Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 185 – Starfall

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Chapter 185 - Starfall

“The third Supernova evolution requires a lot of strength from the user’s body. Now, if I consider my current cultivation and body strength, the amplification effect will not last thirty minutes like it’s supposed to. I will either need to improve my cultivation or somehow refine my Supernova stance within the week.”

“The Lu’s should be worrying more about other matters than just searching for the Drakehead. I should prepare myself while I still can!”

“Cultivating at the Drakehead does solve half of the problems, but I need to somehow recondition my body so that it can take full advantage of the Supernova stance.” Ye Wei thought about the time when he fought Lu Li and Tu Fusheng. He remembered how his opponents were able to gain a commanding position by brute force.

Ye Wei stared at the rippling pond surface, his mind wandered while his eyes just stared into the abyss.

Coming to his senses, Ye Wei pulled out his Runic Badge and flipped through the union’s catalog. He was not impressed by anything weaker than the Earth stances. As he went through page after page, he could not afford anything he was actually interested in.

After a bit of calculation, Ye Wei figured out the quickest way to earn enough contribution tokens for the stance he wanted was to identify and submit the second Vermilion Rune. However, even this relatively easy task would take him more than a week.

Ye Wei was deep inside his head. He imagined what would happen if he was to fight Lu Qianying again with the third Supernova Evolution. He saw himself fighting, but he did not see himself winning, ‘He will outlast me. The returned prime level strength will be meaningless if it only lasts half an hour.’

After coming to this dismal conclusion, he reconsidered other options he had.

‘No, the Zodiac Sword wouldn’t help. I won’t be able to make a significant improvement on it without spending at least a week. Stance-wise, I should be able to do more with the Selenic stances, those should be my focus.’

“This is not good enough! I might need to fight some returned prime Warriors very soon!” Ye Wei kept mumbling to himself. He tried coming up with ideas, ‘Wait, Qi Xiu and Lu Li were physically strong too. Their strength came not from their stances but from the formulas they used when they fought.’

“Maybe I should try to work on Falling Star form? If the formula truly originated from the Ye Supreme Warrior, it should be much more than a cultivating formula.” Ye Wei muttered to himself. The more he ran the formula in his head, the more he was aware of its flaws. He sighed when he became sure that the Falling Star form was still incomplete despite his successful refinement of it two years ago.

Ye Wei shook his head. He needed to rid himself of these negative thoughts. He looked right at the pond wondering if the third Supernova evolution would bring him closer to the underwater palace. “Maybe if I can get in there, I will be able to learn something useful.”

Now the strongest cultivator in the Ye family, it was up to him if his family would survive the Lu’s wrath when worse came to worst.

The young Ye determinedly dived into the pond.


As before, the water became colder the deeper he went. He did not activate the Supernova stance until he reached the maximum depth his body could endure. This way he could spend just a little more time exploring the depth at his best condition.

Ye Wei activated the newly transformed runes and the compact Qi in his bones by redirecting his will-force into his skull. The yin-yang shaped runes spun and stopped in a complex coded sequence.

Ye Wei’s Qi pulsated and thickened. Within a second, his power crossed the vast gap between condensed prime warrior and returned prime state.

‘This is comfortable.’ Protected by Qi comparable to that of a one star returned prime Warrior’s, he enjoyed the boundless energy flooding his body.

‘The supreme palace!’ Ye Wei dared not to waste time dwelling on the vigorous energy surges provided by the third Supernova Evolution. He sped up and quickly headed towards the bottom of the pond.


Ye Wei’s pulsing Qi reduced the water’s pressure. His body glided forward like a serpent through the route with least pressure and current.

Nine hundred feet.

Six Hundred feet.

Three hundred feet.

With just a few powerful paddling strokes, Ye Wei came closer to the palace than he had ever done before.

‘What is this!?’ His motion had been slowed down considerably. Although he was protected by the amplified Qi, he was startled by the intense cold he suddenly felt. ‘What the hell is in the palace!?’

Ye Wei gritted his teeth and kept paddling against the cold current, ‘Damn it, I really shouldn’t go any further than this!’ He stared at the glowing palace.

Two hundred ninety, two hundred eighty.

Despite his enthusiasm, Ye Wei’s joints were quickly frosting up. The cold energy waves pressed against him stopping his momentum entirely.

‘I honestly thought I could get closer than this.’ Ye Wei’s lips were pale purple. His shaking body kept losing strength. He decided to use the Falling Star form to absorb energy around him to warm his body up.

Despite the effort, Ye Wei was not able to get any closer.


The palace shook. The letters on its facade shone bright, and the golden beams of light were flowing and intertwining. After seconds of thickening and condensing, the golden beams merged into one and sprang out rapidly towards Ye Wei’s forehead connecting the palace to Ye Wei.


Ye Wei’s reflex was no match for the speed of light. He could not react, and he felt an immense pain in his head.

After entering Ye Wei’s body, the surge of golden energy heated up his blood. His veins were expanding, the soul crushing agony was only intensifying as the heat rose.

The temperature went from one extreme to the other. The freezing energy was not capable of neutralizing the heat that was flowing through Ye Wei’s veins. Ye Wei felt increasingly dizzy. His powerful Sentient was the only thing keeping him sane.

Ye Wei’s muscles were tensing up, and he was blinded by the golden light that stunned him.Barely conscious, he still knew once Supernova effect fades, the energy would consume him and end his life.

Held in place by the mystic power of the palace, Ye Wei’s body ignored his mind’s order to leave. He could not escape despite his strong will.


In extreme pain, Ye Wei growled and accidently engulfed some of the freezing water. The blood that leaked out of his mouth dyed the water around him pink.

His hot blood began to shine just when his consciousness was fading away because of the pain. The spots of sparkles in his blood resembled the milky way; these dots of light were then transported to his head from multiple sections of his veins all over his body.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

The star-like energy sparks melted into the hot, golden energy surge. Just within a few breaths the vigorous golden energy calmed down and infused itself into Ye Wei’s blood.

Ye Wei’s pain vanished as the bright light died down in his veins. All that was left in his blood from the golden surge was a mass of runes.

‘These are…’ Ye Wei slowly regained consciousness. His Sentient identified the runes, ‘These are similar to the runes that make up the Falling Star form!’

‘Could these be?’ Ye Wei tried to link the pieces together. He realized the golden surge could have been infused by the Ye Supreme’s will.

‘Considering my mediocre cultivation, the mystic mount presence alone should not have been enough to keep me alive through that surge. If that’s the case, it might have been the power in my blood, the power of Ye Yu Supreme, that saved me!’

Ye Wei bent his legs and sank to the pond’s bottom. He channeled his Qi and felt that the runes in his blood were speeding up his natural energy flow in his meridians.

With the golden energy filling Ye Wei’s blood, he now became a part of the palace’s power. He was initiated into his family’s bloodline. He realized the greatness the pain provided him ‘‘The golden beam activated my bloodline’s true power!’ Ye Wei opened his eyes wide.He felt euphoria all over. ‘These are very likely to be the runes I need to complete the Falling Star form!’

‘Thank you so very much! I am grateful’ Ye Wei respectfully glanced and bowed slightly towards the palace. He turned around and stomped the pond bed. Pushing himself up, he raced back to the surface as his Supernova stance faded.


Ye Wei leaped out of the pond and expanded his Qi. His robe fluttered wet but quickly dried because of his abnormally high body temperature.

“By using the Ye’s runes, I will finally complete the Ye’s cultivation formula.” Ye Wei told himself. Wasting no time, he began to introduce the runes in his blood into the Falling Star form as he purified the energy he just absorbed along with it.

‘I will refine this formula until I unveil its secret power!’ Ye Wei closed his eyes. Calming his mind, he aimed at getting rid of random thoughts and focusing.

He sat next to the pond. He sat motionless as a statue of Buddha, analyzing over ten thousand runes with his Sentient while he absorbed the primal energy around him with Falling Star form. , His body fell asleep, but his mind was completely awake.