Cult of the Sacred Runes - Chapter 184 – Report

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Chapter 184 - Report

Back in Green Moon City, Lu Feng was cultivating, sitting with bent legs on top of one of the City Lord Castle’s watchtowers. Although he seemed focused, his twitching brows were showing the opposite.

He had returned to the Lu’s base since he lost Ye Wei two days ago. He figured the safest thing to do would be hiding with the Lu’s so he would have alibi when asked if he knew anything about what happened at North Hill Bay.

Lu Feng cared about himself more than anything or anyone else, but knowing that he could never complete his revenge alone, he worried about Ye Wei.

‘What the hell! It’s almost been three days now, Lu Qianying is not back, which can be good, but Ye Wei is not back either. What could have happened!?’ Lu Feng stopped his training, opened his eyes and kept glancing every five seconds at the Runic Badge he placed on his lap, refusing to be the first to get in contact as it might tip-off whomever captured Ye Wei.

Being in the blind was a torturous experience, every second was fueled with anxiety. Lu Feng grew nervous, his leg shook, there was nothing else for him to do than wait.

“The box’s effect will wear off in six days. When Lu Ren’s spirit flame is out, the Lu’s will find out what happened…” Lu Feng muttered to himself, “I can’t really just count on Ye Wei, it might be the time to give up on the Drakehead and just try to stay alive!”

‘I will wait five more days, if I don’t hear anything from Ye Wei by then I will leave the city with my father!’ Lu Feng clenched his fist, ‘and when I leave, I will spread the news regarding the Drakehead!’

“I will make your lives miserable! There are plenty of powerful people that can take over my revenge!” He glared at the Lu’s office before making his way to his father’s.


At the Drakehead, deep down the pond.

Ye Wei was protected by the second Supernova evolution, he gritted his teeth, enduring the crushing pressure and the extreme temperature as he looked at the green-glowing palace nine hundred feet away.

Ye Wei thought about entering the palace but the intense freezing surges of energy emitted by the palace were stopping him from doing so.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

The cold surges penetrated Ye Wei’s body, reached deep into his bones, pressuring the runes and altering their shape.

Besides a small amount of runes on his skull, all the runes on Ye Wei’s skeleton had transformed into yin yang shapes.

He lusted for power and paddled himself closer to the palace in hopes that he would therefore reach the third Supernova Evolution quicker, which would give him a returned prime Warrior’s strength.

‘Just a bit closer!’ Ye Wei struck a long stroke against the cold water, even though he felt his joints frosting up, he just kept going.

The numbing pain dampened his senses and awareness, Ye Wei only realized his second Supernova evolution was wearing off when he was about to run out of Qi.

He would freeze to death without the stance and he did not have the strength or time to return to the surface.

As the amplification stance wore off, Ye Wei found it increasingly harder to move his body. The ice on him was only getting thicker, constricting him tighter.

‘My life cannot end here!’ He used his last strength to paddle closer to the palace, closed his eyes and used the Falling Star form to flood his system with primal energy. He channeled the rush to his head, forcefully transforming the runes.


With the third Supernova Evolution, Ye Wei’s Falling Star form quickly transformed the surrounding energy to his own.

‘Only if I had this kind of strength when I had to fight Lu Qianying…’ Ye Wei was feeling euphoric but also regretful.


Ye Wei jumped out of the water, leaving ripples on the pond surface.

“Shit, am I too late?” Ye Wei just realized he hadn’t contacted Lu Feng since he started dealing with Lu Qianying. He quickly took the Runic Badge out of his interspatial bag.

“I really hope you didn’t do anything stupid…” Aware that his partner was not at all cool-headed, Ye Wei frowned, realizing how his lack of communication could easily be interpreted as his death.

In Ye Wei’s head, the situation regarding the Drakehead was already complicated enough as he saw how the royal family was close to the area; if Lu Feng was to spread the news, there was no doubt that a full scale battle will break out.

Fortunately, Ye Wei was able to get in contact with Lu Feng, they quickly caught up through the Runic Badge. He learned that his partner was not far from setting up the diversion, to put his escape plan in motion.

“Did Lu Qianying die?” Ye Wei was eager to find out what happened in battle within the North Barren Mountains when he was cultivating.

“The elder? He did not die, but he was gravely injured when he was sent back to base…” Lu Feng paused, feeling confused and anxious, “Did you… Did you give him the injuries?”

“No it wasn’t me.” Ye Wei shook his head, suspecting that the royal squad must have gotten out of the battle alive and managed to rescue the Lu elder. “Do you know what happened, did he say anything?”

Although Ye Wei sounded cautious, he now possessed the strength to challenge the elder if he was to use the third Supernova Evolution.

“Wait, if it wasn’t you, then who was it?” Lu Feng felt puzzled as Ye Wei left out the details of his recent venture.

“Demons and beasts were involved. I suspect that they are also searching for something in the area. We will have to be alert at all time from now on.” Ye Wei answered calmly.

“Lu Ren’s spirit flame will die in six days, at that time the Lu family will find out my involvement in sabotaging their expedition, they might even be able to extract images of you if one of the more experienced investigators decided to extract Lu Ren’s memories!” Lu Feng sounded concerned and angry.

“If we are going to be exposed anyway, I would like to somehow lead the demons and beasts to the Lu’s!” He was feeling under pressure, he knew that the Lu’s will be furious and that he would need to do a lot of work just to survive.

On the other hand Ye Wei was feeling less concerned. He knew too little about Lu Feng to care too much, to him the sole purpose of their partnership was about helping each other achieving a goal; he was worried for the Ye family but he knew that his connections could just save his life and get his family out of trouble this one time, if the Lu’s learned his involvement.

“The Qing state branch had confirmed you as the most recent addition to the Seven New Runes, the Lu’s won’t dare to touch you or your family even if your involvement had been exposed!” Lu Feng picked up on Ye Wei’s calm, becoming envious, “However they are known to be treacherous when dealing with their rivals, I would hire some guards if I were you!”

“Lu Feng, can you please hold your tongue about the Drakehead, give me two weeks, I will do what I can to keep the Lu’s busy while I think of a solution.” Ye Wei suggested in a solemn tone.

“Stick to your words! You might not have to worry about yourself but I do! I will go as far as I can just in case, which means I won’t be able to help you personally.” Lu Feng sighed, “I am telling you right here and right now, if I feel pressured I will spread the news to keep them busy, away from chasing me!”

“When did I ever let you down? Two weeks, that’s all I ask for!” Ye Wei’s determined gaze was aimed right at Lu Feng.

“We will keep each other updated and share information…” Lu Feng’s voice was getting quieter. “I will have to prepare a couple of things before I leave.”

Lu Feng’s father, one of the three Runemasters based in Green Moon City, had been running his operations and business in the city for over a decade, leaving town was more than just packing and taking off for the father and son.

“Humpf!” Ye Wei put his badge back into his bag, relieved to hear his New Seven Rune status being confirmed. He was ready to matter into his hands now he knew nobody can openly harm him and his family.