Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 190 – Blood Shadow Stance

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Chapter 190 - Blood Shadow Stance

While Lu Qianhuan was running towards Ye Wei, his brother Lu Qianying was doing all he could to run away from Ye Wei.

“Fatty, I know you were involved in pressuring my family these few days. Now, it’s time for you to pay!” At the speed of a falling meteor, Ye Wei caught up with the chubby elder.

Lu Qianying could hear Ye Wei’s voice getting closer and louder. He turned around and found out the young Runemaster was closer than than he expected.

‘High-level Myst stance, Slideflash!’ Lu Qianying’s Qi was not completely stable as he was still recovering from his internal injuries. There was a second delay between his channeled his energy and the speed enhancing stance actually activating, two clouds of flickering runes appeared underneath his feet.


Lu Qianying accelerated to his top speed in matter of seconds, but there was no grace to his nimbleness, he was running like a panicking rabbit. He had disgracefully even left behind his own men so that he could escape quicker.

Lu Qianying was not happy being the hunted. His face was twisted, and he gritted his teeth while running and leaping.

Ye Wei’s eyes lit up. His will-force rapidly spread and expanded. It picked up Lu Qianying’s Qi presence from twenty miles away.

“Elder Qianying is done!” The Lu’s condensed prime Warriors became pale, overwhelmed by fear.

“Quickly! Back to base!”

“Go! What are we doing standing here?”

Their leader had left them behind, and the young Lu cultivators were all terrified; they dispersed and escaped to different directions.

“Pfft!” Ye Wei could sense every single one of the Lu’s movement. He casually swiped his hand backwards; his Qi swords followed each of the escapees. Concurrently, he made a snap decision to tear a scroll,which activated a stance to speed up his chase.


As Ye Wei disappeared into the mountain range, his Qi swords landed on all his targets, ending many lives simultaneously.


The echoing screams and cries filled the woods as the dead bodies fell.

“Lu Qianying, you won’t get away!” Ye Wei’s aggressive voice was the only sound Lu Qianying could hear.

The elder was not pulling ahead in any way, but Ye Wei could not quite catch up. Every time Ye Wei was getting close, the returned prime Warrior would use a speed boosting stance to avoid being caught.

If Ye Wei could not find a way to break the cycle, he would never catch up with Lu Qianying.

Under the third Supernova Evolution’s effect, Ye Wei’s will-force density and Qi quality radically increased; however, the only speed-enhancing stance he knew was Starblink Steps. The high-level Spirit stance was not converting Ye Wei’s two-star Returned prime level strength to speed efficiently.

“I have to pay the Glacial Temple a visit after things calm down because this is not close to giving me the speed I want.” Ye Wei grumbled to himself, frowning and planning while running.

Ye Wei had gain access to the runic chamber not long after his first visit to the Glacial temple. It contained all the rare runes the Glacial Emperor collected throughout his cultivation career, which was thirteen thousand six hundred specialized runes.

Ye Wei had thought about refining the stance in his spare time, but he always decided against it. Due to the fact, he wanted it to be his main project; he refused to develop the first stance he created in a mediocre manner.

Throughout the three years of training, Ye Wei was drained of energy nearly every day. He had actually only had the chance to visit the runic chamber less than ten times because he simply did not have the Qi to activate the jade trinket teleporter to get to the Glacial temple during any free time left over, which was not much anyway.

In terms of stance grade, Lu Qianying had the advantage; but with the Supernova stance, Ye Wei had the cultivation advantage. Ye Wei calculated that it should be possible that Lu Qianying runs out of steam before his own amplification stance runs out if he pressured the elder hard enough.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

With just a few steps Ye Wei and Lu Qianying overpassed, acres of lands were destroyed. The wilderness of the North Hill Bay was anything but peaceful. The gentle critters were panicking in their own home, crying and howling to warn the others.

“Brother! I need you right now!” Lu Qianying’s eyes turned red. Blood dripped from the corner of his paled jawline as he desperately screamed. The chubby man was running low on both Qi and will-force. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to ignore his injuries and push himself quicker.

Nervous for his brother’s life, Lu Qianying was fast. Nevertheless, his speed did not enclose the distance between North Hill Bay and the city any closer.

“Lu Qianying, stop wasting your time. Accept your fate. I will not let you live through today!” Ye Wei’s aggressive voice thundered.

The elder’s body was shakened by the loud noise; the Qi flow in his body was destabilizing rapidly.

“Shit!” Lu Qianying screamed as he felt a spike of pain in his chest. Using the speed enhancing stances had worsened his internal injuries. His Qi was out of his control when he tried to use yet another stance to get away. He had slowed down by half just seconds after his stance stopped working.

Ye Wei sense Lu Qinying’s deceleration. He grunted and activated the Starblink Steps, covering a mile in the blink of an eye. He could now see the elder’s back.

“What did I say? You won’t get away!” Ye Wei narrowed his eyes. His fingers released runes. They quickly condensed and became thirty-six Qi swords. The swords merged into one, ecoming a wide sword, crushing towards Lu Qianying.

“Brother! Save me!” Lu Qianying screamed desperately. He could feel the sharp Qi approaching. He desperately wished to dodge, but he did not have the energy to do so. This time he was completely out of solutions.

Lu Qianying was too injured to use any stances. Even if he could, he would be no match to Ye Wei’s Peerless Qi swords at his best.

“Little bastard! Stop now or else! If you kill my brother, I will make sure myself that all the Ye’s suffer a painful death! I will even kill the pets and plants at your family mansion!” Lu Qianhuan’s furious voice reached Ye Wei’s ears from twenty miles away.

“Great, he would die in peace now he heard your voice.” Ye Wei smiled sadistically and retorted. He narrowed his eyes and kept injecting Qi into his strike.

Ye Wei swung his arm downwards. It was too late for him to change the course of his Qi sword, so he decided to quickly make the kill in order to move on to dealing with the approaching three-star returned prime Warrior.

“Avenge me!” Lu Qianying’s voice faded while his figure disappeared in the pillar of runic light. His scream lasted less than a second; all was quiet as he was shredded to pieces.

Ye Wei dove into the light beam where Lu Qianying disappeared into. He emerged with a blood soaked interspatial bag in his hand. He sure was not going to miss out on looting an elder of a powerful family.

Lu Qianhuan’s face contorted into a beast-like agony; his muscles twitched as he felt his brother’s Qi presence vanished.

“You and your family will pay for what happened today!” Lu Qianhuan growled viciously while flicking his fingers repeatedly, sniping Ye Wei with bolts of golden Qi from miles away.

‘Blood Shadow Stance!’ Lu Qianhuan squirted blood from all over his skin. The dark droplets dispersed and heated up. All his blood became a thick red mist.

Dwelling in his own anger, the skinny elder did not think twice before trading his blood for energy. He activated the incomplete Earth stance.


The skinny figure turned into a red mist, doubling his original speed. Time itself lengthened in the point of continuum where Lu Qianhuan passed. When he reappeared in his human form, he was already in front of Ye Wei.

“I will make you squeal!” Lu Qianying muttered behind a thin mist of red, he changed the texture of his Qi and detonated the primal energy. The entire bay area shook from the sudden burst.

Ye Wei was forced to back off for half a mile to avoid the epicenter; he looking concerned. He did not expect to have to fight a three-star returned prime Warrior when he woke up this morning. He grunted and shrugged, empowered his body with Qi to let the energy storm slide off his skin.

‘I can’t run from this man. This fight will be all or nothing!’ Ye Wei thought to himself. His gaze intensified.

Thirty-six Qi swords merged into one. It flew from Ye Wei’s hand towards the skinny elder. The shrill noise of the strike muffled by the explosion just moments before the initiation.

Lu Qianhuan looked at his young opponent with ferocity; he was infuriated, but strangely, at the same time, he admired Ye Wei’s strength. ‘Two-star returned prime level, even Lu Fan can’t compare to this kid in front of me.’

“Nonetheless, it doesn’t meant I will let you live!” The elder recognized Ye Wei not only as his brother’s murderer, but also as a threat to the Lu’s supremacy in Qing state. His stare became as cold as a glacier.

The wrinkled hands maneuvered in the air. The hand seals turned into a blur, Lu Qianhuan fired a ground shaking energy bolt at Ye Wei’s Qi sword. ‘High-level Myst stance, Thunderbird Seal!’

His golden Qi condensed and turned silver by the specialized runes on his hands. The bolt became alive and split into hundreds of silver-winged buzzards, which covered the sky and dove straight to Ye Wei.