Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 20 – Myst Stance

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Chapter 20 – Myst Stance

The white pillar of vast cosmic energy bombarded Ye Zhong’s Sentient, he was surely the winner in this training session.


The energy expanded Ye Zhong’s Sentient with a small explosion resulting in a breakthrough; he was no longer a four star Warrior!

This was a new experience for Ye Zhong, hearing about how powerful cosmic energy was one thing, but experiencing the intensity first hand was quite another. He broke through to four stars level just recently and according to his training plan he was prepared to spend two more years cultivating before attempting another breakthrough. He did not know how to express his exuberance at achieving the unanticipated.

It was a great experience for Ye Wei as well. The refinement of Zi Yan’s Triple Tidal Palm from a low to mid level Spirit stance and her subsequent breakthrough to a Warrior was a great start for any Runemaster.

This time around he upgraded White Tiger’s Assault to a new class altogether, from Spirit to Myst, an astounding feat for a second time refiner.

The cosmic energy that descended as a result of the refinement of White Tiger’s Assault was immense, if Ye Zhong was more efficient in absorbing it he could have reached the six star level, but a lot of the energy went to waste which was a shame!

“Five star Warrior Ye Zhong with a Myst level stance in his arsenal! What an evening!” Ye Zhong was euphoric. “You gave our family a Myst stance little cousin!”

Ye Zhong clenched his fist, he closed his eyes and felt the fearsome power flowing in his veins and within his muscles.

To become a dominate family, exclusive powerful stances are a must in this power-centric society.

The Ye family is a upper second class family in Green Moon City, as they have sixteen high level Spirit stances but only three Myst stances!

Once in awhile Myst stances would be seen at the auction houses sold at ridiculously unaffordable prices by Runemasters. Ye Wei just gave the family a peerless gift that will become a family asset and foundation for a stronger Ye family in the future!

The bad new was, other Warriors in the Ye family would not be able to perform the stance until they reach Condensed Prime level, as the Blazing Horned Tiger’s Assault is in the end, a Myst level stance…

“Little Wei!” Ye Zhong looked at his cousin emotionally, grabbing ahold of his shoulders tightly and exclaimed. “You are gifted! A gift for the family!” Grateful was an understatement.

“I just happen to be lucky with this kind of stuff!” Ye Wei did not forget to be modest, as he showed a small smile on his face and spoke to his cousin. He was overjoyed with Ye Zhong’s breakthrough and mastering of a Myst stance before the big fight.

“Hahaha! Whatever you say! However you did it, you made me a five star Warrior and gave our family a Myst stance today!” Ye Zhong could not thank his little cousin properly, he was still amused by what just occurred.

Once upon a time, despite being supportive and loving even Ye Zhong had to agree with the family’s opinion when it came to how untalented Ye Wei was. He had been rooting for his little cousin since he was a kid, and today it was an amazing surprise how help came from where he least expected.

“I am pretty worn out, cousin Zhong can I head home and sleep now?” Ye Wei yawned as the words came out of his mouth. Relieved from the pressure of constantly refining White Tiger’s Assault, he was completely relaxed now and extra susceptible to the tiredness that had building up since the family dinner; how can he not be falling asleep? Ye Wei gave his big cousin a farewell hug before clumsily dragging his exhausted back to his room.

The sun has risen by now and the turquoise morning sky was decorated with a few scarcely visible stars. The Ye manor was covered in a screen of fog, like a bride’s face covered by her veil.

The summer breeze was mixed with the scent of blooming flowers, keeping Ye Wei fast asleep. Meanwhile the master of the house was walking quickly, impatiently heading towards Ye Zhong’s quarters. He was mumbling, looking a bit mean, it was apparent he prepared his mindset to train and instruct.

“It’s not only Du Han Yue we should be worried about, there are also a few five star Warriors little Zhong might have to put on the ground before facing Han Yue. And that as well won’t be easy…”

“Well, this time we will do what we can and roll the dice!”

“From the deep and powerful tiger cries I could hear last night, Zhong has gotten better at using White Tiger’s Assault! That is a silver lining!” Grandpa was proud and smiling when he knocked on Ye Zhong’s door able to see the positive side of the current events.

“Who is it?” Ye Zhong was already awake and fresh, motivated by last night’s progress he was training in the courtyard since he woke up.

“Gramps!” He stated as grandpa entered.

Ye Zheng Qing was positive, but Ye Zhong could still see he was worried and tired from the way his white eyebrows were arching. ‘Did gramps look this old at the banquet?’ He thought.

“Zhong, I heard your tiger’s roar last night. Do you have some good news?” Grandpa was eager to confirm his hypothesis.

“Yea Grandpa! I made amazing progress last night!” Ye Zhong wanted to tell grandpa everything, about his breakthrough, how Ye Wei showed his talent and refined Ye family’s White Tiger’s Assault into a Myst stance, but he wanted Ye Wei to tell grandpa the news himself so he held his tongue in the end.

“The White Tiger’s Assault is your best stance. I am sure you are on top of it. What we are going to be focusing on today is your battle experience and combat wisdom!” Ye Zheng Qing said solemnly. “You are the strongest Ye in the younger generation. I am not saying the others are weak, but you are the one with the most potential to become a Condenfased Prime Warrior while the other’s chances are slimmer. You will become the leader of this family when the time comes, and I want to make sure you become stronger before my time is up.”

Hearing what grandpa had in mind, Ye Zhong felt the weight of the responsibility and got a bit teary as well. “Grandpa you are as healthy as a horse! You can worry about that in fifty years!” Ye Zhong clenched his fist. He could not stop smiling because he knew deep in his heart that Ye Wei could become something too and the family will not be only his responsibility when the day comes!

They started training in a good spirit, grandpa was passing on deep combat knowledge, the mind games and important subtle footwork and battle stances one could only learn from having their life on the line in a fight. During the training Ye Zhong held back and did not reveal that he was already a five star Warrior and also used White Tiger’s Assault when he had to use it, instead of Blazing Horned Tiger’s Assault .

During the day Ye Zhong trained with grandpa and at night he was refining stances with Ye Wei, during these three nights they refined three stances in total: The now Myst stance, Blazing Horned Tiger’s Assault. High level Spirit stances, Spindrift Steps and Triple Plunder Sword.

The two other stances together with White Tiger’s Assault were three of Ye Zhong’s favorite stances. Although they were not that strong, but used in specific situations during combat they become very useful, even more so now that they are refined and unknown by the enemy he was about to face due to the refinements.