Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 187 – Cosmic Rage

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Chapter 187 - Cosmic Rage

“One step at a time, right now, I need to refine the Falling Star form.” Ye Wei took a deep breath. Upon releasing his breath, he let go of all his worries and closed his eyes.

Ye Wei’s Soul Sensitivity was extraordinary due to his enhanced Sentient, which made stance and formula refinement relatively easy tasks. However, at high-level Myst grade, the Falling Star form’s structure was thousands of times more intricate and complex than any of his previous stances.

The runes injected into his blood by the palace was not only inspiring, they were the foundation of the Supreme Falling Star form.

Three days had passed. Ye Wei had not moved a muscle since he sat down next to the pond; his mind was completely occupied by the rune combinations and QI flow.

While Ye Wei was perfecting his stance formation, Lu Qianying had just recovered from his injuries with the help of heavy medication prescribed by the best doctors around the area. He was sent right back into the wilderness an hour after he could stand. Although his body was still a bit stiff, he was enthusiastic and, most importantly, eager to seek revenge.

The chubby elder had always mistaken the assassin to be someone sent by a superpower, when he was told by his brother that it was a local who nearly cause his death, he was furious, wanted to avenge his men and wanted revenge.

Surrounded by thousand miles of mountain range, the North Hill Bay area stretched long, its heavy vegetation and complex landform made it difficult for the Lu’s to carry out their search quickly.

Learned from his near death experience, Lu Qianying had ordered his men to stay away from the mountain area, he knew that he had no way to protect anyone against the creatures that threatened his life.

Lu Qianying was aware that the likelihood of his teams capturing Ye Wei was low, that all they could do was to wait and keep alert. He left the more physical tasks for his subordinates so that he could focus on regaining strength and his recovery.

Not being able to find Ye Wei nor Lu Feng, the Lu’s were letting out their anger onto the Ye family. As the rumors flew in Green Moon City none of the Ye’s dared stepping outside their front gate.

The Ye’s were nervous, they wanted news from Ye Wei, wanted to know if he was okay but on the other hand they did not want to hear anything from the young Runemaster, afraid that the Lu’s would have a way to find out Ye Wei’s whereabout if they did get into contact.


North Hill Bay.

Ye Wei was still in a zen state, his robe fluttered in the wind while his body still as a statue. The night was lit by the moon and stars, he opened his eyes wide, the thousands rune long sequence just finished resembling itself in his Sentient.

The rune sequence condensed and intertwined formed a semi-transparent humanoid shaped figure, it shone bright and crossed the Sentient’s boundary, entered Ye Wei’s meridians.

“This is it! I can feel the difference!” Led by the runes, the Qi within his body started circulating in a new route, Ye Wei exclaimed as the energy within him ran smoother and quicker than it ever did.

“Bang!” A white pillar shone down from the heavens.

Ye Wei bathed in the pillar of light, the pores on his skin opened up and rapidly sucked in the cosmic energy, the energy surges raged and rushed through his meridians. The new reincarnation of the Falling Star form processed the raw power, converting the raging surges into storable Qi. Inside his dantian, the silver ball of energy rattled and expanded, as the result, the six crack appeared.

“This is now an Earth grade formula! I can feel there is a stance within this sequence too, I have to find out what it is!” Ye Wei was not overly excited about his breakthrough, instead more interested in developing the Falling Star form even further.

‘I can’t waste this!’ Ye Wei thought to himself, he closed his eyes and focused on processing the cosmic energy.

The quicker the Earth grade formula ran, the hotter the cosmic energy became. The primal energy from his surrounding began to condense into globes of light, floated towards the light pillar.

The concentrated primal energy balls quickly merged into the light pillar, the momentum of these balls sped up the energy absorption in all.

“Is this part of the formula!?” Ye Wei tired to follow the energy movement with his eyes but got blinded, he instead felt the flow with his outstanding soul sensitivity. He was surprised to find out how effective the Falling Star form had become.

Although the Supreme Falling Star form was powerful, the extreme speed Ye Wei absorbed the comic energy was caused by the power in his veins. Feeling euphoric because of his successful refinement, Ye Wei was not aware of his blood’s involvement.

‘If the Falling Star form’s body strengthening effect is as good as the Star Shifter formula from Qi Xiu and the Titanic formula of the Lu’s I could probably just walk into the Lu’s base and fight them now…’

Now the his cultivation formula had been improved over high-level Myst grade, Ye Wei was expecting his new meridian routing to alter his body strength, like Qi Xiu whose meridians was flexible, thus allowed him to evenly spread enemy strikes’ impact; Lu Li whose meridians were lifted close to his skin, thus protected him from physical attacks.

‘A Supreme had worked on this formula, I would love to see if it has similar hidden effects.’ Ye Wei relaxed his muscles, let the energy fill him as quickly and as much as he could in hopes that it will activate whatever effect there was within.

Ye Wei’s cultivation was improving rapidly, although he was in pain as meridians were overloaded, he did not wish to slow the Falling Star form down even the slightest.

The rampaging surges, the blend of cosmic and natural primal energy were flooding into and expanding his dantian. Within seconds of sponging, another golden crack appeared on the energy ball.

The pillar of cosmic energy did not get any thinner nor did it slow down, even after powering two breakthroughs it was as thick and the energy was dense as when it dropped down from the sky.

Ye Wei could feel a fissure forming on the energy ball in his dantian, he could feel his blood boiling as his blood transformed into a light shade of rose gold.

‘Happy exploding! Kid! You won’t be able to handle your supreme blood!’ A hoarse voice sounded in Ye Wei’s mind.

Ye Wei’s hopefulness became fear, after hearing the progenitor\'s voice, his pain had significantly intensified.

‘What is he going on about!?’ He became confused and frustrated.

The silver ball of energy throbbed faster and faster, the eighth golden crack was shining brighter. Ye Wei’s Sentient shook as the energy in his dantain drifted out of control.

Although Ye Wei was almost at eight-star condensed prime level, his dantian was about to explode. If he was could not control within the next minute he would be blown into pieces.


Ye Wei’s face became pale, his system was saturated but he had no way of stopping the cosmic energy entering his body. His skin was stretched, cracked and therefore covered in blood.

The situation had suddenly become life-threatening.

With a bitter smile on his face, Ye Wei tried to remain calm as he could while he tried to figure out a solution. ‘I am not ready for the Falling Star form, my body is too weak for it!’

Despite his greatest efforts, Ye Wei failed to gain control over the situation, the raging primal energy kept entering his body. Not only did he fail to slow the surge down, it just kept accelerating within his meridians, enlarging his body and stretching his skin.

“Arggghh! This has to stop!” Ye Wei’s bloody face was twitching in pain, he was overwhelmed by pain and despair. ‘ If I die, my whole family will be killed by the Lu’s…’

Ye Wei’s body kept expanding, turned into the shape of a ball.

The Falling Star form reached its culmination, it was beginning to digest the cosmic energy, stabilizing the Qi flow in Ye Wei’s body.

Ye Wei shivered, a sequence of bright runes escaped his meridians, left his body from right between his eyes.