green Moon City right now…’ Ye Wei thought to himself, he wished to leave for the Helian’s, to train while seeing the world but couldn’t stop worrying about his home.

“The marks are in here, and I am capable of speeding the process up then breaking the disc open.” Helian Jieyuan smiled, seemed to able to read Ye Wei’s mind. He pointed at the jade disc in the center of the hall. It stood twenty feet tall, completely black from top to bottom. “If we crack the disc open right now, we will be able to acquire one or two marks.”

‘If they are busy fighting for the treasures in the mountains, they will away from the bay area and the city…’ Ye Wei quickly thought of an outlandish solution, walked towards the jade disc and channeled his strength. He struck the jade disc with a three-star returned prime Warrior’s power.


A muffled noise sounded, the jade disc was not even scratched, remained perfectly intact.

“Sir, how can I break the seal on the disc?” Ye Wei tried to follow the waving energy flow underneath the jade artifact’s polished surface, but failed to work anything out.

“If you are going to use brute force, you will need the strength of a seven-star returned prime Warrior to crack the disc.” Helian Jieyuan spoke smilingly. “Or you can learn to use the power in your blood.”

“Try, condense the energy to your fingertip.” The Grand Elder instructed, decided to make a tuition out of the situation. “Close your eyes and feel the warmth in your blood.”

“Technically, the Dragon ridge’s treasures belongs to the Ye’s, but I guess Supreme Ye Yu did not just want to hand it to you. The amount of treasure will just turn the Ye’s into other families’ target.” Helian Jieyuan kept talking while Ye Wei channeled his blood’s power. “That’s why he left the freezing barrier in the pond, it’s a good gating system.”

Ye Wei thought about the Grand Elder’s words, quietly agreed. ‘We haven’t gotten any of the treasures yet and the Lu’s already almost wiped us out.

“You are right sir, there is no way that Ye’s and me can defend the sites once the treasures are unearthed. I’d rather keep the Ye’s out of it. If that means letting the beasts and demons fight have the treasures instead, so be it, I’d prefer peace anyday at this point.” Ye Wei replied, he could now feel a warm pulse in his hand.

‘The treasures are not just gold and silver, he knows it and he is willing give it away…’ Helian Jieyuan shook his head and chuckled, admired Ye Wei’s naivety. ‘If I was in your position I would be begging me for help!’

The Grand Elder was intrigued by Ye Wei’s decision, the Huyan, the demons and the beasts will not leave North Hill Bay for the time being, each of these forces were capable of destroying Green Moon City.

‘If the scared marks are out in the open, these dangerous forces will turn their focus to searching the treasures away from the city.’ Ye Wei thought and nodded. ‘The Dragon ridge’s treasure does belong to the Ye’s, I will reclaim them from whoever took from us once I became stronger!’

“Like the other Dragon ridges, the Supreme Ye’s treasures are spread in nine different locations, but I can feel ten marks in the jade disc. I am not quite sure what id the tenth mark for, but it stores more energy than the other nine.” Helian Jieyuan said to Ye Wei, his gaze penetrated the jade disc.

“Once you’ve opened the seal on the disc, I will capture a mark or two for you, as a token of appreciation.” The Grand Elder calmly said. “I will try to catch the odd one.”

“Thank you sir!” Ye Wei bowed to Helian Jieyuan. He knew that once the seal is open the ten marks will fly, then land on randon locations far far away and that he was not quick or strong enough to stop them.

“Sir, you are more than welcome to get a couple of marks for the Helian’s” Ye Wei offered gratefully. “Even if you are just doing things according to your own rules, you did save my life!”

Helian Jieyuan was strong enough capture multiple marks, and even if a few of them are to fly away from the Drakehead, he will still be able to easily track them down. Not the demons nor the beast, not even the Huyan’s would be able to do anything to retaliate.

“The universe is a cycle, I’ve taken advantage of the Ye’s by cultivating here. I am catching marks and sending you to the Helian’s for good karma, if I take more from the situation, that would make me a greedy person.” Helian Jieyuan’s eyes shone a gentle glow, he stroked his long beard and continued. “Karma is a form of limitation, if I want to improve my cultivation now I will have to be one with the universe, rid myself of karma and other limitations, physical and mental.”

“I was born into a royal family, that was an advantage the universe had given me, and I left them to train on my own for the same reason.” The Grand Elder sighed and nodded at the confunsed young Runemaster, “Kid, when you are at my level, you will understand.”

“Okay!” Ye Wei nodded politely but didn’t understand a word.

“I think I am ready!” Ye Wei stared at the jade disc, lifted his finger and nicked the tip with his dagger.

Drips of golden blood dropped onto the dark jade, revealing all the runes Supreme Ye Yu place in it years ago. The disc shot out ten bolts of light, the speed they traveled at made them barely visable.


The black jade disk shook as layers of protective seals fell apart, the burst of energy tore a dark crack open mid air.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The marks escaped one by one, slipped into the crack in a flash.

“No so fast!” Just when the tenth mark was flying away, Helian Jieyuan leaped forth. A vortex of will-force formed in his palm, the great force of suction froze the last mark like a hummuingbird, levitating, but completely stationary.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

All other nine marks had left the palace while the tenth began to vibrate, shake vigorously like a critter trying to escape a death trap.


The mark kept rattling and spinning, releasing surges of primal energy at the mean time.

“A fighting one!” Helian Jieyuan’s face changed, his casual smile was slowing disappearing as the mark unanticipatedly grew stronger. The vortex in his palm turned golden and the suction force doubled.

It was only after two hours of constant fighting when Helian Jieyuan successfully suppressed the tenth mark. Drained of energy, the mark quietly laid still in the Grand Elder’s hand.

When Helian Jieyuan had the time to relax the other nine marks were already miles away in different directions.

“This is completely different to the other ones, be careful how you use it.” The Grand Elder handed over the tenth mark to Ye Wei, “remember, there is no hurry. Be safe.”

“Thank you for the advice, sir!” Ye Wei bowed and said in a flat, respectful tone. “I am grateful for the mark, and I will remind myself of your teachings, always.”

‘Karma…’ Ye Wei thought to himself. ‘I will have to pay you and the Helian’s back to become stronger. To become a force of my own!’

‘Now, what is in here?’ Ye Wei asked himself as he injected his will-force into the mark, his face turned pale as millions of messages rushed into his mind.