Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 196 – Secret Weapon

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Chapter 196 - Secret Weapon

“You are an idiot! I struggled to find an excuse to kill you.” Lu Qianhuan muttered to himself. “But now I don’t even have to cover up your death, I am just defending myself and you’ve somehow lost your mind in a random bloodlust. That’s how the history books are going to read!”

The local patriarchs were stunned by the haunting scene of dead bodies falling from the sky. They shook their heads and looked away, impressed by Ye Wei’s strength but despised by his bold foolishness, in their minds his chances of living through the day were getting slimmer and slimmer as the three-star returned prime Warrior’s rage reached its boiling point.

“Everyone! You are my witnesses! Ye Wei just committed a mass murder!” Lu Qianhuan cold eyes stared up at Ye Wei, his face turned ashen, “Even a Seven New Rune is not excluded from obeying the law!”

‘Thunderbird Seal.’ Lu Qianhuan rapidly activated his powerful Earth stance as he no longer had to play it safe.

Squeaks and rumbles echoed within the walls of the City Lord’s castle while Lu Qianhuan’s dense golden Qi condensed in the sky. The formless golden energy was then sculpted by the elder’s will-force into the shape of a bird of prey.

The thunderbird’s wings spread and flapped vigorously. “Chirp!” The bird’s call drown out the screaming crowd, over ten thousand bolts of lightning bursted out of its eyes as it ascended high up in the air.

A storm was brewing at the City Lord’s castle, the bolts struck simultaneously towards Ye Wei. The three-star returned prime Warrior’s stance planted an apocalyptic image in the locals’ eyes.

“Lu Qianhuan, I am no longer the one you fought.” Ye Wei’s figure faded, swayed within the belt of the runic light.

None of the bolts managed to connect to Ye Wei, the improved Starblink Steps turned him into a phantom. The young Runemaster casually maneuvered left and right, becoming momentarily untouchable.

“What kind of speed boosting stance is that?!” Lu Qianhuan’s eyes widened, his pupils dilated. The elder tried his best to follow Ye Wei’s movements, but he could not pinpoint where his enemy was, instead it just made him dizzy.

Due to its wide area of effect, the Thunderbird stance had always been Lu Qianhuan’s first choice when it came to catching speedy opponents off guard, he felt humiliated by how effortlessly Ye Wei was able to escape from his Earth stance.

‘How could he master an Earth stance in just two days!?’ Lu Qianhuan had no memory of ever seeing Ye Wei using a powerful speed boost, therefore his mind froze when he saw Starblink steps.

“No! I am thinking too much, he must have used a scroll!” The elder muttered to himself, trying to convince himself his opponent was not as strong and talented as his analytical observation suggested otherwise.

“I was careless last time, this time you won’t even have a chance to run!” Lu Qianhuan screamed, “If you do, make sure you don’t run back to your family mansion, you will not like what you are going to see! My men are there and they will destroy the place as soon as I send the order!”

From the tone of Lu Qianhuan’s scream, Ye Wei could tell that the elder’s desire to kill was growing stronger.

The skinny elder was trying to cover his nervousness with rage. He had no way to match Ye Wei’s speed therefore he spat toxic, threatening words.

“Lu Qianhuan, I know what you are trying to do! I will end you before you can call for help!” Ye Wei rolled his eyes and chuckled, his hands turned into a blur, countless runes bursted towards the elder.

‘Third Supernova evolution!’

‘Selenic Reveal!’

Powered by the sudden rush of amplified Qi, the specialized rune sequence condensed and immediately exploded, turning into a mile tall spectral Selenic beast.

“Take that!” Ye Wei finished the last hand seal, giving life to the beast he just created.

In less than a second after the beast opened its eyes, it began to charge. Its three horns pointed at the elder, growing in length and girth, creating a triangular shaped vacuum zone in the storm.

Lu Qianhuan recognized the stance but could not figure out why it was nearly twice as strong as the last time he saw it.

A shadow of concern crossed his face, he could smell death coming from the three horn blades.

‘Low-level Earth stance, Dry Lightning!’ The elder was not quick enough to dodge, he made a quick decision between enduring the numbing recoil of the Dry Lightning and to die in the hands of his brother’s murderer.

‘Now!’ Ye Wei anticipated Lu Qianhuan’s slight hesitation and quickly activated the Falling Star form. His will-force leaked out of his Sentient and formed a light clone. Under the young Runemaster’s control the clone flew towards the elder with a two-star returned prime Warrior’s speed.

The light clone had no feelings and senses, it rushed right toward the runic lightning pillar Lu Qianhuan deployed.


The clone’s fist reached Lu Qianhuan’s stance before the beast’s horns did, the speed of its punch was repelling air on its path, making the fist strike even faster.


The flash of light crashed into the lightning pillar, shockwaves spreading quickly from the point of impact. The castle’s walls crumbled like biscuits, grand structures were destroyed in the matter of seconds.

“This is unbelievable!” Xiao Qingyun screamed, looked at the debris in shock, too late to worry about evacuating the place. The principal was right by his side, carrying as many injured as he could trying to escape from the range of the impact. They were focused on saving as many as they could and did not even have time to look up at the fight.

The lightning pillar, however, was powered by a three-star returned prime Warrior, it could not be stopped by a mere clone.

The fist did not neutralize the elder’s stance and Ye Wei’s clone dispersed after loosening the rune foundation of Dry Lightning, buying a little bit of time and space for the beast to charge to the elder.

“Predictable.” Ye Wei mumbled as the three green glowing horns connected onto Lu Qianhuan’s body. The elder was knocked off balance by his own stance’s recoil and had no possibility to react.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!”

The three ghostly bolts exploded onto Lu Qianhuan’s body, knocking down what’s left of the castle on its trail.

People that managed to escape were looking at the destruction from behind a screen of dust, trying to keep balance while the ground fell apart.

“This kid! He is making Lu family’s elder struggle! It’s not just cultivation level and strength, the stance he used is also extraordinary!” The City Lord spoke to South Star’s principal who stood next to him, behind a runic barrier they just created.

Lu Qianhuan was covered in blood, he clumsily climbed out of the ruins, trembling.

“You little bastard! How dare you?! I will tear you apart!” Lu Qianhuan’s face was scarred and twisted. He channeled his Qi and drew runes after runes inside the cloud of blood mist he was surrounded by.

The cloud of red expanded, a vast murderous intent could be felt by everyone present.

“What is he trying to do!?” Ye Wei’s palpitating heart told him that whatever technique Lu Qianhuan was going to use next, it would be extremely dangerous.

“Principal Gu, I think we need to do something, or the whole city will be history!” The City Lord said as he tried his best to keep the shield up.

“Ye Wei is still fighting, have some faith, we can’t be both places at the same time!” The principal replied, he was certain that if the shield went down, all of the patriarchs would be suffocated.

The crimson colored energy around Lu Qianhuan was infused with specialized runes that he drew, and transformed into the shape of a large lotus.

“Damn it! Am I too late already?” Ye Wei murmured nervously and shot a peerless Qi sword at the elder.


The bolt of light was stopped ten feet away from Lu Qianhuan. The blood mist acted as a protective layer, its toughness caused the Qi sword to shatter.

Lu Qianhuan’s hysterical voice, though, broke through the mist. “Imbecile! You are too weak and stupid to stop me! You should be glad that I am putting your stupidity to an end together with this tiny pathetic city! That’s what you get for disrespecting the Lu’s!”

The skinny elder was bloodcrazed: His rage that had been building up since brother’s death exploded all at once.

Ye Wei felt hopeless He could sense that the terrifying energy came from an alien object inside the elder’s body and it was growing at an exponential rate.