Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 189 – Chase

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Chapter 189 - Chase


The golden beam heated up everything in its path. Leaves and branches were scorched. The crackling noise left the Lu’s condensed prime Warriors in shock. They realized they would lose their lives if the stance struck them.

The light pillar was focused at Ye Wei, but its energy was pressing onto him, engulfing him.

‘This is why training is important, Lu Quiyang…’ Ye Wei calmly looked at the powerful pillar. He was glad that he could now empower his body’s strength to returned prime level.

‘And I have the blood of a Supreme!’ The yin yang shaped runes on Ye Wei’s bones lit up. His Qi flowed through his body accelerating and compressing. He clenched his fist and endured the pain that came with the process.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

Ye Wei’s Qi leaked out of his body, creating a continuous popping noise.

‘Third Supernova evolution!’ Ye Wei, attached to the tree, swung back and forth; he used the oscillating momentum to back up his punch.

His golden fist drew a bright arc in the sky, aimed downwards at Lu Qianying’s strike. A high-pitched shrill sound deafened the elder’s men.


The moment these two powerful strikes met the mountains shook. All of the Lu’s were quick enough to react. They leaped back a few hundred yards. So stunned were they that they, simultaneously looked towards the tree Ye Wei stood on through a screen of smoke and dust.

Ye Wei was steadily as a rock even while in his relaxed form. His fist held Lu Qingying’s golden energy pillar in place.

‘We are suppose to capture him? How?’ All the Lu’s condensed prime Warriors became doubtful; they looked towards the messy red-haired figure in front of them for some guidance.

Ye Wei’s powerful Qi presence was slightly suffocating them. Nonetheless, apart from fearing their enemy, the Lu’s were also admiring the young talent and respected what they did not expect to see.

‘Explode!’ The Qi on Ye Wei’s hand further condensed. Runes flew out of his fingertips. Within a second, his hand was covered in a layer of runes; he clenched his fist and pushed it into the light pillar.


Lu Qianying was sure his palm strike could drop Ye Wei like a fly. He was in deep shock as he witnessed its disintegration. Shards of his Qi and runes rained down from the sky, assailing the ground with thousands of meters-deep holes.

The ground shook and the residual shockwaves spread from the points of impact. While some of the Lu’s condensed prime Warriors were able to marginally dodge the scattered shockwaves, some were less agile to do so.

Half of the cultivators Lu Qianying brought with him were knocked off their feet. They were sent flying hundreds of feet away and no longer in the condition to fight.

The Lu’s tensed posture made Ye Wei’s gentle descend look more graceful than it actually was. He walked down from the top of a tree as if there was an invisible staircase. Each step he took sent forth a golden energy pulse.

“You are not even a returned prime Warrior! How could you have lived through my palm strike unharmed?!” Lu Qianying’s competitive spirit lit up. He furiously clenched his fist.

“Fatty, I am disappointed. I thought you strength was on a higher level than this!” Ye Wei stared coldly at Lu Qianying. His confidence and cockiness grew as he learned just how strong he could be under the third Supernova Evolution’s effect. ‘I am stronger than a one-star returned prime Warrior!’

Ye Wei could feel a tingling sensation. It seemed the texture of his Qi was altered by the Supernova stance.

“Little bastard! You will pay for your arrogance!” Lu Qianying was appalled at Ye Wei’s arrogance. His face was dark as a raincloud. He couldn’t get his head around the fact Ye Wei, who had run from him like a defenseless rabbit, was now strong enough to confront him face to face.

Feeling threatened by the speed of Ye Wei’s exponential growth, Lu Qianying was aggravated. He was prepared to kill the youngster when he was still be able to, but now? Could he still kill this transformed Ye Wei?.

Lu Qianying’s body shook; a surge of golden Qi bursted out from his dantain. The primal energy around him began to spin like a whirlpool.


The ground underneath Lu Qianying began to crack. The ten feet wide fissures spread over a mile; small hills afar were crumbling and falling flat.

Lu Qianying was not holding anything back. He showcased his returned prime level strength. The condensed prime Warriors he brought with him were knocked off their feet. They were too shocked to even cheer for their leader.

“Ye Wei! I will end your family after I kill you!” Lu Qianying shouted. His glared at Ye Wei like a hungry wolf set on devouring his prey. He was determined to destroy his opponent with haste. ‘High-level Myst stance, Golden Mountain Seal!’

The whirlpool around the chubby elder turned into a length of runes, which then split and formed the frame of a pyramid shape.

“Same trick as last time?” Ye Wei’s will-force diffused outwards. He calmly analysed the energy flow within the pyramid, feeling each rune’s transition. “You are as stupid as you are stubborn.”

This time Ye Wei did not want to dodge or obtain help from wild beasts. He confronted the stance and felt ready to neutralize the incoming threat with his own strength.

“Get crushed!” Lu Qianying screamed as he lowered his hand, the Qi pyramid descended and quickly fell onto Ye Wei.


The Lu’s condensed prime Warriors were scared by the shrill noise created from stance falling. They jumped and swiftly ran away from Ye Wei’s location, struggling to keep their balance on the quaking ground.

“I would be killed by this stance if I fought you yesterday!” Ye Wei exclaimed. He narrowed his eyes and flipped his hand, grunted and swiped.

‘Peerless Qi Sword!’

All thirty-six sharp bolts of Qi merged together. He sliced through the thickened air and crashed into the pyramid shape.

Ye Wei did not have time to work on the Zodiac Sword stance, but now that his Qi was amplified to a returned prime level, his Qi sword wads multiple times sharper and harder than it had even been.


Ye Wei’s sword flew forth and kept extending itself. Its force and momentum resembled a flooded river. It quietly turned the trees and rocks on its path into powder.

The sound of Ye Wei’s sharp Qi sword piercing the runic pyramid was almost inaudible.

“Now what?!” Ye Wei’s voice struck like thunder, stricking each of the Lu’s thus deafened them simultaneously.

The thirty-six strands of Qi swords broke up on Ye Wei’s command. Each of them absorbed more primal energy and then reunited; the swords rushed towards Lu Qianying at an incredible speed.

Lu Qianying assessed the situation. He quickly realized there was no way for him to dodge the incoming strike as the dimensions of Ye Wei’s Qi swords were too great. With his will force and a chain of hand seals, he turned the golden Qi around him into layers of runic armor.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The Qi sword crushed into Lu Qianying as an oncoming flashflood. It released bright sparks of runic gold into the air. His armor was shattered and eroded away in seconds.

Lu Qianying was bleeding heavily. He was knocked off balance completely and flew off like a stringless kite.

“How is this even possible!?” Lu Qianying’s widened eyes. His eyes peered through the dust and light and just couldn’t quite believe a child had just perfectly countered both his offensive and defensive stance with one strike.

“How did this little bastard become this strong in just a few days? It’s impossible!” Lu Qianying thought to himself as he flew backwards, leaving a trail of dust behind. “Unless…”

Ye Wei was already making his next move while Lu Qianying was still startled. His figure became blurred, and his palm was following the dust trail. ‘I have to kill him quickly, I can’t deal with the royal family’s force.’ Ye Wei decided.

“Brother, Ye Wei is here, and he was stronger than he was days ago. I am guessing that he found the Drakehead! I can’t fight him, not on my own.” Lu Qianying spoke to the rune in his palm while running away from Ye Wei. After finishing the message, he clenched his fist and the rune vanished.

“Hang in there, I am on my way!” Lu Qianhuan immediately received the message, he muttered and sped out of the City Lord’s castle. He headed north towards the bay area. “What do you mean you can’t handle him? I know you are injured, but you are a returned prime Warrior for sages’ sake!”

‘Is that kid a returned prime Warrior already? It can’t be! Not even if he had been training at the Drakehead non-stop for days!’ Lu Qianhuan thought to himself as he covered tens of miles in mere seconds. ‘Either way, I will not let him live!’